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  1. This hits August 27th and Control is on. Psnow till 31st so it give you 4 days to get it done
  2. Does this game have online co-op ? I know it has couch but me and a friend are interested in Online if possible
  3. I have loaded the game up thought right let's get stuck in and just keep getting error message please try again later Anyone else having this issue? Not a great start to an online only game
  4. Why would it ? You just have to play 1,000 win or lose doesn't matter but draws do NOT count.
  5. So gutted this isn't online co-op had a blast on overcooked with a mate
  6. Videos are not available
  7. Not a fan of Devil May Cry and have thought about doing darks souls once I have a few more of what I have completed
  8. All updated and cleaning up some old games well. Any thoughts or suggestions for the Series etc please let me know
  9. I got the medical one when I sent some paramedics in to help after a riot. I just need canteen to pop which I have tried like 10 new prisons still wont pop.
  10. Servers are hit and miss some days you can get on fine others it just won't randomly in the last month it has got alot better
  11. All updated after a good 2019 for clean up I have started some new games recently but still going to try keep my completion rate above 94% where possible.
  12. Batman Arkham asylum then city
  13. Just loaded the game up today. Played it with a friend who already has platinum. After 1 match I got all 3 trophies for 1,10,25. I do not know why or how this happened or how to repeat it. Having looked at the recent achievers there seems to be a few others that have experienced the same glitch.
  14. Hi I am not sure if this is the correct place to post but not sure where else to post. In the series section of Trine you are missing the game Trine: Enchanted edition And as above there is no series for Transformers either The series function is a good addition to the site thank you .