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  1. Yes, HoE (max. diff.) is doable in solo too. But You maybe need a friend to boost the VS trophies.
  2. Thanks! Still no idea about the siblings. Maybe did it yesterday without noticed!? Hope players find it shortly to confirm.
  3. Got the trophy! You need to bury the captain of your ship. Location: West from Yahata Lighthouse, South from the monkey sanctuary on Raider"s Promontory (on the shore ofc)
  4. Just did again the specific Legends mission, and I got the mask from Uta.
  5. I see, but I completed already last year.
  6. No. I need to speak with Gyozen, but I can't, only option is to enter Legends mode.
  7. I only can speak with her, no other options.
  8. I found a few, but stiil need the trophy. bee-guy: Old Gambler's Wood, near the deer sanctuary Kodama: just north from Senjo Gorge rescue: Buddha's Footprints (maybe at the middle lake) I don't know the random (?) "ambush with a prisoner" quests are required, but sometimes raiders help you, then you can speak with the leader. edit: maybe Uta's "quest" in Yahata Forest is an unwritten tale too, but dunno how to complete it.
  9. Mid-screen: You can use all three versions of the EX Fuhajin (LK+MK, LK+HK, MK+HK) Corner: only LK+HK and MK+HK versions works
  10. Trophy #164 was my first platinum. LBP - PS3
  11. PlayStation®5 bonus game Hunter's Arena: Legends* Sharpen your fighting skills and attempt to survive in Hunter's Arena: Legends, a fast-paced slug-fest featuring extreme close-range combat in intense 1v1 matches and battle royale modes. Find out more *PS5 console only. Benefit not applicable for Hunter's Arena: Legends on PS4.