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  1. You access chapter select through the menu. Press options anywhere and go into system and then chapter select.
  2. does the glitch still work or has it been patched?
  3. So I got connected with an agent that said that I had to wait 14 days from my platinum trophy and then contact them. That's bullshit because 14 days have already passed since I beat the first palace and the 4th palace and I never got those themes/avatars. I calmly explained this to him but he still says it needs to be 14 days since my platinum trophy (even though i already have that reward for plat). what the hell?
  4. hey this happened to me! I got the platinum, waited for my codes, but I ONLY got the code with the final 3 themes for platinum. Didn't get any of the others. What should I do?
  5. Give them to me! Great list, IMO. Love that there is a Hard difficulty.
  6. Yeah, i'm saving X-2 for a dry season. Though i don't know when that might be with so many great games coming up. But originally it was just the mainline ones like the title thread says
  7. where's @hasegawa2010 when you need him? Are you going to do this guide? 95% of psnprofiles' ToCS players are waiting for you lol.
  8. My question is: Can you do Hard Mode with everything you unlocked in your normal playthrough? So for example i beat the game in normal, then use chapter select on hard. In chapter 1 will I have all my upgraded stuff and materia, etc?
  9. It makes me so happy that there's a "defeat all chapter on HARD difficulty" trophy. Will really make us get into the game and discover all its intricacies! Very excited. Don't know if I should start at normal and then another playthrough or jump right into hard! What are you guys going to do?
  10. hey would love to get the star next to my name for completing the DLC. I'm at seeker of darkness with all plats except chain of memories.
  11. when does review embargo break?
  12. quick update to this journey! I've platinumed FF13-2 and have put in my thoughts about it. The next game is, you guessed it, the holy grail itself: FF7 Remake. Can it be April 10, now?
  13. how long is it to 100% the DLC? might look into this depending on the time.
  14. a masterpiece of a game, huh?
  15. it's more impressive due to the fact that it came out before on PS3. Truly impressive.