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  1. Hey man i've got 11 plats bump me up to master assassin
  2. Wolverine has a GREAT game. The licensed movie tie-in on the PS3 is the wolverine game we always wanted. Check it out.
  3. #145 Assassin's Creed Odyssey Epic Cycle Earn every trophy Where to start with this one? What a GREAT game. I have a suspicion that if this game was called anything different than Assassin's Creed, like literally the same game but just a different name, it would have gotten so many more amazing reviews (it did pretty well regardless with 83 on metacritic PS4 and 87 on XBONE). I mean, the series has so much baggage that it was difficult to try and reinvent themselves (because the series was getting admittedly stale) while still appealing to hardcore AC fans. I personally believe that if it were called Greece Story or whatever the fuck name you want and sold as new IP, it would've been critically acclaimed. You notice that the developer put a lot of care into the game, especially on the main character, the beautiful lush world, and the immersive side missions. It helps that i've fallen in love with Kassandra (it's on the developers and their wonderful job fleshing her out as a character). I've platinumed EVERY single main AC game and I can say without a doubt that this is the best one in the series. Yes even better than AC2. I would also like to say that I got the platinum in 40 hours (Uplay stats) due to the xp boost and i really do recommend it if you're on a time sync as I am (microtransaction debate aside). Otherwise you're looking at a 60 hour plat, so 15-20 hours of grinding in the Arena or whatever you want, doesn't sound very nice; or don't buy it, it's up to you.
  4. I don't know man I was going to say Wonder Woman but then i played AC Odyssey as Kassandra and it already scratched that itch: A demigod based on greek mythology who is smoking hot and saves people. Such a great game.
  5. Did you get it right after platinum or how much time after? i got the platinum at launch almost a month ago and no code on email. EDIT: nevermind just checked my email. Though it's indeed BLANK, no code so can't redeem. Well, this sucks.
  6. Does anyone know how to get these yet?
  7. And how long did Plat take you? how many hours? Also, did you use the XP boost or not?
  8. wow. So @PowerPyx has his trophy guide up on review embargo as always (great job, guys) and it says 200+ hours ONLY FOR SINGLE PLAYER. So the multiplayer (which has about 17 trophies), which needs you to get to level 5, and, if GTA is any indication, will be 30 to 40 hours in length at least. Just wow dude, the game is getting 10s everywhere so at least you won't be bored doing it haha. Let's go get that son of a bitch.
  9. um... everyone here, on a trophy site mind you, cares how long and how hard it is, some want it shorter, some want it longer. some want it easy, others want it a bit more difficult. That's what this site is for. Everyone cares.
  10. Good job on that plat dude!
  11. you're a legend dude. I'm the guy who told you on twitter jokingly that you'd never get the monster hunter plat haha. Glad i could give you a little bit of inspiration. Seeing you do this, plus also retweeting people who get platinums on twitter, really makes me happy and allows me to see that we fellow trophy hunters can help people and spread positivity, Thank you @klair88
  12. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. It's about 3-4 hours to get 100% but it's a doozy. So much fun, the writing is really on point. Plus the mystery surrounding a certain character was really well executed. Plenty of comedy and heartfelt moments, plus set up for the next installment.
  13. I thank you on behalf of everybody who doesn't use that shit ps4 browser haha. Hadn't even thought of this. good call.
  14. this game is so overrated. It disappointed me so much.
  15. To be honest i'm glad this happened. It's the smart thing to do for Sony, business-wise. And i'm excited to play it. But if this comes out in April don't expect TLOU until holiday 2019 as they won't put 2 third person zombie shooters in between 2 months of each other.
  16. Play for fun? what is this nonsense? lol jk. Yeah that's a good idea if i had time to replay many games.
  17. Thanks, man. So happy to be getting more trophies for this game.
  18. Thanks for posting this. My question is can you link to where they said that the DLC will have trophies? i think it's a given but haven't seen confirmation anywhere and it would be the first time Insomniac has trophy DLCs for any of their games. I would be so bummed out if the DLCs don't have trophies as i bought the season pass already. I guess i kinda understand where you're coming from but the game was SO GOOD and i waited for it for such a long time that i'm excited to have another reason to beat it again. I LOVE that they put trophies for the hardest difficulty and NG+ so i can relive it. So much so that i was sad to see that God of War didn't do this back in August.
  19. The lost legacy was originally supposed to be DLC if you bought the digital deluxe edition of Uncharted (game plus DLC). But TLL became it's own game (not DLC) after Naughty Dog said that they didn't want to make a short experience but a full game instead. Everyone who had already bought the deluxe edition of Uncharted were already entitled to the game even though it ended up costing 20 dollars more as the base price of TLL was 40 dollars. TL;DR no, you need to buy lost legacy, it's a different game.
  20. Just finished my Nioh Platinum and adored it! Would really like to get into the DLC. Is it any good or do i save my 25 bucks on something else? What's it about?
  21. Thanks, man. I hope I get it too. Nice Ellie avatar btw.
  22. I like to platinum all my games and I don't have time to sink 50 hours into a game (if that's how long it takes, for example) unless it's one i'm dying to play. Also i'm on a budget so i'd prefer to buy games that i'm going to platinum. Anyways, if you're not going to be helpful, kindly refrain from commenting. "Who cares?", I care. That's why a made a thread about it.
  23. I'm looking to see if i should go for Astro Bot platinum in VR but want to know how long it takes to plat. can anyone help?
  24. If something happens to this site, i'd probably stop trophy hunting :'(