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  1. PlayStation®5 bonus game Hunter's Arena: Legends* Sharpen your fighting skills and attempt to survive in Hunter's Arena: Legends, a fast-paced slug-fest featuring extreme close-range combat in intense 1v1 matches and battle royale modes. Find out more *PS5 console only. Benefit not applicable for Hunter's Arena: Legends on PS4.
  2. Why? sadface
  3. 26 / weapon tpye: 1 starter + 5 without any suffix (ST, RF, QR, XO, AC)+ 5*4 with suffix (/A, /P, /B, /D)
  4. digital version: $25
  5. All Supergiant Games games
  6. Maybe at E3/Ubisoft Forward?!
  7. FYI: Beta is already live on PC. So next event/patch/trophy coming in ~4weeks