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  1. Hey guys, two questions: 1. What are you supposed to do with all the excess gear? Should I offer everything for Amrita or should I do something else? 2. How do you unlock Rejuvenation Talisman? It's been stuck on "Clear ???" for too long. Does it unlock with the story or am I missing something? Thanks.
  2. thanks, man. you rock. Regarding this, which would you suggest to make the plat time faster?
  3. really excited to jump back in with orchestrated music, and Japanese audio 2 years later. Masterpiece of a video game.
  4. Amazing work as always. Thanks to the community for sharing these.
  5. Man, these games. Ok so I was really late to the final fantasy party. It's weird because these games are straight up my alley, growing up I was more of an n64 and GameCube kid instead of ps1 and ps2, so I missed out on that great RPG era (specifically PS1). I did, however, play FFXV at launch (even a few days before) and overall, I LOVED it. Recently playing and getting the platinum for Persona 5 (holy shit what a game) gave me an itch for turn-based RPG's, so when a Square Enix sale was going on a couple of weeks ago, I thought it was FINALLY time to play the Final Fantasy games (spurred on by my girlfriend). I bought FF7, FF9, FFX, FFXIII and even bought the FFXV royal edition (UK version for double trophies), talk about an impulse buy. Oh man, was I missing out. Suffice it to say that now I'm on a journey! I'm on a Final Fantasy quest to get every mainline single-player platinum for Final Fantasy in 2018. I also thought I'd document my progress and give a small review of my time with the games on my way to the platinum. As you all know this is no easy task and will take a lot of time and patience but hey, they are so worth it. If anyone who has these platinums has any tips that would be pretty cool too. Please feel free to join me in getting these platinums if you don't have them and we can all bitch and moan about the Vivi jumping rope mini-game, or the absurd amount of grinding in every game (I'm looking at you FFIX 10,000 kill trophy) Now, I'm still unsure if I should do spinoffs too, but that'll depend if I'm invested in the story of its predecessors. THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. Games Completed: Final Fantasy XV: Time to : 60 hours As I mentioned before, FFXV was my first FF game. I decided to purchase it for a couple of reasons: the first one being that I'm a huge Kingdom Hearts nerd (have all platinums twice on ps3 and ps4), and the second one was that wherever you went, you couldn't escape the hype that this game was building. 10 years in the making, rebranded from versus xiii; I just had to see what all the fuss was about. I can honestly say, that even with all the flaws it had at launch, FFXV is a very good game. The overall camaraderie between its main characters and especially the music (I'm a professional musician so in every review you'll get a couple of info about the music) was out of this world. Yoko Shimomura did it again, but what can you expect from the woman who composed the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack? In terms of trophies, I had a lot of fun in the open-world and even though some were a bit grindy, nothing stood out as especially difficult (I remember that I got to the adamantoise before there were great guides on it and just wasted 2 or 3 hours hacking at it). I loved it so much that I recently bought the Royal edition import from the UK to do it all again and I can't wait to double-dip. I just wished the supporting characters were more fleshed out, especially Ardyn (weak villain IMO) and Ravus (great concept, poor execution) Overall 8.5/10 Final Fantasy VII: Time to : 30 hours Have you ever had that feeling when you're playing an older game, where every minute playing it you have this notion or idea that you are playing something that is legendary? That you are witnessing gaming history and appreciate something on a whole other level? FFVII does not hold up very well (though the PS4 version did come with enhancements) but MAN OH MAN. I'd heard mixed things about FFVII, some saying it's the best game of all time and others saying it is very overrated. I can sincerely say that this game is worth the praise. Everything about it is just so beautiful. The game has so much personality and charm, the battle/materia system is pretty cool, the characters are amazing, and the music: THE MUSIC. Uematsu-san you genius, you! You know a soundtrack is iconic when you distance yourself a bit from the game and then get heaps of nostalgic memories from when you played it. Yesterday I was listening to the soundtrack again and I had this strange nostalgic feeling and sadness. I love how every character has a theme (including the FF7 main theme) and how Uematsu makes variations on these themes throughout the game signalling every character's journey. Notable tracks include the Main theme (personal favorite as it literally shows up everywhere in the game with different variations), Aeris' theme, One winged angel, and the amazing battle themes. I can't imagine playing it in 1997 and then going through the same experience nowadays, it would be gut-wrenching. In terms of story, I did know about the whole Aeris ordeal, as pretty sure no one can escape that nowadays, but I was still genuinely surprised with a lot of things (mainly the Nibelheim Cloud-Sephiroth-Zack part) and others. I wish I would have played this when it came out but really enjoyed it nonetheless 20 years later. Thank god the trophies were pretty quick to get which is another good thing about this. I found myself, though, playing a lot with the speed booster on as the game tends