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  1. updated now finished all God of war games just got Far cry 3 classic to do then on to assassins creed
  2. Its in Hearts when you get all hearts and the queens of spades
  3. Unbreakable and Split back to back ready for Glass coming out today
  4. Thanks for the feedback I normally do all online first in case of servers closures. I start to play a game and enjoy but then a co op games comes along and me and a friend normally smash that out like with Spider-Man (Really want to get back to it) but me and a friend started Sniper elite and Spider-Man hit the backlog. I have just got back to God of War so going to make that platinum 200. I don't mind playing easy or hard games as long as they are enjoyable. My old account consisted of just plat as many games as I could even if they were awful games.
  5. All updated and complete any feedback would be greatly appreciated
  6. Me and a friend have this and are dedicated trophy hunters but for a fair few trophies you need 4 people so looking for couple of others to help us out and we will do the same in return I hate selfish trophy hunters
  7. I have played it without installing the patch and still works
  8. Updated looking for feedback and suggestion on ways I could improve my checklist
  9. Series and PSN 100% complete just Platinums to update now
  10. I save each image from the website to use as I had each one and uploaded to my own server to use the yet to buy is created using a photo editor just copied over the 0% with the bar color then used the right font
  11. PSN 100%
  12. SERIES This is a list of games that I want to complete the whole collection of that franchise.
  13. Introduction Hi guys I have been a trophy hunter for many years but have recently started up a new account back in June 2014 and I am going to be working on having 100% Trophy completion. (I know my completion looks poor but I was getting the online done on my games first) The completion rate is currently at 91%. I am trying to work on getting this to 94% before starting anything new. Unless its a must play game. I am currently 36 years old and have been into gaming since i was 6 or 7. I currently own 2 x PS4's (1 Pro), 2 x PS3's and a PS Vita and PSVR My 2017 Goals were 160 Platinums (Got 148) 92% Completion rate (Was 89.16% Due to starting alot of new games near end of year) My 2018 Goals were 180 Platinums (Got 197) Smashed it 92% Completion rate (91.94%) So close My 2019 Goals are 250 Platinums 94% Completion rate Here is my trophy card if you want to see my full list Platinum Wall TOP 5 PROUDEST PLATINUMS #1 Far Cry 2 #2 Constructor (First in the world) #3 Super Dungeon Bros (Trophy 10,000 and called SDB Platinum trophy) #4 God of War #5 Payday: The Heist TOP 5 MOST FUN PLATINUMS These were the games I just enjoyed playing the most #1 Payday 2: Crimewave edition #2 Assassin's Creed Brotherhood #3 Shadow of Mordor #4 God of War III #5 Batman: Arkham Asylum
  14. Lazy lazy lazy copy and paste half the trophies from the last game I was buzzed for this game but now it can wait till its on sale. Why developers when there was so much potential to be had WHY