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  1. Kill myself with zero zombie kills and got 0XP. But i kill 1 zombie and die, i got 5000XP everytime. So yeah not going to update until i get this done. 9 hours in and just reach level 25. Lucky didn't update this.
  2. Just bought the game. Didn't update at all. Got 5000xp everytime i die with at least 1 kill.
  3. Damn was going to buy this and plat with the old lady. Guess not. Thanks guys
  4. Of course it does. Will be getting my copy since i have waited a year to play this. Still no guide though damn
  5. Anyone up for trophy hunting? Add me DEATH775
  6. Just bought the game and one hour into the game i am hooked. Damn i realky hate the marketing for these gama. Made me hate it. After looking at the gameplay i just knew i had to get. I am glad i got this on day one. Seriously don't know how my wife is going to react since i was busy with DMC5 and Sekiro. Now busy with Rage 2, the map is really big and there is lot for you to do. So yeah i am in trouble with my wife for buying this game. If you are waiting for Borderlands 3 then get this one. I can say that you will not regret it. Fun bloody game
  7. FT: Ashura (SR) Black Tortoise (SR) Guan Yu (SR) Ladon ® Witch ® Bellaphron ® Garruda x3 Captain Cook x3 Kisshoten x2 Nine Tailed Fox Huallallo Carhuincho Zhuge Liang Tortoise Umibozu Set Nio Agyo Abzu Ebisu Bunyip Bentzaiten Ixchel Miroku Horus Ebisu Veles Meretserger Ixchel Hotei Kanaloa Bishamonten LF: All Queens are welcome, but depends on what you want. Valkyrie (american summon) Azure Dragon (SR) JoL, JoF, JoWater Heracles Spy Costume Kat Takemikazuchi Fukurokuju Kwatee