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  1. I only need Teostra, but I got 9 Vaal Hazaks in a row from A Simple Task. Do optional quests, they're much more reliable. At least they have been for me.
  2. I can confirm Deviljho counts for research. I don't know if you guys already knew that or not. The picture kinda sucks, but with the video I posed yesterday, it shows that Deviljho was the only monster I needed.
  3. It's fine. Even though I'm the one who has evidence that Deviljho counts, I'm still having a hard time believing that it's not some kind of mistake. I mean, why would he count? I've done some quests hoping that would trigger the trophy, but it didn't work. I'll post again if it pops once I get Deviljho to level 4.
  4. I actually have evidence that says otherwise. I needed one more Kirin fight to get all research. After I downloaded the update, I killed Kirin, but no trophy popped for the research all monsters. So I can only assume that now Deviljho counts.
  5. If only they would stop insisting on introducing at least 1 new girl every new game. Like, it's okay to make a game with no new characters. They already have too many to keep track of.
  6. I've had my eye on it, but I'm waiting for the script rewrite patch next year before I buy it.
  7. Yup. I haven't played it, but people say that 3 ends in an even bigger cliffhanger than the first game, so this was inevitable.
  8. Oh yeah, saving over old save files was totally fine. It was when I tried deleting useless ones that I lost everything. I really don't know how it happened either, but I'm just going to back down and never touch my save files until I've 100%ed a game from now on. It's most likely not a PS4 issue now that I think about it, but I'm paranoid now.
  9. Since there are 70+ character endings, my save files started getting so cluttered that I couldn't keep track of them anymore. I decided to delete some of the earliest save files so I could organize things, and ALL MY DATA WAS ERASED. (Even though it's supposed to save to game/system data, not individual saves.) All character profiles, all outfits, all CGs, all clear data and records, all of it. Gone. I've already lamented and made peace that I'll have to start over. My question is, does deleting save files delete game data in all games, or is it just this one?
  10. The Unique Outfits are unlocked by getting the girls traits to a certain number. 200 or 300 I believe. It's been awhile. For the EX skills, they're all unlocked differently. Some just for getting the weapon skill to 1000, some for using certain weapon skills a certain number of times, and some for blocking 3000 attacks. Look up a trophy guide for the EX skills.
  11. Combat is a bit weak in this game. Some characters just aren't fun to use, some are very fun. Story is very strong though. One of my favorite stories in recent memory. Not really an open world game, it's pretty linear, but with big areas to explore. Music isn't the greatest, but isn't bad. Game runs very well. Overall, I'd recommend it. I was very pleased with it.
  12. Well then, don't I look smart? Damn it all.
  13. Well, you have to play the game twice for the plat if that makes you feel any better.
  14. Yes, it's a very painful plat, but the game is fun if you don't go for 100%. You could just hide it from your list if you want.
  15. Are you interested in pushing for 120 hours?