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  1. Free game, sure Ill pick it up. Just will wait to start until im ready
  2. Old reply, she is in the church. Just in case someone else passes through.
  3. I found the key to boss fights were to abuse STAGGER. The FOCUS moves will cause the most stagger, so use those until you stagger then goes balls out with elemental, limits, and other abilities.
  4. Because you cant tell if one person did or not, there really isn't a point to not do it if you are only going for the trophies. If you want the challenge, you can do it any way you want. No reason to bash anyone for doing an exploit.
  5. It's just a quest that will be in your log automatically. At least for me. I was on chapter 7 when I noticed it.
  6. I got the 800 other miles in the tour
  7. I got this today at exactly 1000 miles. I raced from the moment out of first race in a club. All races with my club banner, and about 200 of those miles were time trial trials and the rest in the tours. At least one race in most DLCs.
  8. Easiest for me was the long metal pole you use to push down multiple buttons. Got it by just placing on my head and its easy to balance.
  9. Sorry this is old, but you click left on the directional pad until you get to the right most option for your ship in the bottom right of screen. Then it was say press down to configure or change. Then you set it. Click the ports you want it to go to, and then the objective of the trade route, and finally activate. Took me too long to figure it out.
  10. I won Space Channel 5 VR: Kinda Funky News Flash! in a reddit giveaway last week!
  11. My guide has the intent that you do not have to do multiple runs, and you need Reed in power for one of them.
  12. Id say the same unless you want the easy platinum. Though the story has some charm to it.
  13. I have the same problem. Edit: Ah nvm, i had one on a character i wasnt using not learned.
  14. How hard is it to get to eden? Edit: NVM, just open zone map and then click Eden in the bottom left. Can confirm it pops all the complete game trophies if you just opened the game for the first time. @MMDE any way to mark this until a guide is made to prevent people from reporting those who use this glitch?
  15. Negatory. That is a game over.