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  1. Can you not get Short Sights from a RNG Barr fight?
  2. Leveling to 50 only gets the skill unlocked but does not get it to level 1 to use an orb. I did the math, I did the level 1norb of training for all my skills. It will take loads of time once war is not an option. How long does it take to get a character to the level for the skill, equip its then level to 1 mastery? I have the plat now, so.i think I know what I'm talking about.
  3. Leveling up someone to have the skill needed then leveling the skill to 1 takes a long time to be able to use the orb of training. Orbs of training are not hard to get but you need a lot of them.
  4. That jump from 100 to 200 hours is legit. I tried to do a few things outside of war or campaign stuff and it's just too slow. I had to level up about 30 people to 99 just to get the skills.i needed and it was about an hour each with war. Without it, that is easily 2 to 3 times more. Focus on one class to be the one to get all skills and then level up all the same of that class to get all the skills needed from that class, then the other classes to get the other support skills needed. The flags will come with it.
  5. Thanks guys, I found some nobles on the first travel quest on the way to the witches and used them.
  6. So i am trying to get skillful and have been in so many battles and just cant get my shaman in a low level battle that has a charge skill from an enemy. I also tried war, and the shaman is just so slow their moves are after the enemy's. Just wondering if someone had a quick way to get it?
  7. Depends on your play time, but there should be enough time. It is RNG based. I have about 36 hours of playtime, and have 14 so far.
  8. I did about 5 dispatches yesterday and got 4. Have to win the battles, though.
  9. Once picked up, collectables are saved. Says so in the guide.
  10. I have trophy hunter friends who have been working on this nonstop for the past few weeks and they are even worried that they wont get it all done due to the RNG. I wouldnt start unless you are ok with not have 100% or you can devote 100% of your awake time until server closure. I think its September 3rd.
  11. Its looking real good. Hope to get some new trophies on this one.
  12. If you die after opening one and not hitting a checkpoint can make you miss it if you don't check it again.
  13. His Heavy Rain looks off as well. Getting the trophy for see all endings before all ending trophies obtained. Could be wrong.
  14. I have updated to say this is an option for that trophy.