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  1. Awesome stuff . Posting late, but hell with it .
  2. Is there a ingame map of the collectibles for Spiderman? I liked the review. I'll probably pick up a copy soon since its an open world. Great read

    1. Nero707


      Everything is mostly marked on the map HUD. patients and stuff become available later on your map when you upgrade some abilities.. the comic pages become marked after you acquire 500.. and they're quite easiy to find so yeah... everything esle is chapter select and replayable for specific parts of the story and list what you're missing in there. Digitalman and I did the trophy guide on the other site so you can use that as well for list of everything lol.

  3. That's pretty epic paper . Lol.
  4. Just a funny little scene that can sum up an animated playthrough of Dark Souls .
  5. I still really want one of these things . *sigh*
  6. So glad this is only the US and not my other two copies . Fucking love this game and be mad if could never get online and duel anymore. Be nice if Namco or Sony or whoever could get the servers from Atlus to keep them running and mix with their's or soemthing? Know that's not possible with lists but could be cool
  7. Definite day one buy for myself . Been waiting for it for long ass time . Barely wait anymore.. just want it!!!!
  8. Moved on and still playing both . It happens that way. Lol. @ Daniel, you'll learn to know me
  9. Lord Nero, God of Demon's Souls has finally returned .Hope all my old friends that came into hiding from me are still around here . Coming to gather some souls.
  10. Hello Nero :D

  11. Wow.. starting to wonder if this will ever come out.. lol. Maybe they will surprise us and release the collection with an extra game untold of at the moment and perhaps that's with the delays? Never know, but we can hope