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  1. ^You can add his opinion to the list of many, that make me think deleting it from my hard drive was a good choice. Final Review, Persona 5: So, this is a good game. But as I figured, it's probably not going to be as enjoyable as Persona 4 Golden was.. That game was simply amazing, and one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had. That's not to say this installment is bad... but it had a high bar to measure up to. And so far, it hasn't done so. Anyways, let's get into it. Most of the time in this game, you're going to either be spending your time going through the various dungeons, or doing things that build your relationships with confidants/raise your social stats. The latter really just consists of talking to people, and occasionally choosing dialogue options. Correct choices will improve their opinion of you. And as they rank up, they'll gain new skills that can help you in battle, and Persona of that type will get an XP boost when fusing them (any 2 Persona can be fused together to make a stronger one). Raising stats is also useful as some confidants will be blocked off if some of them are too low. Dungeons take quite a bit of time to complete, and may take multiple trips. The idea is to get to the next save room, and then you can instantly warp to it next time you enter. But the more days you spend in dungeons, the less time you have to raise relationships and social stats. So the less trips, the better. An SP recovery accessory helps with that, since you'll run out and be unable to heal eventually otherwise. These save rooms really don't seem to be frequent enough for my taste, though. Especially, with some of the cheap shit I've encountered. I quit last night after getting a Game Over, because some status effect I was getting hit with appeared to just be siphoning a bit of my SP every turn/rendering the party member(s) hit with it unable to act. What I didn't know, was after a few turns they would die. And by the time I realized, it was too late.. I've also fought enemies with attacks that have a chance to instantly kill party members. And this is on Easy. It's just cheap and annoying. Then there is a dungeon that is super long, and more floors become available as you progress through the story. The floors also appear to be randomly generated. This is also where you go to complete various sidequests, usually fighting a miniboss. And you can apparently run into a powerful enemy if you hang around on a floor too long. Haven't seen it, but was warned through a tutorial message. Not much else to it. There is a baseball minigame, where you press at the right moment to hit a baseball. Managed to hit the homerun target my first time playing it, so that trophy is out of the way. Graphics aren't anything to write home about. But other than Final Fantasy, JRPGs aren't really known for having great graphics. The anime cutscenes sprinkled throughout look really good, though. And the soundtrack/voice acting are top notch. 👌 So yeah, this is probably between a and a rating. If the dungeons didn't feel so tedious, I'd probably be enjoying it a bit more. I don't really remember P4G's feeling this way. Each one plus social stuff in between is taking me 10+ hours. I don't know if people are fast forwarding through those parts, or skipping them entirely, but seeing nearly half of the people on here who have started this beast made it to the end is a bit crazy. :/ I'm ~40 hours in, and probably not even halfway.. Time played: 40 hours. Trophy progress: 22/49 for 32% and a C rank. Completion Percentage Drop: -0.11% (-0.30% overall) Next up is Bulletstorm, which is the game I know the least about. Free Plus game, so not a lot of research was done. It's a shooter of some kind, I'm pretty sure.
  2. Did they not add Daryl to the comics? I haven't read that in years, but I thought they were going to due to how popular he is/was.
  3. That could actually happen, at the rate they're losing people. Lol. Sounds like Michonne will be leaving next season, and some are probably going to die at the end of this one.
  4. Not really. He may get a bigger role eventually, but for now he's locked up.
  5. But you haven't lived until you shoot a poison arrow into your co-op partner, and it stays there making noise the entire session.
  6. @Kevvik @PerryToxteth I also ate up the old games, but still loved the reboot. I stacked that shit like a madman.
  7. @MMDE Having played and platinumed Xenoverse and Pirate Warriors 2, nothing really jumps out at me. I'd ask if it's possible to go through the entire first episode in PW2 without getting a coin... but could be if they're only gotten from chests and as end of the mission rewards. When I went back to Xenoverse, I had to restart the game and relearn the mechanics. Got through it all in the same number of days. I did have the benefit of an XP event multiplier going on at the time, though.
  8. Another one I read about who moved was Enid's actress. She could be one.
  9. @PerryToxteth I played Hot Shots. Does that count? There was also golf in GTA V and probably some other games I don't recall. @dizzyshadow That game caught my eye, but I hadn't heard good things about Bridge Constructor.. Wish a Portal 3 would be made.
