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  1. I'm by no means saying this is YOUR opinion or experience, only mine. Pretty sure there are people like me out there, though. I remember when I bought games solely on the fact that they had an easy, short platinum (stupid games like my name is mayo and the like). We've all done it. I purposefully never played games with long time to platinum because trophies were all that mattered to me (I missed out on so many good games). But when i crossed 100 plats, and the number didn't magically make me a better gamer, I started caring less about those bad easy games. I still love trophies but now I get platinums not depending on completion time, I instead do it with GREAT games, no matter if it takes me beyond 100 hours. For example, I purposefully didn't buy Persona 5 because i read on a guide that the platinum was 120+ hours. It was on sale last month and I decided to give it a try: THIS 120 HOUR platinum gave me more joy and pride than almost all of my previous trophies and it's probably the longest i've ever spent on a game. What i'm saying is that we shouldn't be trying to prove that getting more platinums makes us better gamers. I'm done with grinding games I don't enjoy just because they have easy trophies, I now understand that it's better to have LESS "easy, boring" platinums because at the end of the day we'll remember the persona 5's, not the Hannah Montanas or the Green Lanterns. Here's to platinums you enjoy and are proud of, instead of a stupid number to boost our own gamer ego.
  2. BUMP
  3. when does review embargo lift? Can't find this info anywhere.
  4. Wanted to report in and say that I decided to try Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana based on the suggestions in this thread, and I liked it a lot; so much so that I got the platinum for it. The gameplay and combat are really awesome and the music is absolutely spectacular. The story of the game though I did not care for all that much, speciall how half of the game is just them being regular castaways which I found nice but very generic. Looking forward to Ys 9 Localization because it looks pretty cool, plus it has a 40% platinum trophy rarity so I'm sure it'll be very doable and fun.
  5. I love JRPGs with a passion, looking for new series to start and dig hours into. I've platinumed Persona, Dragon Quest, Ni No Kuni, Nier: Automata, most Final Fantasy games, Bloodborne (Is it a JRPG?) and Kingdom Hearts series. Give me something outside these series. Be sure to put why you love it to see if you can convince me to buy it What have you got PSNProfiles?
  6. whoops... i thought it was in DANA's world through the spirit where you buy stuff. I just got it, you guys rock thanks. didn't know you could trade these items with her under "trade pearls and jewels".
  7. missing 3 items for the all items trophy but i don't know where to find them and i can't find anything online. The items are Wheel of Eternity, Crown of Creation and Stone of Antiquity. Help PSNP...
  8. no i didn't! where can i find the shop post game? don't know where it is.
  9. @Dragon-Archon you wrote the guide, right? it's been a lifesaver up until now. greeat work. do you know where to find these items?
  10. I have complete faith in the fact that you will make this community proud by 'gitting gud'.
  11. Everywhere I look to buy it, it's almost at full price. Even used versions on Ebay or Amazon, the lowest it goes is like 45 - 50 bucks. Why doesn't it drop? Is it because there's not enough supply so price maintains high? It's almost a 4 year old game. On a budget here... I guess the vita version is an option but i really prefer ps4.
  12. Just bought Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana thanks to the people who recommended it. Will update when I get the platinum! It’s 50% off on ps store if anyone is interested. The game is still almost full price 3 years later.
  13. Quick heads up... It's currently 50% off on the PSN Holiday Sale! Great price for a game that 3 years later is still at full price almost everywhere!
  14. Ys VIII Lacrymosa of Dana is $29.99.. I think i'm going to finally hear all the constant recommendations and buy it. Wish me luck!
  15. yeah, i've heard great things from OSL it's definitely in my list to buy when i get the chance! Well, it's not really like give it away to me. More like, give me your best suggestions. Cracked me up 😂 It's getting harder to respond to everyone who posted suggestions but thank you guys so much for taking the time to respond! I'll definitely pick a lot of these up!!
  16. I've thought long and hard about starting the tales series but i'm a little bit doubtful because the platinums are like 200 hours. If I only played one tales game which one would you recommend? I loved Gravity Rush 1 but really didn't like 2! I started it and like 4 hours later was very bored so i just deleted it. Should I go back?
  17. Cool, man. thanks for taking the time to write. I'll definitely look into it, and if anything i'll just play the Cold Steel games and look up summaries of the other games. I read that Cold Steel 4 is out already but only in Japan? I'll definitely start with the first one! I also really want to play Ys VIII as I constanly hear it's fantastic. Though it's really pricey still. 4 year old game and still like 50 bucks everywhere i look.
  18. Cool! I'm doing research on it, and it seems really interesting. Do I start with this one: that looks very cool. how's the platinum? long/grindy?
  19. awesome! what's it about? Is it turn-based? action? how long are the platinums?
  20. awesome, bro! what an important poll. I feel so lucky to have been a part of it. sign me up.
  21. so how long for platinum, guys?
  22. So i've got all chests and secrets for tomb of Eilram but the map is stuck in 96% so Zeffo overall is stuck at 99%. Same goes for Weathered Monument stuck at 95% but I have all chests. Since we need 100% for all planets for the BD-1 all Holomaps trophy, how the hell are we supposed to know how to clear out 100% of the map? a quick glance on the map menu doesn't show anywhere what that small percentage is that i'm missing? anyone know how i'm supposed to do this?
  23. #177 Death Stranding Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty 4/10 I was sure i wasn't going to like this game. Seeing reviews and reading the words walking simulator, boring, tedious, etc. really put me down on the game, but decided to play it anyway. While the beginning I continuously felt these things, for some reason i couldn't stop playing. I don't know what was it, maybe the weirdness of it all. After finishing it I had already 45 hours on it so I went for platinum which took me up to 90 hours. It's not perfect but i like how different it is. The graphics are hands down the best i've ever seen on console. Glad it's over, but sad it's over. it's weird.
  24. yeah, the buttons thing was weird but thank god i played them like in 2011 or 2012 so Knight was fine for me at launch. Always felt that Arkham knight was a bit underrated. Everyone hated the batmobile sections so it took out from the fact that it's the best batman game when you're playing solely as batman and not using the batmobile.