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  1. Ahhhh I'll give that a go! Thanks a lot for the info!
  2. I've recently played TLOU remastered to platinum and 100%, and decided before the servers close I'd do the same for TLOU on PS3. An issue I'm finding (for the 100%) is that I'm yet to see any of the Abandoned Territories maps in the rotation selection for Find Match. I haven't played any of those 4 maps on the PS3, and I was wondering if anyone else has encountered this, or if there's a reason for it? I'm going to have to do some boosting anyway to get the downs with no death trophies, but I would've thought I'd encounter the maps to knock off the 'complete game on' trophies...
  3. My store just says "STEINSGATE Linear Bounded Phenogram" on the game page with no context whatsoever, haha.
  4. A new thread is a great idea. Statman here, btw. I got my info from Aressus on, and simply reposted (he stumbled upon the info elsewhere, it seems), and commented on the trophy page, as I love spreading info on workarounds for buggy trophies!
  5. Much like Horizon Zero Dawn, I'll probably wait for all the DLC's to come out, and give it an UG NG+ playthrough too. My only hope is that they don't lock you into UH like horizon did, coz I played through the game on UH first, followed by the DLC, and that was insane, haha.
  6. Exact video I already followed to no avail, lol. It's fine not to believe I tried everything though, it's not like this has proven to be a buggy game or anything, haha. When I get time I'll probably go back and do the Ultra hard run (whatever the difficulty is called), and hopefully I have more luck then. Thanks for the suggestions though.
  7. I tried that too, among all the exiting and fast travelling, etc. Never a sign of them unfortunately.
  8. When I loaded my game, it said 99.78%. As soon as it finally loaded, the artifact trophy, and 100% trophy popped, and now my save file says 100%. I still can't get turkey's to spawn though. No matter how many times I fast travel, exit to the game menu, quit the app entirely, I get no turkey's upon getting back to that area. What a pain in the butt.
  9. I got a potential fix for people! Basically, on a profile where you've beaten hard difficulty, replay the chapter Child's Play a couple of times, and hopefully the trophy should pop for you! I tried it a first time, nothing. It worked on my second attempt of the chapter though, so stoked!
  10. 46.9%. It's actually a good 5% lower than when I was regularly tracking it, and I've stopped trophy hunting as much as I used to! I guess that's what less Telltale games does, lol.
  11. I can see what you're saying, and I can't say that I disagree even. 1- The story was a whole lot of unblocking your path, and there wasn't much to it really until towards the end with a few reveals. So I can agree there. 2- I actually think the combat was great. At first I was struggling with it, as in a lot of other action games you can float the camera, more definitive lock on systems, etc. but once I got used to the flow of combat, I rather enjoyed it, and I kept it fresh by constantly switching weapons, using rune attacks, etc. 3- This is one point I can agree on. It's definitely a little bit close for my liking. Obviously, I adjusted as I did with the combat, but even playing through the post game, it still lingers on my mind (unlike the combat, which grew on me). I'd call it one of my fav PS4 games, but it's a few down the list. The top of my list would be Bloodborne, Persona 5 and Phantom Pain (despite how all that ended), followed by a bunch of the Sony first party games and some other third parties.
  12. I just like completing checklists, and trophies is an additional checklist, lol. I wouldn't say trophies has ruled my gaming choices though. Pretty much everything I've played is coz I wanted to play the game, not coz it's an easy platinum/100%. I've played games and skipped on the platinum coz of tacked on mp or things that are too tedious. I've doubled up on games, though mostly they're the ones I enjoy - Nathan Drake collection, GTA V on PS3/4, a couple other remastered games I can't think of. I even did my own 'destroy your completion %' challenge late last year just to try out a bunch of games in my backlog, to see if it's worth going back to them, and I don't think I've gone back to any of them yet, lol. I'll admit, I've dropped off the trophy hunting train a little bit, I only got my first platinum last week, since October last year. A bunch of games I played were too tedious to bother with (ACO), bugged out on me (South Park), or just had a stupid amount of mini games I just had no interest in (Danganronpa v3, Yakuza 0/Kiwami). I know some people let trophies rule their choices, but I personally haven't. I just let it be something extra I enjoy.
  13. I literally just finished playing it around 10 minutes ago now, lol. Excellent DLC. I agree, Ludwig hardest boss in the DLC, though Maria really gave me a run for my money. Ludwig I did take in an NPC hunter though which helped drastically. The boss I would consider the hardest would've been either Gehrman (as I said, I suck with hunters), or the Blood Starved Beast. For whatever reason, I struggled so badly through that fight. I guess it was early on in the game, I was cautious about using my insight for NPC hunters (not realising how much insight you can really end up with), and also he had traumatised me from the previous time I played a bit of Bloodborne - basically he's the bane of my existence, lol.
  14. Yeah would've been an idea, but we got there in the end. I personally just suck against hunters. Give me a giant ass boss anyday, lol.
  15. Me and a mate fought him a bunch of times in a row (getting our endings), for each other. We were getting hammered most of the time. One of the times we beat him, we had him up in the corner like you did hear, and it was an absolute breeze. Getting him up there was pure arse though, we tried a bunch of times to get him up there, just couldn't do it, lol.