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  1. New games added to the sale.
  2. Hard+ endless, suicide afer the first boss wave, repeat. If there is a x2 XP event, the bonus only works in online mode, but you can set-up a private match, so you can play alone.
  3. PS Store link is live now: January Sale PS psprices link to the sale (UK)
  4. I used a basic tank "day1" samurai/strong build to clear wise dlc2 and i'm not a good player. No special or OP builds needed to clear the game/dlc on demon.
  5. Maybe already known, but the shrine trophy obtainable, however the Shrine function not live until next week. Thanks @CovertMuffin123 @peffsi
  6. Generic Nioh2 DLC list again. (no spoilers)
  7. PCC and custom games works too! BTW: The bounty trophy was glitched too, but now it's fixed! from discord: GOT the "Bounty Hunter" trophy! Long story short: You need to play 50 games (with 1 bounty atleast ofc) because you "collect the bounties" on the results screen, after the game ends. So the req. is not "eliminate 50 players in bounty game modes" or "eliminate players 50 times/with hands". I eliminated 120+ players with 70+ hands, since the patch, but these doesn't trigger the trophy. So the trophy is now obtainable, thanks for the fix! BTW: I still tink the "Keep Your Heads Up" trophy glitched. No way I'm not played 100 h2h games already since day1. Just today I played 31 already. And I played A LOT of "mano a mano" in PCC too for testing/farming the trophy since release. I know a severeal players have the trophy/achievement across all platforms, but something wrong (atleast with my game). Please trophy/achievement hunters, test it, thanks! And as always, sorry for my english!
  8. Upcoming trophies in this weeks patch: One Time at Warband Camp… - Unlock a Warband My Time to Shrine - Fill a Shrine completely Well, I’m Very Happy For You - Reach 40,000 Total Underworld Renown source (site is broken sometimes, not jumping to the correct posts)
  9. The "Poker Showdown" is glitched too. Solution: I started another finale, and the tophy unlocked when the first hand started! I contacted the only player who have this trophy before and he had the same problem and solution. @m-_-m_A-K-Q-J-10
  10. 1st place for the last PCC event: 20.52m
  11. Thx @NathanielJohn
  12. This trophy glitched me too, but popped on 2nd try. (same with some other ones)
  13. One of the worst game I ever played.