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  1. I need some people to play with.
  2. Want! Anyway,
  3. I'm enjoying the world, minus the constant "What up let's do it son wanna team up hey bruh *heavy Dorito breathing*" on the mic.
  4. Anything on my 3DS.
  5. I may give it a shot this summer.
  6. I doubt it. I guess I got used to digital due to Steam.
  7. Nobody is really arguing.
  8. I'm currently reading The Flash.
  9. Games are tied to your account, correct? You re-download them. Also, maybe online servers go down, but this digital age... games will more than likely transfer over with a new system.
  10. Yeah, I'm glad PSN isn't like N's eShop; they never have good sales. Now, if PSN could get a Steam-level sale...
  11. I love the aspect of a physical game collection, but space isn't available for this venture.
  12. I understand most have this stance. However, vinyl has taken over any physical space I can have. Also, I like not having to change discs.
  13. Have any of you gone all the way digital? I have with PS4 and 3DS.