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  1. Base game done. Shout out to @KingGuy420 for helping with the online. :highfive: Will probably start the DLC in the near future. But first, time to dance in the starlight. ;)


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      Nice work, congrats!

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  2. #524- Far Cry 5 We Always Had Faith In You Obtain all the Trophies. Well, this one was... interesting. Overall, I'd say I enjoyed it and hope to have a decent time with the DLCs. But it had its share of issues and not so fun trophies.. It has bugs still years after release. Most notably, during the first "boss fight." The boss would keep flying his plane out of bounds, and you would get yours reset if you flew too far following after him. Then there's the chance he'll crash into you, and your plane blows up.. Don't ask why I know this. Then I killed him, got a loading screen, and it reset the mission. And spawned me on the ground without a plane. So I had to fast travel to a plane, fly back up, and take him out again. All this with horrible flight controls. Game got much better after that, since I never had to fly another plane. But other small bugs appeared throughout. Then there was so much fishing and hunting, which felt like an absolute chore. I'd sometimes have to catch dozens of fish, to beat the record. And I now know what it feels to be Elmer Fudd, after trying to find a hare in this game. Followed by the stupid distract enemies with rocks trophy. Then came the online, which was more unexpectedness. Lol. Spent a couple of hours throwing shovels at each other for the wins. But otherwise, pretty easy and straight forward. But yeah, the campaign was fairly fun. Just a lot of what came after... wasn't. :/ Still better than FC2, though. Platinum image:
  3. Going for Ultra Rares is quite often not a fun experience. This was no exception.. Hopefully whatever I play next is more enjoyable. Also got KF2 back to 100% for the 20th time. 

  4. #523- Switchblade Blade Master Earn all Trophies in the game Free to play vehicle combat game. Isn't terrible, but has only one map and gets old quick. Especially when trying to get 6 kills in a row without dying once, times 100. :/ Platinum image:
  5. Trio of platinums and 25,000 total trophies reached. All in a day's work. :pimp:

  6. #520- Donut County All Done Unlock all trophies. Well, decided to buy this to fill the gap of 21 more trophies to line up Kakarot. Silly little game, where you drop everything into a hole that grows as items fall into it. Story is even sillier. #521- Hidden Agenda Platinum Earn all other trophies I've had this for awhile, and finally was able to plat it when I bought a phone not too long ago. Wasn't able to with just a tablet. Until Dawn it is not.. But it was alright. Just made a bit tedious with the app necessity, and needing to make backup saves as messing up a QTE could mean having to start an entire new run otherwise. :/ #522- Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Dragon Ball MasterObtain all trophies. And my 25,000th trophy. Knew I wanted this image in my milestones as soon as I saw it. Lol. Not the best DBZ game, but enjoyable enough. Platinum images:
  7. Bound. Amazing game. ❤️
  8. Will I buy stuff? Will I not buy stuff? I don't know. But what I do know is, the outstanding Chinese visual novel, Will: A Wonderful World is less than $5. Y'all better buy that.
  9. Thicc thighs brought me back in. :P $30 was a bit steep with what I typically pay for games, but I might do it again for the sequel. Doubt they'll go lower than that. 

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      Thanks, guys. :)

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      All hail the mighty thicc thighs, haha. xxD


      Well done! :D

    4. The Arizona Ranger
  10. #519- Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness and the Secret Hideout Atelier RyzaEarn all trophies Second attempt to get into this series went far better. Unlike the other game that I dropped for years.. Sorry, Totori. Mostly an enjoyable game, though I think I need to balance things better in the sequel. Lol. After beating it, I had so much left to do still. Spent 3 days making items, doing sidequests, etc. Felt like a pretty lengthy and tedious grind, at that point. But it's done, and I can move on to the next game. Platinum image: Finished everything before getting to Level 50, leading to an amazing screenshot. 😋
  11. A tale of two visual novels. One very good, one... not so much. 😅 I actually enjoyed C;C so much, I went and ordered Robotics;Notes before I even finished it. Lol. But then Walmart fucked up and sent me Human Fall Flat for the Xbox One.. So, still don't technically have it. :/

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      Congrats on the Plat and commiserations on the delivery... how does that even happen 🤦‍♂️

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      Congratz! 🎂

    4. DamagingRob


      Thanks, guys. :)@Honor_Hand Yeah, the whole Science Adventure series is pretty top tier. Hopefully Chaos;Head gets localized someday.


      @Cleggworth I really don't know. Lol. Never had a mistake like that on an online order. Knew my friend would get a kick out of it, though. :lol: He hates Human Fall Flat and its neverending stream of DLC trophies. Hopefully they'll send the right game next time, if they ever get around it.. Return was supposed to have reached them Wednesday. :/


  12. #517- Chaos;Child Super-Perfectionst Mastered Chaos;Child Another brilliant visual novel from the creators of Stein's;Gate (though S;G is better). I guess what I wrote here works. Other than Kurusu though, I don't think any of the girls were really waifu material. She vastly outshined everyone to me. And the second opening and ending songs were my jams. #518- Pantsu Hunter: Back to the '90s Pantsu Hunter: Back to the 90s Platinum Good job! Completed all tasks! Haha.. ha.. ha..... Oh, Rob. Why? DX Besides just being overly short and lacking substance (with a name like Pantsu Hunter, who knew?), it suffers from a number of issues on the Vita. Crashes, deleting saves (backed mine up at just the right moment), and poor controls for dealing with a timed minigame. At least it was only 99 cents. :/
  13. Well, I actually made it through Chaos;Child before the month ended. 😅 My job has kind of made me procrastinate writing about it, as I feel it is driving my own mental health into the ground... But yeah, finally going to write something. I'll try to be vague, but probably still will be spoilers for the story. And since it's a visual novel, that's really the only (good) reason one would play it. I had to put Ryza on major hold, or I wouldn't have finished this. Lol. Probably get back to that now, after playing a pretty cringe VN after C;C. :/ Thanks @Beyondthegrave07 for having the event. ❤️
  14. Those may have been the PS4 versions. Think I remember seeing them for that. Pantsu won't show up on the Vita storefront for whatever reason. Unless you have a PS3 and can buy it there, it's not able to be purchased sadly.