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  1. Well, that's finally done. Lol. Takes a lot longer to get through games when you're working five days a week. 😅 But at least my pizza making skills are being praised. Don't really know how mine are any different, though. Just throw the stuff on, and stick it in the automated oven. 🤷‍♂️

  2. #513- Resident Evil 3 So Long, RC Obtain all trophies. Well, that was pretty good. A noticeable step back from RE2, though. Only one linear path, that you need to run through five times for the plat. Compared to 2 with its alternate scenarios, and having separate scenarios for both Leon and Claire, it feels lacking in content.. There are almost no costumes to unlock, either. Just one for Jill, unless you pre-ordered. But it was still fun to play, so I'm not too bothered by the lack of content. Unlocking the infinite rocket launcher for the harder difficulties made those runs super fast and easy. Though the final boss is an absolute prick on Nightmare and Inferno.. Even with all the unlocked items, he can kill you quite easily by spamming his three hand slaps in a row. And you often can't heal in between, since Jill is knocked down by the first. Other than that, it's another solid RE campaign. Don't know if I'm really looking forward to the next one I'll play, which is Code Veronica. 😂 Would have been nice if that one had been remade instead of 4. Platinum image: Couldn't have waited till all the stats appeared. 🙄 4 saves, and 0 deaths. Yeah, 0...
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    I splurged. 😅 I mean, technically, I didn't spend that much. Got $50 for my birthday, and had some Amazon credit. But that's probably the largest PSN total I've seen for some time. Half are games that have been on sale for the same price numerous times, and I've passed them up. It's an easier pill to swallow with a job and an income, though. Now I just need time...

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      Ys VIII 😍

  4. Ugh.. Wouldn't you just love to work 10+ hours on your Birthday? All because your new boss "forgets" you still have to work 2 more days at your old job? Maybe I'll get hit by a car tomorrow in the parking lot; I honestly wouldn't mind. 

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      @ihadalifeb4this Haha. One bad pun deserves another. :P

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  5. #512- Dreams Trophy Hunter Collect all bronze, silver and gold trophies KYC Review. Other than that, it was just a lot of turboing to reach Level 30. 67 hours, according to Exophase. Is creating really the fastest way to level up? Why do guides say 30-40? Popped on my Birthday/Easter, because why not? Platinum image: I mustache you a question. ...I'll see myself out.
  6. Yeah, I'm surprised I even got the online done. Would be one of my rarest plats if I finished it, but I just don't like the game.. That and not liking playing on the PS3 anymore, is not a good combo. Even going back for Child of Eden during this event was quite painful. Took multiple attempts just to get the special password to work and log in, then the DS3 feels like it has issues (getting a new one of those now is unlikely), and trophy syncing takes an eternity. Blegh. I'm prepared to just let it die, though there are a handful of games in my backlog that I really want to play on it still... Mostly third entries in trilogies that I've put off for far too log.
  7. Final Stats: Games played: 731 (+7) Games Completed: 629 (+1) Unearned trophies: 1,733 (+197) Completion percentage: 92.71% (-0.65%) Quite a few unearned trophies added. May take awhile to get back to where I was, if I do. Wasn't a bad round of KYC. Most games seemed decent to pretty good. With one being supremely exceptional, even if I may never get its plat. From best to worst 1. Unravel 2- The only game I gave a platinum score this time. Awesome sequel, that is fun enough solo. Just really damn hard to complete that way. 😂 May be even more fun with a friend, sibling, significant other, etc. 2. Killzone Shadow Fall- First game I returned to, so putting it above the other gold score games. But I don't know if I vastly prefer one over the other. I just didn't want rust to set in in my Hard playthrough. Lol. One level left, after completing a couple yesterday. Still a fun enough entry, but is fairly annoying at certain points. Elite difficulty has gotten even less appealing.. 3. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus- Seeing a pattern with new games in franchises I've already played, here.. But yeah, I do think I'll prefer this over Child of Eden. Which, while good, is outside my comfort zone. It's also on PS3, and I find it hard to go back to that system. 😅 4. Child of Eden- A cool and unique experience. But again, don't know when I'll feel like firing up that PS3 to try and at least beat it. 5. Dreams- While the post game grind hasn't been very fun, and this Level 30 trophy is taking forever... I did very much enjoy the campaign, so putting it above DRV. Not super far into that, though. 6. Dark Rose Valkyrie- Decent Compile Heart game early on. Other than those, I only played Killing Floor 2 (just for a quick new trophy) and MLB The Show 18. Oh, and Fall Guys. 😂 Probably never get tired of that game. Until next time..
