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  1. I want this but literally the exact opposite.
  2. genichiro and Isshin phase 1 are aggressive style battles. you go up to the boss and hit R1, be agressive always. But Isshin phases 2 and 3 are Unaggressive. Ypu should definitely be far away from him until he does the 1 or 2 attacks that leave him open. As you've been 11 hours on him you probably are rushing phase 2 to get to phase 3 so he's hitting you a lot and you have no healing gourds in phase 3. So don't be aggressive in these phases. Bait him out, hit him only when he does the attacks that leave him open, and get used to the lightning jump counter attack which makes quick work of him in phase 3. Doing this approach, I found this boss way easier than Great Shinobi Father at Hirata Estate (lost to that fucker for 5 hours)
  3. this is a great list.
  4. Hope you're right. I pre-ordered. Never learn.
  5. oh no. This doesn't sound good. First, Sony launches Dreams early access days before Days Gone launch, then the review embargo lifts only 1 day before launch, which is usually a bad sign. And now Gamestop will allow returns up to 48 hours later? I have a bad feeling about this. Hope i'm wrong.
  6. "Luckily for all fans we’ve have managed to get some exclusive information from our sources on Persona 5: The Royal, Persona 5 S and Persona 5 A. Here’s what we know so far:" That's what it says. It's presented as news as any other exclusive information is. It's literally a scoop, of course they have to present it as true and not as opinion, what are you talking about?
  7. I just got all 18.. I thank you, by the old gods and the new. Valar Avataris!!
  8. Dude what do you mean? he's saying there's a source that has insider information. Even if you don't believe the source that doesn't mean that he can't or shouldn't post about it: They're newsworthy rumors. Weird take.
  9. yeah man. This happens when you raise the social link for her. Keep it at 0 for the ambush lines, then after you have them raise her social link and she will unlock the ability to say these lines. they're automatic i believe.
  10. I thought that I was the odd one out saying Guardian Ape was my favorite boss but reading comments here it appears everyone thought so too. It's just such a cool concept, plus the fact that you cut off his head and think you win to having him just get up and keep on fighting with his head on his hand. PERFECTION. Shoutout to Owl at Hirata Estate, what an amazing fight. He kicked my ass like 25 times till i got good. One of my favorite gaming moments of this generation was beating him at 2 am after 2 hours of losing.
  11. god i remember those fucking silver knights. that was a tough plat. almost gave up.
  12. Platinum # 160 - Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Difficulty: 8/10 Enjoyment: 10/10 Gameplay is king, and there is no better feeling this generation than when Sekiro just clicks. Everyone will have that moment while playing this game, you start to doubt yourself, you don't understand if you're playing right, you get killed a bunch of times because you're trying to play like dark souls. But then you start deflecting and countering, you understand that dodging everywhere will get you killed, you start a beautiful tough dance where you need to be on guard for every single attack, trying to figure out if you should, block, deflect, jump or dodge. You feel in your heart that when you die it's because you jumped instead of dodging, or dodged instead of deflecting. It is truly a mesmerizing experience. The fact that the upgrade system is so good is where the hook lies. The gameplay loop is so rewarding, making you have better posture and better attack which in turn makes you better at the tough combat, as well as giving you extra skills and prostethic upgrades to play around and find your style. And the world-building of this game is legendary. So many beautiful levels, all inspired from Japanese myth and lore. I feel that From Software has been leading to this and I never thought that Sekiro would surpass Bloodborne for me, but it did. And published by Activision no less. I really hope this IP gets a sequel because it truly is a masterpiece of video game creation. I can't stop gushing about it, it has consumed me completely. I'm sad that my journey is now over. Can't wait for DLC.
  13. damn, NG+ 6? I finally got it from the missable boss at great serpent shrine. it didnt appear for me in the offering box because i had never interacted with the boss. it only appears there when a boss dies from falling off a ledge or you interact with a missable boss and don't kill him.
  14. You still need the lapis lazuli from fountainhead (only place you can get em besides the hatred demon) so i'd advise to load up a save and beat the owl again to be able to go to fountainhead. Hope you have a backup to load before shura ending! Otherwise you're probably looking at another playthrough for platinum if you haven't upgraded all prosthetics.
  15. Yes it is. Get that shit. NOW