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  1. Well I'm making progress, but I'm not sure I'm going to make my goal - I'd have to delve into my unearned trophies more than I plan on doing, which I've only put 6 games onto the list! And that's to weave between new games that come out that I want to play straight away. But it's possible - I am doing well so far! See how long Demon's Souls takes me, lol.
  2. Within the article you linked, it says the author checked the NA store it's still available for purchase... (unsure if it has since happened in the weeks since the article) It is however not on the Aus store anymore.
  3. Forward momentum! Had a lot come up lately, plus between trying to start an exercise routine... Little Nightmares is taking me longer than it should, haha. It should be done tomorrow, though... then Steins;Gate Elite is on my agenda! It's great backlogging some of these games I'd only started, but when something new comes out that I want to play it'll kill me, haha. There's already a list of a few games (partially waiting on price drops), but I plan on making Demon's Souls platinum 150!
  4. Hope so! I still gotta go back and complete the Hitman 1 levels in Hitman 2, so if they auto-pop when you transfer your save into Hitman 3, it'll be totally worth it! Can't see why not though, you can't unlock those things again, maybe just a playthrough of each level so that you rank up, etc.
  5. From memory, Brutal sucks in them all. However, save points are a dime a dozen, so you can always make a little bit of progress.
  6. Is it too late to join? My current completion is 78.5%, but I'd really like to hit 85% by the end of the year! I've usually hovered around 80% completion through the years, so bumping this up slightly would be fantastic. It's a lot to ask as I've got nearly 250 games in my list.
  7. Well... all the games are adaptions from the comics, so a debate could be had that none of the games are canon, lol. The Rocksteady games are referred to as the 'Arkham trilogy' though, so it's obviously leaving out Origins. It's one of those cases that if you think too hard about it you'll find holes, but near enough is good enough imo.
  8. this was the last one for me credit goes to BB1234 Hahahaha... I got about half way through the map island hopping, while also looking up ideas through google. Came across this, instantly saw I hadn't found this place (or the one next to it), trophy pops. Thanks so much, this was amazing!
  9. Pretty average year for me - won't even hit double digits since I'm currently playing AC Odyssey, lol. This is trending with my current pattern, I'm not gaming as much year on year, and this year was hectic - I still worked and it was exhausting, more than normal. Probably napped more than I gamed, hahaha. I also played games like Hitman 2 for extensive periods that don't have platinums, so there's that. 1. Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online (Jan 22) 2. Life is Strange 2 (Jan 30) 3. Dark Souls III (Mar 15) 4. Persona 5 Royal (Jun 6) 5. One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 (Jun 26) 6. The Last of Us part II (Jul 2) 7. Ghost of Tsushima (Aug 19) 8. Astro's Playroom (Nov 14) 9. Spider-Man: Miles Morales (Nov 21)
  10. It's definitely a weird choice for the devs, especially with Hitman 2. Hitman 1 was released episodically, so they added trophy patches to match - makes sense. Hitman 2 was released like a standard game though, a bunch of levels up front and then a few DLC levels, but they set up the trophy list as if it was released episodically. I also kinda hate how all the Hitman 1 legacy trophies exist in the list, while some Hitman 2 original content got pushed to the 'Additional Expansions' trophy list. Should've just made a list Hitman 2 + it's DLC, then a Hitman 1 legacy trophy list. Now it makes me want to go play the Hitman 1 levels again just to clean up their messy list, lol.
  11. I had so much trouble with this fight on Hard difficulty (and I've still got extreme to go!), but I found a fairly reliable method that I adapted from a bunch of posts I found online. I wanted to pass this on in case others needed the help I did! The main gist of it is to not be greedy, and spam chaff grenades. - First thing I did was equip the SP Wig for infinite ammo, hopefully you've collected enough dog tags! - I start off with the usual rounds of Stinger attacks on the first 3 metal gears, knee then head, until I get one down that it's going to jump in the ring. - The moment you've done the third round of attacks on the first metal gear, run towards the other side of the ring, and the moment it lands, run to the side to miss the plasma cannon. Now the meat of the fight begins... - I always run side to side, changing direction between attacks, along with tossing out a chaff grenade each time. This keeps the effect going the entire fight. - I tend to stay back, to prompt the knee cannons. As they're about to hit, dodge in the direction you're running. Very important. It is after this attack that you pull out the Stinger to knee and head attack the one in the ring. Only do this once, throw another chaff, and continue moving. - Everytime you can, stay back and prompt the knee cannon's and always attack after it. After 4 attacks on a metal gear, it'll swap out and the next one will jump in the ring. The only risk I came across is the random homing missle attack from the outside metal gears hitting you. Chaff grenades increase your chances of not getting hit, but it's not full proof unfortunately. But that's why we have Rations, right? I also do go in to collect new rations when they appear, but you just need to play it safe around the stomping and the plasma cannon. Hopefully it's helpful to someone!
  12. I don't collect trophies to compete with others, I do it for myself, lol. I don't really go comparing my list to other peoples anyway. I don't like a cheap platinum? I don't play the game. It's simple.
  13. 1. Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online 2. Life is Strange 2 3. Dark Souls III 4. Persona 5 Royal 5. One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 6. The Last of Us Part II 7. Ghost of Tsushima 8. Astro's Playroom 9. Spider-Man: Miles Morales My years get weaker and weaker lately for the last few. I know Dark Souls games take me quite a while, and I've done both recent Hitman games (non plat) which have also taken me quite a while. I think I'm also just playing less. It's a shame, but I still love trophy hunting!
  14. It sucks they removed them from the browser store, as that was mainly how I tracked them (through my wishlist, which is also gone for now, damn you Sony). I'm actually playing my PS3 atm, trophy hunting the Metal Gear Solid games, and I'd like to eventually get through the Ratchet & Clank games too on there. Hopefully the store is up and working on there for some time to come. It's just a shame I can't do it all from the browser store.
  15. Ahhhh I'll give that a go! Thanks a lot for the info!