  8. Game #6- Dreams- Review Wasn't sure how far I'd get in this, since I really only had one good day to play. Starting a new job today, after working the usual Sunday and Monday at my previous one (which I will soon no longer be at; one more week which means working on my birthday 😭). But it was surprisingly quick and easy. I don't even know why this is an UR plat. And if anything, Level 30 should be UR, not some of the other trophies. Lol. So, it started out pretty good. Media Molecule created a very unique and wonderful campaign, with very little stress. No trophies for not dying in levels, like LBP. In a way, it reminded me of Concrete Genie, which I played just before this event. But there was more variety and creativity, elevating it above that game in the gameplay department. You play as a struggling musician named Art, who let his ego get the best of him and tried to go solo. Reconciling with his former bandmates seemed to be the focus. When playing as him, the game acts like a point and click. Until the musical numbers come in, that is.. And yes, I groaned at that at first, myself. 😂 But they're not bad. Though, and here's where the gameplay felt similar to Concrete Genie, collecting the bubbles during the songs probably needs the motion controls. I had switched to analog controls early, but I couldn't move fast enough with those when I reached the first song, and so I changed back. But with those, it's fairly easy. Now, playing as Art isn't all there is. He also has these... dreams (name drop 😛). In them, you play as creatures and there is platforming and puzzle solving involved. Sometimes, a fox and a bear. The fox shoots projectiles, and the bear smashes things with a hammer. Then others, a little robot with an elephant robot. The little one can charge up with energy, and the elephant can suck things with its trunk. Even the smaller robot, and it will then launch him across a gap or whatever. The game can be played in co-op, if you would prefer only controlling one character/playing with a buddy. This part would easily be a as it is a lot of fun. But levels are short, and so is the campaign. Got through the entire thing in a handful of hours. And everything that came after... wasn't really my cup of tea. I never really wanted to be a game dev, and found the menus in the creating part kinda cumbersome. Then there's the Level 30 trophy, which takes a lot of playing other people's stuff, or making your own. I wouldn't even know where to start with what to play, or if anything here is better than a game made by a team of devs. I'm really glad I have a turbo controller, because this would be painful otherwise. Even after turboing all day Sunday and Monday, I only went up 13 levels. :/ Started at 10, so need 7 more. If not today, will hopefully finish tomorrow. This part of the game would be a , so it probably averages out to a . Time played: Hard to say how many active hours. 10-15? Exophase says 44 already. 😅 Trophy progress: 37/39 for 91% and an A rank. Completion percentage: 92.70% (-0.66%) No change from doing an extra game. That's lucky, I suppose. Lol. And that's a wrap. Thanks to @voodoo_eyes for hosting once again, and to all the participants. Will either do a wrap-up post after work, or tomorrow.
