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  1. After reading all the comments i wanted also to toss my opinion in even if no one cares. First i think it s good to fight for something and not just give up there is no reason to tell that they fight for nothing this petition doen t do any harm to anyone. I would sign it myself but i forgot my password and email for ea and i m too lazy t make another ea account but for everyone that has a account and knows the password it takes less then a minute so do something good and support the guys.You can accomplish something i was the one that commented on the ea forums when the online broke and a ton of people replied and clicked on me too and the game got fixed we did it together. Now on the other hand the game turned 7 years old in march this year so everyone had 7 years and 6 months to get the plat.Now i know everyone will say i have a life and can t play videogames all day or i didn t get to play the game until now.There really was more then enough time for people to plat this game even if you work full time it s enough if you boost 1 hour every day for the next six months or 3 or 4 hours every weekend. Again great thing you are trying to do here crysis 2 multiplayer was fun for me to play even after finishing the trophies. I really belive we will see a crysis trilogy remaster in the next 2 years. I wish you the best of luck thx for reading this long ass comment and sorry for any grammar mistakes.
  2. I don t understand where the problem lies.You can t have a even playing field it s impossible.Another thing is very few people do trophy hunting for sport i m not trying to disrespect someone but many do it to challange yourself or to just have fun or to get their moneys worth out of the game.If someone let s say pays 120 dollars instead of 60 to buy a early copy he s just going the extra mile and is really into hunting and puts more money and probably effort into it.There is no reason to ban people who go above and beyond to plat a game first and do it legit same goes with developers who actually deserve to earn the first trophy in my opinion as they are making the game for us.I m not starting a fight here just a friendly disscusion thats all.Sorry for any grammar mistakes english isn t my native language.Thx for youre time.
  3. When i order youre games by last played the games are not placed as they should be can anyone explain why that is so?
  4. Got the same message today.Same bs like the 50 dollar share this with youre friends.I really wish sony could do something about people who send these messages.
  5. No they did not the weekly leaderboards have not reset because the servers broke on sunday and they fixed them early monday morning my time gmt +1 and since then the leaderboards for last week and the daily leaderboards haven't reset as they should have at sunday midnight gmt 0 time.
  6. Same here i had 19500 if they dont save i ll burn this game untill there is nothing left
  7. Just finished trigun.It s a great anime i highly recommend it.Charactors very interesting and funny especially Vash. Also watched latest episode of dragon ball super. And started watching Monthly girls Nozaki kun.I m two episodes in seems like a good anime nothing amazing but nothing terrible either.
  8. Killzone 2 and saints row 4
  9. I need to start killzone 2 asap i want to get the platinum for the whole trilogy
  10. Darkness 2
  11. One Piece Pirate Warriors Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment: 7/10
  12. Dragon Ball Raging blast 2 big fan of the anime so i had to pick the game up when i saw it
  13. Have 4 Gta 5 currently working on Nfs most wanted sold the game but will buy it again PES 2011 unobitainable plat Mirrors edge don t have the nerves to finish it right now
  14. Grand Theft Auto 5 (PS3) Dragon ball Z Budukai Tenkaichi 3 (PS2) Forza 4 (Xbox 360) YuGiOh tagforce 3 (PC)