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  1. Got back into Trophy Hunting after a while and I did miss it 🤣 I'm always staying a casual Trophy Hunter though. At least I am going through my backlog of games right now, having fun with the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

  2. Making good progress on Dead by Daylight Platinum, I do some DLC trophies randomly in between but the only stuff left for Plat is basically 2 Killer Adept Trophies and 3 ability Trophies, the rest is farming Bloodpoints. I did have some help for the escape with 4 survivors through the hatch Trophy by two friends that messaged me because of PSNP and one other friend, thanks a lot! I did kind of discover that apparently I am naturally talented as Freddy, since I keep 4k-ing lobbies with one perk equipped since I am only level one. I do get a wide range of ranks too, from rank 14 to regularly rank 5s. That’s some messed up ranking system 😂 

  3. Definitely having fun with Resident Evil 0 so far, as a beginner to the series I did start the game on easy though hahahaha. Looking forward to The Last of Us Part II, I started it a bit earlier today and absolutely felt right at home already.

    1. BSKkayfabe


      I've plat'd/100% every mainline RE game besides 2, 3, 6, 7 (I'm working on all of them now, half way plat'd every one of em Lol) have fun dude!

  4. I am starting to think that maybe playing the Killer in Dead by Daylight isn't as bad as I thought, though my competitive streak hates it so much when someone gets away ^^'' The trophy hunt is going well though, I will keep III-50 for last so I can pop the Platinum on Halloween. Next game to prep will be Resident Evil 0 while I go for Watch_Dogs Platinum next. Wanted to go for Final Fantasy XIII-2 next, but have to clear some space from my PS3 since I can't download it lol. Backlog clearing it is 🙈

  5. Not sure if I should start Final Fantasy XIII-2 after taking 7 years+ to platinum the first one 😂 Maybe I will get started with the Halloween Mini-Platinum Day I wanna try instead. This means The Evil Within, TEW2, all the Resident Evils I have, maybe Alien: Isolation if I can stomach that. Doesn't help I am a scaredy cat but like Horror stuff anyways oof. Though I did start TEW already, so maybe those I won't count, but it's just a mini-challenge for myself anyways so who cares 😂 

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    2. mako-heart


      Everyone love 13-2, and I think it's the most common of the three. I fucking hated it and didn't finish the story lmao. 

      I just hate the level system and having stupid monsters as third.

    3. Neputyunu


      XIII-2 is the best Final Fantasy. You are NOT allowed to change my mind.

      It had an awesome story and characters. And it was about time travelling and paradoxes. It was amazing! Oh and it had that nice battle system XIII had. Like, really, every Final Fantasy should have that. Trophywise it was easy. But that optional boss was annoying...

    4. ArkhamWraiths


      I like Final Fantasy XV the most out of all tbh, I know it is not the game a lot of people expected but I love it anyways. And I liked FFXIV too, though those and 13 are the only ones I fully played until now, I did start the original FF7, the remaster, 10 hd, and type-0 too, but am not very far with those yet. Though I will go for XIII-2 then, but that means I will go for Lightning Returns too.

  6. So annoying when in a boosting session there is like 2 people out of 5 who are actually trying to help others and the others are literally just doing what they want, not caring about others, and then surprised why I get annoyed with them. I have been trying to get things done too, but basically what I wrote was completely ignored by those 3 and I always ended up helping people first who joined after me, and I got to do things last. I don't usually mind it that much, I just accept it most of the time, but after this last session I'm just done. If someone is looking to boost some Crysis 3 Multiplayer trophies, then message me, I will be looking for people who don't just care about their own stuff and screw everyone else over.

    1. Froopy the Temmie

      Froopy the Temmie

      Unfortunately, that will happen from time to time.  I hope you find some better boosting partners.

    2. ArkhamWraiths


      Yeah, I don't boost trophies that often, only when I can't get them otherwise, so I never had people like that. But the group didn't start like this. Would have left since the start if it did. Thanks though!

  7. I finally got the Black Ops 3 Plat after a lot of grinding and working around bugs and glitches. Never had a game be so annoying to platinum before. I was going to plat some nice easy games in my backlog after that, like Bioshock, Detroit, etc. but I ended up getting dragged into another timesink game- Monster Hunter. Maybe I will get some more Plats from my backlog games anyways this month, can’t believe that I actually did finish Dark Souls and Black Ops 3, I did procrastinate those a lot. But Dark Souls got better and better, while Black Ops got worse and worse lol.

