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  1. Sekiro should DEFINITELY be included in this one. If Bloodborne is a Souls game, so is Sekiro.
  2. mine too! should have updated my original post to say this. this was the final thing I was missing. This game should have had fast travel between the points, it's very tedious to have to open the map every few seconds to get somewhere that's very far away. no reason for there not to be fast travel in postgame
  3. It's currently 50% off in the Hong Kong store due to TGS and I'm thinking of buying it to get the stackable plat (sue me, I loved getting the plat for this game). But there are 2 different versions on the store: The english version and the Hong Kong version. Are they the 2 different trophy lists or just the same ASIAN trophy list with different language options? I'd like to play with english subtitles but if that english version is the same one I already have with the Worldwide trophy list then i definitely do not want to buy that one again. Anyone an expert on this topic? For stackable plat do i have to buy the one that says chinese version and if so will I be able to have english subtitles or anything? Hope that wasn't confusing.
  4. thanks for the answer. yeah i tried this but didn't work on the tomb, it did on Weathered Monument. so thanks. Still i think i'll just go theough EVERY nook and cranny in the tomb once again. sucks though.
  5. So i beat my NORMAL playthrough, then loaded it for new game plus on HARD to do time attacks and i've already beaten 4 which means the Sword of the Sun should unlock (for beating 4 colossi in Hard Time Attack Mode). But it's not unlocking. and i spent like an hour on colossus 3, too. fucking sucks. What's happening?
  6. PSN ID: Linkdevivo feel free to add me. Might as well show off my platinum trophies so they can be useful for something 😂
  7. Is this a possibility down the line or are we just wishing it into the ether? would gladly pay for a site i love and use so much
  8. Cool thread idea! Here's mine. I'll also throw my favorite platinum of the year: 2012: 10 (God of War: Chains of Olympus 35.32%, The Force Unleashed II 7.39%) Favorite plat: Assassin's Creed II 2013: 0 (was an off year where i only played Nintendo games) 2014: 34 (Sly Cooper 2: Band of Thieves 57.77%, FIFA 14 2.12%) Favorite plat: Bioshock Infinite) 2015: 26 (Walking Dead Vita 66.69%, Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep 6.68%) Favorite plat: Arkham Knight 2016: 37 (My Name is Mayo! 97.87%, Arkham Origins 2.02%) Favorite plat: Uncharted 4 2017: 15 (Assassin's Creed II PS4 37.78%, Titanfall 2 8.97%) Favorite plat: Horizon: Zero Dawn 2018: 25 (Telltale's Batman 63.85%, Final Fantasy IX 6.26%) Favorite Plat: God of War 2019: 27 (Mr. Massagy 96.32%, Persona 4 Golden 6.31%) Favorite Plat: Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age
  9. wait... what is this? what is happening?
  10. I did not edit it. Probably a mod did as it says my post is edited by DaivRules. I don't know who DaivRules is or why he can edit, probably a mod. but it was he who did it. Since I did not edit i thought that I had always written Japanese instead of jap. However, the fact still remains: find real shit to be offended by, please. This outrage culture will lead you nowhere. Or if not, you'll probably fit right in with ResetEra. Imagine your "privilege" that you can be offended by an innocent comment abbreviating japanese language on a playstation trophy forum.
  11. Slur: noun noun: slur; plural noun: slurs 1. an insinuation or allegation about someone that is likely to insult them or damage their reputation. "the comments were a slur on the staff" Spare me your bullshit. Now saying japanese language is an insult? Go be an SJW in ResetEra. I think that you saw the condensed version in the home menu but the title was always "Japanese". Next time read correctly instead of accusing someone of being racist.
  12. wow this trophy list looks ridiculously easy and quicker than original game! there's no trophy for lines, no trophy for secret bosses, no trophies for completing persona compendium, no trophy for completing all requests, no reading of books. Basically all you have to do is finish the game, finish mementos and max your social stats. The rest are easy.
  13. it's already confirmed we'll get a new list.
  14. The game launches Oct 31st, so less than a week. Has anybody heard what the trophy list is going to be like? I'd love to double dip. who's with me? What trophies would you like to see?
  15. hey guys need some help. So i got this platinum over 3 years ago so i've beaten it already like three times. The only trophies i'm missing for 100% are both the grounded trophies. However i don't know how to start Grounded + as chapter select has it blacked out when i put "Continue new game plus". I don't know what to do, i've loaded all of my save files including ones i have already beaten in survivor + and it doesn't let me use Grounded. I'm sure i'm doing something wrong, can anybody help? The guide says to just put chapter select and start playing on grounded on new game plus but, again, it's blacked out for me. If I do it in the reverse order it does let me select grounded but how do i know if that's NG+ or normal original game? i don't want to have to play the game twice on grounded.
  16. what are the other 5 games?
  17. UPDATE: got the FF8 platinum and updated my thoughts on everything! Be sure and check that out.
  18. Thank you to all that responded
  19. Anyone know of a good text or video guide of Final fantasy X that gets you the plat in the fastest time possible? I know @optimusmart does guides like these and i'm looking for something along those lines. For reference:
  20. i actually had another glitch where the mold samples wouldnt have the prompt to collect them so i couldn't get them. I wasnt able to get the ability points from those missions or the ones from hidden locations where you needed the pills. I had THE EXACT SAME NUMBER OF ABILITY POINTS left to be able to get the gold trophy. Was so close to not being able to do it because of that stupid glitch. now i have to load mission select to be able to fight mold-1 which is my final trophy. thank god.
  21. just finished a side mission called What a Mess: Clear the Mold, but didn't get any ability points. As far as i know you need to complete every mission to fully upgrade your character, right? Am I locked out of the platinum now? the ability points just didn't unlock; it said mission complete but didn't get any rewards
  22. Did any of you find a fix?
  23. Still, even if this were true... Early adopter data is probably the most important one. I work in market research.
  24. Now, I know that a lot of gamers are on a budget and can't waste a lot of money on a hobby... but if you like these types of games, consider buying on the first week at full price so market research will show the trends that us as consumers are willing to pay for. I think this game and others deserve it. It'll make it more likely that Sony and other publishers invest in these amazing experiences and will make them even better.
  25. I've never played FFVIII so can anyone tell me if there are any missables? what the hard things are, etc? thanks