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  1. The people who have 91% completion have reviewer copies. The person you are replying to is one of them.
  2. That's good to know
  3. I'm not sure tbh. Try a beast tribe quest.
  4. No, you will need to do only one more of the action to get the trophy, as the trophies are tied to in game achievements. i.e. Kill 1 mob, gather 1 rock, gather 1 collectible, and so on. To get the story trophies, you just finish any sidequest and you'll get them. The problematic one will likely be the Triple Triad card trophy in Endwalker, assuming you have every single card. I don't know what you'd have to do to unlock that one, unless you just have to wait until next patch. You'll have to redo the final turn of Savage and Normal modes, redo all the alliance raids, and redo the Chi and Daivadipa fates in Endwalker for their respective trophies.
  5. I'd imagine this holds true only for their current contractual obligations - similarly to how they have fulfilled their contractual obligations to Sony with Bethesda, and then everything beyond was announced exclusive for Xbox and PC. I bet that it will be exclusive to Xbox and PC after the next three games.
  6. - As soon as you earn any form of exp you'll get the trophy for max level for the category, whether it's DoM/W, DoH, or DoL. - Turn in a piece of gear as an expert delivery for seals if you've met the Grand Company rank requirements and you'll get the trophy.
  7. No NG+. The missables are the difficulty trophies, and the beastiary, because there's a dialogue choice at the top of the Mom and Dad's shop at the warehouse entrance, where someone will shake you down trying to rob you, and you have to fight them, because it is one or two of the only locations in the game to get the entry for Pickpocket in your beastiary.
  8. I'm pretty sure the fight with that girl is optional, regardless if you have done all the quests, since I recall there being a dialogue option to deal with it diplomatically, and another to fight her. But sadly, between those two being missed, I think you might be outta luck.
  9. I think the girl outside the Mom and Pop shop, for the debt collection mission is also a Pickpocket if you fail the dialogue.
  10. Huh, some of your story trophies are borked too, since you don't have the trophy for Meeting Maokai, Ahri, or cleansing Grey Harbor but you've already restored Maokai. I wonder what caused this - since you seem to be the first case of really bugged trophies.
  11. AC3 Freedom Edition Borderlands 3 The DLC For Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4
  12. I found Vesperia pretty enjoyable to play, as someone who only played Xillia prior to playing it. Honestly, I expect nothing from Tales of stories, as they always seem cliché and mediocre for the most part, but I do like the character dynamic in Vesperia, especially with the moral ambiguity of Yuri, and the contrast with him and Flynn. I'd say just give it a go, and play it if you like it, drop it if you don't.
  13. I'm not entirely sure what you mean by the last section, but, I would recommend you just play your 100% file to the end of the Re:Mind story additions first. Even on Expert, it's not very difficult, and you'll pick up the old controls pretty quickly, as well as the numerous changes that were added through patches/Re:Mind to the regular game. You'd want to do this so you don't have to do the tedious and menial things, such as collecting Ultima Weapon again, and you can carry all your stuff to the Data Fights and the secret boss. This is before considering the fact that you will need to play through the game again to do the Pro Code Rank trophy, in which you'll want to play through the game on Beginner and turn on all the Pro Codes for certain boss fights. The guide on this site has a thorough explanation on this, stating which fights give points, as well as a breakdown of all the points you get from the fights.
  14. Interesting.. Hovering over the 99 HC character trophy shows that someone on PSN already has it on the PS5 edition. I wonder how.
  15. This game looks like absolute trash. I've said it before when they released some cheap hentai games, but the PSN store is really becoming as bad as the Steam store.