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  1. I hate this game. Never want to see it again.
  2. Fell Seal Arbiters Mark - cant recommend this enough. Guide here is really good too Mercenaries (Rebirth/Wings/Blaze) - 3 different games in a series Disgaea series Tactics Ogre Reborn (just came out)
  3. Thats what I mean, the quest says completed already when I server hop the second time. Its not available again.
  4. This does not work anymore. I can get the item on the ground, but once I server hop, the quest does not pop back up.
  5. This method does not work for me. I've tried 5 times.
  6. Issue still happens to me after that date.
  7. I just got this trophy the other day. Do you have a save from before the mission? Maybe try again? Edit, OP got it the same day making this thread.
  8. Yeah Sly fixed it.
  9. Trophy guide have been updated with the help of @de_digibeet
  10. Money is easy to come by, yes. Crafting anything Legendary is always worht more than the sum of their parts.I am glad you were able to fix your issue with the cars. I am about to start going around clearing districts and will wait all the way up to ending the story to see if they pop up on their own.
  11. Did you finish the rogue mission line? It think she puts some gigs in Watson.
  12. Just keep at it. Once the hunt is over, you feel sad that there is nothing left.
  13. Biome 2 was easy for me as I spent so much time there trying to beat the second boss. Biome 5 was more of a pain for mejust due to those ninja sword guys & drones. I had the most fun with 6. I love that biome.
  14. I can attest that it only counts deaths in combat, as I died in the water multiple times, yet still got the trophy.