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  1. I can't load into my save. I just deleted the game data utility and reinstalled and i'm still having the same problem. Anyone have a fix to this? Could not find one for ps3 elsewhere.
  2. I looked all of these up while editing my post and these all look like great unique titles. How did you find all of these games? i'd never heard of any of them. Idk if I have the grit for this one.... maybe one day. It looks awesome so I can't say I never will. I've always wanted to plat an insanely time consuming JRPG but I think I should start off small, working on Persona, Dragon Quest, & Final Fantasy. (i'm not very acquainted with the genre yet, but everyone starts somewhere)
  3. @UncleRiley27 Yeah that one was pretty annoying, took my about 5 hours in one sitting.
  4. A Plague Tale was one i've been wanting to get as well. That game looks so cool I can't believe it's not more popular!!! It's funny you mentioned Hellblade with this game I believe the guy I watched that reviewed A Plague Tale talked about it during the review - Also just looked up Hellblade, it looks like such a great game. It seems like the average gamer is turned off by shorter games, but i'm definitely going to add that one to my list as well.
  5. Thank you for the response, I just checked out Styx it looks so underrated; I'd never heard of it before, however literally yesterday I bought Dishonored 2 from the store, I'll be playing it pretty soon after I finish the Witcher!
  6. This is a great layout for the topic, I really appreciate it! Just Cause 3 & Samurai Warriors 4 will definitely go to my backlog. Thanks man! Just added Steamworld Heist. Thanks!
  7. I was not aware that advanced warfare can be done offline. Lords of the Fallen has always sort of been on my radar but I never knew this was ultra rare - same thing with Arkham City. I always only saw the rarity on ps4 which was above the ultra rare threshold. Just looked up a trailer for Furi, game looks sick i'd never heard of it before now.
  8. Yes I absolutely would. There are numerous sports games on my profile that my friends used my account for as well as couch co ops that i've never even played. All games are hidden though it's quite frustrating. So many games added to my list that are unobtainable.
  9. Is the Yakuza Saga infamously difficult? I've not heard much about these games - also where would you recommend I start?
  10. I'm sure Thief will be my first ultra rare. I know i'd love this game. Dishonored was my favorite game back in the day I just thought all the stealth was sick haha. Evil Within sparks my interest as well. Never really played a game like it before.
  11. Vanquish is a title I haven't heard in a while. Definitely adding this one to my backlog.
  12. My internet is not that great anymore ever since I moved to the middle of nowhere so I need some solid titles (ps3/ps4) to plat offline. Also haven't received an ultra rare platinum yet and i'd like to go for it! Edit: To save you time, here is a list of all titles in alphabetical order with an ultra rare platinum achievable offline recommended in this topic as of 5/20/20: 0-9 3D Dot Game Heroes - 3.31% (PS3) A Alpha Protocol - 3.04% (PS3) Amnesia Collection - 3.83% (PS4) Android Assault Cactus - 2.52% (PS4) Axiom Verge - 4.72% (PS4/Vita) B The Banner Saga - 4.02% (PS4) Batman: Arkham City - 4.70% (PS3) The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth - 2.56% (PS4/Vita) Bleed - 1.04% (PS4) Bleed 2 - 1.65% (PS4) Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel - 4.15% (PS4) Bound - 0.63% (PS4) Butcher - 3.97% (PS4) C Catherine: Full Body - 3.15% (PS4) Cities: Skylines - 2.68% (PS4) Crypt of the NecroDancer - 0.06% (PS4/Vita) - Has one trophy you need internet for but not a strong or reliable connection. Only to connect for a daily challenge. D Dandara - 1.79% (PS4) Dark Cloud 2 - 3.92% (PS4) Darkest Dungeon - 1.95% (PS4/Vita) Dead Cells - 3.63% (PS4) Death Road to Canada - 1.26% (PS4) Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - 2.64% (PS4) Devil May Cry 5 - 3.34% (PS4) Divinity: Original Sin - 2.13% (PS4) Downwell - 1.94% (PS4/Vita) Dungeon Defenders - 4.03% (PS3) E Enter the Gungeon - 4.82% (PS4) The Escapists - 3.63% (PS4) The Evil Within - 3.94% (PS4) F Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise - 4.73% (PS4) The Flame in the Flood: Complete Edition - 1.96% (PS4) Flame Over - 0.76% (PS4) Furi - 1.56% (PS4) G GRID - 4.99% (PS4) H I Invisible, Inc - 0.40% (PS4) I Am Bread - 0.30% (PS4) J K Kingdom Come: Deliverance - 2.13% (PS4) L The Last Guardian - 3.33% (PS4) Lords of the Fallen - 4.30% (PS4) Lone Survivor - 4.80% (PS4) The Long Dark - 1.04% (PS4) Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime - 3.41% (PS4) M Marvel Ultimate Alliance - 3.52% (PS4) Medal of Honor Frontline - 3.28% (PS3) Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots - 4.40% (PS3) Metal Slug Anthology - 3.43% (PS4) Mighty No. 9 - 0.84% (PS4) Mirror's Edge - 2.99% (PS3) Mother Russia Bleeds - 2.43% (PS4) N O Outlast 2 - 1.46% (PS4) Overland - 2.33% (PS4) P Puppeteer - 4.34% (PS3) Q R Rad - 0.93% (PS4) - Has one trophy you need internet for but not a strong or reliable connection. Only to connect for a daily challenge. Rainbow Moon - 4.80% (PS3) Rain World - 2.15% (PS4) Rebel Galaxy - 3.49% (PS4) Resident Evil Revelations 2 - 3.34% (PS4) Rogue Legacy - 2.96% (PS4) S Samurai Warriors 4 - 4.81% (PS4) Shadow of the Colossus - 2.53% (PS3) Shoppe Keep - 2.40% (PS4) The Sims 3 - 3.54% (PS3) Slain: Back From Hell - 3.64% (PS4) Stardew Valley - 0.91% (PS4/Vita) Star Ocean: The Last Hope International - 0.90% (PS4) SteamWorld Heist - 1.71% (PS4) Super Cloudbuilt - 2.89% (PS4) Super Meat Boy - 0.20% (PS4/Vita) Super Time Force Ultra - 2.45% (PS4/Vita) Surgeon Simulator - 0.56% (PS4) T Terraria - 2.07% (PS4/PS3/Vita) Thief - 3.88% (PS4) Titan Souls - 1.88% (PS4) U Unravel Two - 1.74% (PS4) V Vanquish - 2.35% (PS3) Velocity 2x - 1.50% (PS4/Vita) W Wipeout Omega Collection - 1.58% (PS4) Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus - 0.77% (PS4) X Y Yakuza 0 - 3.63% (PS4) Yakuza Kiwami - 2.98% (PS4) Z Ziggurat - 2.65% (PS4) Zombi - 3.47% (PS4)
  13. Finally I got 100% completion after nearly 4 years. This game has so many ridiculous trophies and towards the end when you start the Community Challenge Pack, starts getting very tedious. These challenges make the Riddler trophies look like a joke and weren't really that fun to go for - completing the Predator challenge with only beat downs was just annoying. This game felt a little too long but it feels pretty nice to finally have everything completely done. One thing I really wish they could've added was a trophy for 240% completion, but only because I did it and I want something to show for besides just my batsuit. Oh well. Any deal breakers for the people going for 100% completion or plat? I mean going for 100% was exhausting, but .76% completion rate?
  14. Thanks for letting me know about this one, this is actually one of the games I have on my backlog.