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  1. Platinum #454- School Girl/Zombie Hunter. I don't know what possessed me to go back to this steaming pile of crap, but at least it's done. What a nightmare... Extremely tedious to play through 3 times, play missions again and again and again for weapon drops, and SSS rank every mission on every difficulty. Stay far away, for the love of God. But if you do decide to play it, farm the WNY-P03 [XO/D] Assault Rifle from Chapter 5 before tackling the harder playthroughs. It shreds everything that isn't a boss. 


    Platinum #455- Crossing Souls. A much better game, and was an absolute steal for $3.74. I think my only complaints are the high amount of missables (I was very lucky I like to explore, and got those profiles at the beginning), and a certain section where a character moves like a snail. Makes sense for plot purposes, but having to solve a puzzle that requires him in that state is kind of annoying. But the rest was fantastic. Great soundtrack, retro vibe (loved the animated scenes), and fun gameplay. And that ending. :')


    It's kind of an old school beat 'em up/platformer, with some other gameplay surprises sprinkled throughout. And you have five different characters with different abilities to switch between. It can be somewhat tough at times, but not to the point of me raging at it. Difficulty was just right, even if it got a little nuts and hairy during some boss fights. Luckily, I was usually stocked up on healing items. 


    Too bad it's no longer on sale, but maybe it will be again.