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  1. Stuff I don't own, and hopefully want to play. Boom. It's been on sale for $15 a few times. Not for a good long while, though..
  2. Lol. They're not nearly as expensive here. Although, nothing will beat what I paid on PSN for them, unless they end up on Plus. I miss those less than a dollar Flash Sales.. Controls felt tighter in Shattered Spear, though. The glitchy trophies did suck, but I was rushing through games at the time to set up a milestone, so it probably wouldn't have changed how I approached it.
  3. Yeah, there haven't been a lot of on rails shooters. I liked Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear (Afghanistan, not so much..), so I thought I'd give it a shot. I impulse buy a lot of games at $5 or $6. Lol.
  4. Lol. I think that will be the general reaction from most. :/ It's a bit further off the charts on the weird scale than I had anticipated.
  5. Day 1- Gal*Gun Double Peace Oh, man.. I don't even know what I'll be able to add to a final review, 'cause I already finished a playthrough. It's that short. But here we go. You play as a guy named Houdai, who is unpopular with the ladies. Until a cupid angel shoots you with a massive dose of love arrows, that is. Now, they're all coming for you. I guess there are worse things in life? But due to the effects of the arrows, Houdai must find his true love by the end of the day, or remain alone and unloved for the rest of his life. Now, the reason the cupid angel shot him with such a massive dose, was to keep a demon angel who had him in her sights from shooting him. So she's not as bad as you think. And now this demon angel will take control of some of the girls, and they will do... sadistic things to our poor Houdai (the more I type this name, the more I think a new meme could be made just for him; HOLD THE DIE!). Besides the plethora of girls chasing after Houdai, the two main love interests are sisters that were friends with him when they were young. They are demon hunters, and aren't so easily swayed by cupid's influence (they have some kind of guardian that protects them, I think it was). So he has to work for their affection. Sounds harmless enough so far, right? Well, here comes the gameplay discussion. For the most part, this in an on rails shooter. What this means is, you just sit back and aim and shoot girls as they pop up (some will be possessed by demons, and you can shoot those first to turn them back to normal). Doing so gives them... pleasure. :/ Moreso, if you hit their weak point. Hitting multiple weak points in a row without getting hit will increase your combo, making your score go up more over the course of the level. As you rack up the points, your rank will increase. You need an S rank by the end of the game, if you want to get a True Ending. Besides shooting the girls, you can zoom in on certain body parts to learn their measurements. And at the same time, see through their clothes.. You will be seeing a lot of underwear in this game, I kid you not. If @Cubone found Yakuza 4 uncomfortable, I advise him to run very far from this one. Learning their measurements, picking up their notebooks (scattered around the levels, and have to be shot to obtain), getting their ending in the True Love route, and using Doki-Doki mode on them in their gym clothes and swimsuit adds information to their profiles, which can be viewed from the Main Menu. This will be the biggest grind for the Plat, as there are a lot of girls. Doki-Doki mode is something you can activate when it charges up enough. Once activated, you'll end up on a new screen with 1-3 girls, depending on how much the bar had charged (goes from 1 to 3) and how many you activated it on (even with a full gauge, you can choose less than 3, or there may not even be 3 on the screen). Then you have to shoot their weak spots, trying to avoid shooting spots they don't like (indicated by pink hearts and broken purple hearts) to fill up a bar. Once full, they will explode from pleasure, and take out any other girls on the screen. Most of it is fairly fun, but will probably get repetitive. But the bane of my existence have been these parts that utilize the PS4's touchpad. I think my controller is mostly to blame here, but if you fail to get a Perfect rating, it means redoing the entire level you just completed to get back to the touchpad minigame. There's no saving in between them. Only in between chapters. And you want to get Perfect ratings for True Endings (as well as the overall S rank), because you also need to max the girl's affection. So yeah, kind of a pain in the butt that my touchpad seems to stop responding shortly after turning on the PS4 (even in PSN Messages). I hope it's the controller that's the problem.. Despite all that, it's a relatively short game, and not all that difficult. I'm not a stranger to super perverted games, as I've played Monster Monpiece and one of those Senran Kagura games. So I like it. It's just not the greatest thing ever. Time played: No idea, but I'll guess maybe 5 hours. Trophy progress: 15/39 for 25% and a B rank.
