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  1. @dmland12 I played Andromeda in the previous KYC, and had roughly the same opinion. And I actually have played the original trilogy (on Xbox). So yeah, I don't really get all the hate either. I have quite a few games from past KYC events I should get back to, as well.. But don't know if or when I will.
  2. So the human race should just lay down and die? One of the longest running types of these stories, The Walking Dead, has never shown that to be the case. If there's no future or point to anything, why fight? That's not to say I agree with the statement you quoted completely, though. There's no reason every female in the apocalypse has to procreate (unless there's only one). And who's to say her kids would be immune, if that's what he was getting at? If that were the case, why was the only solution for a cure to cut her open? Anyways, I don't care what sexual orientation Ellie has. I just hope the game lives up to the greatness of its predecessor.
  3. Yeah, there are some PS3 and Vita games on sale, so might be worth checking the link. The vita selection is so very sad, though.. A grand total of 8 items. :/ But if someone actually owns one, and hasn't bought Persona 4 Golden yet, allow me to do this:
  4. Day 1- One Piece: Unlimited World Red I haven't even hit the 2 hour mark yet, but still have a decent amount of stuff to say already. Story seems to be separate from the series (which is what I'd heard), so you just really have to know who the Straw Hats are to enjoy it. New big bad pirate is stirring up trouble, and everyone except Luffy gets kidnapped. The characters are as funny as ever, with the first enemy you fight being something Luffy wants to eat for dinner. And it's a big, red dragon. @Dragon-Archon may want to avoid running into him. And then you fight a pirate boss and save Zoro and Franky. But we're still missing a large part of the crew, so not done yet. Fighting is something like a musou game. Bunch of enemies that you beat up with combos, executed by pressing button combinations of and . As you rack up hits, a special bar fills for powerful special attacks. And prompts pop up often, which allow you to counter enemy attacks if pressed fast enough. There's a hub area where you can buy and store items, save your game, and pick up quests. Quests start as soon as you accept one, taking you to whatever area the quest is at. I took on a stronger version of that dragon, and nearly got wiped out. Luffy actually did die, and I had to finish the fight with Zoro and Franky. I could have probably saved Luffy, if I'd known how this all worked beforehand. But it looks like the characters you aren't controlling take no damage, so you just have to switch to someone else when their health gets low. As you defeat enemies and complete quests, you'll gain XP and level up. Which makes you stronger, I assume. You also equip "words," which boost your attack or other things. And items are found in many destructible objects on maps, or from fallen enemies. Which are used to upgrade things in the hub. There's also fishing and "bug" catching. I say "bug" because I haven't caught a bug yet. A rat and a demonic-looking squirrel, but no insects. And something I'm unable to catch at my current level, which looks like a lizard or salamander. But hard to say until I catch it, because the rat and squirrel looked nothing like a rat and squirrel. Both minigames involve pressing buttons that appear on the screen, in a sort of rhythm game fashion. You can kind of tell this is a Vita port, by the way.. The cutscenes look fine, but the graphics otherwise leave something to be desired. And that's about all I have to say, so far. The little bit of story I saw had me laughing out loud, but I'm not sure if the gameplay will be as enjoyable. I'll keep playing to find out. Time played: About an hour and 45 minutes. Trophy progress: 5/57 for 7% and an E rank.
  5. I played it on a "fat" PS4 a couple months ago, and thought it ran fine. I had many other complaints... but performance wasn't one of them. Lol.
  6. It's also been on sale a few times, as I didn't buy that bundle. According to PSPrices, it was last on sale a month before that Humble Bundle. Though it wasn't as cheap as it was last October when I bought it.
  7. October is usually a good time for a Resident Evil sale, so maybe then. That's still a few months away, though. Unless they just randomly put it on sale like these currently are.
  8. It was on sale at some point, which is when I bought it. But yeah, who knows when or if it will happen again.. It's like that damn Xenoverse 2 DLC. They just keep putting the bundle on sale, and the DLC stays full price. Never know what's going to go on sale constantly, or once in a blue moon with PSN..
  9. #331- Strike Vector EX Ace of Aces Unlock all Trophies. Already said everything I had to say about it in this KYC post. But it's pretty long, so the tl;dr version: pretty fun flight simulator, and one of the easiest Ultra Rare Plats you'll ever earn. Also, more explosions than a Michael Bay film.
  10. Lol. Yeah, the story left a lot to be desired. And the bots do make it a relatively simple grind. Kinda surprised the trophies are so rare with how short and easy it was. I did run into a random a couple of times, which is the only reason I switched modes. Capture the Flag matches last longer, so I preferred them.
  11. @ProfBambam55 That's at my error, not yours. Seems I put one too many Platinum images in my last post.. I haven't started One Piece yet.
  12. Platinum #331- Strike Vector Ex. Pretty fun flight sim. More multiplayer games should have bots like this one does. Made things so much easier with no one playing. 

