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  1. Game #6, Final Review- Tales of Zestiria Well, I didn't put much more time in. Just an hour or so to hit the time minimum. But there is a lot more going on with the equipment than I'd like.. Now I can fuse same equipment items together, and I think they level up as you fight. Going to wing it and hope for the best, I guess. In battles, if you hit an enemy with an elemental art they're weak to, all of the hits in that combo become power hits and do more damage. Then you can fuse with a character, and use combined arts. And you don't even have to perform a silly dance! Entered another dungeon, and this one had some really simple puzzles. You just use your fire ability to light some things up, and the door opens. Still early, so they may get more challenging in later dungeons. Skits return. These appear in every game in the series (as far as I'm aware), and are activated with the L3 button. They provide some additional voiced story bits, sometimes funny, and sometimes just adding to the narrative/lore. Graphics are about what you'd expect. Not as amazing as a AAA game, but good enough. The animated cutscenes look great, though. Music and voice acting have also been good, so far. And that's about it. I guess a ? With such little time invested, and it being a pretty long game, that score could change. I don't have a great track record with finishing Tales of games, though. I'll hopefully beat it, at least. Time played: Over 3 hours. Trophy progress: 3/56 for 4% and an E rank. Completion Percentage: 91.88% (-0.72%)
  2. That seems to be the consensus, from what I've seen and heard. At least if it does go downhill from here, I can finally buy and play Berseria after.
  3. Injured again, apparently. Not that he's doing great things when he isn't.. Starting to look like what has been the Bears' problem for years. Amazing defense, but an offense that can't do anything.
  4. Game #6, Day 1 2- Tales of Zestiria In this one, you play as a boy named Sorey. It begins with him and his friend, Mikleo, exploring some ancient ruins. Which eventually collapse underneath their feet, and they fall through into the dungeon below. Inside, they find a girl who somehow ended up there. Sorey insists on bringing her back to their village, much to Mikleo's displeasure. And when they arrive, you get an idea of why.. Everyone in the village is a Seraph, so the only person the girl can actually see is Sorey. Sorey is a human who was raised there, so he has the unique ability to see them. The Seraphs don't take too kindly to outsiders, either. And the leader tells Sorey she must leave right away. But he convinces the old man to let her stay until she is prepared to make the trip back to where she came from. So, a couple of days pass, Sorey helps her hunt some wild boar and gather what she needs for the journey, and then she leaves. But right after, another intruder is sensed by the old man in wherever this place is (heaven?). This time, it's not a human. At least not anymore.. It kind of resembles a vampire, and eats one of the Seraph. Turns out it's a Hellion, which is what a human becomes when evil overflows in them or something. Sorey and Mikleo lay the smackdown on him, and he runs off when all the other Seraph arrive. But not before saying something about finding the "main course.." It occurs to Sorey he must be talking about the girl, who he seemed to have a lot in common with, and is probably smitten with. So, he sneaks out in the middle of the night to go after her. But not without Mikleo showing up, and saying he's coming too. An angel that can't be seen by humans will be a powerful ally, indeed. More crazy stuff happens upon reaching the human world, Hellions are all over the place but only you and Mikleo can see them, you find out the girl is a princess, a number of people may want her dead, and Sorey becomes some hero of prophecy by pulling a sword like he's King Arthur. *breathes* And this all happens in the first couple of hours. Crazy. I'm really liking the story and characters early on, though. That opening was also fricking sweet. Gameplay is somewhat different from past Tales of games, but still feels pretty familiar. Enemies show up on the map, and getting touched by them throws you into a battle. I'm not quite sure how everything works, 'cause this is one of those games with a million tutorial messages.. But you are able to move around and attack the enemies. Doesn't seem like you have a magic bar, but a blue bar drains with each attack. Refills automatically over time. And then you can sidestep and block attacks. Equipment is kinda weird, too. You'll get the same equipment numerous times, but it can have different stats or special skills attached to it. So you have to go into your menu and compare them, to see which one is best. I kinda wish they'd just keep this stuff simple. Go to shop, buy weapon with highest stats, and done.. There are 3 difficulty levels, which can be changed at any time. I'm playing on Normal for now, which doesn't seem too bad despite not knowing what I'm really doing. I did die to the vampire boss the second time you face him, but had Mikleo revive me with a Life Bottle. No Game Overs yet. Anyways, I don't know what else to say. I do hope I continue to enjoy it as much as I have so far, though. Kinda felt like this one got some mixed reception, so I was worried I might not like it. Not the case, up to this point. Time played: Bit over 2 hours. Trophy progress: 2/56 for 3% and an E rank.
