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  1. Thanks dude. It was a tough one. Almost gave out hope. Hope you enjoy 8 and 7R
  2. Final Fantasy X Time to : 115 Hours BE SURE AND CHECK OUT MY JOURNEY TO PLATINUM ALL FINAL FANTASY MAINLINE SINGLEPLAYER GAMES WHICH I'VE KINDA DOCUMENTED FOR YOUR READING PLEASURE HERE ON PSNPROFILES: I had almost given up on this journey to platinum all mainline games. I really couldn't get to FFXII The Zodiac Age because of many reasons and I started having kind of a Final Fantasy burnout and left this journey on hold for a whole year. Enter E3 2019 where Square Enix's conference single-handedly won E3 and re-awoke my FF passion. Seeing VII Remake was so beautiful and hype-inducing; add to that the fact that FFVIII Remastered was announced and I started to get this little itch. I turned on my PS4, downloaded the Zanarkand PS4 theme and put in FFX Remastered. Now, TBH I had heard mixed stuff about it. A lot of negative stuff too, saying that it failed to live up to the Final Fantasy name that the previous PS1 era had built up for it. Having finally platted this game, I can say without a doubt that i don't understand what the negative critics are talking about. FFX is a masterpiece and it is definitely worthy of the Final Fantasy name. Tidus' story was a beautiful, filled with ups and downs, wonderful music, great character moments, and awesome turn-based gameplay. Now that's not to say that it is a perfect game, it does has its flaws. For one, since it is only a remaster and not a remake, you can start feeling the dated mechanics like the slow-running and the fact that you can't skip cutscenes even after losing a battle. This was pure hell to go through as I didn't understand the deep mechanics of its battle system up until halfway (everything was easy up until a certain boss battle). Now that said, I could easily signal the voice acting as a negative but I didn't really feel that this was the case. It gets such bad reputation (especially the laughing scene), but to be honest it was very acceptable. I'm positive that back then it was way better compared to other games. Another thing that nearly broke me was the grind. So many people in this thread warned me and i didn't believe them. What a motherfucking depression-inducing grind, guys. I grinded the fastest spheres i could for the blank nodes on the sphere grid (magic defense, even though i had already max) and hit a wall later on when I had to fight the dark aeons because I was so underleveled even after filling out the sphere grid (stupid mistake as i didn't know that the dark aeons would be so powerful), so i had to erase some MD nodes for attack and strength and that added a lot of hours more to the grind. Finally, i'd like to say that this love story between Tidus and Yuna is probably right up there with FF9's love story between Zidane and Dagger as the best ones of the series to date. The ending in particular was so beautiful that it got me teary-eyed with a full orchestral version of Zanarkand, which, along with Suteki Da Ne, is probably one of the best FF tracks of all time. I wish that the soundtrack didn't rely as much on these 2 songs as it did as the other songs were cool too but we just didn't get to here them a whole lot.
  3. UPDATE: Finally got FFX platinum after that bitch of a grind. I've posted my thoughts on the original post and it was a long one as I felt strongly about this game so be sure and read that if you want.
  4. Small update: I beat FFX and liked it a lot! will give my full impressions once i achieve this baby's platinum, and im close. The grind is killing me though, i'm almost at the end. Still have to fill out the sphere grid (already have everything i need for the level grinds), capture a small bit of monsters to unlock the final one, and get the blitzball league first place for wakka's crest/sigil. I can smell the fucking finish line.
  5. Maybe after i finish all these FF games i could give it a try..
  6. This tip is worth GOLD my friend. Thanks a lot.
  7. I think that's what i'll do. Leave FF12 for last and that way I have extra incentive to get the platinum. Great idea. As for the Tales series, you'd be a legend. Can you believe i've never actually played a single one? Thinking about giving it a try. Good luck if you do end up doing it
  8. Hey all! It's been a year. So long story short FF12 broke me. After getting the platinum trophy in FF7, FF9, FF13 and FF15 (twice), i started FF12 and I just couldn't go through with it. I hate it with a passion haha. I got FF burnt out, but i'm proud to say that im back baby. I'm like 20 hours into FFX and having a blast. I'll give my impression if and when i platinum it, and im SO LOOKING FORWARD to getting the FF8 plat now that it's confirmed to be coming to consoles. I'll keep you all posted. This year's E3 really got me hyped so I'ma finish this journey. Link
  9. there are no trophies for lore markers, there is no trophy for 100% everything.
  10. I want this but literally the exact opposite.
  11. genichiro and Isshin phase 1 are aggressive style battles. you go up to the boss and hit R1, be agressive always. But Isshin phases 2 and 3 are Unaggressive. Ypu should definitely be far away from him until he does the 1 or 2 attacks that leave him open. As you've been 11 hours on him you probably are rushing phase 2 to get to phase 3 so he's hitting you a lot and you have no healing gourds in phase 3. So don't be aggressive in these phases. Bait him out, hit him only when he does the attacks that leave him open, and get used to the lightning jump counter attack which makes quick work of him in phase 3. Doing this approach, I found this boss way easier than Great Shinobi Father at Hirata Estate (lost to that fucker for 5 hours)
  12. this is a great list.
  13. Hope you're right. I pre-ordered. Never learn.
  14. oh no. This doesn't sound good. First, Sony launches Dreams early access days before Days Gone launch, then the review embargo lifts only 1 day before launch, which is usually a bad sign. And now Gamestop will allow returns up to 48 hours later? I have a bad feeling about this. Hope i'm wrong.
  15. "Luckily for all fans we’ve have managed to get some exclusive information from our sources on Persona 5: The Royal, Persona 5 S and Persona 5 A. Here’s what we know so far:" That's what it says. It's presented as news as any other exclusive information is. It's literally a scoop, of course they have to present it as true and not as opinion, what are you talking about?