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  1. People definitely need an outlet. I've just taken it too far, unfortunately turning it into a source of anxiety instead. As embarrassing as talking about this is, I don't regret it. I'm hardly planning to drag this on much further, but I do think it's healthy to have these kind of topics every now and then if only for the sole reason to show that there's a potential downside to this hobby. I vividly remember making lists in alphabetical order of completed NES and SNES games as a kid, and much of that kind of behaviour is well and alive to this day - nothing that helps, that much I can tell you.😏 Regardless, gaming back then was genuinely about having fun. Just like how I enjoyed playing soccer in school with my mates, it stopped being fun in highschool the moment I joined a team where the prime focus was to win. Perhaps not the best comparison, but I know for sure that whenever I think back of boosting sessions and multiplayer in general, for every year I spent on my profile, the more it evolved about trophies primarily and less about having fun. So, I perfectly know what went wrong and what I need to change and focus on. It's just hard to make said change when you basically have no other hobby to occupy your time with and doing a complete 360 in terms how you've approached games in the past. First world problem, I know...😆 Anyway, thanks for your input guys!🙂
  2. Yes, booze basically makes everything more interesting - personal meltdowns included.😉
  3. Greetings, Most likely the vast majority reading this don't know of me - and most likely never will - however, I feel compelled to write this nonetheless. If not just for my own sake but for those who are or will eventually fall into the same pitfall as I have. Whilst it's true that I'm writing this intoxicated, it's equally true I would never have done so whilst sober. Meaning, I have some words to say and some of you better listen. This isn't forwarded to those who have a healthy relationship to gaming in general, but to those where gaming have become an outlet for everything you despise in society. In short - whatever you seek in gaming that you cannot find otherwise - there's no respite, there's no tranquility to be found - absolutely no one will help you except for yourself, even less understand you. I've tried it first hand and it has only led me deeper into the pits of despair. I really don't care whether you're high or low on any leaderboards, or if you're even able to acknowledge your own addiction, but as I mentioned, the important part - as I feel it - is to make others aware. I've been gaming my whole life and I've probably been on my current path since early childhood. I basically have no issues being as transparent as I am as honesty is one of the virtues I value the most. What I try to convey to those who try and seek solace in gaming for whatever reason, don't do it. In the best of circumstances, you will only prolong the inevitable. I think you realize this deep inside. To the mods who will likely get alerted to the thread one way or another, let it be known that I'm absolutely serious. I'm not typing this in order to entertain myself or others, but to write myself another chapter - and hopefully others as well. Thank you for your time!
  4. You shouldn't mind that any thought, just focus on learning the missions until you know them inside out. Before the glitch happened, I think I had around 300 done. Did plenty of runs on Practice difficulty first in order to learn the missions combined with gathering resources. Then I jumped to Normal and didn't proceed any further until I could 1CC that specific difficulty. That way, you'll simultaneously make steady progress towards all related trophies without jumping too quickly into R-Typer and getting overwhelmed.
  5. You could say that.🙂 By the way, you'll need to complete a total of 100 missions on Bydo or higher before being asked to do 50 on at least R-Typer. Keep at it!
  6. Hello, I'm happy to report that I just discovered a very beneficial glitch. Whilst checking my pilot records, I prematurely unlocked the last rank of Admiral. Having checked the pilot records plenty of times prior to the glitch occured, the only thing different the last time was the requirement of having 50 missions on R-Typer being fulfilled. It should be noted that I'm playing on version 1.00 and that it is most likely a key part why it unlocked as it did. Thanks!