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  1. Ok thanks. Final question, though probably a stupid one, how do you start NG+? not seeing the option in the main menu
  2. Thank you @TugaSonic. this answers all my questions perfectly. Will NG+ reset my death counter? or should i start a new game just to be safe?
  3. The list is PERFECT. Makes you see and try almost everything while keepig the grinding to a respectable degree. 10/10 trophy list for a 10/10 game
  4. hey dude bump me up to seeker of darkness. KH1 KH2 BBS DDD KH3
  5. @Redgrave holy crap dude thanks for taking the time to respond in such a complete fashion.
  6. this is true to an extent, for some keyblade transformations they'll only change shotlock type if you use the shotlock TO THE MAX. I remember just locking on 2 enemies with the shotlock and failing to get the final shotlock command until i did it to the max.
  7. This is actually the only valid thing you posted about the negatives IMHO. But to each his own. Maybe this too but that's easily fixed by playing on proud. Standard and Easy are for casual fans though SE should have made that clearer.
  8. i've never played a DMC game but this list looks challenging AS FUCK. What do those difficulties mean? what changes? any DMC experts out there that can shed some light? On another note, which games would i need to play or read up on to get into this game? Does DMC 2013 count or what? thanks
  9. Platinum # 150 Kingdom Hearts III Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficulty 4/10 As I saw the notification on my PS4 for the final trophy after getting Sora to level 99, i felt completely conflicted. On the one hand, i had dreamed about playing this game to completion and discovering every secret it had, and getting every trophy. On the other, I felt as if a small part of me is gone, it feels like the end of an era, after all this time waiting, I will never again play Kingdom Hearts III for the first time. Thank you Square Enix for making it a ride to remember. Now, putting all the mushy stuff aside, I enjoyed this game so fucking much. The combat for me is the best in the series, yes including KH2FM. I really don't care about floaty combos as i'm not speedrunning the game and not trying to beat it in lvl 1 critical difficulty. I'm perfectly fine beating it on proud or critical with all my abilities and powers. I can't believe that the story actually finished up on every single storyline of the previous entries; no spoilers but suffice it to say that the Xehanort and 13 seekers of darkness saga really is finally over. Finally I just wanted to say that the music of this game is probably one of the greatest soundtracks of this generation, and that's not an exaggeration. Having majored in music, I really get the intention that Yoko was going for in this game. Every theme is a story, the battle music specifically is a masterpiece, plus all the boss battle music at the end of the game (so many bosses), and also the way she beautifully used the series' historic music in new remixes is sublime. The only minor gripe i have with it is the pacing. I wish all the beautiful moments weren't just dropped upon you at the end. Wouldn't have minded some resolutions to be mid-game to keep me more invested in the KH lore and story instead of just Disney stories for the first 4/5 of the game. Thank you for everything Kingdom Hearts III, it was a wild ride but you were worth every second.
  10. Can anyone tell me how long this is to play per your experience? Looking to buy this game and want to know how long it takes to plat.
  11. this should've been a poll, would be pretty cool to see everyone's answer. I think for me it's Ultima but that's kind of cheating so i'm gonna say Pirates of the Caribbean Keyblade was OP.
  12. Depends on if you want to rush. On average on standard difficulty it is 50 hours give or take. Could be a lot less if you know what you're doing or skip cutscenes. But you shouldn't skip from the end of big hero 6 onward.
  13. Go to any save point (even world map in Garage option) and press "title screen"
  14. Bums me out a bit. Was looking forward for two playthroughs and getting a gold trophy for critical on one of them. How do you guys feel about this? There is still a small chance that critical is still required for platinum by a gummiphone requirement of some sort but seems unlikely.
  15. Wait, what? Source?
  16. Would be awesome, I hope KH3 platinum makes us work for it.
  17. I know what you mean, i feel the same. Was probably going to be Gold too Yeah, it is a trend these days, but only on big western releases. Japan loves its grindy AF JRPG trophies so was expecting a critical trophy at least.
  18. I created this thread 3 months ago lol. I got the plat a long time ago, the xp booster saved me about 8 hours. for anyone interested.
  19. Thinking about getting XP boost as i've heard the grind is pretty heavy. I want the platinum so how long would it take to plat with the permanent XP boost and how long without it? If you're coming to comment saying that people who buy MT's are stupid or that i'm wasting my money please refrain from doing so. Let people spend their money on what they want. Not interested in starting a microtransaction debate.
  20. Add me. i've got em all. including both the vita versions and GoW III Remastered. Every single platinum in the series.
  21. Yeah maybe. i didn't rush the story, though. And that's where i had problems. Thanks for sharing your opinion
  22. It's almost here guys!!!!!! this is my ps4 theme until I platinum KH3 😍
  23. Got this platinum at launch, never got one of these emails.
  24. Platinum # 149 The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 5/10 So i've been looking around for a game to platinum before making Kingdom Hearts III my 150th platinum trophy. Pretty special milestone for a pretty special game (we hope). In doing so I had almost a month to get platinum in a game and i stumbled on the witcher 3 on sale on ps store plus all dlc for 20 bucks. I was hesitant at first because the time to platinum in all the guides said 100 hours. This is definitely not the case: if you're on the fence about it then i advise you to use @optimusmart's Speed platinum guide to get this platinum trophy around the 50 hour mark. Thanks dude, what a great guide. Now as for the game itself, i had heard wonderful things about it being the best RPG of our time, and a truly different and amazing experience. Although i DID actually have a lot of fun getting this plat, i'm afraid to say that maybe my expectations were too high. I loved the writing and the banter between characters in this game, Geralt's character is very badass, but tbh I found myself not caring too much about the story or the supporting characters because there was so much padding and filler put into the story. You spend 5 hours doing a story part and it just tells you: nope Ciri isn't here, go to another place for 7 hours to try and find out where she is, to only have that happen AGAIN. No answers about almost anything about the overall story and the main characters until past the halfway point of the game. The sidequests and Witcher contracts on the other hand were very interesting, byte-sized stories that fleshed out Geralt's and the world's character and lore. Plus Death March was pretty easy (though it'd be harder), Quen makes the game really easy. To compare Western RPGs that i played this year, i had more fun playing AC Odyssey than I did the Witcher, and i thought that would be IMPOSSIBLE due to the praise that this game gets. Maybe it's because the AC series has so much baggage that people already hate on it instead of looking at it objectively. Who knows though? Anyway, I may come off as negative but i really enjoyed this game, it's a shame that i had so much high expectations going in. Can't wait for my 150th plat (Please be good KH3)
  25. Keep doing what you're doing, man. We really appreciate it. I used your DS3 and your Witcher guides for plat.