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  1. Corruptors for me too. Now I gotta fight through the second half of the Arena (I did the first half to get enough medals for the bow), but turning it down to story difficulty should help smash that out.
  2. Alright, so you made that solution seem so simple, I did not see that haha. Thanks.
  3. So I had this problem at The Long Coast ruins where I pushed both crates onto ground level (one was supposed to stay up a level and go on top of the elevator there). This occurred days ago, maybe 8-10 game play hours. I was wondering if ruins reset? I found a reddit thread suggesting as much, but mine still appears with my mistake after such time. Any insight is welcome!
  4. Performance, always performance.
  5. Taking a long scroll through my trophy list... The Last of Us (PS3 and PS4) - legit enjoyed this after a while, I pretty much did them one after another Assassin's Creed III (PS3) - Wolfpack was great fun! Uncharted 2, 3 (PS3) - not much to doing these ones... God of War: Ascension - lol... complete the online tutorial DC Universe Online (PS3 and PS4) - PS4 was auto popped, but really there's not much to boost in the platinum trophy here. It's really straight forward (despite the rarity), just time consuming, and you have to pay the sub for trophies (which I played actively for a long while anyway). Anything else involved boosting, even if things like AC Black Flag, GTA 5, The Division, etc. only involved small bits of boosting for very specific things, but I did the rest of the grind legit.
  6. I'm pretty stoked with how I've gone tbh. I did not meet my goal, but I did not realise how much I'd have to do to meet it! with over 200 games on my list, each new 0% dropped my trophy percentage only marginally - but that also meant completing those 0% increased it marginally! With that in mind, 6.5% was a big ask, but I'm stoked I got over 4%! Sadly, December was a bomb for me. I finished off Guacamelee, which involved a hard difficulty run, which meant days without trophies. I started Death Stranding over (which I'd previously played partially), and am only now catching back up to where I finished, which meant very few trophies. All this in mind, I still completed 2 of my 3 goals for 2021. Platinum trophies to 160: completed Trophy percentage to 85%: not completed Complete MGS 2, 3 and 4 to a satisfactory amount (satisfactory is just my own satisfaction, lol): completed I won't be partaking in this event in 2022, but perhaps 2023! This year will be chilled out, I'll catch up on some other games I don't want to trophy hunt, etc. It's been an exhausting but satisfying year of gaming! Thanks to @Squirlruler and @kingofbattle8174 for this event! It's been fantastic!
  7. Good luck all! I won't be competing next year, this year was quite intense! Look out for me 2023 though, hahaha.
  8. Hey, just popped in to say good luck in completing your backlog! You seem to be doing a fantastic job so far! I myself have had a massive backlog in the past, though I started trophy hunting back in 2012. I'm still completing PS3/Vita games, however some time ago I did decide to cut a majority of them out of my list, as I had done most of the major ones I wanted to do. I kept a few around though. My backlog these days consists of a little under 100 games (estimate), and I've sorted them into different priorities (high, medium, low) which helps me prioritise things. I don't adhere to that 100%, as sometimes I just have an inkling for a particular game! Backlogs are truly never ending tasks, as they continue to grow and evolve with new games coming out. Anyways, good luck. I'm going to follow this post so I can see how you go!
  9. I think they're also on Game Pass, so its probably just about getting ongoing money from that, rather than only from people purchasing the games.
