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  1. Absolute diamond. Thanks!
  2. Ello.. I have the EU version on my list, needed to re purchase the game but.. Does anyone know if there's a way of definitively checking the region before I put in the disc and end up with a duplicate on my trophy list?
  3. Thank you kindly, good sir!
  4. Basically, is the storyteller trophy tied to the 100%? I want to start NG+ but do I need to do that trophy beforehand and then do it again on NG+ or just once, after I've done everything else? I just want to start and finish NG+ preferably before I start messing about with the PS3 date.. Any help is appreciated!
  5. If you plan to platinum it, I'd suggest putting aside a good 6 months.. Most of the homestead missions are basically walk from point A to point B over 10 minutes, then press Circle when you get there... And as if their obsession with collectibles wasn't enough, they thought it was a good idea to now make you chase the almanac pages. I do like the game but there's no denying it's 75% padding.
  6. Is there any possible way to edit trophy milestones?..

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    2. Myu


      Nope, not at the moment.

    3. My_Name_Is_Age


      I've got 2 Assassins Creed 2 trophies on there.. Sending my OCD crackers. 

    4. nenugalimas


      You can do what @Bubblyfishes suggested or you could earn some trophies with missing timestamps. Missing timestamp trophies will be registered as some of your first trophies, pushing down all your trophies. 

  7. Over 7 hours with item discovery at 350 & not one vertebra shackle. I have 22 to collect so... Nah, I'm good for the Dark Souls 3 Plat thanks. 

    1. Dennis-nine-five


      Indeed and I pulled me through there. I needed like a whole day to get all with max. discovery and using the increasing discovery coins. Vertebra shackle are the worst from all items to get there...

    2. My_Name_Is_Age


      It's so disheartening after spending so long enjoying the game. 

  8. I saved Chloe. The logic being that messing with time caused the problem in the first place so travelling through time again to allow her to die wouldn't of helped and the town was doomed anyway. At least this way, we saw the carnage together. Great game. Really enjoyed it.
  9. OK, I know for Uncontrollable in Beyond Two Souls you can't jump around chapters but I choked the woman in the experiment, so could I just miss that and start at the embassy & play til the dinner?

    1. Hemiak


      If you did that already you should be good to start at the next part, since that decision is already saved.

  10. Yes, it's not really a game in the traditional sense but knowing it's a David Cage game, why expect more than what he knows?! It does annoy me people giving him so much shit when Telltale do it all the time,but that's accepted?.. Personally, although a bit odd paced at times, I loved it. Top performances from Ellen Page & Willem Dafoe. Seeing the PS4 version in 1080p though, I'd recommend that over the PS3 version.
  11. I actually came here hoping for the exact answer above. Kushty.
  12. Plat 45: Dishonoured. Can't wait for 2!

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    2. Lilac


      'Grats. & Same, it needs to hurry up already.

    3. DamagingRob
    4. My_Name_Is_Age


      Thanks! Man, that was fun. May as well play the DLC to tide me over.

  13. Played Dishonoured before but recently got the GOTY edition on PS3. Now when I insert disc it's asking to partition to install. Why would it do this? Never seen it before & concerned I might end up with 2 Dishonoured's on my trophies.

    1. DamagingRob


      It may have to install the DLC. Or that version of the game. But there's only 1 list for PS3, so you shouldn't end up with another trophy list.

    2. My_Name_Is_Age
  14. Splinter Cell blacklist.. Does the prologue count for perfectionist run as I can't see the mission to replay so I'm assuming not but just to be sure.

  15. Tomb Raider solo boosting(Beach-Rescue).. How long to get from level 43 to 60?

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    2. My_Name_Is_Age


      ^ thanks for the tip! I'll certainly be putting it to use!

    3. PlanetSurvival


      You're welcome! I hope it proves useful. :)

    4. skateak


      I am going to check it out too. I got the plat on PS3 a few years ago and I got the PS4 version for cheap so I am going for the double plat.