  5. #418- Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault The Collector Collect all trophies. My full thoughts can be found in my KYC posts: Day 1, Final Review. But to sum it up, not a terrible spinoff. Enjoyed it more than All 4 One.
  6. A Platinum for KYC? Don't think I'm doing this right. :P Platinum #418- Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault.

  7. Game #5, Final Review- Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault Well, didn't kill my completion with this one. Really not much to say, that I didn't already say on Day 1. I didn't find it that bad. It was much better than All 4 One, which is the only R&C game I haven't finished. It is woefully short, though. Not sure why it even needed a full list with a Plat, 'cause that just made them add some dumb trophies to make you replay the five short levels multiple times, and waste 2+ hours of your time using your hoverboots/gliding off of a tall tower.. You get more and more types of things you can build at your base, to kill or slow enemies down as you progress. Different types of turrets (fire, ice, and giant missiles), traps that trigger when the enemies walk on them (groovitron ones will have them frozen in place and dancing, while another will turn them into harmless bunny rabbits), and walls that they'll have to break down to get into your base. In one level, there's a protect mission, and a boss fight at the very end of the game. Other than the tower defense stuff, it feels like any other R&C game. Though your weapons are somewhat randomized, with you always starting with none. And then getting to pick and choose from a few at each weapon disposal thing. But it's fairly easy, so this wasn't really a hindrance. I was able to do the online completely solo, thanks to owning a Vita. Without that or another PS3, you may need to find a boosting partner for the Ranked Match trophy. Online is most certainly dead. And for the 3 levels to beat the dev times on, I ended up doing 1, 3, and 5. I was going to do 1, 2, and 5 since they're the shortest, but I didn't quite make it on the second level. And got it on the third, while just trying to beat the normal time. Just get some maxed out buzzsaw blades, and you don't really need anything else. Story is paper thin, with some fan of Quark being the villain. And graphically, this one looked more like it was on a budget compared to the other PS3 games. Or I'm just used to PS4 graphics, I don't know. Probably another . Fun while it lasted, but not something I'll likely play again. Time played: 10 hours is what the guide says, so I'll guess that. Trophy progress: 23/23 for 100% and an S rank. Completion Percentage: 92.06% (-0.54%)
  8. Game #5, Day 1- Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault After some good old procrastinating, I finally started this. But only played one level, and then fell asleep. :/ I don't know if that's the game's fault, though. Haven't been feeling the greatest for the past few days, and woke up too early.. But I digress. So far, it is not at all what I expected. I don't have a lot of experience with Tower Defense games, so I expected something like Defense Grid 2. Where you don't really control anything, but move a cursor around to set up turrets and stuff. Instead, I got some Tower Defense/Classic R&C gameplay hybrid. You're able to run around, jump, and kill various enemies with Ratchet (or Clank/Qwark). Everything pretty much felt like any other R&C game. Other than having to go to various spots and plant turrets/traps by your base. Easily returned to with various warps spread around the level. Weapons are the same, and level up with use. Don't think it will take me long to get through, assuming I actually play it longer the next two days. There are only 5 levels. Some stuff is recommended to have a co-op partner, so may not be able to complete it right away. Pretty much all I got for right now. Time played: Less than an hour. Trophy progress: 1/23 for 1% and an E rank.
