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  1. Arkham City truly awesome game
  2. Please add me as Starscream so far I have Revenge of the Fallen and Dark of the Moon
  3. Hi would like to be upgraded to Legend of the Dark Knight, I have completed every thing Arkham based and all DLC
  4. Hi I need to be upgraded to Master Hunter please done all far cry platinums even did far cry 4 on both consoles. Just waiting on Far cry 5 now
  5. I have done all the DLC's 3 times once on my old account once on PS3 and just done again on PS4 with all characters and have to say I enjoy then apart from 2 and that is that bell end Robin Top of the world (Extreme ) what a fucking ball ache Natural Selection (Extreme) That 3 people with on exploded wall I would use the same tactic over and over and sometimes it be like yeah I'll work and other times it would be nahhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK YOU Other than that amazing Just got to finish new game + and that is every single Batman game completed to 100% even that Iceberg Lounge challenge in Arkham Knight which is by far the hardest I have done
  6. I need to be upgraded to Gotham Protector from Worst Nightmare I have Platinums in Arkham Asylum Arkham City Arkham Origins Arkham Knight Arkham Origins: Blackgate (Vita) Arkham Origins: Blackgate (PS3)
  7. I need to be upgraded from Jellyfish to Survivor Got platinum in Far Cry Classic Far Cry 2 Far Cry 3 Far Cry 4 and also added to Dragon slayer for Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon
  8. 10. Dead Rising 2 (PS3) 2.37% 9. Payday 2 2.33% 8. WWE 2K15 (PS4) 2.32% 7. Batman Arkam Origins 2.17% 6. LBP Vita 2.07% 5. Fifa 15 1.84% 4. WWE 2K15 (PS3) 1.75% 3. Payday the Heist 1.54% 2. WWE 2K16 (PS4) 1.31% 1. Far Cry 2 0.51%
  9. Looks ok. I will probably play it now but I decided if long ass grind like 2k16 & 17 i was gonna skip it
  10. Final Fantasy VII or XIII can't decide which as VII is a classic but I never could get into XIII on my old account might try again on this account as massive Final Fantasy fan
  11. The hippy says same thing as on old one but not in same way 😒
  12. Mine has arrived gonna play over the weekend
  13. Yeah I played this too on PS1 and loved it. Like you I was young about 15 and didnt really unsterand these type of games once it got further in. I cannot wait to play it tomorrow
  14. Please upgrade me to Mortal please I have finished God of War 1
  15. Please upgrade me to Worst Nightmare I have Arkham Asylum 100% Arkham City 100% Arkham Origins 100% Arkham Origins Blackgate 100%