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  1. Damn, it's been a while since I posted this, I'm glad it helped you all these years later, congratulations!
  2. Where did you get this information? The total fish caught, trees chopped, ores mined, and items crafted are tied to in-game achievements, and trophies are linked accordingly. It does not make sense that it does not count expansion areas. As far as I know, I know someone who I play with regularly, who got the trophy for Leatherworker in the Firmament with a craft regarding Ishgard Restoration so I don't really think it matters if you do expansion crafts or not.
  3. I think you can still salvage your WT by finding a friend to help you by invading you and letting you kill them. It should be fine that Ostrava is dead, as long as your CT didn't get affected and as long as you get the Mausoleum Key from his corpse to fight Old King Doran.
  4. See? Not so impossible. Congratulations my dude. I'm a little surprised you had trouble with Rufus with Gotterdamerung though, since you can just Limit Break the dog to instantly kill him, and Braver Rufus when he's reloading and Limit Break to end the fight. Regardless, you're done. 🙂
  5. I did the same, keep your pure white character tendency and finish 1-1 and you can get the Ally Ring immediately. Afterwards, I assume you're still needing spells and miracles, so you can follow what I said on the other thread to get the Foe's Ring after you get your Ally Ring at the beginning of NG+.
  6. Now that you have Gotterdamerung, you're good to go now. You'll have a lot less trouble with hard mode now. Get yo platinum.
  7. If you haven't bought any of the spells/miracles for Demon Souls yet, finish 1-3, 2-3, 3-3, 4-1, and 5-3 so that you've got all your souls required and access to all the NPCs required to get the spells trophies. Save Freke, and Yuria, Urbain. Optionally, you can save Biorr too. Save your file to PS+, buy all the miracles, reload your save from PS+, buy all the spells. Go kill five friendly NPC to go from Pure White CT, to Pure Black CT. I killed the blue guy sitting in front of Boletaria Archstone, the Filthy Man in 2-1/2-2, Graverobber Bilge in 4-1, Once Royal Mistress in 3-1, and the Filthy Woman in 5-1/5-2. After this, go kill Yurt in 3-2. You can kill Yurt first if you'd like, it doesn't matter. With this, Mephistopheles will appear, and you'll be able to do her questline freely as you've completed your need for the NPCs.
  8. I'm pretty terrible at the game admittedly, and I platinumed it, I'm sure you can too. I second the advice given about getting Gotterdamerung if you're having trouble. You will only have to beat Bahamut. I strongly suggest leveling up 1-2 Barrier Materia at least for Manawalling Megaflare, Revive on everyone, and equip Elemental-Ice on your armour for Tifa, as this helps for Shiva and Elemental-Fire on your armor for Cloud, as it helps with Ifrit, and the Pride and Joy Prototype. You also want to equip Headbands on everyone so you don't get sleep spammed for days at Shiva. Make sure you have Curaga on at least 2 people, if not everyone. Keep Magnify on Aerith so she can group Curaga. Keep Tifa as your active during Shiva, as she has Elemental Ice, and go to town on her. Keep Cloud as your active during Ifrit + Bahamut so that the Elemental Fire can mitigate the damage from Ifrit completely. Keep Cloud active during Pride and Joy as well because you can freely run through the fire he spits on the floor with Elemental Fire. Use your limit breaks on Bahamut. That's about all the advice I can give for setups off the top of my head as it has been a while.
  9. Those three have literally no effect on your character tendency. The only black phantoms that do are the ones that appear in Pure Black World Tendency, being the black phantom versions of Miralda, Scirvir, Rydell, Satsuki, and Selen. If you have two other friends with the game you could theoretically fix it by joining one friend's world as a blue phantom, and having the second friend invade the first friend's world and you kill their black phantom. EDIT: I'm an idiot, and overcomplicated it, but you can probably do this with just one other person spam invading you too, and letting you kill them. You might want to try with boosting sessions, if you don't have friends to privately boost with. It might work out.
  10. Not to my knowledge. Are you 100% certain it's the Providential Ring that you have duplicates for? I second @NathanielJohn, if it would be okay, could you post a screenshot? As there is no one with a duplicate of the ring, if this is true, the souls community is going to hunt this LOL.
  11. To be fair, at this point, I would be very surprised if there actually is a way to get it without the starting gift. There's been a ton of investigation of multiple different areas with glitches and clipping through walls and such, and it seems like there really isn't any real way. Even something as convoluted as opening that door with ceramic coins in fractured mode has been found. I'm sure that it would've been found by now if it was possible.
  12. No, it's world tendency that gets affected as well.
  13. Absolutely not. You will need them for spells/weapons later.
  14. Adding to this, Axis Mundi was actually possible to complete solo on the JP version, whereas it was not realistically in the NA/EU version.
  15. Cheers!