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  1. Standard Kiseki list. If you're a fan you know it was going to be like this. Remember there's a guide on GameFAQs for all the missable stuff. Can't wait!!!
  2. I would say pass.. The story is awesome but the MP trophies aren't worth it. This is coming from somebody who did it. Wasn't worth it. Do Rise of the Tomb raider instead which doesn't require MP for platinum.
  3. The fact that it was Free to Play had already turned me down on this game even though I was extremely excited for it. Now there's no platinum? Yeah, going to put my "not money" where my mouth is and pass... pity.
  4. I discovered Falcom games last year and started with Ys VIII, which I really enjoyed. But getting completely lost in the Kiseki series was something else entirely. What an amazing series with breathtaking music and surreal world-building. I love all of the real-world political issues mixed with typical anime bullshit (is there a better combination?). There can be amazing scenes including things like Buffer states, Asset-freezing, Tax laws, Foreign Policy, International Business, and then cut to two female villains talking about who has the bigger boobs. I mean, I've never seen anything like it in a video game. The fact that all the games are intricately connected is its greatest strength while also being its biggest weakness because it demands a lot of the player. You really do get in return what you put in. It's a pity it doesn't have more fans in the West. If you like JRPGs you owe it to yourself to try out these games. Anyone else a Kiseki fan on PSNP? Which one is your favorite?
  5. Like both have said before, those are the two basic ways of doing it. IMO it's easier with a USB, just remember that if you haven't used it before on the ps4 it will have to be formatted so make a backup of everything!
  6. thanks, man. you rock. Regarding this, which would you suggest to make the plat time faster?
  7. Hey guys, two questions: 1. What are you supposed to do with all the excess gear? Should I offer everything for Amrita or should I do something else? 2. How do you unlock Rejuvenation Talisman? It's been stuck on "Clear ???" for too long. Does it unlock with the story or am I missing something? Thanks.
  8. really excited to jump back in with orchestrated music, and Japanese audio 2 years later. Masterpiece of a video game.
  9. Amazing work as always. Thanks to the community for sharing these.
  10. You access chapter select through the menu. Press options anywhere and go into system and then chapter select.
  11. does the glitch still work or has it been patched?
  12. So I got connected with an agent that said that I had to wait 14 days from my platinum trophy and then contact them. That's bullshit because 14 days have already passed since I beat the first palace and the 4th palace and I never got those themes/avatars. I calmly explained this to him but he still says it needs to be 14 days since my platinum trophy (even though i already have that reward for plat). what the hell?
  13. hey this happened to me! I got the platinum, waited for my codes, but I ONLY got the code with the final 3 themes for platinum. Didn't get any of the others. What should I do?
  14. Give them to me! Great list, IMO. Love that there is a Hard difficulty.