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  1. I contacted the developers of Darq and they publish the trophies list as seen here : You can remove it from the main list
  2. I don't like Shovelware. I understand your point but i think a "visual" information can be great. (imo)
  3. Hello, i have noticed that now you can filter the trophy list with shovelware. But when we display a particular trophy list of a game like : you don't see that the game is a shovelware. Do you think you can improve that ?
  4. Hello, thanks for this list. You can add Darq Ultimate Edition (physical release distributed by Plaion) on PS5. Developper : feardemic, editor : unfold games.
  5. Hello, i have the physical release (Ultimate Edition). I played the game and won all trophies except the Tower speedrun trophy (i didn't have time to try it). The trophy list is not showing up on my PS5, when i am online. If i disconnected the PS5 from the network, i can see the trophy list. I synchronize my account but on my PsnPRofiles i can't see the game too. I think for the physical release, there is another list... Some of you have the same issue ?
  6. Hello, In my first playthrough, i didn't open all the secret chests. I ended my first run with 60% on the trophy tracker. On the NG+ , i opened mode than 6 secret chests ans the one i have missed on the first run. When i opened the secret chest #10 on chapter XIII, my trophy tracker update to 70%. I didnt get the trophy... do you have to do this in one run ??? EDIT : i opened again all the secret chest on my normal playthrough with "chapter select" starting by the end and it finally works.
  7. I contacted them too and even the "die 100 times" is not write on the changelog, for zerouno, it should have ben fixed. I tried from a fresh save and no trophy unfortunately
  8. Hello, it's the same for me.... I am stuck on storm chapter too;
  9. Hello, do you manage to fix it ? I had the same bug, i played on the PS5.
  10. I have it by doing the opposite but it won't pop in "all paths". I have made two paths by letting him Go and no trophiƩes. On another path with letting him go at the end and "trophy".
  11. Hello, thanks for the video. For the paladin trophy can we beat 7 times the same boss ? or it has to be 7 differents bosses ?
  12. Ok thanks. So it has to be 10 different bosses. So i beat 6 on Isle IV and 1 on Isle I. I will beat others. Thanks
  13. I think the trophy that require to beat 10 bosses with Ms Chalice is bugued for me. I beat all the bosses on Isle IV on simple and regular difficulty, finish king's challenge, beat 3 boss on expert, etc and still no trophy for me...
  14. I have contacted the developer on twitter for both glitched trophy (ottavio and die 100 times). They will investigate it.