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  1. A nice trip down memory lane. Platinum #469- Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered.


  2. #469- Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered (that's a mouthful) Is That All You Got? Earn all available trophies for Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2 Campaign Remastered. This was a nice Plus game to get. This and the original Modern Warfare are my favorite CoDs, simply for their campaigns (I never played any online). But I haven't played a lot of them. Lol. World at War and the first Black Ops I think are the only others. Fun to revisit, and I hope the third one is on its way. Only one of the trilogy I never played. Trophies are mostly fine, but the one added for not dying kind of sucks. :/ Makes it so you have to play through the entire game twice, and even on Recruit dying can happen from a number of things. Explosions, grenades, melee attacks, getting ran over, falling between buildings, etc. Really annoyed me in some levels, having to restart a number of times. Speedrun trophy wasn't bad, at least. Has nothing on the one in Titanfall 2, but it still took me about an hour of practice. At first, even 30 seconds looked like a challenge. But the times just got lower and lower with each run. And then it all finally clicked: But yeah, it's still a great campaign. And looks amazing in this remaster. I wish all remasters looked as good as these CoDs. Platinum image:
  3. Platinum #468- Resident Evil. My apologies to anyone on my PSN friend's list who saw "DamagingRob is now online" about a hundred times between yesterday and today. 😅 Should have set it to "Appear Offline" while doing the speedrun.

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    2. snakebit10


      If I did go back to RE revelations 2 I would need videos for invisible enemies mode and countdown mode. At least it is broke down to each episode for it.


      It was fun replaying MW2 remastered. Kinda wish I waited now. I bought it a week after release and now it is a freebie already. 

    3. DamagingRob


      Yeah, I definitely needed video walkthroughs for RE1 after how long it had been. Used a text guide for my no save run, so I could get through it quicker. Still went in the wrong doors sometimes. :/ 


      Yeah, it went free pretty fast. Crazy.

    4. Ala-Arska


      Nice, congrats :yay:

  4. #468- Resident Evil Platinum Splattin' 'Em! Earn all trophies. Well, I finally got this one. Don't know if I would have come back to it this soon without some added peer pressure. But it was something I wanted to try for eventually, and considered doing before starting RE2. But then I figured I would get burnt out on it, and put off playing RE2 for who knows how long. So I decided against it. I have to say, it felt much easier than RE2. Lol. Without buying that weapon unlock DLC, RE2 is pretty damn brutal. My playthroughs of this went so much smoother, and that's after almost 4 years of not playing it. The controls are a bit more awkward, and take some getting used to. Not to mention fighting with the camera at every turn.. But man, I rarely died. I don't know what I was so worried about. Well, the speedrun was probably the biggest obstacle in my mind. I mean, if you could pause the game, it really wouldn't be that bad. But it's hard to follow a video and play simultaneously. Lol. And that's where Rest Mode saved my ass. It's annoying as hell to keep going in and out of it, but I just didn't know if I could do it any other way. Even my no save run took me 2 hours and 40 minutes, and that's with the infinite rocket launcher unlocked from doing the speedrun. Without it, I may have been too slow. Shout out to @Optinooby for the excellent Real Survivor/Speedrun guide, by the way. I could hardly tell the difference in increased difficulty using it. And while it felt a bit masochistic trying to combine the two, I pulled it off. With about 5 minutes to spare. 😅 I had to use a different guide for Invisible enemies mode, though, because I was using Chris. Ended up going back to the guy who helped me a lot with RE2: IFreeMz. And I didn't die at all on that run. Could have combined it with no saves. But you can't predict the future, I guess.. No saves is stressful, and I hate it. Thought I might have my run ended by an airborne Hunter, at one point. Thankfully, he missed. But God, why? Why!? Even on Very Easy, with barely anything being a threat, it's nerve wracking knowing you'll have to restart if you die. Or the power goes out/game crashes.. Anyways, glad to finally have this one done. As someone who was too chicken to play them in my younger days, now I've got the Plats for two. Platinum image: I'll take one Jill sandwich to go.
  5. It's because trophies are worth different amounts. Earn a bronze, and that game's percentage goes up a percent or two. Earn a gold, and it goes up by like, 9%. And then the percentage of all completed/incomplete games factors into the overall percentage, like Helix said.
  6. It does help to know exactly where things are going to spawn, though. And improvising is what screwed me over at the end. Lol. If you have a rocket for that group that breaks in at 88 kills, you won't have much to deal with after blowing them up. I used both of those too early the first time..
  7. I was pretty worried about this trophy, but I didn't find it that bad. Whether it was luck, skill, or the video I used was just that helpful, I cannot say. But here it is: Not counting the runs where I restarted after getting bit in the first round, this got me through it in just 2 attempts. I mismanaged my ammo pretty badly the first time, and only had my pistol to deal with the final 10+ zombies. Died at 91. :/ And don't forget you can pause. Just take it step-by-step, don't rush as no more zombies will appear until you kill the required number per round, only heal when you're in the danger zone, and preferably use a R+G+B herb. That way you can take a lot more hits for a lengthy amount of time. My runs were not nearly as smooth as the video, trust me. But by doing all this, I got bit a lot, and still made it to the end.
  8. Guess it was my turn to break the KYC participation streak. Was still working on RE2 going into July, and it just slipped my mind. Maybe I'll be back in the next one. On the plus side, I went back to and finished Tales of Zestiria from a previous KYC. So, that was nice. Now my completion percentage is over 93% for the first time ever. Game has some painful crap to do for the Plat, though, as I mentioned in my MRP post. Lol. It's not a terrible entry to just play through, though. Didn't put much thought into what I was equipping on my first playthrough, only buying stuff if the shop said it was better than what I had, and was fine on Normal.
  9. Platinum #467- 428: Shibuya Scramble.

