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  1. Update: Doing all three backyard sports game modes in one session worked! For anyone seeing this in the future, make sure to do all three of them without backing out to the menu. Thanks so much!
  2. Did the second page, that's the one the sports game is on. Like I said, I got the in-game notification that I got all the high scores, as well as the keyblade. I don't know that I did all three in a single match though, I could give that a shot.
  3. Definitely done all three. It's probably worth noting that I didn't get the trophy for getting a high score until I took a break from the game and came back, so roughly my 10th classic kingdom minigame.
  4. Has anyone else run into this? I got the notice in-game that I got all of the high scores, I got the keyblade, but no trophy. Any insight to this would be helpful. Thanks!
  5. How about the Marsh, I think it is? The one where it introduces the tetris-type shapes in the grid. I made it through a few of the puzzles, but I'm stuck on one now and I'm not sure I understand the rules governing this type of puzzle.