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  1. I save each image from the website to use as I had each one and uploaded to my own server to use the yet to buy is created using a photo editor just copied over the 0% with the bar color then used the right font
  2. SERIES This is a list of games that I want to complete the whole collection of that franchise.
  3. Introduction Hi guys I have been a trophy hunter for many years but have recently started up a new account back in June 2014 and I am going to be working on having 100% Trophy completion. (I know my completion looks poor but I was getting the online done on my games first) The completion rate is currently at 86%. I am trying to work on getting this to 90% before starting anything new. Unless its a must play game. I am currently 34 years old and have been into gaming since i was 6 or 7. I currently own 2 x PS4's, 2 x PS3's and a PS Vita and PSVR My 2017 Goals are 160 Platinums (Got 148) 92% Completion rate (Was 89.16% Due to starting alot of new games near end of year) My 2018 Goals are 180 Platinums 92% Completion rate Here is my trophy card if you want to see my full list Platinum Wall
  4. Lazy lazy lazy copy and paste half the trophies from the last game I was buzzed for this game but now it can wait till its on sale. Why developers when there was so much potential to be had WHY
  5. Thanks so much I had been grinding wasps on depth 3 but got to depth 5 with your advice and got it in 25 minutes but was only about 600 away it seems just bunnies left
  6. Thanks any tips for the bunnies
  7. Hi sorry to bother you again do the blue wasps count or is it just the pink ones i just need the wasps then the bunnies to finish this glitch fest game
  8. Got it at last and yeah took me 13,400 for it to pop onto bunnies and wasps next hopefully won’t be as painful
  9. Thanks again so the stats don’t reset on the bunnies or wasp? No on the oranges now that’s taking the piss I just hit the 10k including suppose I need to keep going
  10. Hi What you mean by quit to xmb ? anytime I quit the game it resets ? do I need to complete in one sitting ? And be lucky that it does not blue screen on me ? Thanks for the reply I will try this do 2,000 each time. Can I put in rest mode for a break ? Also does it pop as soon as you have killed the 10,000 or after a depth or after death/completion. Is the wasps and bunnies as glitchy ?
  11. Hi What you mean by quit to xmb ? anytime I quit the game it resets ? do I need to complete in one sitting ? And be lucky that it does not blue screen on me ? Do I have to finish the dungeon for the kills to count or can i get 2000 kills then die and redo this a few times I ask because I have counted and I have done over 18,000 bonies kills and no trophy. Also I did 8,000 in one dungeon but the game got so laggy by 8,000 it then crashed
  12. Thanks for the inspiration to get back to this I have now done god of war 2,3, 3 remaster chains of Olympus and now on ghosts of Sparta then ascension, before the new one drops person above I recommend resident Evil 6
  13. Use Wolverine its well easy get behind and smack square i did it with over 30 seconds left after trying multiple times with other characters