    Everyone should play this one. Spectacular.

  10. Platinum #467- 428: Shibuya Scramble Honorary S.O.S. Member Acquire all trophies God, where do I even start? This is easily one of the best visual novels I've ever read. Made by the same devs behind the Zero Escape series and Danganronpa (something I didn't know when I bought it, but quickly realized upon starting the game), I knew I was in good hands. But it surpassed my expectations by a mile. Looking at when this was originally released, it came a year before 999. Chunsoft was really cranking out the hits back then. So, with trying to not give away too many spoilers, I'll leave the story for last. Let's talk about the gameplay. For the most part, you are going to be simply reading a story and making dialogue choices. But there's a twist: you will be playing as multiple protagonists. A decision you make as one, can have disastrous consequences for another. Your progress will also sometimes be stopped with a "Keep Out" message, and you'll need to play as the other characters, until you find the red text in their story. This will let you switch back to the one with a Keep Out and break it, allowing you to continue. You might be thinking, "Visual novel? It looks like an FMV game.." And you'd technically be right. Actual video footage is not very common, though. It's mostly still images of people with text. And no voice acting. But it is still a phenomenal story, with great characters and soundtrack. The story.. If you want to go in fresh, I'd stop reading here. You start the game as a detective, protecting a young woman who is delivering a ransom for her twin sister who was kidnapped. Meanwhile, a young man named Achi, who... likes to pick up trash, happens to get wrapped up in things when he sees her standing around waiting for the kidnappers. When it looks like she'll be shot by someone, Achi springs into action, grabbing her by the hand and leading her on the adventure of a lifetime. The game then opens up, with you playing as five different protagonists. The former leader of a notorious gang, Achi, now devoted to keeping his city clean. The detective, Kano, struggling with commitments to both his job and the woman he loves. A freelance reporter, Minorikawa, trying to save the company he writes for from going under and his boss from committing suicide over it. A pharmaceutical researcher, Osawa, being blackmailed for something from his past. And lastly Tama, a young woman who has lost her memories, and ends up putting on a cat costume thanks to this guy: ^Dude is fricking ridiculous. I don't know what else to say. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll encounter more twists than an M. Night Shyamalan film, and you will hopefully find this as amazing as I do. There are a few things that keep it from being perfect, though. For one, I think the text can be hard to read over some images. And tips are even worse. They use a light blue that's hard to see, and after you read them it changes to a dark blue. Should have been the other way around. Besides being informative, some tips are just funny and/or weird (I'll post a few pics of some underneath). Would suck if I missed any. Some grammatical errors/repeating words will show up. And getting all the bad endings is a bit tedious, with there being a whopping 85 of them! Many aren't much different than others, too. Tip pics: But none of these negatives really brought my enjoyment down too much. I still loved it, and spent over 54 hours reading everything and playing through blind (unless I got stuck). Some of that time may be me idling, though. :/ Platinum image:
  11. One non-defective copy later... Platinum #466- Far Cry Primal.

