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  1. Keep doing what you're doing, man. We really appreciate it. I used your DS3 and your Witcher guides for plat.
  2. Oh ok i get it. Was confused because it says the requirements were 5 games, not 5 plats. my bad
  3. hey man, you put me in the wrong category haha, i've got every 100% and plat except chain of memories that would be seeker of darkness not guardian of light 😅
  4. Sign me up! I've got 1, 2, BBS (all for both consoles), DDD, 0.2 100%, and both 358/2 days and Re:coded movies. Basically Every Kingdom Hearts trophy available on PS3 & PS4 except fucking Chain of Memories.
  5. I platinumed Dragon Quest XI on January 2nd. What an amazing, beautiful game
  6. Disappeared from the site. Anyone know anything? was about to start my playthrough.
  7. Platinum # 148 Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficulty 3.5 I never thought that i'd find a game now-a-days that is a beautiful homage in every single way to the traditional RPG's that so many of us grew up playing. It is also rare to find a game where you go in without knowing what to expect and for it to end up being one of your favorite games of all time. Both of these things happened in the time that I spent playing Dragon Quest XI. This game is an absolute masterpiece, i just could not put the controller down. This games had its hooks in me so deep that I got a 90 hour platinum trophy in a little bit over 2 weeks, so basically i spent more time playing it than i did at my job. If you like traditional RPGs at all like Persona, the older final fantasies, Chrono Trigger and the like, you owe it to yourself to pick up this game. The writing was just so beautiful, best localization i have ever seen in a video game (The Haikyus, the rhyming, the other languages, etc.), Even the music (which a lot of people had trouble with) was very well written from a composer standpoint, trust me i majored in music as well as business. I feel like the fact that it's MIDI instead of orchestrated could have worked against it but it just gives me that 64 bit era nostalgia taken to the max, it's a soundtrack straight out of Ocarina, FF7&FF9 and the likes, so i didn't mind at all. And the story was also a blast, every single segment had its moment to shine, including characters and locations (both of the times you went through them, as the game gives you more stories again post game). All in all i had a blast and I won't be forgetting this game any time soon. It jumped right up there on my Favorite game list of this generation, probably top 4 next to God of War, Uncharted 4 and Persona 5. I am deeply in love with this game, it just oozes so much charm. I'm actually a bit sad now that it's over, and after spending almost 100 hours with it, i can think of no better praise for it than that.
  8. Hey dude. It's funny that i'm about to start my Witcher 3 run using your trophy guide, and now you're here commenting on a thread i started. Thanks for the Dark Souls III one too, though it was nowhere near 35 hours haha more like 65, probably because of all the grinding for covenant items. If you do make an Astro Bot guide i'll definitely use it! Cheers.
  9. You helped me platinum DS3 in 50 hours with your guide and i'm starting Witcher 3 with your guide in a bit so thanks for that. Will use your Persona 5 guide for the JP version as they have stackable plats and i already have the first one. @optimusmart thanks for your guides, bro
  10. Ouch. Busted?
  11. Would you mind making your trophies public so we can see? I mean, it's not that I don't believe you, it's that i've never heard of this happen and want to know in between what trophies you got it and so on.
  12. Well it depends on what you want to compare? Presentation? Performance? Story? Characters? Gameplay? Trophies? Overall fun? A game is a sum of many moving parts, just comparing 2 games overall (one of which hasn't even come out yet) is a bit of a difficult task, OP. Having said that, I personally am so much more excited for TLOU II. Hope we get a game award announcement.
  13. Rocksteady Director Sefton Hill confirmed the news on twitter. What do you guys think? Jason Schreier said that it wasn't Superman but a games as a service type of game (think ongoing content). For me personally this sucks, not because of the superman thing but as a Games as a Service thing. Just give me a another damn single player superhero next-gen game.
  14. great idea but this should have been a poll!! God of War is my choice.
  15. Can't get it to work. Tried last night and wasted an hour of my life. Was embered, rebooted a million times, put a password, everything i could think of. Just didn't work, we couldn't see each others summon signs no matter where we tried. Any tips?
  16. From the same link you put in: "If you are looking to play with a friend, please use a password: this will remove the limits to multiplayer and scale the strong party down to the lower one." Like i said, shouldn't be a problem. Still not working with the password.
  17. I read that online too but then read that someone on level 200 played together with another player that was level 50. So that shouldn't a problem.
  18. hey guys. So i've never played a Dark Souls game proper. I have the platinum for Bloodborne which i absolutely loved and i just got the plat for Nioh which i adored too. With the announcement of the Dark Souls Trilogy release i figure that there isnt a better time than now to buy them and get the platinum trophies. However when i was searching the trophy guides i soon found out that i needed 2-3 playthroughs PER GAME. I really hate repeating a game twice or in this case 3 times just for a trophy. So my question is, are the playthroughs per game different? or are they exactly the same? Two would, i guess, be manageable but 3 times the same game is a no can do for me. Can someone explain with every game if the playthroughs differ at all like Nier automata where the 3 playthroughs you have to do are actually different each time. Thanks.
  19. Ok hear me out here. I love trophies as much as the next guy on this site, it's literally my main hobby. I also love PSVR and I see so much potential in it that i backed it from very early on. Originally when PSVR was about to come out I was so excited at the prospect of new amazing tech and immersive experiences and getting trophies on it. But in practice it's just so tedious, especially when there's collectibles involved. Like if you're checking out a text guide or video guide you have to take your headset off every 2 seconds and recalibrate. Also it just takes you out of the immersive experience by taking the headset off, which is kind of the whole point of VR. Yeah sure, you could get trophies without guides but for someone who doesn't have time to game all day it's a bit frustrating. How do you guys deal with this?
  20. I read somewhere it was about 80 hours minimum or something like that, so yeah, not a quick one.
  21. This makes me happy. Such an underappreciated game because it was a launch title and people tend to gloss over it nowadays. I think it was my first PS4 Platinum and i still cherish that memory to this day
  22. Are they for real right now? The Final Fantasy XV 2nd anniversary event was them giving news that Director Hajime Tabata had resigned from the company and that Episodes Lunafreya, Aranea & Noctis are cancelled. What a backstab to a fanbase that already had been shit on with the release of an incomplete game. I stuck through thick and thin, payed for more content even though it should have been part of the original game and now they desist of completing their story. I'm done. Rant over. Link:
  23. Well my original "salt" was aimed at the company for failing to deliver on a promise, not at celebrating the disillusionment of thousands of fans that won't be able to play something they were invested in. But yeah, I started this thread yesterday and everything was fresh so I was very angry, today i'm more disappointed than angry.
  24. I really don't understand the salt of people celebrating in this thread. I mean by all means keep at it, as is your right, but i just personally don't understand it. Why so much hate towards a game that 100% was incomplete, but was still a masterpiece. More content for those people, like myself, who were invested in the story and the lore and wanted more stuff to play. If you think it's bad or an abomination or whatever then simply don't play it.