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  1. Eh, it's less about the different platforms being an issue, rather than specific mechanics.. although our MNK told us to wait before jumping over after the second Ruby claw swipe for Brotherhood. It's super annoying to hit everyone on the SAME platform even when he does the Emerald Weapon spread mechanic second with Embolden on RDM, and in the second part of the fight you have to hold at certain times because he jumps so frequently and it feels awful lol.
  2. I feel you. It got to the point where I started watching theory videos about the Elder Scrolls series because of how tedious it was. I still have a few dragons to go, but I don't think I will farm Diamond Weapon's until the drop rate is buffed because that is torture lol. Still, gonna probably do it a few more times with some friends/my static for fun though. Really glad Diamond Weapon is a lot more fun than Emerald and Ruby, but playing 60/120 second jobs is painful as fuck in that fight lol.
  3. God damn dude, you're a monster with how fast you grinded out the 8,000 gathering collectibles lol, I'm losing my mind and I just hit 7,000 today Congratulations on being #1!
  4. You should definitely be able to do more than that pretty quickly even if you're pacing yourself, just watch a movie a day and play your BLM while doing it brainlessly.
  5. I'm sure most non-tank/healer classes can do it quickly too, if you already have a DPS at 80 and want to save the time of leveling MCH.
  6. I'm not understanding your question exactly; If you're asking this from a brand new player perspective, there is no point grinding this out early, because you'll have plenty of things to do which will rake up quite a bit of the duties required to get the other trophies in the list. If you're asking how long it takes to kill Ifrit with a MCH using Drill, it will probably kill him in one hit. Though you want a well-geared MCH for that. So probably a while since you'll need to play through the game.
  7. Yes you can. You can do things even faster than Cape Westwind. Ifrit Normal Mode Unsynced using Drill from MCH might be the fastest I can think of off the top of my head.
  8. Did you try turn in a piece of gear as an Expert Delivery? Multiple people have gotten the trophy by earning some seals.
  9. I've been doing Rarefied Bright Flax in Lakeland at Laxan Loft, but yeah, similarly to what the other guy said, it's really frustrating to throw this garbage out one by one.
  10. I'm in the same situation lol, but with Gathering collectibles. It's so annoying to delete 70 items at a time.
  11. It'll take way longer than the PS4's platinum for sure haha. I don't know how long ESO takes in comparison to this, but I can see this taking over 1,000 hours easily to get the 100%. If ESO is shorter, then yeah, this is the longest MMORPG platinum as of date.
  12. If you find the right raid group, and are willing to put the effort/time into doing it, as well as motivated to constantly improve how you play, it can be done. Trust me, I was in your position at a point too and thought the same way, but I've cleared everything this game has to offer now.
  13. You can already play previous raids in unsynced mode, and yes, you will be able to play Shadowbringers' raids in unsynced mode at the beginning of next expansion, where the level cap will be 90. However there comes two problems: 1) There will be new trophies for Endwalker, as specified by a Q&A Blog, presumably they will release Normal and Savage mode raid trophies, which you will not be able to unsync as they will be current content. They might also release one for the Dragonsong War ultimate coming out. Who knows? 2) There is a stat squish coming out in 6.0 in order to preserve the longevity of the game, and they have already openly said unsyncing things will not be as simple as it currently stands.
  14. Someone posted it in the other thread in the PS4 version. As soon as you enter a duty with a level 80 class, you will get all the DoW/DoM level 80 trophies. Craft once/gather once for the DoH/DoL ones. You only need to earn some Grand Company seals for the Captain rank one.
  15. The trophy list is completely different to the PS3/4 one.