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  1. "Let's head for the Cock and Pus-" "Rooster and Kitten."
  2. Been too long since I played this.. Seeing some conflicting reports on PlayStationTrophies and XboxAchievements guides. I don't remember having any issues with it, and most likely used the trophy guide. So, I don't think you need a full bar. But it might be best to wait for a full one, just in case.
  3. Plats for Mass Effect: Andromeda and Dreamfall Chapters obtained, and my completion is now higher than what I began this installment of KYC with! Just have World of Final Fantasy left from this event's list. Dreamfall is not the kind of game that should require two playthroughs, in my opinion. Kind of boring to do a second time. And Shitbot >>>>>>>>>>>> Kidbot. LOL. But it only took me a day to rush through. Mass Effect stayed entertaining throughout, and I put about 40 more hours into the campaign. Planets are so large, and have so many sidequests! I did encounter some bugs, but nothing too bad. Besides a trophy I had to delete the patch for, that is.. Saves from an updated version can not be loaded with an unpatched game, so I had to start a new one. The trophy appears to be retroactive, though, as as soon as I was able to equip a profile the trophy popped. Didn't have to wait till I had 3 again. Took less than an hour. I really liked how your party members would have conversations, while you were out and about. Kept things interesting, and some of them were really funny. Like PeeBee faking an orgasm, to see if Jaal was really asleep. She was probably my favorite character. Made me laugh a lot.
  4. #307- Mass Effect: Andromeda Andromeda's Finest Collect all trophies. More KYC reviews! Day 1 & Final Review. So much easier to simply link these than repost my thoughts. But I did put around 40 more hours into this one, and encountered some bugs in that time. Couple of game crashes, which happened only when accessing the Star Map on the ship. Game autosaves a lot, though, so no progress was lost. And the AI of the enemies caused me to restart a firefight, as the last one never entered the room and a force field kept me from going out to him.. But none of them really detracted from my enjoyment of the game. And I really cannot stress enough to buy the game on disc, if you are at all interested. Jack of All Trades is glitched with the most recent patch. I mentioned it in the trophy guide here, and someone else did so on PlaystationTrophies. Would really hate to see someone get screwed out of the Plat, over such a quick and simple trophy.. #308- Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek Platinum Unlock every Trophy. Holy cow, did this game go a bit overboard on the hidden objects! 😅 Took me longer to get through than I had anticipated because of it. And some of those item names.. At one point, all I had left was "Energy Source." Clicking all over the damn place, before finally seeing a battery.. Why wouldn't you just call it a battery? But I still had a good time with it, and really liked the story in this one. Looking forward to playing the sequel that's already in my backlog. #309- The Bunker Platinum Trophy Acquire all trophies This one was pretty entertaining, as well. Started out kind of slow, but got more thrilling and engrossing as it went on. For under $5 after the 20% discount, I'd say it was worth it. Not any different from me picking up a movie from one of those $5 bins you see at some stores. Does an interactive movie, that takes less than 2 hours deserve a Plat? I don't know, but I'm not complaining. I started hunting in 2014, so a lot of those complaining about easy Platinums just sound like old farts to me. "Why, back in my day, a Platinum used to mean something. And games only cost a nickel. And I had to walk 20 miles to work in the snow. Gosh darn kids.. " Platinum images:
  5. Very productive day, at least as far as earning trophies are concerned. :lol: 3 new Plats! Mass Effect: Andromeda, Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek, and The Bunker. All fairly entertaining games, that I don't regret purchasing. 

  6. 306- Jak 3 Fait Accompli For Stamina and Time On Your Hands and an insatiable need for completion. So annoying... If I had known how much I'd end up loathing the sequels, I may have just bought the first game separately.
  7. Platinum #306- Jak 3. Played through the game, then used debug to pop the orb trophies. I mean, it was either that or the glitch (no way, was I suffering through collecting them all legit..). This was just a little faster. 


    Wish I could say I'll never play a Jak game again... But I bought Jak X, so... fml. See you in 2020 for that one, at the rate I Platinumed each game in the trilogy. :lol:

  8. If you don't know to check PSN on Tuesdays by now, that is new sales day. It's really not. There are sites devoted to it. Just copy and paste. When one of the sites I mentioned above have it, I'll be sure to do so. Wanting a list of the deals doesn't seem like such an insane request. This was just a lazy attempt to be "first." When the thread was created, there wasn't even anything there when you clicked the link. Again, not that hard to copy and paste a list.. And the webstore runs like ass most of the time, and only lets you look at 12 items at a time. A text list of 200+ items, neatly laid out in a line, is much easier and convenient to peruse, in my opinion. Maybe it was the way Atlas said it, but seems like you all are really getting up in arms over nothing to me.
  9. @Rafiltss I remember that happening to me one time, and I got it resolved through emailing them. I had a question/answer set up, though, and live in the U.S. Just forgot what it was. :/
  10. #305- Dreamfall Chapters Balance Restored Earn all Dreamfall Chapters Trophies. This game really has too few of owners.. Here are my KYC reviews for this underappreciated gem of an adventure game: Day 1 & Final Review. Platinum screenshot is just a black screen with white "Dreamfall Chapters" text as seen above, so I'm not going to bother.
  11. Platinum #305- Dreamfall Chapters. Can't say that second playthrough was too entertaining, but at least it didn't take that long. 

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  12. The episode had too many quick (and ridiculous) heel turns for my liking. I mean, this whole season has sounded like they're just ripping off the source material. The silly walker blood causes infection (despite people covering themselves in the shit all the time) and sparing Negan, really had no place in the TV show, imo. And before this arc, they really seemed to be quite the opposite, doing things differently than the comics. It only took the premiere of FTWD to reaffirm my thoughts, that it has become the much more superior show. Speaking of that, I'm extremely happy to see Burt Chance again. And Althea seems like a really cool and interesting character. Can't wait for next week. Edit: I could have sworn they were saying "Owl." My ears must be playing tricks on me. "Al" is pretty close.
  13. They're amazing. The Nonary Games that is also on sale contains the first two games, despite only having a single trophy list. Then there's just Zero Time Dilemma, which is the third and final entry.
  14. Seriously. Lol. It's bad enough when people skip 999, and go straight to VLR. Beginning with ZTD would be even worse.
  15. I've got The Plat for Magrunner. It's a good puzzler. Reminds me I have The Talos Principle, but haven't started it.. And Q.U.B.E. Lol.