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  1. I found some in 96-98 in Chocobo's Memories before I had to reload my file because I kept losing to Shinryu. Same with Light Talon. EDIT: Didn't see this was answered already, MB.
  2. Man, Ice Talon seems like a hassle to get. I regret throwing it away before knowing about ALL brand now... :/
  3. On a side note - trying to make an all brand for my Talon, where do you get an Ice Talon? I saw an old guide that mentioned Guardian of the Dark, but I couldn’t seem to find it there. =/ Also where would you get Ribbon Collar?
  4. Basically this. I only had 400 because I did it on 4 random Crownguard enemies. Holding down forward and spamming O and dodge should let you use the combo where your blades spin like a chakram, and that rakes up hits really quickly while doing mediocre damage.
  5. For anyone curious; these were my stats for when I cleared Return of the Founder King While being the most time consuming of the score challenge trophies, it is by far the easiest of them all. Overall, Episode Ardyn was a lot more fun than any of the others, because playing Ardyn didn’t feel anywhere near as clunky as playing Gladio, Prompto or Ignis, and the collectables are not as annoying to get.
  6. In the West, I believe so.
  7. This looks extremely grindy between getting all the buddies/monsters and maxing every job.
  8. FFXIII-2 at 6 years and 1 month. I legitimately liked the game too, but I just couldn't be bothered doing that Serendipity gambling shit for that fragment. Brother ended up having more luck at it when I randomly dusted out the game one day, and got it for me quickly. Platinumed it soon after.
  9. You should have enough by the time you unlock it, since you can just save and PS+ backup your file, buy a trophy, and reload it without losing currency and buy more trophies.
  10. Thanks, I ended up getting it last night, did it before upgrading Aurnion to it's max state. I just ended up redoing every secret mission in the game and it seemed to have fixed itself.
  11. Hi, So with Yuri’s True Knight title, I understood that you simply must complete all the secret mission bonuses, and then sleep at Aurnion correct? Does it require Aurnion to be fully rebuilt, or is that irrelevant? Because I finished all the secret mission bonuses and received no scene when I slept at Aurnion. Thanks!
  12. While I didn't purchase it myself, I played through Ether One (was a previous free PS+ game) just for the trophies to be able to make it in time to make Dark Souls 3 my 50th Plat milestone, and holy fuck, it's not only the worst game I've played with trophies, but I personally believe it's the worst game I've played in my entire life. I'm pretty sure I didn't even finish it to see the ending, since I could get the platinum before finishing the game, even though I believe the ending was maybe 15-20 mins away. It made my physically ill to play this piece of garbage. Save yourself the trouble, and never play this terrible excuse of a game. Literally zero positive qualities about it.
  13. IIRC it counted as multiple. So if you did Chocochick and it's evolutions, it would count as 1, and then swap to Black Chocochick, and did all it's evolutions, it counted as another.
  14. Can I sign up for this ? I have all the Platinums and 100%'s so far except PS4 BBS, and PS4 CoM.
  15. Really Square Enix? Fucking really?????? Goddamit lol