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  1. The release date for Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition has the wrong release date: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/7118-kerbal-space-program-enhanced-edition https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/169265-kerbal-space-program-enhanced-edition-release-date-announcement/
  2. Sounds like the bluRay laser is going out. Its a 30-45 minute process to change yourself. I had it happen myself where certain games played some didnt.
  3. OK so after trying the reset method many many times on many many different chests, and getting 0, i am like 0/500, i just decided to run through easy a few times. After 2.5 times, I got all 10 diamonds. Took me about 10 hours.
  4. Is there something I am missing with the close app trick when you dont get what you want? I am literally like 0/100 on getting a diamond this way. Level 12-3 has a chest 30 seconds into the level and just spent forever and never got a diamond. I have everything but diamonds.
  5. I did Hard with normal knack. Got 2 diamonds on the run, but some of those checkpoints are brutal. Overall 4/10 difficulty.
  6. It's a stretch to say this game was fun.
  7. you know I did
  8. Seriously? This is ridiculous. This game could have been made by my 9 year old. The texture, the hit box, the bugs aplenty. This game needs to be stricken from existence and refund everyone. Wow. I bought my name is mayo, but didnt feel dirty. THIS game made me feel dirty.
  9. Im just bumping this because this is an old question and still pertinent today. The servers are still up today in 2018!
  11. To be able to track games and know their trophy completion percentages, like psnprofiles does, makes it the best solution for tracking backlog. Just be able to sort by plat completion percentage, or platform, or other already used sorting filters on psnprofiles would be awesome.
  12. Yeah, i did the search on a different forum, the wrong one, and then when i got to the right one, i didnt search again. Still, needs to be brought up again, I think.
  13. I have over 350 games in my backlog, and would love to be able to see them in a list, that I would have to populate, with the trophy rarity from this site. I currently have to check each game individually and its time consuming.
  14. My platinum will look the same as yours.
  15. This is good to know. Is there a cheat to help with jump roping?