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  1. After I acquired my first Strengthen Gem I used it on a demon circle and the battle dropped +10 equipment. I figured that that would be pretty good, so I proceeded to buy more strengthen gems to equip +10 equipment on my characters. Doing so has completely broken the game. Bosses deal 1 damage to me and I deal massive damage to them. I don't need to heal or use special abilities. I just spam triangle and essentially auto-battle through bosses. Is this game completely broken, or am I missing something? I don't remember Demon Gaze 1 being this busted. For anyone our there that has reached the end: do the gains acquired through having +10 equipment fade towards end of the game, or is the game essentially busted throughout by using strengthen gems?
  2. Thank you very much for the information.
  3. The Avatars look awful. Where's the avatar of Wander or Aggro or Yorda? We just got these low-rez symbols that look similar. Fail.
  4. Ff8

    FF8 deserves a rerelease. Make it happen square.
  5. Condescending comments aside. I just finished it. For anyone having trouble I would suggest going into raid mode and praticing. You learn alot more about the game from praticing there--enemy behavior, weak points etc.
  6. Good advice. Thank you.
  7. Jeez, 10 dollars for one trophy is silly but I'll do it. Hopefully I can't find someone in the month I have. I wish that games would have no online trophies. Not everyone wants to reward pay-to-play online policies.
  8. Is it possible to aquire this trophy without a psplus subscription? I know it wasn't on the ps3. Is that still the case in the ps4 version? I would prefer not spending 50 dollars for one trophy.
  9. Infernal mode has to be the most difficult gameplay I've ever come across in my life. 4X the enemys 1/2 the ammo and heals All of the enemies take more hits. I can't do it. It's too much. Please, if anyone has any hints please share them below.
  10. I want an Anime Dark Souls with mechs. It's like Dark Souls but it has a compelling Ghost in the Shell-like story, except with fan-service and giant robots.
  11. Nameless King got my heart pumping. From Software programmed Nameless King to ensnare lazy DS players. I truly had to git gud to take him down.
  12. Cheaters, the whole lot of you. Morally inferior human beings. Bang Bang.
  13. "Mark seemed to change race" lol
  14. I just want Atlus to finally do what is right and re-release Persona 1-3 with trophy support in a big collection with a bow on it.
  15. Once the dust settles and the more casual platinum hunters (like me) finish this game, what rarity will the platinum trophy for this game settle to? I'm thinking 7-8%, which is less rare than Persona 4's platinum. Does anyone think as high as 10% or maybe 5-6%. What do you think?