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  1. damn, NG+ 6? I finally got it from the missable boss at great serpent shrine. it didnt appear for me in the offering box because i had never interacted with the boss. it only appears there when a boss dies from falling off a ledge or you interact with a missable boss and don't kill him.
  2. You still need the lapis lazuli from fountainhead (only place you can get em besides the hatred demon) so i'd advise to load up a save and beat the owl again to be able to go to fountainhead. Hope you have a backup to load before shura ending! Otherwise you're probably looking at another playthrough for platinum if you haven't upgraded all prosthetics.
  3. Yes it is. Get that shit. NOW
  4. Yeah this is the right answer. A los of people are saying that the answer is The final boss (SSI) but I beat him on my 3rd try, you just need to be conservative in his 2 final phases and wait for Mikiris and electric jumps to hit him. It felt so good to beat bosses in this game.
  5. Thank you. Was also wondering about this. haha yeah man. Wait till NG+ as enemies give more xp, but it's still a grind! ready up some podcasts, if you want any good ones ranging from video games to politics hit me up.
  6. So i've been doing research and I've found out why it wasnt in my offering box. First of all i want to confirm that it was indeed this boss because i just got the trophy in NG+ after defeating this guy. Apparently it only goes into the offering box if you've interacted with the boss (if he fell down and died or if you just ran). If you didn't interact with him ever then it won't be in your offering box. That's what happened to me Love your videos, Harry!
  7. Fight me. I truly believe it. I just beat all 4 endings and have played every single boss and mini-boss. I have to say that i'm just blown away by what a masterpiece this game is. Now i loved bloodborne but I think that it truly perfects the Bloodborne and souls formula, takes everything these games do and then makes it better, while also putting a bit more of a direct emphasis on story. The fact that the levels are now vertical opens up the genre in ways i didn't think possible. Gameplay is king, and there is no better feeling this generation than when Sekiro just clicks. Everyone will have that moment while playing this game, you start to doubt yourself, you don't understand if you're playing right, you get killed a bunch of times because you're trying to play like dark souls. But then you start deflecting and countering, you understand that dodging everywhere will get you killed, you start a beautiful tough dance where you need to be on guard for every single attack, trying to figure out if you should, block, deflect, jump or dodge. You feel in your heart that when you die it's because you jumped instead of dodging, or dodged instead of deflecting. It is truly a mesmerizing experience. The fact that the upgrade system is so good is where the hook lies. The gameplay loop is so rewarding, making you have better posture and better attack which in turn makes you better at the tough combat, as well as giving you extra skills and prostethic upgrades to play around and find your style. And the world-building of this game is legendary. So many beautiful levels, all inspired from Japanese myth and lore. I feel that From Software has been leading to this and I never thought that Sekiro would surpass Bloodborne for me, but it did. And published by Activision no less. I really hope this IP gets a sequel because it truly is a masterpiece of video game creation. I can't stop gushing about it, it has consumed me completely, I haven't really slept in 4 days. Now onwards to my platinum trophy!
  8. Come on. We argue things are better than others in every way all the time, it's human nature. Of course you can compare 2 video games made from the same developer even if they're a bit different. That's the point. There's no disservice here, only good fun by comparing masterpieces. Sekiro spoke to me in a way Bloodborne just didnt. I hope you can understand that comparing and talking about the games we love is a fun experience.
  9. 8.5? i respectfully disagree. easily a 9.5 at least. But yeah, i prefer japan mythology and lore over victorian and gothic.
  10. Hey thanks anyway, bro. Hope you get your platinum, what a masterpiece this game is.
  11. So you need to do all 4 endings. @PowerPyx has confirmed that you can do all 4 with back-up saves. My question is which ending is the best for the remaining trophies like visited all areas and such? I'm about to start the battle against but don't know which ending to keep as my main for after. Does it matter? can you visit Fountainhead with all endings?
  12. Yeah but i'm a bit on the fence on starting it right now as I'm not sure if it's a glitch. What if it's not there? It should be in the offering box? I'm trying to cover all my bases before moving into NG+ just in case. I'm paranoid like that but i'm about to give up and start my new run.
  13. Yeah i've checked it million times just to be sure. everytime i get heartbroken when it says empty. Yeah i got that one and went and double checked again just in case. already got it. Nah bro this guy isn't missable. He's there post game also, still i checked again and he isn't there because i already beat him. I remember i had a hard time and got his prayer bead too. FURTHER CLARIFICATION. NEED HELP: I'm missing a bead, i've checked and double checked every guide and the only possible one that i could've missed is a missable drop from a boss on the great serpent serpent shrine. I've read everywhere that if you missed this bead it'll pop up in the offering box but my box is completely empty. How does the offering box work, then? is it a glitch or what? i'm starting to panic, It's the only thing i have left to do in the game besides get all skills.
  14. I got all the ending trophies. To answer your question without spoilers, There are only 2 final bosses (the shura ending one, and the same boss for other 3 endings). To get the other three trophies you need to get some items from different quests (check a guide there's plenty on the internet) and after getting said items you make a manual save right after defeating the final boss. The ending depends on which of the 3 Items you use on a character after the final boss battle. Hope that made sense.
  15. Come on dude, seriously? how is this a spoiler haha. I was extremely vague and only said WHERE. You've no idea who, what, why, how. "Game has a boss at a place" - OMG WHAT A SPOILER
  16. not a glitch. you can use them but they're less powerful. Mortal draw has less range, shadowrush can't jump, etc.
  17. If you think the game is tough now, wait till you fight the secret Purification Ending Boss at Hirata Estate.
  18. tell me about it. He's always killing me with his thrusts.the gunpowder to stagger and then the thrust. same combo has killed me 25 times. I fucking got him. Son of a bitch
  19. used your first video for the beginning of the game and sure as hell gonna use this one right after I defeat that fucking... Son of a bitch won't die.
  20. This is exactly what i'm doing, my friend. Pro tip, don't do hirata estate for purification ending first, these fucking bosses are INSANE. I stopped and went to get the return and immortal severance ending requirements first. I've read the only missable thing for return ending is beating the divine dragon (no idea haven't seen him yet) before giving rice to Kuro. None of that makes sense right now but i'm pretty sure it will as I go on.
  21. You rock dude. thank you so much
  22. Wait so should you prepare and get everything before fighting the owl or can you do it after? when you say you can get those three endings in one playthrough you mean without loading back-up saves? I may me misinterpreting but are you saying you need only 2 playthroughs for platinum? One where you get those 3 endings in one playthrough (with their respective bosses) and then the Shura ending on NG+?
  23. Thanks man this is what I was hoping for with regards to an answer. you rock.
  24. Sorry i meant that he confirmed you can do all 4 endings, not all 4 bosses. Actually There isn't 4 bosses, some final bosses are the same but you have to do something different to get the ending.
  25. not possible. i know of a healing gourd after