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  1. Final Review- Lollipop Chainsaw So, I played through another chapter of this odd game. Many new game mechanics were introduced in it. There are zombies with bombs strapped to their chests, that will explode when hit. So you have to hit them, and then run for it. Can be used to blow up other zombies, as well. Your boyfriend, Nick, is now a talking, disembodied head. Worn like an accessory on Juliet's skirt. At times, you can place him on a headless zombie, and after performing a quicktime event get past certain obstacles. There was also a stripper pole where spinning around on it pretty much made you invincible, and took out many zombies. At the end of the level, I fought some punk rocker boss zombie. He had 3 different phases, and you had to do them all without dying. First was dodging attacks and hitting him, like usual. Then the second phase required destroying the speakers he was standing on. The last phase was similar to the first and standard gameplay, except now he started throwing projectiles. Which, if dodged successfully, could be used against him. Hitting him 15 times with his own attack nets you a trophy. After dying once in the process, and coming very close the second time, I just decided to leave it for the next playthrough. :/ That won't be on Hard difficulty, and should be easier. I don't know how much more crazy stuff I'm in for, but so far this has been a good time. Maybe a ? Hard to say this early. That would imply it's perfect, though, and the amount of quicktime events might end up being a little much.. Time played: Not really sure. Should be at least 3 hours, though. Trophy progress: 7/51 for 10% and an E rank. Completion Percentage: -0.11% Hopefully, I can find some time to play the other 2 games for this event. Today was nothing but Uncharted 3, so... yeah. :/
  2. Uncharted 2 on PS3 at 100%! \o/ Completing the Sanctuary on Co-op ended up being one of the hardest things. And not because it was actually difficult. If it wasn't for random disconnects and my PS3 freezing on one run, we would have finished sooner. But I guess it was a lot of good practice for Crushing. Which we did in one go without losing a single retry, even with the additional enemies that were a bit of a surprise. "You Can't Break Me" was a pretty appropriate name for us not giving up in the face of those issues, though. 


    Now it's on to Uncharted 3, which will probably be some grind.. Don't know how it will go, but at least if nothing else I'll end up with a higher percentage? 


    Shout out to the awesome group of guys I boosted it with (you know who you are ;)). 

  3. Day 1 2- Lollipop Chainsaw You play as Juliet, a just-turned-18 cheerleader, who is worried about what her boyfriend will think about her "strange" family. Who really don't seem all that strange in the opening cutscene, where she describes them all. But then a zombie outbreak occurs and she pulls out a chainsaw, and starts going on a zombie killing spree. So, there is probably more to this seemingly normal family than meets the eye. So, after fighting through the undead and saving a few people, we find Nick. Who fights off a zombie who had been sneaking up on Juliet from behind. He gets bit in the process, sadness ensues over him turning into a zombie, confessions of love, and then the game ends. Or not? Juliet is not okay with this, and proceeds to... chainsaw his frickin' head off!? This seems like it wouldn't save someone, and not sure why you wouldn't just cut the infected arm off instead. But, umm, okay? And I have to start the next chapter to see what happens next, so that's all folks! For now. I really have no idea what I'm doing with the gameplay. Playing on Hard, so that's not exactly good. But if you die, it's easy enough to hit Continue. It's basically a hack and slash game, and you fight with your pompoms and a chainsaw. The pompoms are supposed to stun zombies, but I haven't had much luck with that. What does stun them is the dropkick attack, which had me scrambling to see if I could alter the controls at first.. The guide made me think I had to press and at the same time. This is tricky to do. But simply pressing then is all that's required. And this will stun them everytime... when it connects. Found out in the boss battle at the end of the chapter how to lock on to enemies, which will probably help with that. It can also send them flying too far, though, and they may get out of their stunned state before you can get there. But while they're stunned, one hit with the chainsaw instantly kills them. Much better than wailing on them and taking a load of damage in the process. I don't really understand the sparkle thing. Might be if you kill a number of zombies at the same time, it activates. And I guess it gives you more points? You're graded at the end of the level, based on how you performed in multiple categories. Lots of D's and a B got me a C overall. There's also a special meter that fills, and when that is activated you can kill tons of zombies in a hurry. There's also students to save in each level, and they can die if you don't protect them. And then turn into powerful zombies. Don't want that if you want the Good ending, so I had to retry with one guy. Each level has some collectibles to find, as well. Your health can be healed with lollipops in your inventory, of which you can carry up to 3. Some can be found scattered around, or you can buy some from a shop in certain parts of the levels. There are also upgrades in the shop, and it plays that old lollipop song while you're in it. Great soundtrack in this one. Bought a new combo and a 10% health increase. Early on, this seems a bit more difficult than I thought it would be. Most people on pst seem to think it's a joke for difficulty, but it doesn't seem that way to me. The boss battles were fairly difficult, and protecting some of these people I need to save could be annoying. But I'm still enjoying it, so far. Though I only played the first level. Time played: Little over an hour. Trophy progress: 5/51 for 7% and a E rank.