    93% completion percentage.. Time to start 428 Shibuya Scramble, and drop it back down. :P

  12. #466- Far Cry Primal Apex Predator Obtain all the Trophies. Well, this turned out to be better than I expected. Mostly heard bad things, so wasn't expecting to like it. But that wasn't the case, thankfully. It may as well be called "10,000 B.C. The Game," since that's what it feels like. But it's a fun twist on the Far Cry formula. Instead of guns, you shoot arrows, bash enemies with your club, and throw spears. These can all be lit on fire, and provide light in caves or burn enemies. Then instead of grenades, you can throw bombs that turn enemies against each other, bee hives (NOT THE BEES!) that result in death by stinging, and fire bombs that set enemies ablaze. But the coolest thing is the animals. You can tame most vicious ones, and make them your pet. Sabretooth tigers, bears, wolves, cave lions, and more are ready to be caught and used by you. They'll naturally protect you from most threats, and will act as a shield of protection against animals of the same species or below them. Otherwise, prepare for anything and everything to try killing you. You can also order them to attack an enemy or animal, feed them if they get hurt, pet them, and even ride a few. The ones you can ride are bears and sabretooth tigers. And while not tameable, you can ride mammoths. There's nothing quite like riding one of them, tossing enemies aside like ragdolls. Hunting and gathering materials plays a big part in upgrading your gear or village, but I really enjoyed it. It was super fun for awhile, and I would lose track of time just exploring. :/ The game still looks great, too. Very nice graphics and scenery. The story was pretty weird, and I can't say I cared much about it. Hurk's ancestor was entertaining, though. Was funny watching him try and fail epically with whatever idea he came up with. I'd have taken more of those missions. And man, these cave people have no shame. I happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time (or right, depending on how you look at it), I guess. Two of my people laid down on the ground right in front of me, and started to get it on. Or maybe dry humped, since they didn't get naked. I also murdered some guy, while he was ramming his girl from behind. A lot of the women also show their breast(s). For the ones that only cover one, I'm not sure what makes one boob less important than the other. Anyways, enough about that stuff. I did have a few problems, and one could have been major if it happened later. The save got erased, and I had to start over. This was only a little over an hour in, so wasn't too much of a setback. I'm not sure what caused it. Whether it was gone, or the game started and the autosave erased it. It was weird that the game even started playing, while I had my messages open.. Then I started a side mission, and one of the people I was supposed to protect wasn't moving into position. Everyone else was lined up and ready to go. I killed her, and they got going. Game was a lot of fun, though. And really nice to play after Tales of Zestiria. No missables, so I was able to just do whatever. Took 24 hours and 12 minutes, according to my save file. Trophy guide's estimate is pretty accurate. Platinum image: Tried getting the big kitty in my Platinum image, but the camera moves all over the place when you feed them..
  13. Nice. Happy to help. It drops it from $30 to $9.89. I don't have a VR, but I made a mental note of it in case I ever do get one.
  14. Probably a bit. Though like most fighting games, the story mode is fairly short. And it's partially original, so I was still able to enjoy the anime after.
  15. I liked it. After playing the game, I had to watch the anime. Probably one of my favorites, now. Lol. There's a demo for it, if you wanted to try before you buy.
  16. Do you still have your copy of LA Noire? There was a store link in the main menu, which will let you buy it at a really reduced price. Expiration was something crazy, like 2025, so it should still work.
  17. I didn't ask for this position, but I guess it will be all okay when we defeat Prinny.
  18. Jealous of some of these prices, compared to my store's offering... That guide is bad. Lol. I used this one, and translated it to English text: http://www.platinas.com.br/d/202-kotodama-the-7-mysteries-of-fujisawa-guia-de-trof-us I don't know how it is as a match 3 game, having played no others. But the visual novel portion was pretty meh.
  19. 🎶On the Wings of Tomorrow🎵 Platinum #465 and 100%- Tales of Zestiria.

