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  1. So a Harry Potter game leaked thanks to a focus group. It's rumored that its being developed by Avalanche, and will be published by Warner Bros. All i can think of is that this is Harry Potter's version of Knights of the Old Republic. Let's look at the facts: AAA RPG set in the past of a popular series (as far back as we've ever seen them go) where you control a customizable character and can choose to go light side or dark. So fucking excited. Footage has been removed by Warner Bros. This all but makes it official. Unconfirmed name seems to be: "Harry Potter Magic Awakened/Forever" Removed link to footage because it was blocked by youtube and twitter.
  2. It's currently on sale from 40 bucks to something like 23. What do you guys say? Is it worth it? I got the Platinum back at launch and haven't played since. I liked it fine i guess but didn't understand the absolute love that some people had with it. Still would love to get the 100%.
  3. You and me both buddy.
  4. It's really hard to believe Rocksteady is developing this, Avalanche is the one rumored to be doing it. Sources say Rocksteady is sticking to Superheroes. Plus Avalanche put out job listings back in April of this year for people with extensive knowledge of british lore (would go perfecty with the 1800s scenario). There's close to 0 probability of this being Rocksteady.
  5. Can you believe i got the platinum on those 2 games? What is wrong with me? I mean the second one wasn't THAT bad but the first one was garbage.
  6. It's set in the 19th century (1800s) so it'll be it's own story. You're a late bloomer and get your letter when you're about to enter 5th year. You can choose to be good or bad and there's 8 types of wizards or classes.
  7. I feel you, fam. What a time to be a gamer.
  8. She probably is because she still owns the rights to Harry Potter. She's involved in it somehow.
  9. hey dude sign me up for survivor . I've got 3, 4, 5, primal and Dragon Blood 100%
  10. Take that negative shit outta here. lol jk, I hope that the MT's (which there will undoubtedly be) focus more on cosmetics and stuff. Let what happened to EA with Battlefront be an example to all publishers and developers out there.
  11. So did I. This was probably my dream game right after playing the Harry potter story as an RPG (all 7 years). I hope they don't mess it up.
  12. Are you on a budget? if so, to be perfectly honest, you should go with the Slim. My girlfriend has a Pro with a 4kTV and while the difference is there it's definitely not game-changing, maybe the first 5 minutes then you just forget about it and play your game barely noticing the difference to the slim. It's not TRUE 4K, yet. Besides the generation is coming to a close and you should save the 100-150 dollar difference for the PS5, just my 2 cents.
  13. don't mind me, just came here to be reply #300. Carry on.
  14. Yeah, ridiculous expectations ruin video game experiences so don't come in thinking it's the be all end all of humanity. There's nothing worse than setting so high expectations, that nothing can deliver. Try to enjoy it in your own way it really is a great game.
  15. You know what guys? I was 100% sure i'd play as Alexios, but after seeing this thread and doing a bit of research, i'm thinking of going with Kassandra. Is it true that she's confirmed as canon? I've read that her voice actor did a much better job than Alexios and that her personality is different and more fun?
  16. as @EternalChaos72 said, there's nothing you can do except procure yourself a European version of the game. Sorry. friend.
  17. Do it. You never feel more alive than when getting the final collectible and waiting that 1-2 seconds before it pops.
  18. That's a pretty nice list, bro. They only one i haven't played is Gravity Rush 2, do you recommend it without paying the first one?
  19. That's a nice list dude, be sure and edit it if you get to God of War and Spider-Man. 😍
  20. haha dude let him have his opinion. I mean yeah Knack better than U4 is a tough pill to swallow but one man's garbage is another man's treasure (pun intended)
  21. #141 - Chalice of Torment This had me literally on the edge of my seat while playing Deadly Obsession mode. My first playthrough on easy i didn't enjoy very much to be honest, but On Deadly Obsession i fucking loved it. A good difficulty mode in video games is definitely underrated. Didn't care much about the story but i loved that the combat encounters were sparse and that the game wanted you to play stealthily. Also thank god the 100% completion trophy didn't glitch on me, i feel for the people that did encounter this glitch.
  22. oh man. Just bought Nioh at 35 bucks a month ago.... kill me now 😅 Who else has had this shit happen to them?
  23. Wait i don't think I understand, you 100% the whole game 3 different times on 3 different consoles and it glitched out all of them?
  24. ok, i get this even though i don't agree with it. awesome profile picture btw, loved persona 5
  25. Get on it, bro. 2 amazing experiences, especially GoW. You liked Lost Legacy better than 4? Would love to here why...