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  1. what are the other 5 games?
  2. UPDATE: got the FF8 platinum and updated my thoughts on everything! Be sure and check that out.
  3. Thank you to all that responded
  4. Can’t find a guide anywhere. Just bought the game on sale for 4 dollars in target. How long to plat, what difficulty and number of playthroughs? Thanks
  5. hey guys need some help. So i got this platinum over 3 years ago so i've beaten it already like three times. The only trophies i'm missing for 100% are both the grounded trophies. However i don't know how to start Grounded + as chapter select has it blacked out when i put "Continue new game plus". I don't know what to do, i've loaded all of my save files including ones i have already beaten in survivor + and it doesn't let me use Grounded. I'm sure i'm doing something wrong, can anybody help? The guide says to just put chapter select and start playing on grounded on new game plus but, again, it's blacked out for me. If I do it in the reverse order it does let me select grounded but how do i know if that's NG+ or normal original game? i don't want to have to play the game twice on grounded.
  6. It's currently 50% off in the Hong Kong store due to TGS and I'm thinking of buying it to get the stackable plat (sue me, I loved getting the plat for this game). But there are 2 different versions on the store: The english version and the Hong Kong version. Are they the 2 different trophy lists or just the same ASIAN trophy list with different language options? I'd like to play with english subtitles but if that english version is the same one I already have with the Worldwide trophy list then i definitely do not want to buy that one again. Anyone an expert on this topic? For stackable plat do i have to buy the one that says chinese version and if so will I be able to have english subtitles or anything? Hope that wasn't confusing.
  7. It constantly gets looked as the black sheep of the series and is usually never up there with the rest of the good ones. My question is why? I'm about halfway in and I'm absolutely LOVING it. Every gameplay system is good and entertaining, including the card game which is very fun. Even the junction system is great once you get the hang of it. The Draw system is also really cool as you can constantly draw different attacks and summons from other enemies. Just got to the orphanage part and starting to get really invested in the story and the characters. So what's the catch? I've platinumed almost every final fantasy game and don't understand why this game isn't regarded as one of the best final fantasy games of all time by fans in general. It always seems to be a love it or hate it kind of game and I don't get it. Please no spoilers. PS if you're interested, i documented my journey to platinum all mainline single player final fantasy games in a thread. you can read that here:
  8. i actually had another glitch where the mold samples wouldnt have the prompt to collect them so i couldn't get them. I wasnt able to get the ability points from those missions or the ones from hidden locations where you needed the pills. I had THE EXACT SAME NUMBER OF ABILITY POINTS left to be able to get the gold trophy. Was so close to not being able to do it because of that stupid glitch. now i have to load mission select to be able to fight mold-1 which is my final trophy. thank god.
  9. Did any of you find a fix?
  10. just finished a side mission called What a Mess: Clear the Mold, but didn't get any ability points. As far as i know you need to complete every mission to fully upgrade your character, right? Am I locked out of the platinum now? the ability points just didn't unlock; it said mission complete but didn't get any rewards
  11. Still, even if this were true... Early adopter data is probably the most important one. I work in market research.
  12. Now, I know that a lot of gamers are on a budget and can't waste a lot of money on a hobby... but if you like these types of games, consider buying on the first week at full price so market research will show the trends that us as consumers are willing to pay for. I think this game and others deserve it. It'll make it more likely that Sony and other publishers invest in these amazing experiences and will make them even better.
  13. I've never played FFVIII so can anyone tell me if there are any missables? what the hard things are, etc? thanks
  14. dude, just wanted to say that I decided to take you up on this tip and im back in the game baby! I just skip every cutscene since the story just didn't click with me (The ONLY FF game i've done this with). I'm on track to get this plat! thank you for this.
  15. Thanks dude. It was a tough one. Almost gave out hope. Hope you enjoy 8 and 7R