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  1. Bullring maybe the hardest, School 2 is not that hard, but soooooo long. Skate Heaven one of the easiest. You only need one tip for balancing: d-pad
  2. Just go adventure mode, and re-roll until you find the mission.
  3. Just did my last get there, only the level 100 trophy left. Currently 69,5 with 363/714 challenges. But I'm not a good player, platinum scores and speed runs are hard to for me, so. 30 more looooong level to go. @Ducktardy Nice one!
  4. Link to the Deal (PS Store) DOTW - Resident Evil 3 Sorry, I can't make fancy listings or anything, but it's started 10+ hours ago, and no post yet... I'm just a messenger, don't hate me ^^
  5. I just want reply with the same tactic, but You figured out already, nice! Yeah I did the same and worked on 2nd try. BTW where is the "portal gap" and "big fat portal" gaps?
  6. Same here.
  7. You can use ps-timetracker.
  8. GH3 and GT5 Prologue
  9. I'm here just show some love for fighting games! SFV is a good game, give it a try if you love fighting games. If You a hardcore SF fan... yeah IV was better, but V is ok too.
  10. Hidden Gems Deal of the Week - A Way Out
  11. Sadly it's a common problem.
  12. DLC is live.
  13. I think the end date is 09/03, not 09/01 Official PS Blog EU link - blog says: "goes live in the afternoon" US link - blog says: "goes live in the evening" note: check e.g.: my region and the UK already updated there
  14. Addressed issues related to recording and saving clips. Addressed replay saving errors, Fixed gear menu issues Addressed various challenges related issues. Fixed game crashing issues. Fixed framerate drop and lag issues. Added gameplay optimizations to the game. Added performance and stability improvements. Various under the hood fixes