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  1. tell me about it. Game kicked my ass the first hours because i dodged after every successful hit.
  2. Yeah this is true. But this thread is if people are going in thinking it's dodging like bloodborne. Dodging is not as important as deflecting and blocking in this game, the loading menu tips even say so.
  3. a deflect will never destroy your own posture, only blocking will do that. Try to press L1 as soon as the blades collide (not after)
  4. Best advice anyone can give you in this game is don't dodge unless necessary. It's hard to get the timing at first but don't be afraid to get in enemies' faces. The low level enemies will never break your posture so you can just hold L1 until they finish their attack and hit em for a deathblow, the bosses you try to take a Deathblow from stealth ALWAYS, and then work on their posture instead of dodging. You should only dodge (sidestep) when the enemy is going to make an attack that you can't block (I/E the thrust types with the red symbol) and even that can be deflected with the Mikiri counter skill, though there are some bosses who you can't counter like this. I've read somewhere that you shouldn't care about health but not in my experience, some SOB's are just too hard to get their posture down so you need to lower their health first. Keep in mind that this is for the first 5-10 hours of the game, as i haven't gotten farther than that. Seriously, keep a cool head and don't dodge everywhere like in bloodborne (game kicked my ass playing this way)
  5. Of coure there's strings attached, they want money. Business is the definition of strings attached. Nothing is free.
  6. Don't dodge that much, use block and deflect instead (always block against lower level enemies and they'll never hit you because you hit harder). Guys it's hard at the beginning but stick with it, there's a moment when it all just clicks!! Around the 6-7 hour mark you just get it. Good luck to all
  7. good job, i just stealthed him once, and then used all my fire for the second deathblow. Worked like a charm, got him real quick. But tried without fire first and got 2HKO'd
  8. you're welcome, man. How the hell did you beat the chained ogre without fire? hahaha
  9. hey man you should also put in the flame vent which you get buy interacting with the flames in hirata estate path! easy one and it helps with bosses that are weak to fire. cheers.
  10. dude 4 hours to go. Thanks for this will definitely use it. The hype is real, everybody. let's fucking go
  11. #159 - Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Difficulty 3/10 Enjoyment 8/10 I'll start this off by saying that this is my first Ni No Kuni game. I've heard wonderful tales about the first one on PS3 but bought this one first as it was on sale at my local gamestop (it was actually cheaper than the first one). Now, as for the game, it's a really great JRPG with beautiful lush visuals (of course Studio Ghibli), very solid fun combat, nice music and a really cool town-building gameplay element. But the story just didn't cut it for me. Some elements of it were nice, especially the themes around the towns like in Goldpaw where they relied on a luck-based political monarchy for government, or Broadleaf where everything was technology-based, but the core characters and their motivations weren't that great for me. All that said, I like the game so much that i got the platinum in a week (a 70 hour platinum). I will definitely be getting Wrath of the White Witch as i'm told that its story really is amazing. Honestly Ni No Kuni II is probably underrated, should be higher on metacritic and more people should play it.
  12. Hey dude thank you so much for responding. Got this over a month ago haha. Anyway thanks for your help.
  13. you'll also die a lot when you get it..
  14. Nah, man. Just cloud save and reload if you die. People will cheese the shit out of this method. Can see this plat going up to 30% just like bloodborne.
  15. Wow... this is literally the worst PSN Flash sale i've ever seen. And i've been a religious Playstation gamer since 2011