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  1. Next competition is up ! LOL
  2. Gems of War
  3. No, continue playing with this!
  4. patch notes
  5. After the end of the competition?! (july 4th)
  6. "The content of this update is mainly Duke, Alaskan Deal, Cursed Room and Safehouse Nightmare. Also a first iteration on the PS4 Voice chat and some minor features/fixes/balance changes." source
  7. It's a gleam thing, with just one prize.
  8. Allen: #14 Jack: (in the corner) jHP - cHP xx dash staright xx 2qcf+P xx 2qcb+K xx 2qcb+P - jHK
  9. Retro Gamer Arcade Game Series: Dig Dug
  10. inFAMOUS 2 Platinum Trophy inFamous 2
  11. Platinum Killzone: Mercenary
  12. Check the another thread. But... Allen trial #13
  13. Allen #13 for both.
  14. Garuda (in the corner) 2qcf+P xx 2qcb+P xx 2qcf+P