  9. Game #5- Killzone Shadow Fall- Review The fight against the Helghast rages on! After Lucas witnesses his father gunned down by them at a young age, he joins the fight against them. Though I guess this one tries to say not all Helghast are evil, since you team up with one to try and prevent a war. The campaign is a fair bit meatier than I expected. 10 hours in and haven't beat it yet. Though part of that has to do with playing on Hard. Which hasn't been too bad, but I regret buying the DLC a bit. Lol. Basically, the DLC has a new difficulty where you play on Hard, but no checkpoints and only 3 lives. Sounds like an even worse version of Heroic difficulty in Shadow Warrior.. You can back up your save to get around the life limitation, but I'm dying enough that I know it won't be fun. At least this one won't affect me getting the plat? The game is pretty fun, though. Obviously, it's an FPS and you'll be shooting with a variety of guns. But you also get a drone buddy. It will shoot at and kill (or distract) enemies, you can have it stun them and some have shields that can be taken down with the stun mode, it can create ziplines, and it can revive you if you're killed. Though the last one requires you having an adrenaline pack on you. These can heal you and you enter a slowdown when shooting temporarily. Your main gun functions as a machine gun/sniper rifle. With the press of a button, it switches from one to the other. Then you usually have a pistol, which I swap for whatever weapon I find. I don't really see the difference between most, so don't have a huge preference. The minigun feels very overpowered, though. Give me unlimited ammo and that, please. 😂 The enemy A.I. leaves something to be desired, at times. I had one get stuck walking in place, making for the easiest stealth kill ever. Another on a train had his back to me, and if I hadn't shot him, might not have known it was a live enemy. Then when I finally defeated this big robot boss, it was because it just kinda froze in place. So yeah... For a PS4 launch game, it still looks really good. Fairly impressed with the graphics. Platinum doesn't look too bad, either. Will probably need to replay a lot of sections without dying, though. Hopefully, will be much easier on the lowest difficulty. And I'm not sure how long or difficult the multiplayer stuff is. Lot of collectibles, adding a bit to the lore. They include audio logs, newspapers, dossiers, and comic book pages. So yeah, a pretty fun FPS. Kinda heard mixed things, and wasn't sure about a Killzone without the guys from the previous 3. But has exceeded my expectations, so far. Another . Time played: 10 hours (Exophase says, anyway). Trophy progress: 8/47 for 8% and a D rank. Completion percentage: 92.70% (-0.66%) Game #6- Dreams- Preview And so we've reached the end. Don't know a lot about Dreams, to be honest. From the makers of LittleBigPlanet, which I have played a couple of. Assuming a platformer? Can also make any game in Dreams, supposedly. So, it should be the end all be all of video games as we know it. ...But it's not.
  10. As someone who played Control not too long ago on a base PS4, I can tell you it hasn't changed. @Psy-Tychist
  11. Game #4- Dark Rose Valkyrie- Review Take command of your harem, and fight a bunch of monsters! I guess? The main character is Asashi, a young Captain newly assigned to the rest of the party you'll be fighting with. Surprisingly, this includes two other guys, so it's not an all female cast besides him. Though they're fairly forgettable, and I've left them in the reserves. Along with the weird sisters, one who keeps trying to convince you she's the other one's brother, and the other being the shy anime girl who also hates men. Rounding out the rest is a girl next door type, who also gets embarrassed if you insinuate you like her, usually ending with you getting punched/slapped. A rich girl who is a bit too friendly, causing dilemmas of whether to enter her room when she says to come in while she's changing, in the shower, etc. And a girl who is kind of obsessed with guns. Then there's Asashi, who is kind of plain. I dunno.. Anyways, yes, you fight Chimera, which are humans who have transformed into monsters. In between missions, you can talk to your party members at the base. Which is as simple as selecting their room from a list of choices, and seeing a visual novel scene. Which is how all of the story is presented, and they did this weird 2D-but-slightly-3D thing that looks weird. And usually, you have a dialogue choice to make, which may strengthen your relationships/affect the ending. But then some say the ending is completely random, so... The base is also where you pick up quests, trade in medals for items, repair your clothing, and heal up. As mentioned by Gretchen, there are a number of free DLC in the Store, which gives you a lot of stuff. Including like, 500,000 medals. Which can easily be blown on expensive items, but I am trying not to waste them. Running out and not being able to repair your clothes, probably wouldn't be good. When you leave the