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  1. I love that they keep adding DLC! It's a really fun game and I personally can't wait for the next one! I get that some might think it's annoying, but hey, at least they are free!
  2. I'm really hype! I waited for very long to play FC 5 & New dawn. I actually told my gf I wanted them for Christmas.
  3. Hi! I would love to join! Ratchet & Clank 2: Going Commando - 2% Wolfenstein: The Old Blood - 25% THE ORDER: 1886 - 0% Spirit of the North: Enhanced Edition - 8% Ape Escape - 8% Life is Strange: Before the Storm - 2% Virginia - 7% Bentley's Hackpack - 4% Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy - 22%
  4. I had issues with PSN yesterday on PS3 as well. I got randomly signed out multiple times. Hopefully it will blow over soon 😊
  5. Got the platinum and stopped. The site is down as well. But I recommend playing normally and writing down all 2x times you see
  6. I'll fix that for you Tip:
  7. I'm quite busy with work and uni atm. But I will fix a timezone conversion for the site and make anyone able to add an "un-verified" time. I will also make the github project available for anyone to download and host the site & make modifications to it eventually. Tell me if there is anything else needed.
  8. Yes, but if you read the whole post there is more to it.
  9. Doubt. I'm going to discuss this issue as a Master of CS. Read the last line if bored. I don't think SP saves are transferable back whatsoever. The PS5 doesn't allow you to use a USB stick at all and cloud will probably not go from PS5 to PS4. I assume there is differences in the save file structure that requires saves to be imported using a save translator. This save translator is most likely only developed to go from PS4 to PS5 since PS5 most likely introduces more variables and such that the PS4 won't support. MP most likely won't work, but there is hope for it. It wasn't possible on PS3 -> PS4, but if they have changed the system to allow it to work, then maybe. Low chances of that happening i assume since there is most likely database differences and such an import/export would allow multiple database entries that has to be maintained. What I am trying to say is that there isn't any official Sony support for it. Your only hope is if Rockstar prioritized this thing and spent their precious time on developing such changes.
  10. Bruh, i feel so stupid. Honestly typed it multiple times haha
  11. Anyone knowing why "killaeo dinos 9999" is not working for me?
  12. Hey. So I am a Swedish developer that is almost at the end of my platinum journey. It's time to share some of my secrets. (I have many more ) Note: this post is not checked for spelling or grammar mistakes. I simply don't want to spend time and effort explaining myself too much haha. In short: Two major founds and a website for you guys to use. One: The mission map has a seed that corresponds to the system time. Simply set system time to generate the same missions over and over. (Wow, this is an old bug... just wait) Two: The frist issue can be used to gain 2XP on all your missions! Use my website for a mission list. DRG - Mission list.. Set the time to that specific time and enjoy! (github repo going public soon) Three: All difficult trophies that requires you to be played in a row can be "cheated/cheesed". 2 bugs.. Let me explain how.. Bug 1. If you fail a mission, before end screen, quickly exit the game. This won't mess the progress up. Bug 2. If you don't feel like playing the missions in a row, you can! I played 1 hazard 5 mission, then multiple normal games between, then wen't back to finish up.. Let me explain how.. The developers code for this most likely goes through each mission you completed sorted by datetime, checking if the next in line is the same difficulity and then counting the amount of haz x in a row. Qucikly improvised pseudo code for any devs & nerds: Count = 0 lastHazard loop through all missions if !lastHazard then lastHazard = mission.hazard if mission.hazard = lastHazard then counter++ else counter = 0 if count = lastHazard AND count between 3-5 then unlock trophy Start by picking a designated datetime for this specific trophy, you can pick any datetime that you won't play normal missions on. For example pick an old date such as 2020-01-01 14:30, something that you couldn't acidentally play on. Then play the wanted hazard level for the trophy. Just make sure to reset the time to the exact same after the game is done. This ensures that you will be able to do all difficulity trophies that normally requires them to be beaten in a row however you like. This will bug the game out and unlock the trophy. Tested on 4 different accounts, both PS4 & PS5.
  13. Haha! The jig is up! Im a Swedish developer and even day one, I started to work on this. I figured out how the map seeds worked and I have been playing with it ever since. I have found some other major bugs. I have made a website for a couple of XP times that me and my friends use. It doesn't have a domain, it's cause it's not supposed to be shared. Enjoy my website. DRG - XP Table Since the jig is up.. I will make my github repository public for anyone to use and view the code. I will just have to make sure nothing critical is in it regarding my webserver. (PS, I have also solved how to get the new PS+ game: ARK platinum trophy faster & easier)
  14. Does trophies pop? Can you play the game on PS4 and then auto pop on PS5?
  15. I have found some methods to gain consistent 1.5k/min. So there is ways. But this is an obvious cheater.