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  1. Ne Ne Ne Ne Ne Ne... have you watched Ansatsu E22??? *insert here loudest kyaa you could imagine*

  2. Thank you very muck darkness! I'm working better with c4d sigs but i decided once in a while to do a manga style sig just for the change. I tried to do smudge once but it was definitely not my style I'm expecting more from you too my friend! You are improving greatly as well!
  3. Thanks bro! I actually add many adjustments on that one and messed a bit the render but the result was good When you have free time go for it my friend! You will learn only by practicing yourself. Good luck and patience
  4. Have you tried tutorials? Usually they have step to step instructions on what to do
  5. Thanks for your kind words my friend! Also don't worry. I knew almost nothing but thanks to youtube videos, deviantart sig tutorials and practice i've learn a lot of stuff. If i did it then everyone can! Thanks my friend! I think my next signature will have as theme DBZ and hope it turns better than my previous sigs
  6. Thanks Demon, also congratz on winning the SOTM! ^__^ Best armor EVER! Hope the new ps4 game will have something even better, thanks my friend! You got my hyped again
  7. Thanks Floriiss!! It means a lot! Continue with your work as well! Providing requests isn't an easy job and you and Alexi are doing a really good job!
  8. Banner length fail . . . No one saw it, get it? *ahem* I finally decided to make a showcase of my work on photoshop cs6. First of all i want to thank all of the studio members because even if you don't know it you have all been a great inspiration for me and i believe that i've improved thanks to the sigs i've saw here and the crazy ideas you all made reality into a picture. So with no further due i present to you my signatures and avatars . . . .or not! Useless information (if you just want to see the sigs scroll down ): I was actually 'into photoshop' way before i join this site but to be honest i was just making signatures by merging images . . .that's it, literally, no effect use or anything else When i join this site, seeing the studio forum got me all crazy to work with photoshop and make at least something near as good as other users. I still want to make something even better but i have to admit that i really wasn't expecting to learn so much stuff. I make signatures of anime that i've watched ONLY, because it's the only way to give my 100% on a signature. I've tried to use a render unknown to me and despite it was really good no idea was coming in my head so . . . i increased the number of anime that i'm watching . . . it was the only sollution ^__^ Now at last to the good stuff . . . @[email protected] I have no idea what that gif is doing there . . . Signatures (from first to last) SPOILER FOR NON MANGA READERS OF ONE PIECE - PLEASE MOVE WITH CAUTION (red line = danger) I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Free to go One Piece fans Avatars The End First time that i see people cry from excitement only by watching some kickass, badass, amazing . . . *after 5 min* awesome pictures. Now i'll just say that if i make new signatures i'm going to show them in new posts on this thread. Also i have to apologize because due to summer job i barely have free time. I only have a day off and the job is really tiring so i'll try to make one new signature every week, hope i'll manage that Well hope you enjoy what you saw and thanks for coming here in the first place!
  9. Really tough choice this time! I went with 3, the effects got my attention more than the others but again, all the signatures are badass!
  10. chocolate owl flavor
  11. @[email protected] That's the most strange strawberry i've ever saw! *gets in the suit* Now it's even creepier . . . no offense Mark
  12. Strawberries got disgusted
  13. @[email protected] Banned for too much copying and repeating bans
  14. for no reason,
  15. Tha strawberry King is back!!!! *absolute silence* *disappointed voice* And now he leaves . . .