base, there's an overworld with dungeon entrances here and there, and Chimera roaming about. One thing that I really find annoying, is while running around exploring, the character's have this... breathing sound effect. I switched to the girl with the least obnoxious sound, after not liking the MC's. But it's still there, and I don't know why they had every VA do this silly thing. Battle system works well enough, though I don't really know what I'm doing. Lol. Playing on Easy, or I'd probably be dying. I typically just keep attacking, and healing with an ability when needed. You have to set up your choice of combos in the menu, and can have 3 different ones. There's often no getting away if an enemy spots you on the field, either. They move much quicker than you. Attacking them on the field can give you an advantage, but if they run into you from behind or while you're in the process of attacking, it'll be an ambush. I don't have much more to say. It does seem like people drop this early, though. In about 3 hours of playtime, I had every trophy over 30% rarity. If I get that far, 10,000 kills is gonna be some grind for the finish. :/ This one is probably a . Time played: 6 hours. Trophy progress: 14/53 for 20% and a C rank. Completion percentage: 92.88% (-0.48%) Game #5- Killzone Shadow Fall- Preview I don't know when I'll actually start boosting this. Lol. But I guess it worked out, so I didn't have to change my order of games. Killzone felt like a series that got progressively better, with 3 being my favorite. But I don't know.. Just didn't have a huge interest in playing this one, but eventually picked it up cheap. Have also had Mercenary in the backlog since 2013. :/ Time to shoot some more.
  12. Yeah, I no longer need it. Just have to pop the disc back in.
  13. Participation is now a Legends only event, so I had to complete some activities and buy some players with tickets/stubs (earned through playing) to make a team. Hater's gonna hate, I had some help with. Still have the items, but it doesn't let you just give them away, I don't think. But selling them at the lowest price is way less than what they're normally sold for. Would have been a ridiculous grind.. I'll take that, I can't really explain better than this video: Struggled with it until I watched that. Also remember needing a bunch of players for something else, and had to get a lot of White Sox guys. Most of this is still on my save and probably transferable.
  14. Game #3- Unravel 2 Review So, I really liked this game. It kind of got me out of the gaming funk I was in, and I didn't want to stop playing. It also wasn't quite what I expected. There is no A.I. companion. You basically control both yourself, pressing to switch between the two. For speedrunning, this is a nightmare and will probably be why I don't finish it. Which is a shame, 'cause I really like it.. But what can you do? Don't know why this one went so tryhard with its list, and didn't just stick to no death runs. Trophies focused on co-op with no online multiplayer is kinda gross. :/ Maybe I'll try them more at a later date, but I decided to take a break last night after even a no death run wasn't fast enough for the one I was trying to do. But MLB 18 was fun, so there's that. While the icon shows a red and blue yarny, you can pick a few different colors and style them a bit. It plays similarly to the first one, with a few new gameplay elements. 2D platformer with gorgeous graphics. This is the second visually stunning game in a row, and it really does look amazing. A lot of the music is great, too. The gameplay consists of platforming and puzzle solving. Both yarnies are attached by a thread that only stretches so far, and you may need to do something like step on a switch to raise an object, go under it with one, climb on top and go back to the yarny standing on the switch, and then have them go through, pulling the second one up with the thread you just looped around. You can combine them, as well. Which is good for running segments, and whenever you don't need to control both. There are only seven levels, that take a half hour or so the first time through. And then a number of short bonus levels. I only did one for a trophy. But the main levels are beautiful. And many have real life-like animals that appear to chase you, or to just spruce up the background. There's also some weird story about kids running from abusive parents or something? I don't know, I'm here for the balls of yarn. I could gush on and on, but I hate to spoil everything that appears in the short adventure. The surprise is part of the fun. But yeah, definitely worth checking out the Unravel games. Giving this one a score. Time played: 14-15 hours (according to Exophase; hell if I know) Trophy progress: 21/29 for 50% and an A rank. Completion percentage: 92.99% (-0.37%) Game #4- Dark Rose Valkyrie- Preview Guess I know a bit more about it now, thanks to Gretchen's reviews. Lol. Sounds like a Compile Hearts game, all right. Read it had members of Tales staff working on it, so thought it'd be more like those.