  6. Well, at least will be getting a couple of games I wanted (Xenoverse 2 and Rise of the Tomb Raider). Probably would have bought way more, had I not needed a new tablet and PS4 controller.. $70+ for those 2 things. :/ But that's life. Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!

  7. Gal Gun- Am I the only one that has/had issues with the touchpad not registering during these stupid parts that require it? If so, I may need a new controller for more reasons than one..

    1. Scyther


      Pretty sure it's the controller. Pain in the ass to charge, and a wonky touchpad. Definitely ordering a replacement tomorrow. 

  8. Well, I know the escaped inmate's and detective's stories were pretty dark. And there's no more of that type of minigame forced on you in their stories, at least. The loan shark's tale was probably the least gritty. And had the most weirdness. His is where the underwear thief appeared too. Lol. There hasn't been anything as ridiculous as that since.
  9. Lol. Different people, different tastes I guess. You may like the other characters' stories more, if you can push through his. I loved them all so far, though.
  10. Yakuza 4- Final Review Well, damn. I don't want to quit playing this one. The story is fantastic, and you get to play as 4 (guess they took this being the 4th game a bit too literally ) different people, all with their own fighting styles. There's the loan shark with a heart of gold, the inmate on death row who breaks out of prison to find out what really happened the day he was sent to prison, a young detective trying to find out who murdered his father 25 years ago, and the protagonist from the first 3 games who runs a childrens' orphanage on an island. It took about 13 hours before I finally got to play as the guy from the previous games, but he is in it. So watching the previous games' video clips is probably essential. He shows up before this, though. The inmate actually washes up on his island after his breakout, and you have to fight him. This was not fun. Lol. The inmate (Saejima) is slower compared to the others. He packs a good punch to make up for it, but fighting Kiryu still sucked like hell.. And this was on Normal. I shudder to think what higher difficulties will be like. The detective (Tanimura) is more agile and instead of simply blocking attacks, is able to parry them, allowing you to get open attacks on enemies from behind after doing so. I didn't really get into Kiryu's part of the game, so not sure what he plays like. Looking at the trophy list, I feel like there is still so much I haven't seen and tried. But I did stay at a hot springs, which led to playing a round of table tennis. It didn't end well. :/ But I won a couple prizes from one of those crane machines (so much easier than in real life, that's for sure). There are plenty of places in the city that you can enter and do things in. And tons of shops and restaurants, where you can buy items to heal yourself during fights (simply pause and use the item from the menu). I feel like I have only scratched the surface with this lengthy game. But I'm loving the story so much, that I haven't really wanted to deviate from it too much. Quite possibly another game here. Not sure why @Cubone didn't care for it. Time played: 13-14 hours. Trophy progress: 5/49 for 7% and a D rank. Did it lower my completion? Yep.
  11. I prefer a disc. I never get rid of my games or anything, but it's just way more convenient for me. Until internet companies stop with data caps and charging more for higher speeds (2 things that will likely never happen..), I'll always prefer physical. That said, though, I also like to save money. Hard to pass up a great PSN price. But paying a bit more for tax would be worth it to me. And some states are charging tax on PSN purchases, now. That ever happens here, it will make choosing even easier.
