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  1. Yeah it fixed itself a little while later when i tried again. Really weird how it was only that one game itself because I could play all my ps plus games while it was happening
  2. So earlier today I was playing a co-op match and we all got killed and when I came back to the menu I was kicked out and a notification said that I needed to get ps plus. I restarted the game and checked my subscription which is still active and not ending in like a week. Whenever I start up the game it now takes me to the subscription screen telling me to buy ps plus. So now even though I have ps plus the game says i don't and has disallowed access to all online privileges in the game which kinda makes the game boring to play alone. Is this happening to anyone else and does anyone know how to fix this?
  3. The patch itself goes into my downloads and is actually finished already. The problem i'm having is the disc itself which says copying application (installing i take it) I can't play the game until it has finished copying but the copy time to completion is still going up.
  4. Hey so I just bought the game physically and have been trying to install however the install time is slowly going up every minute and its already going over an hour...I've had to deal with games taking 20 minutes but never this long. Is that the normal time it takes to install or should I take it back and get it replaced? Thanks
  5. Damn you beat me to it. I knew i should have done it before i went to bed lol I'll just add on that its best to do it during the v road challenge since you'll come across all the weapons quickly and will feel even less grindy if you haven't gotten some of the cups. If you can't remember the weapon a downed enemy has it should be lying on the ground about a metre away.
  6. Makoto Verdi I'm 2 hours in and realise that one of the party members is also named Makoto so I don't know whether to change it or not....Pls halp
  7. I've been wandering about that as well however I heard you can completely romance the reporter Keri and still romance another companion so there's 2 in one playthrough at least.
  8. I just wanted to say thanks for the information. In fact you guys answered my second question without me even asking haha (the dlc) so thankyou!
  9. Hi, sorry if this has been made before but i couldn't seem to find it. I was going to buy persona 5 take your heart edition from a website called ozgameshop however they sold out and australia doesn't sell that edition in shops. I found another version from a UK website called I'm thinking about buying it from there but i was wondering if my ps4 would even be able to play a game from the UK? thankyou
  10. Thanks! helped a lot
  11. So I just bought this game on vita but after finding out there was a ps4 version i'm don't know whether to trade it back or not for the other one... I'm asking because well for starters the graphics are pretty amazing on ps4 (from what i saw on a video) however i'm still an avid supporter of the vita and love choosing them for portability. I'm just wondering if each versions have certain problems that don't exist on the other. I'm also wondering how active the online community is? I really want to play online and i'm guessing there is no cross play so is there a version with no one playing while the other has active players?
  12. You can kiss 100% goodbye the second you play an outdated fifa.... So no
  13. Damn, I kinda of feel like it's more of a vita series to be honest...It was the perfect game to take with you everywhere instead of having the trails in the couch...
  14. Lol that's the exact same one as mine! Except you got good lighting! AND Iris didn't photobomb and cut out Gladiolus lol
  15. I joined on July 4, 2014 and then 3 days later I got my first plat was Unit 13 on the best date of the year 7/7/14 (7's and multiple of 7) 7th Jul 2014