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  1. Oh no, this is really unfortunate... 😢
  2. Always on fire when it comes to adventure games! Thank you again!
  3. Only God of War didn't follow this new trend. It did add New Game + post launch but wasn't tied to any new trophies.
  4. Thanks again for your excellent guides!!!
  5. All the European accounts are getting the platinum avatar now. Just received my code (GR store).
  6. @themindisacity is the best when it comes to adventure games! The best trophy walkthroughs out there!
  7. Well, that was quick :-)
  8. PSN: Lord_Nodens PS Systems: PS4, Vita Accepts Blank Friend Requests: Please mention PSN profiles
  9. I just tried again without having done anything special and finally I was able to get into the game. Can confirm that nothing is missable this time.
  10. I am also unable to connect
  11. So nothing missable this time?
  12. Thanks a lot! Found it as well!
  13. I am also having trouble with this trophy. I cannot find this turtle. Can anyone help please?
  14. It's been fixed. You should be able to download it now.
  15. I'm also experiencing the same issue in the GR store (EU). From what I've read in the Telltale forums there seems to be an issue currently affecting all EU users which should be fixed later today (fingers crossed).