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  1. That's why there is going to be a beta. Your account will probably be seen as the same regardless as far as saves go for legacy platforms like PS3 and Vita. As for actual online games for PS3, I fully expect Sony to pull the plug on PS3 PSN support next year as far as online gaming goes. Between a ton of PS3 game servers going offline this year and that PS3 and Vita games are no longer going to be offered on PS+ starting March 2019, I think the writing is on the wall. I don't think you'll run into any issues for most PS4 games released prior to April 2018. At least not the popular ones.
  2. Don't see anything about horse balls tho.
  3. Fuuuuck yeah I am. xXx_Death_Ninja_xXx-420 But seriously, yes I plan to.
  4. Yeah this was rumored for a couple of months now, I'm sure there's more acquisitions to come as well. It seems MS is going after talented, yet financially struggling dev teams. Which is good for both parties involved.
  5. I'm thinking/half-expecting PS3 PSN is going bye-bye right before PS5 drops. Hoping Warhawk 2 is somehow in the works, such a fun game and it really filled that Star Wars Battlefront gap last gen.
  6. I had a good laugh about that actually. Otherwise though, it's understandable why they are not having one. Not like last year's PSX had anything really substantial.
  7. Hope they give all of their ex-employees their due severance pay first.
  8. Well RDR2 just set a precedent for all open-world games now!
  9. Man, ASM2 sounds more like a chore than anything else, that sounds so limiting :/
  10. Before the Storm was the prequel to the original Life is Strange.
  11. Yup, read that wrong, my bad man.
  12. Yeah they could have done one less group of the random 5 crimes for one group in particular which I found unnecessary. Actually in post game, crimes do randomly pop up again. Just not until you beat the game. But otherwise, yeah nothing else to do but random crimes or replay bases after getting 100%. Kind of shocked that Insomniac didn't offer a New Game+ considering all of the Ratchet and Clank games had it.
  13. That is pretty crazy news, I wasn't expecting this at all.
  14. I'm hoping, I want to be wrong, trust me lol
  15. Even modern PCs still struggle with proper PS3 emulation, Xbox can do full BC it because they didn't use very complex exotic tech like Cell in 360 like in PS3 and they have an amazing BC team to boot. It's one of the reasons why Sony finally went with 86x architecture with the PS4, I expect BC in subsequent PlayStations from here on out. I don't see a reason why PS1 and PS2 games will not be BC either on PS5, it's just that I think PS3 games will always be the exception for a little while longer, further proving how much of a mistake the use of the Cell processor was as it's still biting Sony in the ass 12 years later despite the massive success of PS4. I'm all for surprises though! Hell, my pipe dream is having a slot on PS5 for Vita games lol