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  1. 10/10 i love the design of it
  2. 8/10
  3. Oh i see there both very good games i think the first 1 is better but that my opinion [avater over 900!/10)
  4. He not really main protagonist as at the very start you know who it is if you played the first danganronpa but i wish he was. Great avatar btw 10/10
  5. 9/10
  6. i would like a iv card update.
  7. mortal kombat. Your so close to it you can do it!
  8. plat number 10 [finally] shadow of mordor

  9. welcome!
  10. freaking amazing thank you so much!
  11. i like to request a pop out signature (btw great work) i know i have a signature already but i like seeing people arts and i be really greatful if you do i like johan liebert from monster background: mainly black but you can choose quote: The monster inside of me, wasn't inside me. It was outside."
  12. considering i have 536 views for how long ive been here im glad of my views
  13. welcome to the site hope you enjoy your stay
  14. this just explains it all
  15. 10/10