to be pretty slow especially with its battle animations that take forever. Overall score: 9.2/10 Final Fantasy IX: Time to : 70 hours Final Fantasy IX was a game that I really wanted to try as I'd heard that Hironobu Sakaguchi himself said that it was what he thought a Final Fantasy should be: the culmination of everything that SquareSoft was building up to. And he was right. I loved the fact that it had a medieval setting instead of the two futuristic games that I had played previously. It was a nice change of pace. Even though I was invested in every FF story I had played this one took the cake. The love story with Zidane and Dagger was really beautiful to see. Also Vivi's story of self-discovery is something we can all relate too in real life: what is our purpose in life? What should we do with the time we have left on this earth? The answer is to spend it with people you love, and every character's discovery of this was something beautiful to watch. It deals with great themes overall of friendship, duty, love, jealousy and others. Also, the ending when they get to Terra was pretty cool. Now, the two-part where this game disappointed me were Music and Trophies. Music-wise it is very good and when it hits it's AMAZING. But there are so many tracks that aren't as memorable. I can't help but feel the soundtrack was a bit rushed musically. I recently listened to it all again and it didn't evoke in me the same feeling that XV and VII did. Though I did love the use of different instruments that were common in medieval times, this gave it a unique spin. Notables include Melodies of life, which also kind of plays as this game's main theme (I'm a sucker for this song), You're not alone, A place to call home, and Loss of me. The second part was the trophies. Insert angry random comment here about jumping rope mini-game and stupid idea to get 10,000 kills. Really? How dense do you have to be to make these trophies? Trophies should be to make a game even more fun and explore everything that it has to offer. But hey, when you complete it, you truly do feel something special. Overall: 8.8/10 Final Fantasy XIII: Time to : 90 hours Two words: Missed potential. That is what sums up this game for me. Plus a BEAST of a grind, thank god for all the tips. Let's just say I did EXTENSIVE research before even loading the game up the first time so I could mitigate the trophy time. I would like to thank @Sir_Bee for the treasure hunter spreadsheet which helped me out. Now onto the game itself. FFXIII is a mixed bag. The things it does well, it does incredibly so. The combat IMO is amazing. I had so much fun coming up with so many different combinations to my paradigm system to max out my strategy for each enemy. Plus, this game is no picnic, so you really need a deep understanding of its battle mechanics. Secondly, the music is also worthy of the Final Fantasy name. Tracks like Serah's Theme, Fabula Nova Crystallis, Blinded by Light, really set the tone of the game, with Serah's being my personal favorite. The other aspect of this game that I felt really hit a Home Run, was the presentation. I played it on a smaller tv than I usually do (as my ps4 is the only console hooked up to the 70 inch), and even then I just couldn't believe this was a PS3 game. Can't imagine how it looked back in 2010, the graphics truly are beautiful. As for the negative, you've heard a million times before, the game is just too linear. I thought people were overreacting but it really is just walking, fighting, cutscene AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. As I personally didn't get as involved with the story as previous games, it kinda felt like it dragged on and on and on. I had to constantly get breaks because I was so bored in some parts. I feel the voice acting isn't as bad as people say it is. Personal standouts are Troy Baker as Snow and whoever played Fang. The villain was also weak compared to the previous ones. Plus there were so many mechanics that are probably considered archaic by now: walking to every single cie'th stone for a mission is just tedious and stupid, plain boring. Regardless of the negative things, the game was pretty solid. So much so, that I think I'll be giving XIII-2 a shot (only a 45-hour plat). Overall, Final Fantasy XIII doesn't deserve the hate it gets, but it's just so much wasted potential. Overall score: 7.8/10 (too much water) Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition (Europe) Time to : 55 Hours So I've mentioned a few times before that FFXV was my first ever Final Fantasy game and that I enjoyed it. Buy my enjoyment level was NOTHING compared to how much I really loved this game this time around. I absolutely fell head over heels over it. For starters, you enjoy so much more of the lore because of the past FF games, you get to enjoy every soundtrack of a previous entry while riding the car (whoever thought of this should get a promotion at Square). The game's core strength really comes from the relationship of the Chocobros. The game is literally a road trip before getting married where you end up saving the world. And through this road trip, you get to discover a beautiful open world full of things to explore and gear to get. I had a blast going through the world to get side quests and exp or AP. I really think this game gets a lot of crap (and it should TBH) because of not launching as a complete product and it makes me sad because as of now (there's still DLC on the way which I will buy day one) the game is truly something special. I love all the new things that came with all the DLC that has been implemented this past year and a half; especially the royal DLC which gives us a revamped chapter 14 FULL of stuff to do. I also