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  1. PSN: Lord_Nodens PS Systems: PS4, Vita Accepts Blank Friend Requests: Please mention PSN profiles
  2. I just tried again without having done anything special and finally I was able to get into the game. Can confirm that nothing is missable this time.
  3. I am also unable to connect
  4. So nothing missable this time?
  5. Thanks a lot! Found it as well!
  6. I am also having trouble with this trophy. I cannot find this turtle. Can anyone help please?
  7. It's been fixed. You should be able to download it now.
  8. I'm also experiencing the same issue in the GR store (EU). From what I've read in the Telltale forums there seems to be an issue currently affecting all EU users which should be fixed later today (fingers crossed).
  9. I wonder if we can boost the Showd0wn trophy now in a private 4 player party with the upcoming 1.16 patch. 4-PLAYER PARTY MODE - The free roam you know and love is back – now, from the Multiplayer App in your smartphone, two to four friends can enter into a private or public party mode. Free roam around San Francisco causing havoc, or jump into any of these activities on-demand, all of which have been balanced for the optimal amount of 2-4-person tomfoolery: 4-player Party: Bounty 4-player Party: Invasion 4-player Party: PvP Loot Truck 4-player Party: Races 4-player Party: Showd0wn 4-player Party: Robot Boss Fight 4-player Party: DedSec – Virus For activities where there are roles or teams to assign, such as Showd0wn and Bounty Hunter, you’ll see a voting screen where each player can choose their role. In races, players will be able to vote on the course. Co-op missions will not be available in 4-player party mode, as these missions have been designed specifically for 2-player co-op. Also, since the 4-player party mode is for you and your friends to wreak havoc across San Francisco, Leaderboards have been disabled - though you will still receive followers and cash rewards. https://watchdogs.ubisoft.com/watchd...de-patch-notes