  10. Day 1, Persona 5: This game is crazy. Lol. I don't know what to think about the plot, so far. I feel like a large amount of suspension of disbelief is being required here, or can some of this stuff really happen? The game begins with the main character (who is probably more commonly known as Joker, but I will use his anime first name: Ren) getting arrested, after an attempt to rob a casino goes bad. It seems like a large majority of the game will now be spent with Ren retelling the events that led up to this point, to the female police officer questioning him. And one of his team members supposedly betrayed him, and is why he was caught. So, back to the past, Samurai Jack. We learn Ren saved a woman from assault (or so it appeared), and was charged with assault himself. I don't know how that works, but okay.. And this led to him being expelled, and having to attend school somewhere else. For a year, which is when his probation ends and he can go back, I guess? But for now, he's living with some friend of the family, and will live in the upstairs portion of the restaurant he runs. Everyone treats him like shit in this new town, assuming he is some kind of delinquent. If he causes any trouble, it's immediate expulsion and getting kicked out by the guy he's staying with. So, isn't it just grand, that upon walking to school for the first day, he meets up with another "bad egg" and they somehow get transported to another dimension? There they meet a talking cat, and the "shadow" version of the volleyball coach. They also learn he's a real bad dude, and probably physically abusing his students. He also is wearing a king's crown, king's coat, and... no pants. Yep, you will see some pink underwear anytime his coat opens. So yeah, we learn he really is hurting his students in the real world, but the parents and rest of the faculty don't seem to care.. All they care about is that he can help them possibly win a championship, and turn a blind eye to his misdeeds. Then something... really bad happens, and Ren and company decide the only way to make him confess to his crimes, will be to go into the shadow world and defeat him there. So, umm, yeah, that's pretty much the gist of the first few hours. Gameplay is that of a turn-based RPG. You'll wander through dungeons, fighting enemies along the way, until you reach your destination. You have to try and sneak up on them, though, as every time they spot and attack you, a meter will rise. It will also lower with successful surprise attacks. But if it hits 100%, you'll be booted from the dungeon and have to start over. I think. Besides your standard attack, skill, guard, and use an item, you also have a gun which has limited ammo per dungeon visit. But you can hit enemies a number of times with it, and it's really powerful. There's also a bunch of things you can do, by targeting an enemy's weakness. When they are hit by their weakness, they end up in a "downed" state. If all of them are like this, you'll be able to perform different actions. There's an all out attack, which has every party member attack them for massive damage. You can hold them up for extra money or items. Or you can try to capture them. Kind of like Pokémon or something, enemies can be added to the Persona Ren carries. You have to answer a couple of questions correctly, and they'll join you. Which kind of makes Ren the most useful person in battle, since he can adapt to any situation once you capture enough types of Persona. Meanwhile, everyone else is stuck with just the one. Unless that changes later on. Then there are the parts where you're not in a dungeon, and basically just go places and talk to people. Or hit up shops for supplies. There is probably more to do there, but I just haven't gotten far enough. So, that's basically it for now. It seems like a game I will enjoy playing for the next few days. Time played: ~5 hours Trophy progress: 2/49 for 2% and an E rank.
  11. Game 2, Final Review: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided All you need to know about this game. This one was kind of a mixed bag. I enjoyed playing through it, but the trophies just make it a tedious task.. You have to not raise an alarm, not kill anyone, and be on the lookout for a ton of missables. eBooks are especially annoying, sometimes being placed in a very annoying spot, surrounded by enemies. Without a guide, you will most likely miss a lot. Since the trophies emphasize stealth, you probably won't be using your combat abilities much. Or at all. The only one I used with regularity, was the temporary invisibility cloak. I probably didn't even need some of the ones I bought. Rarely used remote hacking. But a lot of the others the guide recommended were helpful. Being able to jump higher, punch through weak walls, lift heavier objects, and breathe while walking through gas all give you more options to get through places. There are often many paths you can take to complete a mission, and it's up to you to decide the best route. The combat abilities are kind of neat, but again, you probably won't really use them if you're going for the trophies. Stuff like a shield, a "Force" push, an ability that can electrocute up to 4 enemies at once, and more. There are also a lot of guns, which you likely won't be using. Though the stun gun and tranquilizer rifle could be helpful. I tried not to knock people out, 'cause I figured the bodies might be discovered. :/ I really liked the game world and exploring it. But... for reasons I won't go into due to spoilers, the last time you're in the open world part is just dumb. You even get a brand new travel loading screen that is equally dumb. And loading screens... these are atrocious. I'm talking 30+ seconds anytime you have to reload a save, or travel to another part of the city. Suffice it to say, I was sitting through many of these, as I had to reload my saves a lot. I'm also not sure why Foxiest of the Hounds didn't pop. I still get the alarm tutorial near the end of the game, so it doesn't really make sense. All that effort to reload my saves whenever I got spotted, just to have to attempt it again I guess on the hardest difficulty.. Which is also a permadeath mode, so on top of everything else, I'll be backing up and downloading saves. I never asked for this is right! So yeah, unless you love stealth games, I don't know if I'd recommend this one. It is a good stealth game, though. Just made an absolute nightmare for trophy hunters.. And I haven't even tried Breach Mode which apparently sucks, yay. Probably somewhere between a and a score. Time played: Too long. 25-30 hours maybe. Trophy progress: 44/82 for 52% and an A rank. Completion Percentage Drop: -0.12% (-0.19% overall). @PooPooBlast You wanted to know what I thought about this, so here's a tag. Game 3, Preview: Persona 5 Well, this one should be a better game. At least, everyone seems to think it's amazing. Which is kind of what I thought about P4G, and have loved everything related to that game I have played. Was that one a one hit wonder? Or will this one be just as good? Better? Worse? Only one way to find out.
  12. Yeah, I think that event triggers a bit later on. Not immediately after the tutorial. Most (maybe all?) of them are hard to miss, and you really just need the guide for dialogue choices to get on the ending path you want.
  13. Can't see what's in the spoiler, but I think some of the events were a little off in that guide. :/ Or the way it was laid out just made it a bit confusing.
  14. @voodoo_eyes 😂 I have not heard good things about Akiba's Beat.. I believe they changed a bunch of stuff, and alienated the people who liked Trip. I can at least assure you I've never heard the name Pinkun before.
  15. Ah, I didn't know it was a present day one.. I'm not sure if those are replayable.