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  1. Platinum #404- Lollipop Chainsaw. Well, one level gave me some grief in Rank Mode. There, you have to complete the level in one go. Dying means starting over. And I don't do well under that kind of pressure. :lol: I'd seen some threads here about scores not registering to the leaderboards (which I had no issues with), and thought that might be why it's so rare. But no, it's probably because of the permadeath thing. 


    Or the kill and coin grinds. It's crazy I needed around 2,000 more kills after a whole playthrough. Technically 2, but I don't think anything counts in Rank Mode. Coins are forfeited, at least. And it would add up to why I needed so many. Thankfully, one level nets 500+. So, 4 runs of that and I was done. 


    But other than that, this was a really fun and crazy ride. :)

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      After Platting this gem myself years ago, to this day I'm still haunted

      by "Hey Mickey" occasionally. Damn, that's a catchy tune!


      Congrats :yay:

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