liked every character-focused DLC (except maybe prompt) and it was a blast to get 100% them as it featured some of the most difficult boss battles in the whole game (Cor and Noctis). If anyone is on the fence about this game i urge them to buy it, no questions asked. Just be sure to get the Royal edition as it is the true way to experience this game. As a closing thought I'd like to talk a little about the music of this game. I remember it being very beautiful but now I saw it through a different lense: nostalgia. The music may well be IMO, one of the best soundtracks of this generation. It's just that good. I won't put the usual notable tracks because they truly are all wonderful. Oh yeah, and I LOST it at the Final Fantasy main theme at the final scene of the game. So much heart. I never thought I'd say this but I truly believe FFXV is my favorite Final Fantasy game of all time. Overall Score: 9.5/10 Final Fantasy X Time to : 115 Hours I had almost given up on this journey to platinum all mainline games. I really couldn't get to FFXII The Zodiac Age because of many reasons and I started having kind of a Final Fantasy burnout and left this journey on hold for a whole year. Enter E3 2019 where Square Enix's conference single-handedly won E3 and re-awoke my FF passion. Seeing VII Remake was so beautiful and hype-inducing; add to that the fact that FFVIII Remastered was announced and I started to get this little itch. I turned on my PS4, downloaded the Zanarkand PS4 theme and put in FFX Remastered. Now, TBH I had heard mixed stuff about it. A lot of negative stuff too, saying that it failed to live up to the Final Fantasy name that the previous PS1 era had built up for it. Having finally platted this game, I can say without a doubt that I don't understand what the negative critics are talking about. FFX is a masterpiece and it is definitely worthy of the Final Fantasy name. Tidus' story was a beautiful one, filled with ups and downs, wonderful music, great character moments, and awesome turn-based gameplay. Now that's not to say that it is a perfect game, it does have its flaws. For one, since it is only a remaster and not a remake, you can start feeling the dated mechanics like the slow-running and the fact that you can't skip cutscenes even after losing a battle. This was pure hell to go through as I didn't understand the deep mechanics of its battle system up until halfway (everything was easy up until a certain boss battle). Now that said, I could easily signal the voice acting as a negative but I didn't really feel that this was the case. It gets such a bad reputation (especially the laughing scene), but to be honest it was very acceptable. I'm positive that back then it was way better compared to other games. Another thing that nearly broke me was the grind. So many people in this thread warned me and I didn't believe them. What a motherfucking depression-inducing grind, guys. I grinded the fastest spheres I could for the blank nodes on the sphere grid (magic defense, even though I had already max) and hit a wall later on when I had to fight the dark aeons because I was so underleveled even after filling out the sphere grid (a stupid mistake as I didn't know that the dark aeons would be so powerful), so I had to erase some MD nodes for attack and strength and that added a lot of hours more to the grind. Finally, I'd like to say that this love story between Tidus and Yuna is probably right up there with FF9's love story between Zidane and Dagger as the best ones of the series to date. The ending, in particular, was so beautiful that it got me teary-eyed with a full orchestral version of Zanarkand, which, along with Suteki Da Ne, is probably one of the best FF tracks of all time. I wish that the soundtrack didn't rely as much on these 2 songs as it did as the other songs were cool too but we just didn't get to here them a whole lot. Overall score: 9/10 Final Fantasy VIII Time to : 35 Hours Final Fantasy VIII was a game I’d been waiting for a while. One of my school majors was music production so music has always been one of the things I most loved about the series. Every single “Best of FF...” playlist that I had listened to was packed with FF8 music, so for that reason alone I was really excited to play it. Additionally, it was the only one of the PS1 era trio that I was missing since I was patiently waiting for it to come out with trophies (never stopped believing), regardless of the fact that it was constantly the one that people seemed to care about the least. My excitement was over the roof and I’m glad to say that while it has issues it does not disappoint. The music was amazing: tracks like Balamb Garden, Blue Fields, the Landing, Man with the Machine Gun, Julia (which has similar melodic progressions from FF7 main theme), were all amazing tracks worthy of Uematsu-San. In terms of gameplay, I have to say that while I loved the junction and draw systems at first, I did develop some problems with them as the game progressed. I hated that every time the party changed you had to junction stuff to them so they would be able to do anything in battle and therefore spending too much time on menus. Also, the game punishes you for using magic which is definitely a first. The characters were good enough that I cared about what was happening to them (except Vincent. Man, he sucks). The story started out amazing up to 2/3 approximately when (space?) is introduced and then some weird time compression bullshit and body-swapping and time travel. Needless to say, the final 1/3 of the game for me felt like it dragged on and I was ready to be done with it. Overall, I was in love with most of the game and the orphanage part was a highlight for me. Trophy wise, I