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  1. I could potientially show you evidince that this cheat exists. But i don't see the point? I agree that i should be flagged, and i don't think my account deserves unflagging even if I would provide evidence?
  2. Really? Before patch 1.14. a lot more was possible. 1.14 removed a lot of valuable code for the patch makers since it was stored in an other way. If you wanted to cheat in coop mode, you could easily! It doesnt really matter, the trophies are cheated! Agreed! But is possible, and there is many ways to cheat stars in someone elses game files by just plating coop. It was cheated using this method, but it doesnt matter.. they are after all cheated
  3. I am not claiming someone popped the trophies in mw2! that is impossible! I claim that the stars was earned through joining someone that insta popped the stars in specops! Not the trophies! ugh..
  4. The trophies for the stars popped since i joined the co-op mode where someone insta won the game. Thus gaining the stars. I am not trying to hide. I know the wrongs! I am on it making a new profile and regaining all my platinums. I haven't cheated on purpose, and that is why i rebuild a completely clean account.
  5. anton1453 Call of Duty: World at War When I first started playing on my PS3 I played a lot of call of duty. When one day I joined a lobby of nazi zombies. I suddenly got all trophies. I was new to the system and that is the whole story.<br /> <br /> I completed the game on veteran legitimately many times (huge cod nerd) and did everything i could to feel proud of the fake platinum. I wasn't and it feels like a mark of shame today. I didn't know my system well and some kid popped my trophies. I wasn't a trophy hunter back then, but then i stated to collect. Once i hit 20 platinums, i knew i was doomed.<br /> <br /> I understand my punishment. I just wish I could do something :( Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 I once joined a MW2 lobby and gained the last trophies i needed for my stars. I did not intend to get them this way, I didn't know what to do. It synced and that is it. I hate cheating, I wish i never played this game at all. My profile feels ruined.<br /> I understood, once i hit 20 plats that I was stuck with this. I was proud of my platinums and all my trophies. Not this one tho. I can however feel proud that I have completed the requirements for the actual trophy legitemently later on, since i couldn't stand to hade that fake trophy.<br /> <br /> I understand my punishment. I just wish I could do something :(
  6. Got a spare? I would love you
  7. The game can be obtained for free during April month 2017 on PlayStation plus!
  8. Once you understand what to do and get a grip over how the car behavior inside a drift is, you can easily do this trophy. I just got 10M points and also did the trophy for all my friends
  9. Yeah, hitman go is fun and telltale games feels great to play. I might pick up a lego game since that is always fun Haha, really? Since i have already quite a lot of online required games? Thanks buddy! I might pickup tearaway and a lego game
  10. Hey, so I am going away for sometime and was wondering what a new psvita user should pickup and play that is possible to complete offline. I am interested in some fun games that are not to serious, a game like this would be sly cooper i guess... pure fun, made for kids with interesting gameplay. Something like that would be brilliant.. I am also interested in getting plats in these games without playing online since i won't have internet access and I am looking for games that are "easy" plats. Not too hard and time taking but it doesn't have to be like super easy either.. Thanks!
  11. I mean, I myself could brick your console only using a website, someone with greater skills could probably extract information from your cookies and such but I doubt anyone would focus on making this a live project. It is not worth it, it will take a shit ton of hours and it won't get you almost anything in return. The risk of what you clicked being a vita "virus" is absolutely 0. Don't worry bud EDIT: Unless it was purely focused on the web-kit, then there is a possibility of any extraction or injection in the web browser itself. I recommend that you don't worry about it tho...
  12. If you give me more details i could help you out, hit me up with any questions. I know the hardware as well as software in the ps3, I repair and code for them. Any questions can be answered
  13. IW is actually... and I can't believe what I am saying.. Good. I have had a hard time liking the new gen call of duties, but IW.. It isn't cod in my eyes, but it ain't bad. I picked up, holding the copy in my hands while walking out of the store saying I will regret this and I can't believe I am buying this.. But I actually might not regret picking it up. I actually would like to recommend people to play, before they say.
  14. Hey, I wanted to post that the trophy: Hoff The Charts! Can be unlocked by entering a secret code in the zombie menus. Warning the trophy might be glitched! Code: D-PAD LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, UP, DOWN ENTER THE CODE IN SOLO MENU. This guide shall be 100% credited to founder: Onix8 on reddit. Read a full image tutorial here: Click Me!