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  1. My favourite class is Samurai, I love how tanky I am and how much survivability I had even soloing entire points on survival with Spirit Pull + Blessed Strikes from the Samurai Charm.
  2. What server are you on? Likewise to @grizflips, if you're on Aether I can help you out sometime, free of charge if you want this trophy.
  3. Only if you equip the technique that allows you to use two.
  4. But why?...
  5. It is incredibly easy to get this trophy now. Anyone who is actually playing this game can easily boost you by just unsyncing Twintania. It is a level 50 fight. The max level is now 80. If you don't know anyone who can boost you, I'm sure someone can help you if you put up a PF.
  6. Rerolling stats/abilities on your gear requires all three currencies
  7. This is a truly dogshit move from Sony. Navigating the PS3 store on a PS3 is such a laggy, abhorrent mess, let alone the VITA. Why anyone at Sony would greenlight this absolute garbage idea is beyond me.
  8. The first person who got the platinum, BladeBlur, is a QA tester working for Toys For Bob.
  9. Someone on PSN has achieved the 106% ending supposedly. I wonder what the requirements are, because the linked guide says the game will be closer to a 10/10 if you have to get the purple developer time trial relics. Although, the platinum relics is still unobtained, so it leads me to believe that the developer relics are not required?, Also, the 100% ending trophy remains unobtained, so it's really bizarre.
  10. I have no idea how much you have access to, since idk if you're on free trial or not, but there's two quick respawning fates right next to each other in Outer La Noscea, in the U'Ghammaro Mines. Additionally, you have flying in A Realm Reborn areas now, making it faster. If you have access to Blue Mage, and a bunch of the skills on it, most notably Missile, you can grind out a lot of fates really quickly due to the availability of their full kit regardless of level sync, and a lot of Boss Fates in A Realm Reborn are susceptible to Missile. If you're doing it right now, I would suggest combining it with the Yokai Watch event if you want some event cosmetics. Regardless of what method you take, if you're grinding Fates out solely for the trophy, it's going to be slow-ish.
  11. Oh, when I meant a tanky melee, I meant a Might build. Like I have not even speced a single point in Finesse or Sorcery (I believe there's a trophy for that, but I don't recall). If I can get + dmg% on my gear or weapons, I always opt for that, if I cannot get that, I try for crit chance, but both seem limited as stats, so I have a shitload of resistance in my gear. Even trolls, I was able to kill in a few hits with crits, but more than other enemies since they have actual resistances to every single element and physical by the seem of things, although trolls, along with Jotuns were incredibly annoying to kill without Relentless Assault, because of the chain CC.
  12. I'm genuinely surprised you're finding it difficult, I havent played more than an hour on the PS3 version, but I'm finding the ps4 version astoundingly easy. The only time I died was when I was trying to unlock the trophy for beating someone higher level than you at the start of the game in the jail. I just rolled a tanky melee build, and used blacksmith to craft all my gear and weapons, and haven't even upgraded my armor in like 10 levels, and I still barely take damage even on Hard, and kill things in a few hits with 2-5k crits. Are you higher than level 34? I'm lvl 34 and I just got the ability to explore Men Senshir, and I'm lowkey wondering now if theres like a huge difficulty spike in the last few missions after reading this.
  13. I can't say I recall much about that fight sequence on the balloon, sorry, so I don't have much input there. As for jumping around, mainly watch out if people pick up guns (I don't recall if there even is any in that AR mission), and watch out for the stun baton guys. If your streak is ending, then you're probably whiffing attacks into the air, or onto something like a shield after dodging. You'll get it with a bit of practice.
  14. Absolution: It's not hard, even less so because you have DLC. I'm pretty sure a good chunk of difficulty was cut from just having the Scarecrow DLC around launch, let alone everything else you get in the season pass. Brutality 101: It can take a bit of practice, but in response to your point, I never played more than 10 minutes of Arkham City before I played Arkham Knight, and I did this trophy in an hour and a bit. Do it on the Batman & Nightwing AR mission. Remember that jumping/dodging over an enemy will not break your combo. This gives you time to think what to do next. I'd suggest starting with the environmental takedown because it's finicky, but you don't have to, that's up to you. The Long Halloween: I don't recall having a whole lot of difficulty completing this mode, but it has been a really long time since I have completed it. I'm sure you would be able to as well with some time. The checkpoints were pretty forgiving, and I recall there were guides to cheese that pitifully awful cloudburst tank fight.