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  1. I can't believe I didn't notice it right away... I figured once I bought the "tool or software" for it, it would show up in the shop as an extra option. Thanks! I was honestly tempted to send a bug report to Irregular on it...
  2. Level 24 Purchased the custom WC shop under tools/software Unlocked a few items, and have access to the tab under inventory. However, it says "use the shop on your desktop to buy some" in the tab. I check the store, but I have nothing in it related to water cooling. I've tinkered with the free build, so I do know what the stuff looks like. But the store has zero items, in the shop. Am I missing something, or do I have to start over and pray?
  3. D - Day only N - Night only D+N - Day or Night Special Cases below list Gargant Iron Base/Lost Harbor/Near Tunnel - D Murdamoeba Atrium Unmanned Tank Near Iron Base/Lost Harbor/Buried Wharf Desert Hopper Near Iron Base/Lost Harbor/Buried Wharf Petroller Atrium Empty Patroller let petroller fire first One-Shot Wonder Buried Wharf/Dry Canal Eraser Machine Buried Wharf/Dry Canal Crimswan NAMED Near Iron Base through Buried Wharf B52 Albatross Sumidagawa D/Electric Gate D/Taitung Def. W D Mecha Ray Sumidagawa D+N/Electric Gate D Hedras Sumidagawa D+N Octo Cannon Sumidagawa D+N Fishroid Sumidagawa N/Defense Force Branch Fishroid King Defense Force Branch Crab Gun Sumidagawa D+N Hermit Crab Sumidagawa D+N/U-T Ueno Surveil Copter Electric Gate D+N/Taitung Def W. D Cannon Hopper Electric Gate D+N/Taitung Def W. D Desert Hippogun Electric Gate D+N/Taitung Def W. D Sand Shark Electric Gate D+N/Taitung Def W. D/Ueno Fortress N Lucky Mouse Electric Gate D+N/Taitung Def W. D/Ueno Fortress N Patrol Tank Electric Gate D+N/Taitung Def W. D Recon UFO Taitung Def W D/Ueno Fortress D/Mishuku Crater N Surface Purifier Taitung Def W D+N/Ueno Fortress D Singing Parabola Ueno Fortress D+N Slow Walker Ueno Fortress N/Shibuya Dunes D+N Cyclone Cobra Akihabara Battery Vacuum Mamba Akihabara Battery Senser Bunny Akihabara Battery Injector Bird Akihabara Battery Rubbish Rat Electric Battery Trash Rat Electric Battery Crocomutant Ruins near Kanda Krowlashnikov Ruins near Kanda Big Joe Ruins near Kanda Edgepack Ruins near Hariti Swordfish Ruins near Hariti Nightinguerilla Ruins near Hariti Mantis Jack Ruins near Hariti Sentry Hopper Ruins near Ochanomizu Robo Police Ruins near Ochanomizu Gun Hole Ruins near Ochanomizu Patrol Bee Ruins near Ochanomizu Vibrio Cluster Liburo Dome RC Maser Cannon U-T Ueno Honeycomb Gun U-T Ueno Blitzalvo U-T Ueno/Ginza Dunes D+N Warshipsaurus Sinking Block/Dark City Larvulcan U-T Ueno Gaterpillar U-T Ueno Tunnelpede U-T Ueno Hedrasmoa Ginza Tunnel DNA Blob Ginza Tunnel DNA Mother Ginza Tunnel Neutron Cannon Ginza Dunes D Honeycomb Cannon Ginza Dunes D+N/Tower & Babel D Bamboo Silo Ginza Dunes D+N Thanatos Tank Ginza Dunes D+N/Shinjuku Dunes D Land Manta Ginza Dunes D+N Gold Ant Ginza Dunes N/Tower & Babel N/Yaesu Crater N Metal Eater Ginza Dunes N/Tower & Babel N/Shinjuku Dunes N AT Gundome Tower & Babel D+N/Aoyama Dunes D Damndroid Tower & Babel D+N/Aoyama Dunes D Slaughter Brigade Tower & Babel D+N/Aoyama Dunes D Gun Tower Tower & Babel D+N/Aoyama Dunes D Snazzly Tower & Babel D+N/Aoyama Dunes D Hippogun Tower & Babel D+N/Aoyama Dunes D Incindiape Roppongi Babel East Electroplexor Roppongi Babel East or West/Vlad East Hell Rescue Shibu Waste/Vlad East Harmoire Roppongi Babel East Harmoira Roppongi Babel East Cutie Copy Shibu Waste Fembot Fatale Shibu Waste Cursed Tank Shinjuku Dunes D+N Great Hippogun Shinjuku Dunes D+N/Yoyogi Crater D Dark Mole Shinjuku Dunes D+N/Mishuku SE Def Tower Super Gargant Yaesu Crater D+N Bombelion Baby Toranomon D+N/Vlad East Bombelion Toranomon D Bombelion Queen Toranomon D Ghost Tank Azabu Crater D+N Ultimate Tower Kojimachi Crater D+N Scrap Vodou Yotsuya Crater D+N/Sinking Block Kamikaze Cannon Ichigaya Crater D+N Kamikaze Bomb Ichigaya Crater D+N Pygmy Hippogun Yoyogi Crater D+N Hippogun King Yoyogi Crater D Plantain Launcher Vlad East Drill Rose Vlad East Jungle Ghidorah Vlad East Mirror Ball Roppongi Babel East or West/Shibu Waste Tubanshee Vlad East/Sinking Block Killer Ripper Vlad East Laser Bee Vlad East Dr. Rafflesia Vlad East/Sinking Block Mechapolice U-T Shibuya South