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  1. Game #7 Shiness The Lightning Kingdom- Day 1 I am definitely digging this. Feels like a JRPG, with a fun combat system (so far). Hasn't been a whole lot of story, but the stuff at the beginning was pretty entertaining. Starts off with an actual cutscene and then changes to a comic book style to tell the story, with some pretty good voice acting. Haven't seen a scene of this nature in awhile, though, with it becoming a "read some text" game.. The main character and his friend crashed their ship, and are now helping the citizens of this strange new land. The world is really bright and colorful, and fun to explore. With some puzzles here and there, that aren't too complicated. Enemies are visible on the map, and coming too close to them will result in you entering a field of battle (like the Tales of/Star Ocean games). And various animals can be snuck up on and caught for materials. Though it's quicker to just run up to them, in my opinion. They rarely all vanish before I grab one. The battle system is fun. You are placed in one-on-one fights, and it feels something like a fighting game. But not a super complicated one. You press and to attack and perform combos, while blocking and parrying with . Holding will bring up your list of spells, which you can assign one to each face button. And directions on the d-pad can be used to consume assigned items. There's also a powerful move called Hyper, which you can activate with a full energy bar. Then you have to input a button combination pretty quickly to have it succeed. Fights with multiple enemies will result in having multiple rounds, and you can switch between party members with . Another one will also take a knocked out party member's place. If every party member goes down, I'm assuming it's Game Over. But haven't had that happen yet. Equipment reminds me of... FF9? I think that was the one that had something like this. But equipping something with a new spell or combo attack will let you use it in battle, and using it enough times will let you master it. Then you permanently have access to the skill. Materials can be used to craft new equipment and items at shops. So yeah, had a good time with this one yesterday. Hope it continues. Time played: 5 hours. Trophy progress: 9/43 for 14% and an A rank.
  2. I was wondering who that was with the FLCL avatar in the "Followers" displayed on my page. :lol: I approve. That anime was dope. :highfive:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. DamagingRob


      I haven't even watched the new ones. :lol: But yeah, the first season is a classic.

    3. Mamimi Samejima

      Mamimi Samejima

      Thanks, Rob. :) I concur, it's one of my favorite animes I've watched. 


      @Masamune I actually enjoyed Alternative more than I was expecting, which was a surprise considering how I wasn't too captivated by Progressive. But the first season will always remain the best out of the 3 for sure. 

    4. Masamune


      I'm the opposite myself, I thought Progressive was okay, but found Alternative fairly boring. 😅