  13. Bonus game #4- Strike Vector EX What's the name of this event again? Lol. I was killing it pretty good, and thought I might actually dip under 90% before the end. Now, I'm not so sure.. But here's another bonus review. I didn't get this from Plus. I bought it in a Flash Sale for $3, as it looked pretty cool. It's not quite what I was expecting. I thought it would be something similar to Zone of the Enders, but it's more of a flight sim. But I did still enjoy it, so it's all good. Basically, you fly around in your... jet? I don't know what these things are. Mech might be a better word. At times, you'll be required to shoot down enemies, or fly from checkpoint to checkpoint as fast as possible. Pretty much it. But there are quite a few different weapons and abilities you can equip. There's the Carabine, which ended up becoming my weapon of choice. Basically, fires fast explosive shots at enemies, and requires you to aim. Then there's homing missiles, a gatling gun, plasma rifle, rocket launcher, shotgun, and swarm missiles. Most are self explanatory. Homing missiles follow enemies, gatling gun functions like a machine gun, plasma rifle is your sniper weapon, rocket launcher is similar to the Carabine, but take longer to reload and have less shots per reload, shotgun is for close range combat, and swarm missiles fire missile volleys at everyone in range (yes, even allies). And then there are perks you can equip for faster reloading, more damage, faster firing rate, silent shots, better range, and larger magazines. Then there are special abilities you can equip that take awhile to recharge. The tesla coil creates an electric field that destroys anyone close (and is fricking awesome). Then there's a shield, mines, emp, a temporary invisibility ability called ghost, a rocket booster that makes you go incredibly fast, and nano machines that heal your mech. There are also a ton more customization options available, like changing its color and various other aesthetic options. Single player campaign is very short. Missions take 5 minutes or less, and there are only 15 of them. And the story is so haphazardly thrown together, it might not even be worth watching the scenes. One minute you're on one side, and then fighting for the other side in the next mission with no explanation as to how or why. So, kind of a disappointment there.. But at least it's fun to play. A large chunk of this game's trophies will be earned in the online multiplayer. Which is dead as a doorknob.. Guess you'll have to resort to boost- NO, WAIT! This game has bots! So you can Plat this game all on your own, like I did. Mostly played Capture the Flag and King of the Hill since they're supposed to be the best for XP. Although, I never actually tried the other modes. Capture the Flag is what it sounds like. Get to the other team's base and take their flag, then transport to yours. King of the Hill had you capture a point and hold onto it. All matches are 3-on-3 affairs, so you'll always have a couple of AI partners on your side. I would have rather not had them, when they kept flying in front of my shots and stealing my kills. Points you earn can be spent on customization items or artwork. And you can give them all up at Level 44 to Prestige, which you will be doing a number of times if you want the Plat. The grind for this is not as bad as it may seem when knocking out the miscellaneous online trophies. Once I finished everything but the Pappy 45 online trophy, I used a method mentioned in this site's trophy guide's comments. And using it, you can level up to 44 in just 2-3 10 minute matches. You need the right map to do it, though. Which I'd just create a match and leave if it wasn't Firestorm (should be able to tell from the loading screen instead of waiting for the minute countdown for the match to start), and then vote for Firestorm if it was one of the 3 options. Quitting out if it wasn't. And after all that was done, I went back to single player to complete the challenges. Some of which made me rage a bit, but weren't too difficult to get gold medals on. Just glad they didn't ask for platinum medals, because that would have likely sucked. So yeah, not much else to say. It's pretty fun flying around shooting down enemies, but does get old after awhile. I don't think it's worthy of a , but not bad enough to be a either. I'd put it somewhere in between. Definitely worth the $3 I paid for it. Time played: 10-15 hours? Not really sure. But I think it was a lot less than the 20 hour Plat estimate, thanks to that faster level up method. Trophy progress: 41/41 for 100% and an S rank. P.s. Other than a single F-bomb drop, I don't know why this game has an M rating..
  14. Thanks, and no rush. If we're getting an extension though, I think I'll try to complete a couple more games. Blazing through one that would work for one of the new categories, as we speak. Full list: Make Friends - One Piece: Unlimited World Red 0% Hang out at the Lake - Duck Dynasty Play a Sport - Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends Go Hiking - Assassin's Creed Rogue Shoot Something - Horizon Zero Dawn 23% Make Something - LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Learn Something - Steins;Gate Put on a Show - Persona 4: Dancing All Night Tell a Ghost Story - Get Even Get Tested - Bound Be a Hermit - The Talos Principle Survive - Fallout Shelter 23% Summer Vacation - The Last of Us Remastered Go on a Scavenger Hunt - Unravel 0% Chill by the Campfire - Strike Vector EX 80% Strike Vector EX has some very... hot maps. Lol. And when you or an enemy is shot down, the planes burst into flames. Unravel? It has collectibles is pretty much all I know and why I picked it. @Dragon-Archon I'm glad to see I'm not the only one from Cabin #4 sticking around.
  15. No problem. I'm not in any hurry, and am also a bit preoccupied with KYC. Lol. I haven't played it in 3, so will probably be just as bad. :/