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  1. 100th Platinum - World of Final Fantasy (Few weeks late to posting) https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/5451-world-of-final-fantasy/1-true-grymoirian
  2. This one popped on me on the tutorial level after doing it with 3 guys. I didnt have to use the white guy.
  3. I did this on the 2nd extra level in the first area. 1st one was tougher IMO. I just got all the orbs by the checkpoint, or I started over from last checkpoint.
  4. Gave that mini game a few more shots and I got it done in 15 moves. Only missed 2 times and I got pre-emptive.
  5. Looking to trade for Maduin. I have everything else to trade
  6. Started freaking out of the weekend. I now have Borderlands the Pre-Sequel out of order on my list. Not that I mind as I will finish it, but just more difficult to track.
  7. Yeah a trend arrow would be the best if that is what it looked like.
  8. I think the trending arrow might be a good compromise and a good feature to show. Showing that a platinum on an unplayed game is trending to be more rare, it would entice me more to get it.
  9. Wow, go somewhere else as a response to a suggestion. Ill have to remember that.
  10. Well then a weekly/monthly up or down arrow next to the rarity % would be nice. Id like to know if my platinums are getting more rare over time.
  11. I was thinking, can we get, if possible, a trend graph for each trophy to see what % of people had it yesterday, last week, last month, last year, etc? I think this would be a nice bit of information to track how popular a game is and its popularity over time? If not at that detail, how about at least a red up arrow or green down arrow next to the number to at least show the last week?
  12. Hate this game. The driving sucks, the shooting mostly sucks, and the difficulty spikes suck. Overall, this game felt like a fuck you from the devs.
  13. Got mine to show after earning a trophy
  14. https://status.playstation.com/en-US/ seems to be down for sure.
  15. Im getting it too, must be a PSN issue and the site cant pull anything