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  1. Project X That movie was craaazy.. But I liked it
  2. Great fonts, thanks for the share!
  3. Great job Ramon!
  4. #3, for sure. Nice flow, lighting, text... It's good an almost all aspects in my opinion.
  5. Amazing work, Fox!
  6. I believe this needs an update.
  7. Oohh, I'm excited... I have no idea what it would be though... I hope it's something good!
  8. If I remember correctly, it was these two:
  9. I'm going to be taken a temporary break. School has been stressing me out, and I've been getting some grades that I don't want. I hope you guys understand, and I'll see everyone around. PS. I'll still make platbars as they are pretty easy to make and update.
  10. Hey, about your request... What exactly are you asking for? I googled tech unions, and it seemed like a bunch of random things. :P

    1. zairozen


      Haha just the words "Tech Unions". Starting a website design company, so i need a banner. Don't have the tools to make my own yet.

  11. Great work sly! I'll definitely be going premium soon.
  12. Hey Archie! Welcome to the site man! Glad to see you here.
  13. Welcome to the site! What games do you like to play? Any specific favorite genre?
  14. Basketball... It's always been my game!
    1. dontwaketheKIDS


      Cool, thanks. :)

      Since there's no rep here I liked your post in the IoS thread.