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  1. for the ones you cant just roll into, a roll and jump works fine for them. As long as it doesnt register you crossing in that time, and it replays but then crosses.
  2. So No Man's Sky will auto pop of you copy over the ps4 save. It can register as 0 seconds or 1 for completion time. If it registers as 0, it doesn't hit any leaderboards for completion times or fastest trophy milestone. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/11789-no-mans-sky/JNSpradlin
  3. So I was doing Chandlo's side quest to get him to come to town and when I was supposed to return to the cabin and talk to him after getting the cinnasnail, I zoned into Frosted Peak and back and all of a sudden Triffany was there in the zone, talking about how the path to Frosted Peak was clear from the avalanche. I checked my quest log and all of Chandlo's and Snorpy's quests were marked as done and they were back in town. Edit: It seems Cromdo's quests are done too.
  4. So its much harder now, ok.
  5. Any Ultra Rare plats in this mess?
  6. I am having this issue and I have tried everything. I am working my second time through to the timed level now. Edit: Now it popped.
  7. Some kind of maintenance.
  8. I updated my spreadsheet I keep and these metrics lined up great at least to 622, thanks Truetrophies does this with their own scoring. It's pretty nice but you can go way up on a new game then it crashes after more people play it. It's nice though.
  9. Psn levels are no longer meaningful. I loved the one update a month. Now it's like every other game I play.
  10. Those only show up on this site. They dont have any other milestone purposes.
  11. Like most other things, the site will need to figure out the math and then re-apply.
  12. Once you get to 1000 light level, a weekly rotation of planets will have a challenge called flashpoint. You just need to complete the flashpoint when it's one of the listed planets. Just do a few adventures, patrol, or possibly contact on the planet. Relatively simple.
  13. Callus prestige mode is glitchy as fuck. You have to be on your A game and not mess up once. Even doing that, the game can glitch on you.
  14. Dont forgoet the ascendent challenges. There is 1 a week with a total of 6 of them to do. You just need to complete each one to get the Secret Victories emblem for the last collection badge needed for wayfarer title.