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  1. Finally got homecoming today. That soulstone level would just never pop. And when it did, it didnt have the area. And like evrything else, i tried one more go at it, and the area spawned.
  2. Aint that the truth
  3. Can confirm I get this error as well in the eastern US.
  4. Ive seen the wolves, but nothing happened. Was something supposed to happen?
  5. The nightfall is just a standard dungeon, but grandmaster is the most difficult difficulty. It requires special ammo for certain enemies. It takes a well rounded group who have voice chat to coordinate tactics. IMO, it was easier to just do the prestige raid before the update last year.
  6. So i just got this and figured I would lay out the strategy I used You need to defeat 15 different Ancient enemies. Not the same one 15 times. Definitely geared for exploration, as you have to find the small rooms they spawn in. Not all rooms will spawn an ancient, some will spawn treasure chests with gold They are only found in ancient hunts The ancient enemy that spawns is determined by the symbol on the gear you place. More gear you place, lets you invest more points to raise the % of them spawning. Takes any gear, but has to add up to 100 (Cant confirm read this somewhere else) Some gear adds multiple symbols to allow for multiple ancient types to spawn in the hunt. I once did a run with 5-6 different types. If you are aiming for a specific ancient, its best to only have it be in the run, or only ones you are missing, as you can go a full run and it can possibly not spawn. Does not take guilded weapons Any weapon or points you place, will be lost once you are done or forfeit Getting up to 94% likelyhood to spawn, doesnt mean it will spawn. Dont bother going after A Piglins Best Friend trophy, as you will get it going for this. Most likely will get Seriously Overpowered going for this, as the ancients drop these weapons. Just need a unique/guilded with 3 full enchants Leaving the ancient hunt will end that floor, and you can go back for up to 3 floors. If you leave on the 3rd floor, you will forfeit the hunt. (Doesnt tell you) Doesnt matter what difficulty, so you can play on the easiest and rush through them. Took me about 20 runs to get it, but with specific gear placement to get certain ancients to spawn. I still havent figured out Homecoming so any tips would be nice. I have the bat fro the spelunker armor, soul lantern for the soul pet, and tasty bone for the wolf. Ive spawned them all throughout the ancient hunts.
  7. GOTY Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Trophy Guide Gameplay Grand Theft Auto III - 100% / Is That all You've Got? Trophy Guide Persona 5 Royal - Confidants Guide Walkthrough Persona 4 Golden - Platinum Walkthrough Warframe - The Complete Trophy Guide Niche: Moonlighter Trophy Guide Subnautica Trophy Guide DLC Kingdom Hearts III - reMind DLC Trophy Guide Minecraft - Expansion 11 DLC Trophy Guide Formatting: Doom Eternal Trophy Guide Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Trophy Guide Imported: Million Arthur: Arcana Blood BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Trophy Guide Original Content: Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Trophy Guide Persona 5 Royal
  8. Yeah, I know. Always next year with a new guide.
  9. I am kind of miffed that my Fell Seal guide didnt make the cut. It was amazing.
  10. I thought I missed this, this year. Thanks for the udpate.
  11. I had to start a new game for this one as well. Luckily its not too long to get to if you rush it.
  12. I haven't beaten the game to get to them but if I'm liking it at that point I'll let you know
  13. So i have been watching this game to go on sale, and its finally on sale. Been playing it for a while now, and am loving it so far. A great tRPG.
  14. for the ones you cant just roll into, a roll and jump works fine for them. As long as it doesnt register you crossing in that time, and it replays but then crosses.