  9. Don't forget field goals and extra points. Or if you just want to kick a person on the other team.
  10. Game #4, Final Review: Mafia III While I'm enjoying this game, there are a lot of things I dislike. I had a side mission where I was collecting boxes of weed, while driving to them in a boat. I went a little too far and pressed down on the d-pad, because that's how you pick them up. But it also can drop a grenade if you're not in range of the item. The result? My boat blew up.. I was unfortunately fine, though. Meaning I had to swim all the way back to shore. After that, and not seeing another boat around, I decided to skip that side mission. It just would have increased by kickback revenue, which isn't all that great. Too much driving. There is no fast travel, so getting anywhere takes using a car or going on foot. And when things keep popping up on far away sections of the map, it becomes a bit tiresome and time-consuming. Not to mention, you have to play through it twice for the Plat. Open world games should not be like this. With all the side activities and stuff to see and do, I at least don't usually want to play through them again.. Lockpicking minigame, ugh.. This reminds me of AC: Unity, which was about the only thing I disliked in that game. At least I learned you can just kick open doors (but I still have to do it anytime I wirehack). And it alerts nearby civilians, who will not hesitate to run and call the cops. A small price to pay to avoid doing it, though. Speaking of the civilians, they will call the cops on you for a lot of things. Killing somebody, firing a gun, breaking down doors, or stealing a car. With the last one, it seems to be breaking the car window that sets them off, though. Jumping into a hoodless vehicle has never resulted in someone calling the cops. And to call the cops, they will run to the nearest payphone. No cell phones in this time period. Lol. You have time to run and take them out, if you please. This can sometimes spiral into multiple people running for payphones, though. And at that point, it might be time to just get the hell out of there. Something I didn't mention in my first review, is that this takes place in Louisiana. Somewhere in or around New Orleans. And there is a lot of racial tension. Being an African-American, you can be trespassing by just going into some establishments. There are also gators. Lots and lots of gators. You can actually feed dead bodies to them, and get eaten yourself. Which you can get a couple of trophies for. Was a bit nerve wracking later on, when swimming across and one came after me. Another thing is, any money you have will be cut in half anytime you die. Since you need to save up 500k for a trophy, this would be a major problem if not for the safe. Once money is placed in the safe, it's well... safe. But driving there all the time could have also been an issue. Thankfully, you will eventually be able to call someone at any time to come pick up your money and deliver it there. You can also call a weapons dealer, but I can't spend money until I reach 500k, so haven't bothered. And I think that's about it, unless I think of something else. But the game is still pretty fun, and I'm not really tired of playing it yet. Looks good, sounds good. Little buggy. Probably go with just in case there's something else on the list better than it, but not quite as good as Prey. Time played: I have no idea. Between 10-15 hours probably. Trophy progress: 20/86 for 20% and a C rank. Completion Percentage: 92.04% (-0.56%)
  11. Game #4, Day 1- Mafia III Damn.. In this game you play as Lincoln Clay, a just returned veteran from Vietnam. The story jumps around a bit in the beginning, starting with a bank robbery. Then it'll show when Lincoln first comes home from the war. And it also goes far into the future, showing people that are telling this story. You kind of get the feeling from those, that some bad shit is about to happen. And it does.. After turning down the local mob boss, by refusing not to take his foster father's position, things go... very bad. Now, Lincoln is on a mission to take over the city, and eventually put the mob boss down. But not before he takes everything from Sal, the way he took everything from him. Which makes total sense, 'cause losing your loved ones equals losing your criminal empire. /s Gameplay is that of an open world 3rd person shooter, similar to GTA. You'll either need to take cover a lot, or be stealthy. Because even on Easy, it doesn't seem to take many shots to kill you. Enemies will have a white bar that fills when they can see you, and it will turn into a shootout if it fills and they go on alert. I've only taken over the first place, so far. I only had one partner to assign it to, so I gave it to her. Apparently, you need to keep it balanced, or they'll get offended and leave, locking you out of side missions. To make it easier to take over an area, you can perform wiretaps. Which makes it possible to see enemies through walls, somehow. These will show collectibles and other things on the map, as well. Don't know if they're required for trophies or not, but who can resist collecting Playboys? Driving is kinda atrocious, and why I ended up getting a trophy for escaping a 2 minute plus police pursuit. There's an ability where you can slow time down, and turn more precisely. But why the handling is so bad without it, is beyond me. Already encountered a couple of funny bugs. Upon leaving a place, there were some dead people and cash floating a little bit above the ground by the exit. And then some woman appeared to be glitching out, vibrating intermittently. Nothing gamebreaking, but amusing to see. Not much else to say, at this point. Game is pretty fun, though. And with it set in the 60's, you can hear a lot of music from that time period on the radio. Time played: ~4 hours, I think. Trophy progress: 7/86 for 7% and an E rank.
  12. I got to see a double dose of that after the Bears game. Lol. First the blocked Kansas City FG, and then the Bills miss.
