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  1. As long as you've experienced the main story already, saving before and reloading if you miss the Gold Medal is much easier than replay.
  2. I recently completed the requirements for this trophy using the method mentioned as the replay feature was available for me. I believe you would have to finish the campaign.
  3. Correct. Progress is stored online.
  4. Popped it! Ended up reinstalling the game. Joined 3 different calls for help. In 2 of them, the agents were already up or it was evident they weren’t going to get downed. In the other one, I was a bit under levelled for the mission and could never get the revive in time. Fourth attempt. Joined. Agent already up and about. Agent goes down. Revive. Popped. Hope this helps.
  5. Joined an agent. He had already respawned. I went down to see if him reviving me would pop it. It didn’t. He got downed (and unconscious). Revived him. Nothing. He died again. So I died to reset the checkpoint. He went down and was able to crawl to me. Revived. Nothing. God damn it.
  6. I did this in my first try, no trophy. Other agent was able to crawl and made his way to me - revived him, got nothing.
  7. I’m also having trouble getting this one to pop. Answered a call for help in which the other agent was in a mission, however wasn’t downed. They went down before the mission ended - I revived them and played till the end of the mission but got nothing. Answered another call for help in which the other agent was playing free roam. In this instance, he was already downed (and unconscious). I revived them and completed the free roam event however the trophy still didn’t pop. Bugger. I’ll keep trying and post here if I have any luck.
  8. No I haven't been back to it after my second kill playthrough. Fingers crossed the patch has fixed the issue - I'll pop it on the list of games to finish off and then hopefully have some fun with the DLC afterwards. Cheers!
  9. Crash Bandicoot - get those time trials!
  10. Call out to anybody who didn't get the trophy at the end of their No Loose Ends run? I gave this two playthroughs a couple of years ago and didn't get it in either attempt...didn't wiretap anywhere in one of those playthroughs...I can see people have been achieving it seemingly without issue but I don't want to rely on third time lucky if there is a possibility it won't pop again!
  11. Multiplayer. Especially when you have a backlog with plenty of multiplayer trophies which require long hours of boosting just to even dream of getting anywhere close to completion...looking at you Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic...
  12. All In Earn all available Trophies for Modern Warfare® 3. 4.66% Finally went back and finished this one off with a co-op partner. Now to clean up MW2 also...
  13. This was the same with mine. Only did these three and it popped walking about of Lonnie's Shack.
  14. When controlling Arthur just tap left on the d-pad to open the list of requests.