    1. ResoluteRock


      Congrats! That’s a tough plat! I’ve also gotten dragged into Monster Hunter World :P

    2. ArkhamWraiths


      Thanks! I did try it out before, but it didn’t stick until now. Now I basically have a full team waiting for me to get to endgame stuff to grind together haha. Apparently I’m a unicorn too, playing the Hunting Horn 🤣

    3. DamagingRob


      Nice work!

  8. So after a huge break from trophy hunting, I got back to it a little  it again. I kind of don’t have the same amount of free time I had before since a lot of stuff changed for me, but I improved my time management at least soI will try to prepare some platinum trophies for Halloween. Like some mini Platinum Rain Day for myself since I never did participate in one before. I prepared 2 Ps3 games so far, Dead Space 2 and Heavy Rain. I am working on Until Dawn right now and will continue with Hidden Agenda and either Takes of Hearts R or Bioshock. I chose games I had almost completed anyways and I set a minimum amount of platinums at 5. So far it’s going well even if I am worried about that Tales of Hearts R Plat I have been procrastinating successfully for years now. Like a lot of others on that Halloween List... Anyways, maybe I will keep the Platinum prepping after Halloween to try another Plat Rain Day on New Year. 

  9. So I didn't even really try getting the Platinums for the games I updated for the Challenge, I prefered completeing the games I listed before, Mass Effect and today probably Life is Strange. I am trying to clear my backlog anyways so might as well start with games that are almost complete instead of the 0% ones ^^''

    Anyways, Mass Effect was easy but really grindy, I started 2 new playthroughs to get the specialist and weapon trophies and discovered that I like the Engineer Class even better than the Biotic Class. That's why I love Trophy Hunting, you discover things about games you wouldn't have otherwise. I'll probably play some PS4 games after I get the Life is Strange Platinum, I really want that Nier: Automata Platinum *^*

  10. Can I switch out my games? I just read through the summer challenge and I noticed the rule with the max. 25 % completion when adding a game, I picked games close to completion before 😓 I'd like to switch for the following games, though I can't guarantee me finishing them now, 😓 - Zero Escape The Nonary Games (0%) - Assassin's Creed Unity (3 %) - Dishonored 2 (4 %) - Rise of the Tomb Raider (1%) - Batman (0%) That happens when you daydream when signing up for events 😓😂
  11. Finally got the Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Platinum 😁 There was a trophy that was bugged and wouldn't pop, the Fly Like an Eagle Trophy, so I tried some stuff but I had to start a new game anyways. Luckily I didn't have to play until the end of the game 😁 Since ACB had to be my 50th Plat, I had to wait with popping the Bloodborne Plat too so I immediately did that, when I got Julius Caesar 😁

  12. Played it before ;D I platinum'ed ME2 recently, got the trilogy in my backlog for quite a while 😓Love those games tho 😍
  13. If you don't mind adding me a little late too :3 I have too much in my backlog, time to clean up ^^° Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Life is Strange Dead Space 2 Mass Effect BioShock I will stick with 5 for now, good luck everyone
  14. It took me 3 years and 5 months to platinum one of the easiest ps3 games ever- Infamous (1). Oops? To be fair, I have a lot of good games ^^'' Have to say now tho, since I finally finished the story, that I liked the plot more than on the other games in the series. But they improved the characters in Second s

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    2. Maxximum


      Well done! 💯

      Recently got this game and I'll be starting it in about a week or so. Any tips on the blast shards and how is the game?

    3. DamagingRob
    4. ArkhamWraiths



      The game is a little older so you notice it on graphics and mechanics, especially if you played the other parts before like me. But the powers are still fun and I liked the game anyways, though the climbing on high areas made me frustrated sometimes haha.

      About the shards- I actively looked for them while playing normally on my first playthrough. If you do your first playthrough on hard I recommend searching them all since they give you more health. Many people recommend printing out a shard map and crossing them off when you get them. I had one shard left at the end I didn't know where it was, and the l3 didn't show it bc it was on water a little too far away. I looked up common missed shards and there it was luckily, so the map might be a good idea ^^