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  1. Hello again. Problem solved ! Very very weird. I won the trophy after 362 plants harvested. Edit : i wanted to post a picture to show you the stats of the game but i didn't succeeded to do that :'(.
  2. Hello I have successfully Harvest beans more than 250 times but i didn't have the last trophy, Great Harvester. Does anyone have the same problem ? Do i miss something ? Thanks !
  3. Unfortunately, the recent patch (last week) didn't fix my bug unless a developer from Airship Syndicate told me the opposite. I have contacted them again and they didn't understand. I still have 4 keys instead of 6, and i bought/won all the 27 keys. I don't know what to do :/
  4. Yes the 1.01 i think I have contacted Airship Syndicate, the next update will be big and it will bring a fix to te trickster keys bug so i am waiting on it.
  5. I have contacted Airship Syndicate support via [email protected] Still no answer. I have to do all the chapters on apocalyptic so, i will do this and try to recollect the keys (even if they are "transparent grey"). I don't know what else to do.
  6. Yes, yesterday. Before that i had only 3 keys on my inventory. And there is only 1 key on arena
  7. Hi i have a big problem with trickster keys... I played all the game on online coop. My partner have 6 keys left, and me only 4. So i can't open the last trickster door on the void. As you see on this video, i have found all trickster keys of the game : I don't know what to do. Airship Syndicate doesn't answer me.... And i don't want to replay all the game. The game is very very very buguy.
  8. "Good news" if i can say that. I have upload my save from LRG release on the psplus cloud and the drinkbox cloud (on the main menu of guacamelee). I have download the guacamelee digital version. And i can use the save from the drinkbox cloud. So i can use my two dlc and furthermore the two dlc trophies has been display on the ps vita trophies app. Cost me 15 euros ....
  9. News from Drinkbox : "Hi We are aware of this issue, but unfortunately we are not sure when a fix will be possible. In the meantime, as a thanks for reporting this, I'd like to offer you a key for one of our other games. I could send you Severed, Guacamelee STCE or Guacamelee 2 for the platform of your choice. Let me know what your preference is and thanks again." It is such a joke. Cause they want giving me a code, i understand that this will never get a fix. In addition i cant use my two purchased DLC. I must pay and download the digital version but... Drinkbox told me that the save from LRG release won't work with the digital version... If i want to get 100% trophies and use the two DLC, I have to : 1/ pay for the guacamelee digital version (15€) 2/ restart the entire game... A joke....
  10. You can add forma.8. Separate trophy list but not added on sony servers yet
  11. I will make a list of all LRG releases and i'll try to know if there is another trophies problems.
  12. I totally understand. i bought so many games and forma8 and guacamelee are the two i have played from now. Maybe others releases have problems like this.
  13. I confirm now. There is no dlc with this release. I think a lot of LRG games releases have trophies problem. They don't care cause the ps vita is now totally forgotten by Sony... Keep asking them to solve the problem. We paid for that !!!
  14. I think no.
  15. Thanks ! I ve already contact them. No answer from now. There is also a problem with forma.8 trophies. The list hasnt be added to sony servers.