    Finally done, after it seemed like everything in the universe wanted to stop me. Lol. Cloudfare going down, so I couldn't look at the trophy guide. Gamefaqs going down, so I couldn't look at the walkthrough. Two brief power outages, one caused by tornado weather. And myself struggling to find the motivation. Thank God for Spotify. 

  20. #465- Tales of Zestiria Master of Zestiria This is proof that you've obtained all trophies. We're thrilled you like the game so much, and we hope to meet you again in future titles! Well, it all started here: KYC Day One & Final Review. And it stayed fairly enjoyable... until I hit the post game. I liked the story/characters, game didn't seem too difficult, some great tunes (if the opening doesn't get you hyped, I don't know what's wrong with you ) and it didn't feel any worse than any other Tales of game I'd played. Unfortunately, if you want the Plat, the enjoyment drops off big time once you beat it. :/ Grade farming in this one is a really dumb thing. Instead of getting grade for fights, you get it for leveling up Lords of the Land. This requires a stupid amount of money, farming said money, and then having to buy and give them items. Which also means running back and forth, into and out of buildings, to go to shops and save points. It's painful and boring. Then you play through the game again (unless you try to do it all in one run), and that's not too bad. It goes pretty quick when you're skipping cutscenes, and carrying over a bunch of stuff that makes you overpowered. I recommend doing it, because what you'll have to do next (to beat the final boss on Chaos difficulty, beat his more powerful form, and get through the post game dungeon) is not going to be fun without double Normin. Normin are these creatures in the game that add a skill to a weapon/armor of your choice when you find them. But they only do it once, and then you can set them to an area, increasing the odds of finding that skill on weapons you find there. You need a specific skill on a lot of your equipment to make a number of fights so much easier. With double Normin, you'll get more of the skill on every weapon/armor drop. By the time I actually found enough Lindworm rings to make one with the skill in all four slots, I had tons of equipment with the skill. Without it, I might have been farming longer just to survive those tough fights. You also need to get the same skill 16 times on one character's equipment for a trophy, so it will also help with that. So yeah, pretty good game brought down a lot by horrible trophies. Surprised a bit by my total playtime, which was a little over 75 hours. Felt sooooo much longer. :/ Not helped by lack of motivation, I suppose. And some time might not be accounted for from Game Overs, and using other saves for a few things. Platinum image: ^That was so not worth saving the trophy for. Lol. Was expecting something like this: Xillia 2 fans represent. But no.. just an ugly background. Besides being sexy, that DLC outfit on Rose also changes the battle music to this: I love it. Makes me think I should really give God Eater a try.. Bought the PSP version for the Vita and again on PS4, still haven't played it..
  21. Platinum #464- Gris. Gave me just the right amount of points to get to Level 79, too. Almost at 80.. Been doing this way too long. :lol:

    Ugh.. Back to Tales of Zestiria, I suppose. I don't even hate it. Yet. Lol. But I'm not really making as much daily progress as I'd like, so it's taking forever. :/

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    2. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂

    3. Gommes_


      Loved the game on the Switch!

