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  1. I love how politically charged it is. And i couldn't give 2 shits if that "insults" someone. Will it create controversy, it sure will because now-a-days people can't help but be triggered by anything and everything. I'm not american, but i lived there for 3 years when I was a little kid. I lived in the south too, so this resonates with me. Overall this game just looks so good, didn't expect to be this hyped. This is how you do an announcement trailer.
  2. All great points. Agree on every aspect. The post-credits scene didn't do much for me either, it was like oh here's this just in case we get greenlit for a sequel.
  3. took me like 40 hours, played on normal except the final hours which i did on easy when I had already beaten the game.
  4. thanks bro, it would be my second BBS plat as i did it on ps3, too. Though i'm a bit kingdom hearts oversaturated as I bought 2.8 and 1.5+2.5 together and have gotten all plats again. haha want to get it over now.
  5. Actually, i just played the story not even the arena, but i've done a bit since like stickers, treasures, some commands, almost all the finish commands, etc. the problem is that not only did the combat level stay the same but the moogle shop isn't at the top level either so even though i have 1 mega flare I can't buy another or any of the top commands for that matter, this will significantly make my time to play longer as I have to level up commands with lower enemies and can't buy the top ones. Ether way I prefer to do that than another playthrough and it be in vain. If it's 100% sure that this would fix I'd do it. But 4 more hours on a "what if" scenario, not gonna take the risk.
  6. thanks for the reply. no, I played on critical and it was a bit hard to beat, wish to level up a bit more for the final vanitas fight. Anyways, i've been reading up on the issue and i found on a competing site that apparently if you don't beat the game Terra, Ventus and Aqua (in that order) then this can sometimes happen with either terra or ventus. This sucks man. Anybody have the same issue? if so how do you fix it? don't want to beat the game again with all characters
  7. so it's not only radiant garden but ALL worlds.
  8. every single fucking time this thread pops up on the recent topics of psnprofiles homepage i get excited that they fixed only to read some random comment fighting with another user over the internet about stupid shit. let this thread die until the developers do something about it, my trophy-hunting ass can't take it!!!
  9. the answer everywhere in the world but UK is football..
  10. any ideas for dlc?
  11. nice thread. got 1 and 2 plats this week and thought that only trophies and the drive form lag had been improved. Never had any trouble with the ice-cream mini-game. but maybe that's because im a musician, always get that fantastic rating.
  12. No one's complaining that the sub-par dlc is included in the game, bro. Complaining it's obligatory and forced upon you.
  13. Tell that to the half assed chapter 13 from Final Fantasy XV. We don't demand "less game", we demand better quality.
  14. It's about the journey. I love platting the game multiple times if I enjoyed it. like OP said, it's an incentive to play the game again.
  15. I got a code for the theme AND the avatar the day right after I got the Horizon plat. I live in south america but am on the US ps store.
  16. thanks man. Any guide you recommend?
  17. haha thanks anyway! cheers.
  18. Yeah that's on the ps3. On the PS4 version (like i mentioned in the post) the trophies do stack.
  19. How's that going for you? Would you recommend it? don't know if I should start the plat run on proud or not.
  20. hey man! got that DDD plat and the 0.2 100% this week. had a blast. sign me up for 4 plats Seeker of darkness KH1, KH2, BBS, DDD
  21. Hey i'm starting my DDD journey for plat today and wanted to ask the community the right way to go to save time and/or frustration. So the root of this question is trophy Ability Ace. Is it better to start on beginner and then grind for hours on proud to max out all abilities or is it better to do everything on proud? How much of a pain is getting 100% on proud? for example i would never advise getting 100% on kh2 in critical mode as the data replicas are really tedious on critical, but on the other hand I woulndt advise starting KH: BBS on beginner because it's too time-consuming and its better to start on critical to save time. The guide on psnp says to start on beginner but the one on a different competing site says to start it on proud, so i'm having doubts and wanted to hear different experiences. Link
  22. That's great advice, i did not know that. which route would you take personally then?
  23. thanks man. Any tips for the hard parts? how about what commands to use?