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  1. lvl1-lvl11: patrol (farm bosses, civilians) lvl11: heroic and super heroic trials Beat the story on super heroic while complete all treasure and boss rooms. --- ONLY NEED TO DO THIS WITH ONE HERO After story: operations (14), legendary quests (50) ---- ONLY NEED TO DO THIS WITH ONE HERO Grind to lvl60 in patrol/story/etc. if needed lvl60: DONT PRESTIGE Next hero! Repeat 4 more times. With the other heroes, speedrun the story (only beat bosses) for a lot of XP. With your favorite/easiest hero do the cosmic (and omega) trial. Prestige the hero and buy and equip a legendary arifact. (costs: 25 or 300 legendary marks) Grind to lvl 60 >>> change to cosmic/omega difficulty. Grind to max out the legendary artifact. Grind money if you dont have the "loot 1,000,000 money" trophy. Prestige the hero second time. Upgrade all vendors to level 10 with the donate option. DONT sell/donate relics, you need 100 of the same type. Always pick up the money and green orbs (xp). Use xp, loot, storage, iventory, whatever boosters to speed up the process. Buy boxes (if needed) for legendary marks and relics. (You need 25+100 or 300+100 legendary mark. and 100 relic of the same type.)
  2. New content for PAYDAY 2: Crimewave Edition is out now on Xbox One and on PlayStation 4 in Europe on November 24th and US on November 28th, including Sangres, Scarface and more! trailer more info more more
  3. The Master Plan Earlier Twitter post
  4. Same thing here.
  5. I know. Check the times for the other DLC trophies.
  6. Any chance to explain how to reach Infamy XXV from Infamy X in 2 seconds, like you did? lol
  7. If you did all (non-dlc/event) heists and no trophies, try Lab Rats first! That was the solution for me and my friend too.
  8. Did a heist on hard, and both trophies for hard and very hard popped. Did a heist again on overkill, but still no trophy for it. Edit: Got the OVK trophy after did Lab Rats on overkill. Never did Lab Rats hard or very hard, so its strange. EDIT 2: Did my last heist on DW, but no trophy. Then did Lab Rats on DW and got DW trophy.
  9. Ultimate Edition is PC only. A new DLC pack ,"The Most Wanted Bundle" coming in tomorrow. No.
  10. Same here. Still no "A Reservist", but got "For Honor!".
  11. "A Reservist" maybe bugged too. Round 5 just started, but no trophy after deployed 4 assets.
  12. Just got the trophy!
  13. Next kingdom is SIlverglade, left to Maugrim Woods