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  1. Which trophies have you got around ? I'm having issues with full house and shortcut killer
  2. You can auto pop all except some sniper assassin
  3. No idea as I do not know how to contact them. Posted on twitter no reply and no contact us on website. I am trying a number of different things to try to unlock Full House will let people know if I succeed because I do not want to delete my Hitman profile and lose all my stuff and elusive targets etc
  4. Well I got the family feud trophy after doing different requirements to the video I watched I still cannot unlock mission stories I have literally done every challenge on the map and the mission stories abour 10 times each and still nothing they need to sort this out
  5. I have tried the mission stories every which way now all in 1 sitting, tried doing each one separate and finishing mission after each one this trophy is getting on my nerves
  6. I have have done Dubai and Dartmoor and have had 2 trophies in Dartmoor glitch First complete all mission stories I have done it 5 times of each and still no trophy The other is family feud which I have watched 4 videos of the requirements and followed them exactly still hasn't popped Any ideas help greatly appreciated
  7. Am I being stupid how do I even play the DLC it says its installed but cannot seem to access
  8. This hits August 27th and Control is on. Psnow till 31st so it give you 4 days to get it done
  9. Does this game have online co-op ? I know it has couch but me and a friend are interested in Online if possible
  10. I have loaded the game up thought right let's get stuck in and just keep getting error message please try again later Anyone else having this issue? Not a great start to an online only game
  11. Why would it ? You just have to play 1,000 win or lose doesn't matter but draws do NOT count.
  12. So gutted this isn't online co-op had a blast on overcooked with a mate
  13. Videos are not available
  14. Not a fan of Devil May Cry and have thought about doing darks souls once I have a few more of what I have completed
  15. All updated and cleaning up some old games well. Any thoughts or suggestions for the Series etc please let me know