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  1. Lot of negativity in this thread. Lol. I love the Terminator franchise, so color me cautiously optimistic? I mean, hell, I liked Duke Nukem Forever. Pleasing me with a shooter isn't that hard.
  2. Pretty much. It was added as a game mode via a patch, and the disc is simply a vanilla copy of FFXV. Unless you have it installed from quite a ways back and kept it from updating, you have use the trick to revert back to an earlier patch.
  3. Really is a shame what went down with it.. Is a good game in my opinion, though. And not really missing much by not playing Comrades.
  4. Not another one!? What is this, 3 massive two week long sales in as many weeks? I'm not even gonna look. Nope.. Yes and no. It's not as simple as installing the game offline, unless you're playing on an older patch. Square decided to make even offline play of it impossible through a patch, so you have to jump through some hoops if you want to. Also, the version of Comrades that is still for sale is the standalone. So, don't buy that unless you want those trophies. Though I thought it was free for people who already had the Comrades DLC.
  5. Sign me up. Will see what I can do that day.
  6. Only thing I'd probably consider is that Watch Dogs 2 Pass. But I just spent quite a bit on that Totally Digital Sale, so I think I'll hold off.
  7. I take it you're a big dog lover? I don't think I've ever seen you not sporting a picture of yours for an avatar. And what's his or her name?
  8. Should see the physical prices, nowadays. There was a time you could buy disc copies for $20, and I am kicking myself for not doing so back then..
  9. Hey, I didn't know this until I somehow came across your trophy profile, but congrats on getting the platinum for DBFZ. Must have sucked having to grind out the zeni (which is all I need to do for the platinum).

    1. DamagingRob


      Haha, thanks. :) I actually bought a turbo controller for that. Takes like, 5 times longer (in the end, I "played" for 450 hours total), but possibly saves your sanity. 😅 Wasn't exactly cheap, but it helped a lot with Uncharted 2 & 3 and a couple of other things. Worth getting already. 

  10. If I did that, I'd likely never buy anything. Never know for sure when I'll get to a game.
  11. Why? I already spent quite a bit on the Totally Digital Sale. Sony needs to slow down.. At least there doesn't seem to be much I want from this, at first glance. Looks like it'll finally be time to 100% FFXV soon, though.
  12. I was never really in danger on my first playthrough. That Ultimate one, though... The demon enemies would take all my health away in no time. And most of the side content didn't bother me too much, other than being a bit repetitive. The random crimes did, though.. I had to spend about 2 hours after beating the game, getting those to spawn. Really annoying and tedious. I was somewhat surprised by what villains made up the Sinister 6 in this. Maybe saving him for a bigger role in the sequel? That was nice for my second playthrough. I solved them all the first time, though. Pretty fun brain workout.
  13. Platinum #408 (and 100%)- Marvel's Spider-Man. 

    Started to type that post as a status, but it was getting too long. :lol: Can now get started on The Pre-Sequel tomorrow.

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    2. DamagingRob


      Haha, thanks everyone. :)


      @PooPooBlast Well, it could still be the best. The only ones I can think of that may rival it, are the original Spider-Man game on the PS1 and Spider-Man 2 based on the Tobey Maguire movie.


      The PS1 game was much more linear, with no open world. But man, did I love that as a kid. The debug mode with alternate dialogue was hilarious (at least back then; been a very long time since I played it). And it actually has the same Meta score as this. :lol:


      Spider-Man 2 was seen for a long time as the best open world Spidey game, and one of the best games based on a movie. Which elevates it pretty high, as those usually suck. 


      But whether or not either of those were better than this one, I can't say for certain. But those 2 and this one are my top 3.

    3. PooPooBlast


      Oooh nice! I never got the chance to play those but I heard good things about them. My only experience comes from TASM on the ps3 which was ok. Not bad but not good either and even a slog at some points. I'm looking forward to this spiderman which I believe I'm going to start after presequel. That or fist of the North Star

    4. DamagingRob


      Yeah, I played the Vita version of TASM. Was decent, like you said, but not the greatest. Hopefully you find this one to be a lot better. :)

  14. #408 (and 100%)- Marvel's Spider-Man. Be Greater Collect all Trophies If it's not the best Spider-Man game ever made, it's at least the best one in a good while. That said, it's not perfect. The side activities got so monotonous towards the end, that I had to lower the difficulty just to make the fights go faster. Certain enemies are damage sponges, which doesn't really make it more difficult. But it sure as hell made it slow.. Ultimate difficulty was a slightly different story. Getting hit hurt. A lot. But it was mostly easy with a fully upgraded Spider-Man. Just dull, having to replay it again. New Game+ just doesn't work with open world games. The story DLCs were better about side activities, until I reached the last one. Seemed like the story was shorter or something, and I was left with quite a bit to clean up. And ugh, Screwball.. But there's a lot of good, too. Amazingly detailed city, that I barely used fast travel in. Partly because I enjoyed web slinging around, and partly because I thought it would cut down on the random crimes grind. And the presentation was fantastic. The story, the voice acting, the music, the graphics. So damn good. I didn't even mind the stealth sections with I'm very much looking forward to the sequel, and seeing what happens next. Especially after the DLC, which has a pretty big event for one character in particular, and shouldn't be skipped. Platinum image: @Super-Fly Spider-Guy will probably approve of my attire.
  15. Well, if you ever saw my last name, in a game where there's an option to put a last name, you'd figure out right quick which Final Fantasy game is my favorite. Not like I want to marry him, though. "Rob Strife" just has a nice ring to it. I can't say I disliked anything FF7 related. Crisis Core, Dirge of Cerberus, and Advent Children were all good to me. 8 is also one I really liked, though. It was the first FF game I bought, since my friend next door at the time had 7 (and is the one who introduced me to the series). Figured I'd buy a different one, but eventually bought my own copy of 7. And 9. That entire PS1 trio was so amazing. As was X. Other games in the series didn't have quite as high of an impact on me as those 4, but 13 was the only one I can say I was truly disappointed with (but I loved the sequel, so might consider buying it again). If I had to rank them, it would probably be: 7 > 8 & 10 > 9 > 6 > 4, 12, 13-2, & 15 > 10-2 and other spinoffs, I guess > 1, 2, 3, and 5 > 13 > Tactics (just not my kind of gameplay) > 11 & 14 (? I haven't played them, since they're MMOs)