  10. I feel like I had a pretty full on month, despite only gaining 0.39% - I got nearly 130 trophies! That's huge. It all came crashing down at the end, as I caught a stomach bug, and even though I've been well for like 4 days, I still haven't found the motivation to jump back on the grind and play anything. I shall get there eventually! Onto the analysis... Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy - what a great game. I went into this with the impression of Marvel's Avengers, and it ended up so different (not that I played Avengers). What a charming single player game. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots - I went into this not really wanting to get the platinum, as 8 playthroughs with very specific conditions is a bit intense for me when I'd like to move on to other games, so I picked my trophies and managed to get them all. I actually started this prior to GotG, however I had a scratched disc that messed with some of the trophies! I did manage to buy a cheap new copy that worked great, but had to wait on that delivery. Amazing game, amazing series. That's my MGS quota for the year, next year I will be tackling more completion on Peace Walker and Phantom Pain! Senran Kagura: Estival Versus - This one I played on the Vita and it was just kinda... to knock out something extra. An hour or so each night before I went to bed. Solid little hack n slash, similar to its prequel Shinovi Versus. Mostly I wanted to play this as Neptunia vs SK just came out, and I do like both series generally, so catching up makes sense. Guacamelee (in progress) - I'd played most of this game before - I put it down for some reason I cannot recall. It's fantastic. Currently I've done a first playthrough on normal difficulty and about 15 minutes of a Hard playthrough where I'll 100% the game. Unfortunately... that's when I got sick and have yet to pick it back up! I shall post more on this at the end of the competition when all is said and done! DECEMBER I'm keeping December short and sweet. The final 2 games I look to complete are Guacamelee (in progress) and Death Stranding - both existing on my list. Unsure on whether I'll fully complete Death Stranding before the end of the month, that depends on time. However every trophy I earn should bring me closer to the goal I won't achieve, lol. I've come to terms with this and I'm actually super happy with how far I've come this year. I've seen how much completion percentage starting a new game takes off, and in all honesty, its an underwhelming amount for a 0% addition to the list. I don't think I'll do this comp again next year if it is ran (I assume) as I do need to dial back a bit as I've avoided games for trophy reasons, which is something I don't like doing, so I'll have a gap year and maybe join in 2023 lol. I look forward to the end of the competition and seeing how far we have all come! Congratulations everyone and thanks as always @Squirlruler
  11. Well, I'm doing ok. In October: finished Aragami 100% completed Mass Effect 3, and rounded out the Legendary Edition trophy list. started Plague Tale on a whim, loved it and got the platinum finally got back to Metal Gear Solid 4 (which I think I've spoken about for many months now) and have been knocking out trophies - sadly I will not complete the platinum for this based on how much time it'll take me, despite having a few ultra rare trophies in there. I'll knock out as much as I am willing to do though. I've been planning out how the remainder of my year is going to go. The games I want to commit myself to will be Guacamelee, Death Stranding and Guardians of the Galaxy. 2/3 are already on my list so it'll be some nice backlog clearing! I won't reach my goal though sadly, I didn't expect 6.5% to be such a trial, but with over 250 games in my list, even returning to games only provides minimal increase in my trophy percentage. I'm pretty happy though, 80% has always been the goal post completion I tried to hang around, and I'll be over 82% come the end of the year. I likely won't go again next year with this challenge, despite how much I've actually enjoyed it. I want to get back into playing a few games that I don't actively trophy hunt (Yakuza, etc). Maybe 2023 and I can complete again as a recovery from 2022, lol. Thanks as always @Squirlruler, these updates are amazing.
  12. My first platinum was trophy 291, though there's 13 counted there with a missing timestamp, so I guess 278? But it was a little over 3 years before I got my first platinum, but it was 5-6 months after that, that I first went out of my way to actually get a platinum trophy (my first intentional one). From then, it picked up slowly. Gonna be 10 years since my first platinums next year!
  13. Thanks as always @Squirlruler! I'm still making slow progress. I'm happy with my 3% but I still have 3.5% to go for my goal, lol. I didn't really stick to my plans in September, but those plans have moved to October! I really felt a need for Hitman, so I started and finished Hitman 3. In all honesty... a let down compared to the previous games. I followed that with Aragami, as I got it cheap as off PSN (I'd previously owned physical and had played a few levels), so I picked that back up and am currently working through the DLC for it. Once I'm done it's back to September's plan of Mass Effect 3 and Metal Gear Solid 4 though, lol.
  14. Played my PS3 far more heavily in the first 2 years of PS4's lifespan than I did the PS4. At least I'm using my new machine this time, even if it is mostly for PS4 games, some of which are coming with free PS5 upgrades anyway. The disappointment is possibly just you, with misguided expectations.
  15. No, I believe the website you visit during the transfer process says its same platform transfers only. So PS to PS for example.