  4. Didn't know it had online. But yeah, probably would be good to get that done sooner rather than later.
  5. @voodoo_eyes I'm going to make a change to my list. Became much less interested in this Sonic game when I read a patch has made it more difficult. Possibly a lot more difficult. And I don't even know how interested I was to begin with. Never owned a Sega console, and only remember liking one Sonic game. That was Adventure DX, which is nothing like the old ones which this is modeled after.. Think it's better to play another game I paid money for than waste my time with it. So, if you could replace it with Lollipop Chainsaw, that would be great. See which one of these "school girl fighting zombies" games is the better one. Have a feeling I already know the answer, but I could be surprised.
  6. I didn't have a problem getting them all in a single day about a year ago. Couldn't tell you what the specifics of how I played were, though.. But the only other mode I may have gotten those in was Interrogation. Survivors doesn't give enough opportunities unless you're really good. Could just be bad luck, though.
  7. Mr. Shifty- Final Review Yeah, I really don't have much to add. Played through the last two levels and beat the game. Surprisingly, died a lot less in those than in the 16th level (where I had 65 deaths). A section of the final level is nuts, though. Tons of enemies and lasers going left to right and up and down. Getting through all 18 levels without dying is something I'm not sure I'll ever attempt. :/ Would take a lot of practice, and a ton of frustration along the way. But yeah, it's a pretty unique and fun Hotline Miami clone. But without as memorable a soundtrack, and a lot less violent. Not even sure there was any blood at all. Probably another . Time played: 3-4 hours. Trophy progress: 13/14 for 71% and an A rank. Should be noted the Speedrunner trophy is glitched in a good way. It unlocked just for beating the game. Completion Percentage: -.0.06%. Think it actually increased with all that Uncharted boosting/making some progress in .hack.
  8. I'm probably still going to try Just Cause 4, at some point. But yeah, I kinda had the same opinion.. I don't have a lot of J Plats. There's J-Stars if you're into anime from the past (Dragon Ball, Bleach, Naruto, Rurouni Kenshin, Yu Yu Hakusho, etc.). That Jazzpunk game the other doctor recommended. And a Jojo fighting game. Both of those were short and easy, but a lot of silly fun.
  9. This is what I had to say about it: You should also try to resist the urge to upgrade, 'cause that's when they become hard to control. But there are a few events where I had no choice.
  10. Really couldn't have said it any better myself, as to why I didn't mention that one.
  11. Mostly tagged Mayus, since he's been waiting for another sale on it. But it's pretty good, I guess. Some of the quicktime events can be really annoying on Hard, though.
  12. @Dr_Mayus Holy crap! Indigo Prophecy is on sale!
