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  1. I got stuck for more than a day trying to figure out how to update from 1.18 (comrades 1.0) to 1.26. I saw a few posters having same problem sharing about removing stuff, but nothing extremely clear. On Charles, you can click on tools (on top of the screen), then click map remote after you are done with 1.18 Remove all the stuff there to reset to 'default' for update to 1.26 (I deleted ffxv entirely after uploading save to cloud, then downloaded 1.26). I presume you can check map local as well, but there was nothing there for me. On a side note, for the clicking of 'map remote' for the json file, I have a small laptop screen and could not see or choose the options which are near the bottom. I used the keyboard arrow button instead, and pressed up 2 times from the first option to select it. Thanks a lot to Golden Devil Gamer for the guide; it allowed me to stack a few more stacks of FFXV.
  2. thanks for the ac syndicate dlc guide 

  3. thanks for the ac syndicate guide

  4. thanks for the ac syndicate guide

  5. grats to all top 3 winners
  6. the last of us, one of the games in my eternal backlog
  7. resogun; i could never find anyone to help me out for the remaining dlc trophies :x
  8. Okay edited \o/ Thanks.
  9. TROPHY GUIDE OF THE YEAR GIRLS und PANZER: Dream Tank Match Trophy Guide Very clear cut and detailed. Niche area game which I did not expect anyone to write a guide for, much less one which is really detailed. If I could vote more than once I will want to vote the MHW guide as well EXCEPTIONAL WALKTHROUGH GUIDE 英雄伝説 閃の軌跡III - Overall Walkthrough Sen no kiseki (trails of cold steel) game series is a pain to plat if you just do everything without a guide. There are too many of those you must get all of these and you must do all of these trophies in all the games. This guide handhold you to platinum as long as you follow it step by step. EXCEPTIONAL GAMEPLAY GUIDE Final Fantasy IX - Missable Trophies/Collectables Guide Very detailed and informative, important to know where all the missable stuff are to prevent a second run. Though it is an old game, it does not make things easier without a good guide like this. EXCEPTIONAL DLC GUIDE Final Fantasy XV - Episode Ignis DLC Trophy Guide Very detailed as well, the guide is really useful in helping me to get 100% for ffxv; ignis was my last dlc and it was the most massive pain in the butt if we do not take the grind for comrades into account. EXCEPTIONAL NICHE GAME GUIDE 英雄伝説 閃の軌跡III Trophy Guide Same explanation as the exceptional walkthrough; just to add on here that it is a niche area game. Without the guide, platinum is going to be a massive pain due to the lack of hints at times about certain things in game. EXCEPTIONAL USE OF FORMATTING 英雄伝説 閃の軌跡III Trophy Guide Clear cut guide to follow to the end for the platinum thanks to the formatting. Some guides can be painful to look through or dig around for info - no need for that for this guide. (Will be nice if I can vote FFIX here as well, but meh) EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY UPKEEP GIRLS und PANZER: Dream Tank Match Trophy Guide Important updates were made, in particular for the stupid bug. EXCEPTIONAL USE OF ORIGINAL CONTENT Monster Hunter World Trophy Guide Really solid guide for a relatively new game (at the time the guide was made). Even though no trophies are missable, the information makes a difference between spending 300+ hours for plat (which I did) or 600+ hours. I am biased towards jrpgs