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  1. Sorry if this isn't a lot of help but a lot of trophy guides/kill lists state you need to do a melee kill with all the Jason's in & out of combat stance. This isn't true, only 1 melee kill with any of the Jason's is necessary. I went through with a friend in private match and we only did 1 melee kill with 1 Jason and the trophy popped having done all the weapon/environmental kills! Hope this helps a little.
  2. Why such negativity on the game? Let the uneducated whine about it being a let down and looking like a legacy game. So what? They can be read to filth within seconds by posting comparison screenshots 😂 talking utter pish! This game was made by huge fans of the series and have the backing of the original execs AND Kane Hodder & Harry Manfrideni (look em up if you don't know!). This game was made by die hard slasher fans for slasher fans, I'm fairly certain after what I've seen that it's everything they promised. Free story mode DLC was announced errr I forget, like towards the end of last year when it got delayed? Anyone hating the online stuff, just wait if your not happy? This games not for an average gamer, it's for the fans who actually watched these movies in the 80's & 90's, like me - get over it.
  3. Keep trying Mustafa! If you've played all matches types then something has gone wrong somewhere! Just keep a huge list of all the match types, check it off once you've completed the match (win/lose) and when NO ONE quits out. I'd recommend closing the session as soon as one other player joins, once the match starts just let yourself be pinned by the AI and then just watch the rest of the match as a spectator. This was my method, as soon as there is more than 1 human opponent, the chances of someone quitting are pretty much guaranteed.
  4. Plat is still achievable until the end of May,started the game last week and got the plat today! Coupla hints about getting there, my 100 bout trophy didn't pop until I had played 119 matches. To lower the extra matches needed, try and avoid disconnections, For the expert in the ring trophy, you need at least 1 online player in each match, I played through all matches and it didn't pop but did have a few matches that had disconnections. I kept a note of any matches that had a dc (player quitting out) and redid them, trophy popped for me this way! Hope this helps
  5. Same here guys, try not to worry though it's just those damn PSN servers going down again. Read this, Blank Profile Basically, once PSN is back up and running, just earn 1 trophy and come back here and update your profile - everything should be back
  6. Hey man, I recently started the game and wasn't so sure either so I went ahead and updated to the latest patch. Wish I hadn't though cause I could've made things a lot quicker for myself, two thing to keep in mind if you're going for the plat is resources & online/offline mode! 1. Nuclear Weapons - By updating the game above the disc version, you're changing the requirements for the nukes development. If you update, you'll require online resources to build the nuke which means you might be playing an awful lot of FOB missions (which can be quite difficult). If you forgo the update, you can use offline materials to build the nuke which can be earned in missions/free-roam/combat deployments and completing combat challenges. 2. Also if you begin the game without connecting to the online server, all you need to do is level each of your teams to level 50. If you do connect online at any point, you'll also need to raise the online security teams level above 50 which again, is a bit time consuming. New to giving tips but hopefully the above helps you out
  7. Like PlanetSurvival, I boosted with a partner in ranked backstage brawl matches with weight detection off (makes it easier to get paired up with the person you want) and it popped when I was at 106 ranked matches so. I think the programming is a little off for this trophy but keep at it, it will pop!
  8. I'd love a beta code if someone with a spare wouldn't mind giving?
  9. I agree with the time trials being a lot harder than the races but I reckon they're still manageable if you take it easy going round bends etc. Irritating, reminded me of Riptide GP2 but persistent will pay off.
  10. Hey! Was wondering if anyone is having a problem getting the app to work with the remaster on PS4? I can connect the app to the PS4 and I can choose a controller with the app but the problem is, it overrides my dual shock and I cant assign both... anyone experienced this problem and anyway of getting around it?
  11. Just reporting back, worked perfectly Stevieboy - thanks for the advice!
  12. The beta is pretty great but I agree, the white notifications are really off putting and make the OS look slightly cheaper.
  13. Thanks for the link Stevieboy, I'll give it a try later tonight and report back!
  14. feral611 such a good idea, I didn't think of that! Get so annoyed when a trophy pops for a game I have no intention of playing much.
  15. I reckon Lord-Zeraph could get Rebel Galaxy plat'd within the next coupla days!
  16. I try to focus on 2-3 games at one time and not overwhelm myself, with a lot of you though in that when their's a sale on, I end up shooting myself in the foot! I've been looking at trophy lists in more detail before I start playing though, if the plat is unlikely then I'll focus on one of my older games.
  17. I'm with most of you in that I doubt they'll go to any effort to add a plat but I think they should! Understandably, RE5/6 didn't need much tweaking in terms of the trophy lists since both included a plat and a decent list of trophies. I think Capcom are smart though in that they'll know they can attract previous owners of the game if a platinum was included but who knows! they have had more time to work on the RE4 remaster for PS4 so hopefully this is a good sign!
  18. Amazing, thanks for this. Playing the game again on PS4 with a friend on coop, this makes road to plat much easier! Great post!
  19. Jack tip helped me out - thanks guys!