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  1. Just how hard are these compared to the base difficulty? Is there NG+?
  2. Well, it adds ways to level up outside of the main party, along with money, and lets you train monsters as party members, and some are nice. It doesnt hurt to start a new game with it.
  3. OMG the DLC adds so much. I would say it helps a whole lot to play from beginning with it.
  4. @rjkclarke It seems you got the trophy now, do you remember if you had to do any tricks?
  5. OK I got crafty today. I had to craft everything, and my final craft was the stick bag because I missed it on my crafts. I almost panicked when I didnt get it, so I just put items on the mat until it said I could craft something.
  6. I just migrated today and they all popped before I even hit the main menu.
  7. I had a friend join my game and it took a while to get the 4 online trophies. The four trophies, sleeping with a partner, trading a weapon, trading a medicine item, and recovering someone 10 times can take some time without boosting it. I had quite a few people join my game mid-session but they all did their own thing, so randoms may make it harder. Adding someone in the game makes the 3 enemy trophies easier though. Dismembering 50 body parts, Eating 12 arms & 12 legs, and killing an enemy on the ground with a rock.
  8. Just want to know before I start my crafting, is this still buggy and I should do all crafts in one sitting? Will already making the small rock bag and berry bag mess me up?
  9. Man Hulk uses so much large debris on mine. But yeah only what you unlock is used. Sometimes I find them to be too effective for me to knock out my assignments lol
  10. You need to leve up their skills. Their general level is always yours, but their skills are based on what is unlocked
  11. Guide of the Year Hades Trophy Guide by Argandalf_01 Trophy Guide Final Fantasy XIV Trophy Guide by Rebourne07, MakoSOLIDER, and zekunlu Hades Trophy Guide by Argandalf_01 Gameplay Guide Control - 100% Trophy Walkthrough by Optinooby Persona 5 Royal - 100% Perfect Schedule by Montyzu DLC Guide Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers DLC Trophy Guide by zekunlu and Rebourne07 Portal Knights - Elves, Rogues, and Rifts DLC Trophy Guide by AquaNSky Retro Enthusiast Dark Awake by Mikel93 アイドルマスター マストソングス 赤盤/青盤 Trophy Guide by Astray404 New-Age Enthusiast Aliens: Fireteam Elite Trophy Guide by Flynnerigan Genshin Impact Trophy Guide by Gr4de_04 Original Content Tormented Souls Trophy Guide by angelbless45 Wargroove Trophy Guide by Dsr8002 Formatting Ghost of Tsushima Trophy Guide by Argandalf_01 Windbound Trophy Guide by Trapswitch
  12. If you have a few level 50 characters, the elite ones are no harder/easier than the normal ones.
  13. THere should be some elite hives spread out across a couple zones.
  14. This popped at 200 levels for me today. Didn't even expect it to pop.
  15. Could delete the patch and play on PS4 until you get it, while staying offline