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  1. I like this kind of game but sorry, it's getting ridiculous. I'm almost embarred to buy this game because people just think you do it for a super easy Platinum. I even got a Platinum a few days ago for a game I didn't even finish. Publishers should know: Yes, games sell with easy Platinums but not with Platinums you get after 15 minutes. It should at least be a small challenge like beating the WHOLE game. Yes, you could ignore the trophies but come on - this is a Platinum website so I like Platinums as a reward for 100%ing a game and not for just buying it.
  2. I miss only two trophies: The speedrun one (I found a video on youtube that should make this possible) and the max level one. I am level 30, beat the game and there is not much left to do to get to level 31. So when does this trophy pop? I really hope this is not a bug.
  3. Hi,

    gratulation on your Machi Knights platinum trophy!

    I struggle to get 4 stars on the last boss of the game. My problem: I could only open a 50.000 chest and have no idea how to get enough for a 500.000 chest. I simply do not make enough damage. (I use oil).

    Do you have any tips for me?


    Thanks a lot!



    1. A210221100


      thx the last boss is a struggle i did it with an automatic weapon from the 50.000 chest there is no point to farm for the 500.000 chest it a remnant of the mobile microtransactions that they didnt balance for the ps4 vertion of the game when the removed the ability to buy crystals in general all i can say to you is to upgrade your damage as much as you can keep trying learn the paterns to avoid as much as possible.

      with my low health i was dying in 2 hits at best from the boss but after some tries i managed to beat it in general you need some luck aside from the upgrades to beat the boss.

      i hope that beat it soon this boss was the worst part in a game that was in general really fun but the final boss in 4 star diff can be a pain

  4. I finished the game and missed one quest trophy: On the enemy's side - Complete the bandits' task. Is this one missable because I just can't find any enemy to give me this quest at all.
  5. What a mean thing to write. I am NOT a trophy hunter - never said that and I never brag about trophies. I buy A LOT of games in general as you can see. So also a lot of CHEAP games because I like them. And as these games have easy platinums, I of course get them easily. So it is exactly the other way round as you write. Again: Every game should have a Platinum. They are a reason to finish a game 100%. Not to brag about it (who in the world even notices your or mine trophy list) but to feel good about it. I am soooo sorry I wrote a comment with my opinion. Will never do that again. I am so sad about your mean comment as a moderator that I think I should leave psnprofiles. This should be a fun hobby but you turn it into something I don't want to be a part of. Also I am quite sure games without platinums sell worse. Developers should know that.
  6. No Platinum trophy is a no go for me. I like these kind of games but the lack of a Platinum really hurts.
  7. A developer once told me it was just more complicated to implement a Platinum. So if it is important for a developer to get a Platinum, it definitely is possible. The Apex Construct guys for example regret not to have a Platinum. They just weren't aware how important it is for a lot of people. They wrote on reddit "we learned our lesson".
  8. Just got the platinum, so to answer my own question: You get S+ rank if you never lose the multiplayer in any level. For me the platinum was a tough one, I'm not a super skilled shmup player. Would rate the difficulty to 5/10.
  9. Does anyone know how to get S+ rank? I have S rank in 80% of the levels but did not get the S+ is+ for S+upers+tar Trophy. Is S+ just an even higher score or do you get S+ if you never ever lose the multiplayer?
  10. Can somebody explain to me how to get 100% par or par any% in this game. I just don*t get the meaning.
  11. completing hero mode (even on NG+) is quite easy but I am stuck on the level "Into the Shadows" on extreme in hero mode NG+. Very hard for me. Maybe I just leave that because there are enough other stars left to get the 180 trophy. I come back for that level with more characters (no hero mode).
  12. On the developers website they say it is a known bug and they will fix it. But I have a question: How do you use the monument? How do you enter letters?
  13. The only item missing is the Samewrai Helmet. It should be in the Icy Glaive but it isn't for me. Any tipps how the get this last item without grinding money for hours and buying the 5000 chests?
  14. Survival Beast: Don't lose your first ship for 9 minutes. Pops during the boss fight of level 3. Autobombs are allowed. Gold Keeper: These are the big gold pieces on the ground. There is a sound effect when collecting them. Some are on the far right side almost off screen. Score Attack: That is the only trophy I am still missing, too. Keep the combo high. Don't get hit. Better use the attack with the square button most of the time. In my opinion by far the most difficult trophy followed by the 599 combo trophy in hard mode. The rest is doable by most average gamers. I am not very good at shmups (I love them though) and I got it. But Score Attack is a challenge for me. You have to memorize all ships where and when they appear. Doable but not easy. Only about 3% of the buyers got it yet. Consider that shmups are normaly only bought by skilled players. If every Assassins Creed player would have bought Ghost Blade the completion rate would be 0,1% *g*