  12. Yakuza 4- Day 1 Well, thankfully there's a trophy for watching the previous games' recaps, or I wouldn't have earned a single one. And that's with 4 and a half hours of playtime! I'm not sure how necessary it was to watch those, though. This game doesn't seem to be too connected, but maybe that will change. The first 3 followed the events of one guy, and in this one you start as someone new. You play as a loan shark named Shun Akiyama. When one of the other yakuza gangs is making trouble for the one you loaned money to, you decide to step in and help. And by that, you kick their asses. Afterwards, one of them pulls a gun on you, and your friend, Arai, gets shot. Arai tells his subordinate to chase after him, as he flees immediately after. You go too, and witness Arai shooting him in the head (guess he wasn't as injured as we thought). He then takes off, and you get arrested. Your secretary bails you out, though, by telling the cops it wasn't you (the shooting happened right outside your office, and she had a perfect view of things). After that, a woman resembling your old girlfriend shows up asking for a hefty loan. 100 million yen, to be exact. You agree to loan her the money, if she can pass a test. The test: get 3 million yen in 3 days, while working as a hostess at one of your businesses. She succeeds with your help, and you loan her the money. And that's the story so far, without spoiling certain things. The game itself is a kind of open-world beat 'em up. As you run to mission points, you may get attacked by random enemies. And you'll also fight enemies in missions. And that's where things get interesting. You attack with or , grab enemies with , sidestep with , and block with ... or (I rarely blocked :/). As you deal damage and avoid being hit, your Heat Gauge will fill. Once full, you can perform some devastating finishing moves by holding . It's even more brutal when you pick up a weapon. Nothing like using a bicycle to smash someone's face in. Some missions require you to chase or escape enemies. The latter was really weird. You can't turn on a dime, so the AI caught up to me a lot. But a quick mashing of a button, and you're out of their grasp and back on the run. Chasing is a bit easier, and you can pick up weapons and throw them at the guy. You'll gain XP from fighting, talking to certain NPCs, and completing missions. When you level up, you gain a few points that can be spent on upgrades to your combat skills. There's some side stuff to do, as well. I played a song in karaoke, and that's about as you can probably imagine. Press the right buttons as they appear, and try to get a good score. And I tried a pachinko machine. I had no idea what the hell I was doing, though. Lol. Then there was the hostess minigame you played to help the woman. In between rounds, you walk around to find out what kind of girl the customers want (little text boxes pop up). Then you try to change her outfit, makeup, and teach her things to try and line up with that. The better you do, the more money you'll earn. And I think that's about it. But I'm liking it so far. And I have to mention possibly the weirdest guy I've seen in a video game.. This dude was dressed in nothing but his underwear, and I think a cape. He had a pair of panties on his head, which I believe he stole from the woman shouting in the cutscene. It's absolutely ridiculous, and served as your tutorial for picture taking. You'd have to see it. Time played: 4 and a half hours (possibly 5 and a half to 6 with the time spent watching the recaps). Trophy progress: 1/49 for 1% and an E rank.
  13. Battlefield Hardline- Final Review I finished the campaign, and that was about all she wrote. That part of the game was really fun, minus a few annoying sections (like that long driving one I posted about, where failing meant taking it all the way from the top..). The multiplayer... not so much. :/ I played more of it than Voodoo did, but made almost no progress towards the trophies. You have to get 2 bronze service stars in the Professional class, just to get started on unlocking the MAC-10, and I only got one.. So any sniper or laser tripmine kills I got were a waste, as you can't start on those until finishing that first step. It's not quite like Voodoo said, though. I never really had a problem with spawn camping in my matches. I'd just die really quickly, when I got close to enemy players.. The game is kind of unbalanced, though. I'm guessing you get more health when you rank up or something, 'cause these high level players have 150 health as opposed to my 100. And so a single shot with the sniper isn't going to kill them (unless you get a headshot maybe). I tried 3 of the modes. I'm not even sure why I played Hotwire. Guess I read the guide wrong, or that's where you were supposed to get service stars quickly. But that was kind of fun. You'd hop in a vehicle, or one a teammate was driving, and just try to stay alive in it. Gaining XP like crazy, as time went on. Lol. Heist has you trying to grab loot and take it to a specific spot on the map if you're on the robbers side. The cops try to stop it from happening. Managed to get 5 wins there, and moved onto Blood Money. Blood Money was a pain in the ass, and I didn't win once.. It's kind of like Capture the Flag. You take money from a giant pile and try to get it to your base. Or you can try to steal it from the opposing team's base. I'm sure I'd get the wins eventually, by ending up on the winning team enough times. But I joined a session for the base game trophies, and hope to just knock this crap out quickly. I didn't even mention how much trying to taser people online sucks.. So yeah, online wasn't that fun. But the single player was more than worth the $5 I paid for the game. Because of it, I'd say this was at least a experience. Time played: 13-14 hours. Trophy progress: 35/63 for 45% and an A rank. Did it lower my completion? Yes.
  14. Lol. Okay. I thought you meant an annoying driving section, not an annoying conversation. I liked the entire cast, so that part didn't really bother me. Well, that's good to know. I figured it probably wouldn't be, if I just played the way I did the first time (avoiding firefights and taking enemies out quietly). I wasn't expecting another Killzone 2 experience, at least. ^^' I'll probably just play some more multiplayer today, if anything. I have all the DLC, so I just need to unlock the Mac-10 and I should be good.
  15. Lol. I was wondering if we were really that far apart in time, when you posted your first review. Also, if that's the one I'm thinking of, I failed numerous times.. Either by getting my car stuck on something and getting shot to death, or driving it into the river. :/