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  1. NO SPOILERS Hey guys. I am one of the few lucky ones who will get Uncharted 4 before it's release date, i am hopefully picking it up tonight and will start my playthrough. The question I have is regarding the trophies: It seems that they aren't live yet (they aren't on PSNPROFILES or PSN Network). So how does this work exactly? Do the trophies i've earned in the game pop up when they go live or if I start a playthrough are the trophies i would have gotten forever lost? This just doesn't go for uncharted but for any game you play where the trophies aren't on the playstation network yet. PS. I got the game early cause a friend works in the videogame industry, no pirated copy or whatever.
  2. Thanks Salty. I hope they pop up. Can't WAIT to platinum this game.
  3. BlindMango you are a lifesaver. Thank you. Can anyone else corroborate?
  4. yeah the 70% shooting accuracy and the 6 hour speed run make this plat tougher than the other ones. and if there is one for brutal it could be one of the rarer plats on psn. I beat all 3 on brutal on the nathan drake collection but man was it a pain
  5. It's weird that there are no "Kill 'x' enemies with 'x' gun" trophies. Maybe those are the hidden but it seems weird. Aren't hidden trophies usually (keyword being usually) for story purposes???
  6. Yeah with the speed run trophy it'll probably bring up the minimum number of playthroughs to 3. I hate playing through games more than once but man i really don't mind with this game. Once on normal to unlock crushing, once on crushing and one really speeding on easy. can't wait for this game arghhhhhhhh
  7. hey guys. bump me up to 4 plats, just got Prince of Persia (2008) Plat today. Just missing Two thrones, SOON!!!!
  8. Hey guys! Sign me up. I've got the two force unleashed Plats, loved those games. Pretty glitchy but great story
  9. ID: linkdevivo Add me, love browsing the what's new tab on PS4 to see what everyone is playing and like or comment on their Platinums Cheers
  10. PSN: Linkdevivo i'll always accept. im probably the only person who likes to look at the What's New tab to see what people are playing and congratulate them on cool platinums
  11. Psn id: linkdevivo Systems::ps4, ps3, vita WILL accept every request. Love to boost trophies and help people out. Almost level 24. Cheers.
  12. Uncharted Golden Abyss Platinum Time consuming but fun. Damn grind for bounties was a pain though
  13. mother 'effin battlefront
  14. hey man requesting to join. i have all the platinums and even platinumed god of war I and II again on VITA which was pretty cool as i did it like 3 years later. i'll platinum III again on the PS4 soon!!
  15. Hey man. Requesting to join. I have 8 AC Plats (missing the china one). All of the main games except syndicate which i havent bought yet!! cheers!! great idea.
  16. Definitiely Kingdom Hearts t-i-g-o.. It's very long but so rewarding. Not many people have them. Either 1 or 2 (though one is harder becuase difficulty trophies don't stack and cuz of the gummi missions)
  17. Not saying it's incorrect.. maybe you didn't read my post but we're saying the same thing.. as soon as i read it i thought that it could have meant only one character because of the wording but i wasn't sure so i looked it up and played all of them critical on my first run.. Just saying that it's not dumb to maybe think that you could do it with only one player, what's pretty wrong is to not do some research
  18. I was only trying to help you, wasn't trying to make you look bad or anything.. actually the only way to unlock d-link pete is to do it outside the arena my man... he will unlock inside the arena but you can't use him as a dlink and that means no trophy.. look it up..
  19. Actually the secret board unlocked for me while playing them INSIDE the arena, not outside. Since the trophy says win every playable command board i just did them on the arena and it unlocked (always playing against 1 computer player to shorten playing time) . Now i just need to play them OUTSIDE the arena for the commands and d-link, but i don't need to win any of them which is a huge relief since i can just focus on getting the comands and d-links. Remember that you can buy 1 or 2 things on the arena shop instead of getting them through the command board like the skull board shotlock (can't remember name) i think. What's really pissing me off is getting 9,999 medals in the arena with every single character so i can unlock level 30. that's just ridiculously stupid, apparently i have to grind risky riches forever..
  20. Actually StormRacer.. When the Trophy List came out back in October I thought the same thing as you and i've been getting trophies for a while now.. Technically a game is over once the credits roll, isn't it? It should be specified that it meant clear everything in critical, which it does not say.. To the person that said that you should have known because of the other character trophies: Are you serious? Ever heard that some trophies stack? But what I did is dig up every single bit of info i could find back when there was no guide to this game because one hadn't been made. I used this site to see people's trophies on this game and i ALWAYS saw that they had the critical trophy after beating all 3 playthroughs, final episode and secret episode. That's the only reason why I started playing on critical. So the moral of the story, my friend, is never jump into an RPG (or any game for that matter) that you want to platinum, without a little bit of a background check. Indeed there were people being egotistical jerks about this but hey, it's the internet. Hope you're on vacation and didn't lose a lot of time!! Have a good one!