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  1. To everyone attempting this - YMMV, this was the first thing I did before making this thread, and had zero luck on doing so, while doing it on different accounts every day for about a week.
  2. Yeah. We lost an hour simply trying to connect to each other once. Having everyone in the group NOT have the DLC installed definitely helps. We never had that issue again when we agreed on that.
  3. I think it's worth it if you're going to play long term, since you'll get the rest of the DLC with it too as a season pass. It will definitely be post game content since it lines up with the post game story, on top of the fact that the item levels of the missions start at 200 as a baseline. Hard was definitely something to get used to at first, but it is, IMO, the best way to play the game. Hope you're having fun with the challenge, the DLC will surmount that challenge further.
  4. About 10, give or take a few, is correct yeah. I took a bit under 10 since I started boosting at roughly level 20, since I got to that level 10ish years ago. The hassle is definitely coordinating for a common time between 6 people.
  5. When I try to download the free DLC packs from the HK Store, I keep running into an error during the download and installation process and am unable to do so as a result. Has anyone else experienced this, and is there a workaround?
  6. King's Challenge doesn't count. Go back to Isle I, II and III and beat up some bosses on simple and it will pop.
  7. Hmm okay, good to know, thanks
  8. Not sure what to think - from what I've gathered in this thread, that it's only 7 and flying levels didn't count? But you have a flying level in yours too. Interesting.
  9. Based, even 1 HP is a good boost in itself. Thanks!
  10. For Paladin, has anyone used the Djimmi trick to get the extra health?
  11. What worked for me is to get two hearts from King Dice. So in my case, boss 3, and boss 4 had hearts. I rolled a 3 and beat the cigarette without taking any damage, and then rolled a two to go to boss 4. I got the trophy while going into the battle, since you get the heart before you actually start fighting. Obviously, this is after the Djimmi "cheat" and with the Twin Heart charm. Hope this helps.
  12. I've done the Twin Heart Charm -> Spin thing and entered a Regular/Simple difficulty level like four times, and it still hasn't unlocked, despite the fact I have 9 hearts. Am I missing something?
  13. You can always delete the game and reinstall it without the DLC.
  14. Bruh how is it that My Name is Mayo 3 is the game that knocked Elden Ring down to #2
  15. The people who have 91% completion have reviewer copies. The person you are replying to is one of them.