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  1. Hey man, i'm about to start my journey to plat, do you recommend starting it in beginner and then grinding on proud or starting on proud and doing everything from there? is 100% easy on proud? BTW nice pic, you little thief you. lol jk
  2. it should unlock after beating the game. if you already beat it and it didn't unlock then input the Konami Code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B [cancel], A [confirm]) while in the game menu.
  3. @Property_Damage Black Ops III.. too much of a fucking grind. Congratulations. Haven't even bought it because plat says 100 hours lol.
  4. i've played all of them and have the platinum for every game. I even bought the ezio collection and played those again on ps4. I have to say that AC2 doesn't hold up as well as the others. The best one by far is brotherhood which did everything that 2 did but made it better. ACIV Black Flag is a close second. Had so much fun with that game, reminded me of wind waker. And syndicate is amazing too, pity it didn't sell well at all after the disaster that was Unity at launch. 1. B 2. IV 3. S 4. II 5. Rev 6. U (with latest patch) 7. Rogue 8. III 9. I 10. Liberation 11. Chronicles
  5. I'd say wait. If you have a Wii U just play Zelda there, it's basically the same experience. And then wait until super mario odysseyy to get the switch bundled in with the game. cheers
  6. sorry but this is going to have to wait. Finally have some time and bought Zelda and Horizon. Mass Effect welcome to the backlog, I hope you become friends with Nioh and nier automata.
  7. if you do it legit then yes 6/10 is the perfect rating for it. Survivor+ is way easier because you have everything upgraded but im guessing survivor on the first go would be at least a 6/10
  8. I put off the multiplayer for about a year because i don't like multiplayer trophies and these are like 40 hours. But once i started doing it i got hooked. Got the Remastered plat first and the bought the game on ps3 and did it all over again, now i have both plats. Amazing game, can't wait for part II
  9. This isn't a popular choice but my favorite kingdom hearts game is Birth By Sleep. The game has it's problems but oh man i was just hooked on playing the story with 3 different character's point of views. Plus the whole melding commands thing was addictive to me, i had so much fun grinding out and leveling them up so i could meld them and see what powerful new command i would get. It was also my 1st kingdom hearts game (bought a used psp to give it a try). Plus the music. Oh man BBS holds a special place in my heart. I platted it when it came out on ps3 and willl surely buy the collection yet again.
  10. So my psn network is working fine, I can even go into the psn store and connect. But my trophies aren't syncing. I get the error code mentioned above. Anyone know what to do? Thanks
  11. I was already sharpening my blades
  12. guys my trophies just synced. how are yours doing?
  13. I'm syncing from ps4. I think we need to wait it out because it's obviously a problem on Sony's end.
  14. This is good news then. Are you getting the same number error code?
  15. Thebishop_remora I wish i could have the guitar hero live plat. Im actually really good playing it but spending that much money on the new game plus the new guitar seems like a waste of money to me. i'll just keep playing world tour on my ps3 lol (came out before trophies). Great job, bro. Also DB xenoverse plat. (too much of a grind and little time)
  16. Arkham fucking Origins. Man that multiplayer, plus all those challenge medals, not to mention beating the game with permadeath!! definitely my proudest, took me about 3 years on and off.
  17. the bonfire one just isn't any fun. it's just kill 9 random guys because you have to. and you're notorious the whole time which is so frustrating, then you have to escape every single time after killing a guy which sucks because there's like 20 times more guards around. not difficult just tedious and not fun at all. feels like work, not play
  18. tell me about it. im sorry but this sucks. thanks for the answer. not enjoying this at all
  19. Well yeah, the already made your money off of it. but if you sell your copy then that's one copy that goes to another potential buyer, therefore making them NO money at all.
  20. Are you sure? its gonna be like 80-100 hours per plat. You're probably going to want to throw the game away after the first hundred hour grind. Anyway pretty sure there's only one list.
  21. maybe its because you're not advancing through the story. 25 hours in and still on chapter 3? the first 2/3 of the game are by far the best the game has to offer. If you don't like it you will DESPISE chapter 13.
  22. hey man. bump me up to worst nightmare!! thanks. ive got asylum, city, origins and knight
  23. hey man. add me I have everything 100% except Re:CoM!!!
  24. hey guys bump me up, i've now got 9 plats: II, Brotherhood, Revelations, III, IV, Rogue, Liberation HD, Unity, Syndicate,
  25. why would you guys take away the recent forum posts. They were my most used tool. now it's gone. no way to see recent discussions.

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      I'll miss it too :(

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      That was also one of my thougths.

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      Check my most recent status for how to get it back. You have to set it up on your own.