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  1. You equip the coins before missions. Certain combinations trigger a special skill. If you played with that many people, chances are you already have the coins. But you won't be able to get the trophy for a very long time, since you need all the single player ones also. Once you have them all, it's just a matter of mix and matching them to activate the skills. Or there is probably a list out there, that tells which ones need to be equipped for each. It's been quite some time since I played it..
  2. 2nd game is prepped and ready for V-day. ...The other V-day. ;P Also, my arm hurts. :/ Severed was a fairly cool and unique Vita experience, but some of those battles were brutal!
  3. Thanks for having the event, and for the badge. They do look good. 👍
  4. Glutton for Punishment Defeat the Cryptolith Dang, that was a really long and drawn out boss fight. Lol. This game is proving to be more challenging than I would have thought. And quite the workout, with all this touchscreen swiping. :/
  5. Two sets of eyes are better than one. Unfortunately, I don't know how you'd do that on the Vita.. Not that I'd have anyone to play it with, anyways. :/ The small screen probably didn't help with spotting the tiny text errors, as well. Seems to be the baseballs that aren't tracked, according to the guide. I'll have to watch out for those when I start it.
  6. 😂 Well. I had a feeling it would be bad, but I didn't know it was that bad. Lol. The other two seem to be shorter games, as well, so I'll leave that one for some far, far off date in the future. And Papers, Please is ready to go. Probably made it worse than it should have been, by worrying too much about mistakes and how much money I had.. But yeah, not really a fan. Having to use the touchscreen for so much stuff that didn't even all fit on the screen, and checking for so many little errors on passports, made it feel like a chore.
  7. Well, I'm not off to a great start in the enjoyment category... But I should hopefully be done with the first one tomorrow. Guacamelee has really been in my backlog for far too long. :/ Hear nothing but good things about that one. And yeah, I also have Producing Perfection and Megatagmension. But my partner in a Platinum race I'm in this year has already played the latter, so I decided to go with this, since we could maybe get a sync bonus out of it. She hasn't played PP, either, but unless I find out she's going to... *push*
  8. Rocketman Launch the rocket at the KPA satellite. Should have posted this yesterday.. Lazy. But with that, I am completely done with this game. None of the DLCs were very hard or took very long. Probably less than 2 hours each. This one had nice scenery. See you, Space Cowboy. 😢
  9. Alright alright alright, it's time for me to get to work. I'm filling up my puny memory card with games, and am about to go on a Vita gaming binge. Fuck off and collect dust for awhile, PS4! Or play Spotify during post game grinds. That works, too. I refuse to let the gaming system that launched my trophy hunting career go out like this, with me playing another fast and easy game on the day, just to qualify. I don't know how many of these I'll complete, but I have nine games currently installed, with a tenth I want to do, but won't be able to download till I delete some of these. It's probably the shortest Plat, and has the biggest file size. And then Mary Skelter keeps tempting me with its great theme music, every time I turn on my Vita.. Stop it! Anywho, here's the list of games I've installed: Will see how completing some of them goes. I'd be happy just to complete half, really.
  10. Completed my second game of the event. Finished the Homefront DLC. Which I just listed the first one, but had to do them all, so it would no longer be taking up space on my hard drive.
  11. Feels bad, man.. At least it wasn't as devastating as the Bears' loss. But now both teams I root for are done for the year.
  12. #367- Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Completionist Unlock all trophies for Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom If you want a more detailed review, this was a game I played during the last KYC event: Day 1 & Final Review. But I highly enjoyed this. Fun battle system, incredible soundtrack, and a pretty good story. Not exactly perfect, with a bit of slowdown here and there, and bugs that can force you to quit and load your last save.. That only happened once or twice, though. And not at all on my second playthrough, so . A really great JRPG-inspired indie game, in my opinion. Can't recommend it enough. Platinum screenshot: At least it's not a black loading screen, I guess.
  13. Platinum #367- Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom. Damn.. This would have made a great milestone. Just so good. And the music! A very much overlooked indie game, that I feel many JRPG fans would enjoy. Battle system is something akin to a Tales of game, but not quite the same. It is shorter than your average JRPG, though. Clocked 37-38 hours with 2 playthroughs.


    Story was serviceable, with one particular scene being truly heartbreaking, and making my eyes water. Elicit those kinds of emotions in me, and I'm almost guaranteed to love your game. :lol: Kind of sad it's over.. 

  14. And have now finished the first game on my list. Everything popped like it should have at the end, so I'm guessing the glitches were indeed patched. I actually managed to not get a Game Over on this second playthrough, so can't confirm if Plus backups would work for the no Game Over trophy. But I tested it and the flower was gone, so I assume it would.
  15. I don't really know why some hate it. There's a thread on here about glitched trophies, that may have soured their experience. I've yet to encounter any issues, though, so they may have been patched. One negative, I guess, might be the stupidly easy puzzles. Fights can get kinda rough if you're not prepared. I followed this walkthrough, and had little issues getting through it. But I vastly underestimated how quickly you can go from full health to none in a fight, and didn't get the no death trophy on my first playthrough. :/ But I still really enjoyed it. Thought the battle system was pretty cool and unique, and it has an incredible soundtrack. Maybe just not for everyone?