  13. Game #3, Day 1/Final Review- Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Well, this one is a pretty mixed bag. I played one of the PSP entries, but I don't remember it being quite like this. You basically start the game grinding, and not because of trophies. The Story Mode requires unlocking areas on a grid (PTSD FFX flashbacks..), and you need to level up in other modes to get the items needed to unlock them. So yeah, not an enjoyable way to start things. And the way you grind is painful. :/ What you do is play a mode where the goal is to destroy the other team's core. If an enemy is near it, it won't take damage. And if you enter the circle surrounding it, the A.I. will be on you in a hurry. So, since the A.I. is dumber than a box of rocks, you sit just outside the circle and fire projectiles at it. Them and your A.I. teammates may still go into the circle, and you may get attacked some. But I haven't lost once with this method, so... pretty easy. Just dull as hell. Once you've gotten enough items to unlock all the nodes in the story, the game isn't so bad. Story isn't the greatest in the world, but it's fun seeing all your Final Fantasy favorites interacting with each other. And it being Final Fantasy, you already know it looks good. The Summon fights are kind of annoying, though. Normally, you have 3-on-3 battles, but these are just your team versus a giant Summon. And they can be aggravating, especially on Hard. Might be what stops me from getting the Plat.. But I was very close to beating the final one on Hard last night, so I think I can do it. Hopefully all the earlier ones are easier, though. Because fuck me, I am starting to hate the game with these. This isn't your typical fighting game, as you fly around pretty large battlefields, and aren't too confined. Controls are fairly complex, and I don't know if that's a good thing. I'll literally have to stop moving to activate my EX Skills, because you have to point an analog stick up or down AND press triangle. Trying to activate them has sometimes put me in a world of hurt. Dealing damage is different, too. Circle attacks hit your opponents bravery, which recharges after a short period of not taking damage. And square attacks actually hit their HP bar, taking off however much their bravery has been lowered. After a few seconds, you or defeated enemies respawn from a K.O. Whichever team gets 3 K.O.s first wins, unless you're playing the core destruction mode. Different EX Skills and attacks can be equipped. EX Skills can raise attack, defense, or bravery temporarily. Poison foes. Restore HP. And many other things. Then you have Summons that can turn the tide of battle. Another kind of core will randomly appear on the field for those. Whichever team destroys it first will get part of their Summoning bar filled. Then there's treasures and gil your receive when leveling up, or performing certain tasks. You can unlock new icons, costumes, titles, music, and other things. And... that's basically it. About all I have left now is pointless grinding. Winning 300 (!) Ranked Matches, getting A++ ranks with each and every character in Ranked Matches, and obtaining 300 treasures. Without the MTU trick, the online stuff would likely be impossible. For me, anyways. With it, probably doable. But you'll be waiting a long time for matches with this method. Might as well slap this one with a score here, since I don't think I'll be encountering anything new. sounds good. Not bad, but not great. And unless you love Final Fantasy, or just like mindless grinding, going to be a tough one to slog through. Time played: 40+ hours. I've just been letting it run, so who knows what my actual time played is. Plus, the aforementioned waiting an eternity for a Ranked Match with low MTU settings (have now found it takes a long ass time, regardless). Trophy progress: 41/56 for 61% and an A rank. Completion Percentage: 92.22% (-0.38%)
  14. All I see are 2. I don't know Japanese, either. But translating the page to English shows Nioh and Redout as their free games. The rest is avatars, Fortnite DLC, a theme, and a Spotify trial.
  15. Game #2, Prey- Final Review Might as well get the new negative out of the way first. The hacking minigame is kinda dumb, and the more I have to do it, the more I'm going to dislike it. You have to steer a ball from one location to the goal in a limited amount of time, dodging objects that it will bounce off of if it touches. Making it go perfectly straight with an analog stick isn't the easiest, so it usually ends up ricocheting like a pinball machine. :/ The crossbow is not a weapon. At least I don't think it is. But who knows? I haven't fired it at an enemy, so it could be the most powerful gun in the game. But I highly doubt it, since it literally fires Nerf darts. What its use seems to be, is shooting locked door buttons through broken windows. Shooting an alien with it would probably just make them mad. I now can scan enemies, and learn Typhon abilities. Although, I probably won't purchase any of them for trophy purposes. And it can make turrets set up around the place hostile towards me, since it would think I'm an alien. Safer to just stick with buying human mods. Of which, one slows down time briefly. Some new enemies. There's these ones you want to shoot from afar, 'cause they split into a bunch of little ones after. And then there's this big one that can take over people's minds. Since there's a trophy for not killing any humans, I had to take it out quick and avoid killing (or being killed by) them. Not much more to say. The good far outweighs the bad so far, though. Looking forward to resuming it after the event. Will give it a . Time played: 13 hours. Trophy progress: 10/59 for 12% and a D rank. Completion Percentage: 92.28% (-0.32%)