  13. Mr. Shifty- Day 1 2 Didn't start this till yesterday, 'cause I was just tired and didn't feel like playing after boosting Uncharted on Sunday. And there really might not be much to add to a final review. I've already played through 16/18 levels, and it's much shorter than I anticipated. :/ Of course, that final trophy could take a very long time.. It will be an absolute nightmare to get through every level without dying, and I'm unsure if I will bother. The last level I played, I died 65 times. But anywho, the game is still pretty fun, and worth the $1.50 I picked it up for. It reminds me a lot of Hotline Miami. You move through levels and rooms with a top-down perspective. Tons of enemies, which you can kill with doors, throwable objects, weapons like staffs and swords that break after a few uses, and your fists. Though the real unique thing about it is the ability to "shift," and where the name of the game comes from. Shifting is basically a short teleporting ability. You don't move very far, but it instantly moves you to a different position. And can be used to get past thin walls, as well. If you spam it too much, you'll enter a cooldown period where you're unable to shift. Which could be very bad, if a bunch of enemies are shooting at you. Similar to Hotline Miami, getting hit once spells death. Another power you have is one that temporarily slows down everything. But this one can't be used quite as frequently. A yellow bar fills with each enemy you kill, but rapidly decreases with time. Once it is full, though, it stays that way until you use it. I think it activates when you dodge a shot that's about to hit you. Enemies come in many different forms. There are numerous ones with guns, with one that will dash away after you hit them. Big guys that try to punch you, or that carry a huge missile launcher. Flamethrower enemies that are not only a pain to avoid, but have a chance to explode after dying. Ninjas with swords. And ones that throw mines that detonate after a short period of time. You can actually pick those up and throw them, if you want. I'm usually too busy trying to dodge every other enemy to think about that, though. There are also various obstacles that will be thrown at you. Lasers, an energy field that stops your ability to shift, and explosive barrels. The energy fields are the biggest one. These can be stopped by destroying the generator that powers it, and then you can shift again. Barrels can only be destroyed by an enemy, I think. Usually have to be shot. And it can cause a chain reaction of explosions if there are a lot of them. Lasers can sometimes be shut down, and then later activated to instantly kill all the enemies that just happened to appear on your way back. Friendly fire is also a very useful thing. By running around the room, you may find yourself with less enemies to deal with, as they're shot or blown up by their comrades. Another thing you can sometimes do, is punch an enemy out of a window. Resulting in giving you the best trophy: Ah, nothing but good times with this one. It can be pretty frustrating at times, though. So easy to get killed. It also started to lag a lot, and then eventually crashed last night. So, it could have some performance issues. Which would only make the no dying in every level trophy that much more annoying... Anyways, I'll probably try to finish the last 2 levels over the next... 4 days. Yeah, that is going to be tough. Time played: ~3 hours, according to in-game stats. Trophy progress: 11/14 for 57% and an A rank.
  14. Hollow Knight, Final Review: Number of deaths? Uhhhh... let's not talk about that. Game is pretty tough. Both from combat and platforming sections. So yeah, it's been a bit of a struggle for me. And I'm not even to the stuff that makes it an Ultra Rare Plat. It's a lot of fun, though, and I'll probably go back to it. So, umm, new stuff. Or stuff I didn't mention in the first review for whatever reason. There is a fast travel system. A big beetle (I think?) can transport you to different points of the map. The map itself was somewhat hard to figure out, and I kept getting lost. Wish I'd known about the skill you could equip that shows you on the map a lot sooner. :/ Like most metroidvanias you'll get different skills/items as you progress, which then allow you to explore further. One example is a ground smash ability, that lets you break through weak floors. You'll encounter a lot of different types of enemies, too. Many of them are insects. But there are many different varieties. Some fly, some are huge and will do double the damage if they hit you, some fire projectiles, and some are kamikaze fuckers who will try to blow you up. Then there are jellyfish enemies in one section. All are easy enough to deal with or avoid once you know how. But between them and spikes, it never has felt too easy. Music, graphics, and all that are fine. Most things look bleak and creepy and fit the vibe. And I don't know how long it is. But it's going to take me a lot longer than the minimum 12 hours the guide says. Already close to or at 20. Probably a for me. Time played: ~20 hours Trophy progress: 19/35 for 32% and a B rank. Completion Percentage: -.09%
  15. I'm sure many of us regulars can say that, too, by now. I think most of us just enjoy reading the reviews, and talking about the games we're playing.