    4. DamagingRob


      Thanks, guys. :) A Switch might be a nice thing to have someday. Not having to worry about trophies when playing a game.. Course I could just do that on PS with an alt, or not care about my completion percentage. :P

  22. #464- Gris Personal growth Collect all trophies I... don't think Gris lived up to the hype. And my tablet keeps wanting to correct it to "Grid" and confuse everyone. Playing it blind was probably a dumb idea. Chapter select doesn't work well for mopping up stuff, because there aren't enough of them and they're spread too far apart. And I'm not sure how (or if) you can tell which collectibles you've already picked up, without going to the spot it is/was. Not to say it was bad, though. Just wasn't this amazing thing it had been built up in my mind to be. It's a side scrolling game, and feels a bit like Journey or something of that nature. You pretty much just explore this beautiful world, that looks like a painting, solving puzzles and doing some platforming along the way. I got hung up on this game a lot, not really sure what to do. I don't know if that's normal for a blind run, or I'm just dumb. :/ A lot of interesting and new mechanics are presented as you play through. With my favorite being And that's about it, other than I have no idea what the story was supposed to be about, or the message it wanted to convey. But if you're looking for a game with pretty nice visuals/music and a peaceful time, I guess this game's for you. Platinum image:
  23. My uncle is also allergic to cats. Makes it hard for him to visit. I've always been more of a cat guy, but that probably has something to do with them liking me. Our dogs have always attached themselves to the mom. 😅
  24. Started to type this as a status update, but it got way too long. Lol.

    RE2 is finally done. What a ride. 

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    2. Ala-Arska


      Man, good double Plats there. Congrats :yay:

    3. DamagingRob


      Thanks, guys. :)

    4. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯 

  25. Platinum #463 and 100%- Resident Evil 2. Raccoon City Native Obtain all trophies. I'm not sure how to feel right now. Lol. Relieved that I no longer have to play it? I mean, it's a great game and all, but mentally taxing.. Took me some time to get through, switching to other games for much needed breaks. Zombies make me highly uncomfortable to begin with, and it's why I haven't actually played many of these (most of my experience with the series is through watching others play them). Then you have seven playthroughs with minor differences, Hardcore difficulty which is pretty damn hard with just an unlimited pistol (and of course I got an S rank with Claire, giving me an infinite SMG I never got to use..), and then the infamous DLC. Honestly though, the DLC ended up being far easier than I thought it would be. The first 3 are ezpz, since you can play them on Training difficulty. Only the last one can be a bitch, but it only took me a handful of tries in the end. Maybe it was the guide I used, or all the suffering from the main game honing my skills. Or a combination of both. But damn, was I demoralized when I died at 91/100 kills, wondering how many attempts it would take to get that far again. But I managed to on the next full attempt, managing my ammo a lot better, not getting poisoned, and not dying. So, really only took me a total of 5 tries. And 3 of those were aborted early, after getting stupidly bit by the first few zombies. So, more like 2. 4th Survivor I managed on the very first try, ending the nightmare. But yeah, it's still a great game, and I can see why so many like it. You really have to work for that completion, though. Unless you buy the unlock DLC, which I maybe should have done and saved myself so much trouble. :/ And while zombies are the most common threat, there are many other types of enemies you'll run into. The graphics are superb, and make them all terrifying. Claire is super adorable in it, too. I always preferred Jill, but this game has made a strong case for her being best girl. Though it kinda feels like playing as Lara Croft in a zombie apocalypse when she takes off her jacket. 😅 I'm still not entirely sure why I ended up buying this on Black Friday. Think I needed to get something else from Best Buy for free shipping maybe? And none of the other games I wanted were on sale there, or at the time. I never finished REHD, so I wasn't wanting it too bad. But it was a good deal, and everyone and their mother seemed to love it. So, I ended up getting it. Was well worth the $15. Maybe I'll go back to REHD, at some point. With the hope this game has prepared me for the insanity that trophy list has to offer.. Uhh, guess that's about it. Other than having to mention my biggest "Wtf!?" moment. Will place it in spoilers, just in case. This was the video I used for the DLC: I don't know if he has a separate video for the different challenges. Probably does, but I couldn't find it on his channel easily and gave up. But it was super helpful to me, so figured I'd share it. Pausing and playing in segments also helps me. Doesn't make for good video sharing, but a lot less stressful imo. Used his video for my 4th Survivor run, too. Platinum image: Kinda wish I'd saved a miscellaneous trophy to have Claire here. :/