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  1. Dragon Quest XI for me.
  2. I got Battlefield V for under $30 this week As for the sale, I'll cop Celeste.
  3. Awesome month for me. Onrush, Iconoclasts, and Papers, Please. Already have Steins;Gate, but that's also an amazing game.
  4. I platinumed all three games and never ran into any glitches or anything of the sort, including Year of the Dragon.
  5. Yeah I did a flawless run twice and I still didn't get the trophy to unlock. I'll try again after beating the game.
  6. I just complete games that I'm really enjoying. As long as you're having fun doing what you're doing, especially for really hard trophies, then more power to ya. But if it's causing unnecessary stress or you're literally not having fun, then you should step back and assess. There's no shame in just moving on to some other game, as long as you're spending your free time the way you want.
  7. I have the digital version preordered, so it looks like I get another huge download akin to RDR2 lol
  8. Man, this whole FFXV thing really was a mess for SE.
  9. You can't sell weapons. You actually keep picked up used weapons that can be replaced by buying that particular weapon in the shop so you can clean and customize, which you can't do with picked up weapons.
  10. Have Kiwami but definitely going to grab Burly Men at Sea. Almost bought it the last time it was on sale, really glad I didn't now lol
  11. Yeah Landon Collins said he was a crappy teammate last season, but I guess things didn't get better in the end. I'm sure that locker room is pretty sour anyway with their record right now.
  12. Giants traded Eli Apple to the Saints for a 4th round pick in 2019 and a 7th round pick in 2020. Honestly thought he would be sent away earlier considering all of the negativity surrounding that guy with his teammates.
  13. According to Google: Thursday, October 25 at 4:01am Pacific time.
  14. A friend of mine just did it, he has all his trophies and purchases intact. Regardless, still observe lol