thought it was PERFECT. A short concise platinum trophy that made you see almost everything in the game while not forcing you to grind to all hell with that 10,000 kill trophy. I was so glad that not all the Steam Achievements made it in the game. Also, 3X was a lifesaver for me and I managed to plat it in about 35 hours of gameplay time. Plus, I loved how the trophy images were red, even though nobody gives a shit about this type of stuff. Fuck, Liberi Fatali rules so much. Overall score: 8.3/10 Final Fantasy XIII-2 Time to : 50 Hours I'll always remember this as my first Coronavirus plat. I have to be honest, though: I completely ignored the story here. Something about traveling hundreds of years in time to fix some shit about crystals and lightning and an evil guy that wanted to take over the world or something lol. Having played the original XIII, and not caring much for the story, I decided to skip these cutscenes and focus only on the gameplay which I had heard fixed everything XIII did wrong. That aside, I really enjoyed the platinum ride for this game. The combat was, once again, excellent in a mix of turn-based and active time battle. It's a similar version to XIII's combat which was my favorite part of that game. Trying to find the best strategy with every enemy is very fun. It was also a fun journey getting the 160 fragments by doing many different side quests and activities. Getting 100% on all maps, especially the Academia 500, was a real shit show and completely unnecessary. The game was very open and let you tackle the story or get lost in the many worlds and time periods to find fragments or upgrade your roles. Also, seeing the original XIII cast pop up, even if I didn't know what was going on in the story, was pretty cool, especially Snow and Hope. The whole casino world was pretty bad IMO, especially the boring Chocobo races. Special shoutout to the gameplay modifiers (in this game called Fragment Skills) which made the game more fun in certain parts. Finally, the soundtrack was pretty average with a few standout tracks but mostly rehashed music from XIII. Now it's onto FF7R in a couple of days. SO DAMN EXCITED. Overall Score: 7.9/10 Currently working on: READY FOR FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE! Backlog: FF Type-0 HD Lightning Returns FFXII (I tried it and hated it) Please feel free to give me tips for the upcoming games, I need all the help I can get. Also keep me in line. Write an angry comment If I haven't gotten a FF trophy in a while. I'm close to my goal!
  6. You access chapter select through the menu. Press options anywhere and go into system and then chapter select.
  7. does the glitch still work or has it been patched?
  8. So I got connected with an agent that said that I had to wait 14 days from my platinum trophy and then contact them. That's bullshit because 14 days have already passed since I beat the first palace and the 4th palace and I never got those themes/avatars. I calmly explained this to him but he still says it needs to be 14 days since my platinum trophy (even though i already have that reward for plat). what the hell?
  9. hey this happened to me! I got the platinum, waited for my codes, but I ONLY got the code with the final 3 themes for platinum. Didn't get any of the others. What should I do?
  10. Give them to me! Great list, IMO. Love that there is a Hard difficulty.
  11. Yeah, i'm saving X-2 for a dry season. Though i don't know when that might be with so many great games coming up. But originally it was just the mainline ones like the title thread says
  12. where's @hasegawa2010 when you need him? Are you going to do this guide? 95% of psnprofiles' ToCS players are waiting for you lol.
  13. My question is: Can you do Hard Mode with everything you unlocked in your normal playthrough? So for example i beat the game in normal, then use chapter select on hard. In chapter 1 will I have all my upgraded stuff and materia, etc?
  14. It makes me so happy that there's a "defeat all chapter on HARD difficulty" trophy. Will really make us get into the game and discover all its intricacies! Very excited. Don't know if I should start at normal and then another playthrough or jump right into hard! What are you guys going to do?
  15. hey would love to get the star next to my name for completing the DLC. I'm at seeker of darkness with all plats except chain of memories.
  16. when does review embargo break?
  17. quick update to this journey! I've platinumed FF13-2 and have put in my thoughts about it. The next game is, you guessed it, the holy grail itself: FF7 Remake. Can it be April 10, now?
  18. how long is it to 100% the DLC? might look into this depending on the time.
  19. a masterpiece of a game, huh?
  20. it's more impressive due to the fact that it came out before on PS3. Truly impressive.
  21. Are you the guy from lillymo? You rock, dude. Didn't know you were such a trophy hunter. 800 platinums? holy shit. i was proud of my 185 lol.
  22. yeah pretty sweet that it's cross-buy.
  23. Am i Screwed? I missed this questline: 6. Knowledge of Tea Ceremony [茶道の心得] (School Quest) (3+2 AP) Talk to Kairi [カイリ] in Tea Ceremony Club room of Clubhouse [クラブハウス] to accept the quest Am i locked out of any trophies? Character note is now stuck at 1 for Kairi. Can I get this quest in NG+ because character profiles carry over? any info would be appreciated, having a hard time finding info online.
  24. thank the sweet baby jesus christ.. was starting to panic. Will the AP be enough to get the trophy for it, though? and will the Quest trophy pop when finishing that quest i missed or do i have to do all the quests again in NG+?
  25. this is awesome. i thank you in the name of all of psnp