Cackle Cannon U-T Shibuya South Death Trailer U-T Shibuya South Blitz Cannon U-T Shibuya South Martian Jelly Mishuku Base? Remora Bot Mishuku Base Jumboom Mishuku Base D+N Shovel Ghidorah Mishuku Base D+N Heavy-Duty Rex Mishuku Base D+N Diconderoga Mishuku DA Base D+N Platinum Ant Toranomon N/Vlad East/Mishuku Base N Paradise Bomber Mishuku Crater D Full-Tank Drone U-T Shinagawa/Gotenyama Dunes D/Tennozu D New Jumboom U-T Shinagawa Preachy Ashura U-T Shinagawa Perfect Guard U-T Shinagawa Jellyman U-T Shinagawa Superconductor X U-T Shinagawa/Shinagawa Linia Station Human Hell Mishuku SE Def Tower Scolopendrone Sinking Block/Mishuku SE Def Tower Junkodile Mishuku NE Def Tower King Junkodile Sinking Block/Mishuku NE Def Tower Laser Worm Mishuku NW Def Tower Yojimborg Mishuku NW Def Tower Saturnian Jelly Mishuku Crater D/Tennozu D+N Big Jellyman Shinagawa Linia Station Brutabaga Tennozu Mall Relay UFO Mishuku Crater N/Tennozu D+N White Drone Mishuku Crater N Hovering Stray Mishuku Crater N/Gotenyama Dunes N/Tennozu N Recoilless Cannon Konan Dunes D+N Tri-Shura Konan Dunes D+N Hyenamatic Konan Dunes D+N AT Sniper Konan Dunes D+N Killer Maser Cannon Konan Dunes D+N Gold Tortoise Shibuya Dunes D+N AT Grizzly Gotenyama Dunes D+N Thanatos Tank II Gotenyama Dunes D+N Black Hole Gotenyama Dunes D+N Bombevogel Gotenyama Dunes D Tyrannodozer Gotenyama Dunes D+N Salvation Tank Tennozu D+N Transgon Tennozu D+N Platinum Walker Shibuya Dunes D+N Millionaire Ant Gotenyama Dunes N/Tennozu N Guntaurus MKII Abyss Avenue Zamanza Abyss Avenue Zapper Omega Abyss Avenue Boris Dark City Polly Propylene Dark City Elizabeth Dark City Bucky Dark City Crabbington Dark City Miguel Dark City El Machete Dark City Antonio Dark City Diffuser Dark City Kamikaze MOAB Dark City Burroughs Dark City An Enemy Sinking Block Abstro Sinking Block (unable to decoy) Abstro Blob Sinking Block Sky Stalker Abyss Avenue Mythic Scarab Abyss Avenue Cluster Empress Abyss Avenue Man Zapper HG Abyss Avenue Volk Zapper Abyss Avenue Man Zapper A Seafloor Tunnel Man Zapper B Seafloor Tunnel Death Dealer North From Iron Base Guntaurus Near Atrium Missile Horn Ariake West Canal Zamuza Spider Gully Jack Zapper Sumidagawa Drought Li'l Squirt Sumidagawa Drought Skyscraper Electric Gate Zapper Jaeger Before Liburo Dome Cluster Queen Liburo Dome Rommel Ghost Around 2020 Stadium (possible to decoy) El Fuego Around 2020 Stadium (possible to decoy) Mechalodon Around 2020 Stadium (possible to decoy) Eggon Around 2020 Stadium (possible to decoy) Sky Sentinel Shelldra Shibu Ruins area Carriersaurus Dark City Kamikaze Meteor Three Craters right of Vlad East NIGHT ONLY (Beat Godly) Mangronel Vlad East Boss Nephilim Wall A Blue Cirle on map Nephilim Wall B Blue Cirle on map Nephilim Wall C Blue Cirle on map Nephilim Wall D Blue Cirle on map Nephilim Wall E Blue Cirle on map Warship Rex Attack Carriersaurus (pink) in Dark City, defend 1st turn (Beat Hard) Gehenna Walker Mishuku Base Grifter Mishuku Base Mechdonald Mishuku Base Zapperganger U-T Shibuya Tunnel Dynamonger Beginning of Shinagawa Tyranno Drone Plain sight crossing bridge in shinagawa Catatropus End Boss Mecha Wyvern South of Iron Base (Beat Hard) Cloud Kraken Sumidagawa Drought (Beat V.Hard) Modded Shelldra Replaces Shelldra (Beat V.Hard) Daedalus Sinking Block (Beat the game once) Death Sphinx Abyss Avenue (Locked until Playthrough 3) Catastropus Epsilon Abyss Avenue (Beat Godly) Bombelion - toranomon crater only, defeated Rommel Ghost before it showed up,, Abstro - rare spawn sinking block only, can't decoy, no spawn requirements.
  4. How? I know what an invert is, but for the life of me, I haven't figured out how to do it. Are they the pipe tricks? Are they something else? I'm scratching my head on this one. I just barely figured I was doing an Indy wrong, that's why it wouldn't do it for me... Any ideas? Edit: not sure how, but it gave it to me. Mctwists and cripplers are what I think it means by inversions. R2 (as a jump) holding down on the right stick, then doing another move in the air. I'm guessing. Hope this helps.
  5. Can anyone else join their friends playing this? Me and my euro friend tried almost everything, and it gives us either a 'unable to connect' error, or 'no player found' did they just not have online servers for the ps4