  3. Game #6 Homefront: The Revolution - Final Review Well, I'm still having fun with this. I really like the areas with citizens roaming around (referred to as yellow zones). They really look good. The areas with just enemies (red zones) are a little more bland, though.. I said you could only carry two weapons? Well, turns out each one has 3 different "forms." Like my pistol can turn into an SMG, my shotgun can become a flamethrower, and my assault rifle can change into an LMG and a sticky bomb launcher. Pretty cool stuff. You can also use the hacking tool to hack robots, and have them turn on the enemy. And then there are the RC cars I mentioned before, which let you attach one of those tools to it, and then you can drive it up to enemies and blow them up. And stuffed teddy bears that work as proximity devices. Don't mind the stuffed toy, guys. It certainly won't explode when you get near it. Now, for some of the stuff I don't like. Devs don't know the meaning of the word "easy.." I don't know how much harder the highest difficulty is, but I'm not really looking forward to that playthrough after this one. I'm dying quite a bit. :/ Enemies don't seem to ever stop coming in many places, so you often have to run and hide (or die). And if an airship spots you... you will be constantly swarmed until you shake it. Some of the trophies are downright obnoxious and stupid. Like one for killing 10 enemies with traps. These things are fucking useless.. They're on top of some buildings, and shooting at them or pressing when standing next to one releases some exploding barrels. But they take ages to explode, so even if you get an enemy near one, he usually runs to safety before it blows up. Then another one requires infiltrating a stronghold and turning the valve without getting detected. As soon as you start to turn the valve, it alerts any enemy in the place. So you have to take them all out first. And man, was it a pain.. I finally gave up on me not getting detected, and recruited a bunch of resistance fighters (you can bring about 4 NPCs with you). As long as I stayed down and out of sight, they could kill all they want and I wouldn't be detected. Then there are a number of jobs you need to complete, requiring killing certain enemies, killing them with certain weapons, or taking pictures of things with your phone. And flash point missions that only pop up every so often (10-20 minutes, I think), and you have a limited amount of time to complete them before failing. And melee killing a number of snipers. Who thought some (or any) of these were a good idea? Game also still has some bugs. I can't complete one of the strike points, because the thing is glitched.. But they supposedly carry over, and by completing a few on my second playthrough, the trophy for doing them all should pop. I've also seen some objects floating in the air, and a person teleport. Lol. So yeah, certainly not the greatest game ever. But I'm at least not disappointed with my purchase, and will hopefully finish it later on. Will give it a score of . Like it a bit more than the games in a 3-way tie, but less than Blue Estate. Time played: No idea. 15-20 hours probably. Trophy progress: 28/75 for 34% and an A rank. Continuing to be a straight A student. Did it lower my completion? Yes. All that DLC made it drop more than the others, I think.
  4. What you're describing isn't breaking any rules here, as far as I know. But I'm not really sure.. I haven't played the game with PS Now, so don't know quite how that works.
  5. $20 at Meijer's. If you live where they have those. Persona 5 is cheaper than any ad I've seen in it, though. And God of War/Detroit aren't bad. A difference of only $2. And, depending on where you live, no sales tax. You should buy Hollow Knight, 'cause I'm buying Hollow Knight. But nah, I've just heard really good things about it. And it's probably more than worth half price, for what isn't an overly expensive game packed with content to begin with.
  6. Game #6 Homefront: The Revolution- Day 1 I played the original Homefront a very long time ago, and this isn't quite what I expected. The original was a very gritty FPS, and this is more of an open world Far Cry ripoff. But it's fun, so far. Story is similar to the original. North Korea has kicked our ass, and taken over. You play as a resistance fighter, with the intention of fighting back. Right at the beginning, though, it looks like you'll be executed before even getting started. Only to be saved by Walker (Texas Ranger). Who is injured saving you, then captured, and the goal now is to save him from execution. I can't say the story has been anything amazing, with mostly unlikable characters, and a mute protagonist.. Thankfully, the gameplay has been better. You can carry two different guns at a time, and new ones can be bought from shops found in safe houses. You'll earn money for them from selling items you find, and completing story missions/side activities. Enemies are found all over, and a bar shows if they can see you. When the bar fully expands, they will shoot and come after you. You can then get into a firefight, or run and hide. Though when your hiding spots are dumpsters and outhouses, I'd suggest taking them on. There are different tools you can buy or craft. Molotovs, pipe bombs, one that hacks open doors, and firecrackers used to distract enemies. And then there are RC cars, which can do all of these things. Or you attach one to the car? Haven't really experimented with them yet, as I unlocked them near the end of my session. Various activities can be completed, which will lower the enemy's hold over an area. Saving citizens from execution, taking out loud speakers, killing an enemy commander, finding radios and other collectibles, etc. The lower it is, the more the citizens will rise up. Fully take over an area, and you'll find them beating up and killing enemies. You can also open up your map and fast travel to any safe house. And there are motorbikes for faster normal travel. Not much more to say, other than I was impressed by the level of detail. I didn't think it would look as good as it does, and the city feels very alive. With all the patches, it seems to run pretty well now, too. Though I did have a slight issue with a trophy already.. Had to kill the Goliath a second time for the King David trophy to pop. Time played: 5-6 hours? Trophy progress: 12/75 for 14% and a C rank.
  7. Unless a big chunk join, then yeah, I'd lean more to it being cheaters being removed. If 2 out of 10 people have a Plat, it'd be 20%. Remove one and it drops to 1 out of 9 and 11%. So, anytime someone is taken off, every Platinum they have probably drops.
  8. I haven't checked this is a loooong time. Lol. Looks like it's currently Gal Gun, at 5.04%. @Agent 47 To add to what @Bullstomp said, the removal of cheaters probably also causes the rarities to drop. One of my older Platinums is now rarer than Just Cause 2, and that is Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers. Can't imagine that's getting tons of new players, either.
  9. I don't think the servers will ever shut down, at this point.. I did the multiplayer long after the supposed shutdown, and people are still getting them this month.
  10. Jousting.. Not sure if intentional or not, but here's a gif:
  11. Final Fantasy instantly comes to mind, since that's where I started with them. Usually, expect a strong narrative with turn-based mechanics. But not always so, with games like Star Ocean and the Tales of series.
  12. Just a second playthrough. Never really minded doing so either time. Although, replaying the final chapter for endings was more of a slog.. Found out about a faster method on the PS4 version, that makes that much less tedious. Final Review- LocoRoco So, first and foremost, this game does not autosave. Found that out the hard way.. Thankfully, I only played for a little bit on the first day. It can also be really frustrating, if my status update ranting about it wasn't an indicator. This game is going to take quite some time for me to complete, if I actually manage to do so. I only made it through the first 9 levels during my 8 hours of play (according to my save file), and there are 40 of them. Not to mention, needing to do speedruns of them all.. Getting through levels is easy enough, but throw in missable collectibles, not losing a LocoRoco, and a time limit? Lord have mercy. :/ Various enemies and obstacles can make you lose LocoRoco. There's usually a small window where you can pick them back up, before they disappear and you permanently lose them. Depending on where the flower pickups are that increase your LocoRoco count, getting through a level with all 20 can be really easy or really difficult. It certainly doesn't help that the LocoRoco have a mind of their own, hopping one direction or another if you go too long without pressing anything. :/ There's a crane minigame that seems easy enough, though a bit hard on the arms. Lol. Basically, I'd turn on the motion controls for this, and then rapidly turn my controller left and right. This kept the LocoRoco from falling out (most of the time). And you can use parts to build a house for your LocoRoco. There are no trophies for this, though. So yeah, pretty fun but frustrating game, with a really good soundtrack. I'm not sure where I rank it.. I guess another may be in order, since it's again the trophies sucking the fun out of it. Choosing an entire list of games with Ultra Rare trophies may not have been my greatest idea. Time played: Going to say ~10 hours with the time I lost from Day 1. Trophy progress: 11/28 for 20% and an A rank. Stringing up those A ranks. Did it lower my completion? Yep.
  13. Either works. If you can destroy them all, you'll automatically win. The problem with Sweet Tooth will be the other cars being too fast to catch them.. If you can hang back a bit and take them out one by one, that's a lot safer.
  14. Do you have the unlimited ammo glitch? I'd usually just spam Sweet Tooth's special. Tracks enemies and goes though walls. It still can be pretty tough at times, though. Especially, if you're not used to the controls. Always felt they were a bit odd. Changing them in the options to a set-up you may be more comfortable with might help (I used the Racing controls). Depends on if you use the glitch. Without it, it will be very, very hard. With it, not a walk in the park, but a lot more doable.
  15. 1. From what I understand, you have to go online with the physical copy to unlock the car. Saves are different for physical/digital, so going online with the digital version won't do any good (unless you beat the game on Twisted with it). 2. And because of what I stated above, you want to pick one version and stick with it. 3. Boosting theads aren't allowed here, since they want to you to create or join gaming sessions. Should see a link for those at the top of the page.