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  1. I tend to agree. Whenever I visit the store I never see those shovelware titles, nor are they advertised to me. What hurts me far more is that games that I initially looked forward to such as Space Hulk: Ascension and Warhammer 40K: Deathwatch, launched with glitched trophies and are still unobtainable to this day.😞
  2. The effectiveness of boosting sessions have always been a mixture of various things. During the golden days of PST, a single post was often more than enough to get you going - being up front and taking command also often work wonders, which has already been pointed out. I've only set up a single session on PSNP so far so I probably shouldn't make too many assumptions, but the signs are somewhat telling in my opinion and also reflect my experiences to a large degree. Just like here as on PST, if you advertise and don't follow up, nothing will likely occur - people can be unbelievable lazy. In this case, I have had a far better response from asking questions on the specific game's forum and sending random messages to recent players than after sending FR's and creating a chatgroup for the sessions participants. Then again, my experience and common sense also tells me that accepting people with too wide of a view concerning trophies in general - especially when it comes to low population games - will usually be a fruitless endeavour unless you already know the right people. That, or if you're willing to fork up money and pay people - which I'm not.😏
  3. I don't think it crashed more than once or perhaps twice during my around hundred or so hours I've spent. I started out on version 1.00 and it was on that it crashed once, IIRC. I also played exclusively on the PS4.
  4. Humorous that I didn't notice this until watching the video. On Extreme we had a gunner and two technicians as well, but we just defended from the central platform - fun but chaotic.😃 Your advice worked well anyhow. Thanks a ton, Helyx.🙂
  5. Would you mind sharing your strategy on the final battle in 4-3 on Insane? It's one of two missions I still need and I'm unsure where to best defend from. Thanks!
  6. Hardly. If the sequel works as the first one, you'll likely need 100 million points in total IIRC, meaning there's still many reloads or rewinds involved. It's miles better than in the original, though.
  7. There's likely a game which you could idle, and starting a game a thousand times whilst boring, should only take a few hours at most. What's more tedious though is the XP grind.
  8. Thank you as well for the clarification.🙂 The lag issue did improve by a large margin after switching the host to a PS5 user. So for anybody thinking of starting this on the PS4, do try to avoid hosting as it can make the game unnecessarily harder than it has to be.
  9. Can't believe Isolation didn't sell well. One of the best immersive experience I've ever had in gaming.😟
  10. Much appreciated. Thank you!
  11. I'm currently playing the PS4 version on Extreme difficulty and the lag at the ending on 1-2 was enough for me to consider buying a PS5 for that reason alone - the only thing I was more baffled over is that nobody got kicked or that the game didn't crash. To the point: how does it work when buying a PS5 and avoiding the PS5 list whilst transfering your save? Can I still use my PS4 disc or do I need to buy the digital PS4 version as well? If so, is it as simple as to decline an upgrade? Thank you!
  12. Attempting to view your profile on the PS4 when offline only prompts a message once which you ignore and then your trophy list appear as normal - earning new trophies is no exception. The only noteworthy detail is that after a format, the only trophies that will show are the ones you'll start unlocking after said format. You need to log in again to once more see the entirety of your profile.
  13. Having finished this just recently, I'll happily give some advice. A dedicated group is probably key, as it seemed enemies health doesn't scale. Due to that, it easily becomes a slog when soloing, however a quickie when fielding a full team of four. So, you basically want to avoid going in solo, but rather do all missions together as it will speed up the process ten-fold. It's also important to get descent weaponry as quickly as possible. While you perhaps don't need epic nor legendary variants, it does help significantly since they'll provide a big improvement in damage output which is especially helpful during more hectic fights involving tougher enemies and multiple bosses. All in all, if you can find a group of four and play daily, you'll easily get this within a week or two. The trophies are fairly straightforward so simply get going and get this done.🙂 Good luck!
  14. Thanks to everyone for posting videos and special thanks to Cuckie for the advice of pulling away the Cacodemons. I took that one step further and implemented a strategy of running towards the hallway with the Baron of Hell and hugging the right wall just before the raised block. Being swift is key obviously and it's a relative safe spot, although it's important to immediately switch to the second player and run across the area and pull any Cacodemons away and back towards the starting area. You can indeed kill any that does happen to reach you, but try and pull them away as if killed you'll have to wait for them to respawn before proceeding. Repeating this step after each and every room and switch pressed in order to access the final portal, allows you to maintain both health and armour as much as possible, thus giving you a very good chance of getting both upgrades without taking unnecessary hits. Yes, it's much more time consuming however this worked much better for me than trying what above users pulled off. Another thing that I decided to change was that in the final area, while naturally opening up with a BFG shot as you enter the portal, I then proceeded to immediately equip the plasma rifle and simultaneously sprint towards the left path. As you head back, kill off anything with the plasma rifle still equipped and then take out the Mancubus with the BFG. I decided to time the lift with another BFG shot to kill the Hell Knight above and then you want to re-equip the plasma rifle and take down the Revenant in the middle lane with a steady stream of fire. Make it back to the starting area and clear out anything and wait until the Revenants respawn once more. After taking them out, switch to the BFG and take out the two Barons of Hell. What you might not understand by watching a video is how important it is to keep your cool while attacking them without either falling off or taking one or several hits, each lessening the probability to pass the gauntlet afterwards. Slowly inch you way forward as you keep firing and the first should die quickly enough, while the second might take one or two more shots. I didn't really appreciate the idea of doing all the work up to this point just to let chance decide the outcome, so I practiced that bit especially in the 1-player mode. Practicing in general is highly recommended as pointed above in prior posts, as that will give you much needed experience of the level and save a lot of time. Doing Spirit World prior is also more than enough. You'll be entering with full ammunition supplies except for around 35 rockets, which should be more than enough. Good luck!
  15. Let's hope the trophies will be more akin to the Cabinet, and not the incredibly boring process of never-ending rewind. If they're doing that again, I just might contemplate suicide.