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  1. I thought about KoiHime as soon as I read the title too haha. You are right though, I feel like its because very little people even know of it's existence.
  2. I played it on PS4 friendo. I have a physical copy however, and played the game unpatched because the latest patch fixed the Marnie's Farm/naming bug, and I didn't want to waste my time manually finishing the museum or grinding out money for Legend. It'd be really interesting if they changed JOPTK so you couldn't finish off the final boss with a machine gun/sheriff badge before it can do anything. If they did, Fector's Challenge is a lot harder now IMO.
  3. Thanks for that homie
  4. Did you have Default Stats off for the Data Org too? Kinda curious, what kind of points did you get through the story instead of the 5k/10k by having Default Stats off? Because Default Stats is genuinely awful.
  5. This is true, but you can avoid the attack of him stealing it.
  6. Hold on, you have to do data battles with these on penalties on? Yikes.
  7. Ugh. I am not looking forward to playing boring worlds like Frozen again. Do you have to play on Critical? Or can you play on Beginner?
  8. There are trophies that require NG+?
  9. Huh, so there is DLC trophies. Really weird that they weren't leaked to here prior to release.
  10. Mm I wouldn't say the controls are wonky, but it definitely has a huge reliance on RNG, especially on the last three stages, on powerups to survive, and potentially being able to cheese the last boss with a sheriff badge or a machine gun. It is definitely difficult, and it is definitely frustrating, but once you can finish Prairie King consistently, you'll be able to recognize good runs and bad runs early and just reset, as well as have no trouble until 3-2/3-3. It will just become a matter of time at that point. I think you should try again, perhaps in shorter bursts to avoid tilting. Maybe practice a bit a day. One thing about recognizing good/bad runs... If you're unable to get at least 1 damage and 1 weapon speed upgrade by the end of world 1, it's probably better to just reset. Likewise if you're going into world 3 without 2 damage upgrades. Good luck, if you do end up getting back to it in the end.
  11. No thanks. Just spend some time practicing and you'll get it down.
  12. I don't think so.
  13. Sorry for the thread necro, but you can play the game on the very first day, without earning any other trophies beforehand too. I just did that after practicing on the Steam version for a while.
  14. You only need to carry one set of Gathering/Crafting gear, with the exception of main/offhands. Class specific gear is pretty unnecessary, and at max level, it’s detrimental to carry unique to class gear for different crafters and gatherers because you cannot pentameld it. Scrips can be tedious, but you can get by pretty easily by doing the weekly turnins for scrips. They are fast to do, and good for leveling, as you can get decent gear to get by as well, as well as materia/crafting mats for higher level crafts. Well, there’s still timegated nodes in the game. Distances shouldn’t be an issue with Aetherytes and Flying Mounts. There are now (3rd party) sites that can notify you when and where nodes are up. Crafting is still probably the most efficient way to make money in the game (except I guess marketboard flipping... but very little people can make money super fast that way). Speaking anecdotally, I did not have much Gil at all until I started crafting. Now I can afford anything I want. I mainly crafted end game gear, end game raid food, and end game potions, as well as furniture. New gear should not be obsolete in two weeks unless you are getting gear at the absolute tail end of a patch. There’s optimised sets of gear that can last you for the current, and the next patch now. But after that you will need to upgrade. With all that being said, crafting has gotten significantly easier with the changes I elaborated with in my previous post as well.
  15. Do you mind elaborating why you think that the crafting systems are changed for the worse? With the removal of cross-class skills for crafting, and the humongous boost in experience gained through Turnins, Leves, as well as the Ishgard Restoration, it made crafting not only easy to get into, but much easier to utilize as well.