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  1. Sorry for the necro-bump, but a quick question around doing Platinum in co-op. I assume you have to make sure that your partner doesn't trigger a trophy in solo ? I've completed the story with my son, but now he's often playing the game when I'm at work. I'm a bit afraid he may pop completion trophies (e.g. all Minikits, all races, etc..) on his own and I will be out of luck and will only be able to get those with a new playthrough... Also, how do these completion trophies trigger. Do they just trigger for both co-op players at the moment the last requirement is met (e.g. last minikit, last race...) or does the game keep track of who got what items ? In that case, I may already be out of luck of my son e.g. did a race without me in the game.
  2. I really envy you guys when I read complaints about needing more than 5 hours on e.g. #180. I think it took me probably close to 15h :). But the worst for me was definitely #175 because of it being multi-lap and the nerves getting the best of me when I would be in my 3rd lap with seconds ahead. I eventually golded it in an attempt where i was behind most of the 3rd lap and overtook the ghost in the very last corner. I also disagree with speed control because the hardest parts are the long jumps where your line has to be perfect AND you have to be at top speed or you won't make it across. I think it took me a month to just complete this one, with at least an hour each night on average. I also found #178 worse than #180 because I hate those wallride jumps, plus there were a few boostpad jumps where you had to control speed not to crash when landing. There was one other track, not even Black Series, that I hated but forgot the number. It was a multi-lap which had a reverse pad right before the finish and enough opportunity to loose speed before hitting it and therefore not even making the finish line. That last line started with a looping and a turn left which you had to make at enough speed to jump over a gap, to land a boost pad with a 90 turn right with an obstacle in the middle of the track. I really hated that one, especially because a checkpoint restart didn't work either because you could not get enough speed when restarting from stand still. Anyway, glad that Black Valley is over... took me 2.5 months by the looks of the trophy logs ! Am hopeful I can do Platinum by the end of the year now. Really love this game but the Black Series has become too much of a grind. This so much, which is why #180 is not that bad really. The 2nd half of the track is actually pretty easy. Once you're past that double jump through that rock gate, you've had the worst. The trick to that 90 degree turn with double boost pad near the end is to brake hard so you take the turn really slowly so you have time to align your jump. With the boost pad you can even make it across without hitting your gas.
  3. The PS3 and PS4 servers are the same AFAIK. The free daily gift stopped working on the PS4 a while ago as well. However it is definitely network related as I found a workaround: unplug the network cable before starting the game. You then get a warning that you’re offline and the game works fine. I suspect that with a working Internet connection, the game just hangs when trying to connect to the (no longer existing) servers.
  4. Is anyone still playing this game? I still was, to fill in some spare 5 minutes here and there and to unlock multiplayer chars for the kids. However, since a week or so, the game won’t start properly anymore. I get the splash screens but then on the title screen, I am not getting the options to start playing. I occasionally already had this in the past but then restarting the game fixed it. I have already reinstalled the game but to no avail. On the PS4 there are no issues.
  5. That's definitely not true. I play this occasionally with my daughter and eventually the trophy just popped after just a few matches that evening.
  6. I'm wondering whether the white shades occurrences may be glitched ? I found my first white shade in the desert under the boat skeleton. As I've completed the game, I'm now doing a replay with the Platinum Walkthrough posted elsewhere here. To my surprise, there should be a white shade also in the secret room of the labyrinth. I am not getting the shade there though. I'm also fairly certain that I did not get it upon my first walkthrough as I sure would have remembered. I sure hope that I now won't miss the corresponding trophy because of that (although I guess I could always start a new game just for this trophy, though it would still suck...).
  7. The servers have been down wrt daily rewards etc, for quite a while. However, that does not mean you can no longer earn trophies as those still just trigger as usual and imho don't have any to do with the game's servers. If a trophy triggers, it's just registered locally, and then synced with the PSN servers once you sync your trophies.
  8. Probably because anyone who is good enough to grind his way to 1B chips would play on real-money poker sites, and not for a measly PS trophy.
  9. Accidentally discovered a trick to get the "I'm Still Alive" trophy. It could actually be considered a bug... If you play co-op, and player 1 dies during a level and player 2 completes the level alone, player 1 will get the trophy. I assume it's because player 1 is at 0% when completing the level.
  10. Ah ok. From your trophy dates, I thought you had them all done within just a few days which is impressive. I'm already having serious trouble with getting Gold on all of them that I'll probably give up on 100%.
  11. No offense, but then you must be doing something wrong. I don't consider myself a great gamer at all but completing all Remixes wasn't all that hard for me. It's only after 35 that there were several where I had to try quite a bit to complete them, but there are also several after 35 that I could complete in less than 5 tries. There's even some where Platinum wasn't even that hard. The key however is to take the right character for the job. The fruit repelling ones are the hardest, as you need that fast speed character, but it's very difficult to be accurate due to its speed. EDIT: wtf are you talking about, given that you have 100% on this game ?!
  12. Does anyone know how Affiliation Rank works ? May red circle bar has been all over the place, but I just stay on Rank 1. I have no idea how to move up in rank. I'm Level 30, btw.
  13. Didn't find how to add a tip to the Trophy Guide, so I'll just post it here. Here's a way to easily win this tropy: eliminate all 5 players in 6-player tournament. I'm a seasoned online poker player, and I can tell you that in all of my career, I can hardly recall having won a 6-max SNG (that's what they are called in the jargon) where I busted all players myself. So clearly, your regular poker strategy won't work well for this trophy. The way to quickly earn this trophy is to purely rely on your luck, by going all-in every single hand. The problem with this trophy is that as soon as someone is busted by someone else, your chance has gone, and you'll have to try again in a different tournament. So you have to make sure that you are in every hand. You could just call every hand, but problem with that is that you may completely miss the flop and your chance of staying in the hand AND busting someone has become very low. So it is much better to go all-in pre-flop with every single hand. Your opponents will soon call you (if not immediately - this is playmoney poker after all) and then it's just a matter of luck. What a lot of people also don't realize is how high your chances are of winning a pre-flop all-in. E.g. if you have 27 and your opponent has AK, you still have 33% chance of winning, so you will win once in 3 attempts. If you win the first confrontation and bust one or two other players, you will already have 20k or 30k chips and can even afford losing a subsequent all-in. If you're a decent player, you can stop this strategy once you're heads-up (i.e. 1 opponent) and then play regular/good poker and bust him that way. Or course, with this trophy strategy you will definitely loose 'money' so take tournaments with low enough a buy-in (100 or 1000). I think it took me 6 attempts or so. I think you'd have to be very unlucky if you still didn't manage after 20 attempts.
  14. Obviously, that's not really true, because the more money you have, the higher buy-ins you can do. In essence, it would take you as long to go from -say- 1000 to 1M, as it would to go from 1M to 1B. EDIT: maximum buy-in may of course be the problem here. Not sure how much it is. I believe I've seen 1M as buy-in but in that case, it would indeed still take quite a while.
  15. Sounds like an awfully slow way to get XP. If they keep folding, then a tournament probably takes up to an hour, no ? Those 2 trophies are very easy. For the 2nd one, just obviously just go all-in blind and hope that either everyone folds (yes that counts too) or they call and you win. You probably only need a few until you hit and win the trophy. For 7/2, just raise with 7/2, if not go all-in and again hope they fold.