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  1. First of Many - Win a Ranked Multiplayer event against 7 human players
  2. Used Unknown/Jun because of their movesets being practically identical besides Unknown having those spikes to use with certain attacks. Jun was lagging behind a bit so she's still at Emperor but it wouldn't take very long for me to get her there as well. Now I just have to get everything in the Fight Lab purchased and I'll have the platinum
  3. Honestly, with a game like this that has a massive community upon launch and would have their servers online for a pretty substantial amount of time, winning 3 out of 10 online matches played isn't a very big ask. Even for someone completely new to the game, they can do the research and practise combos to wreck players online just like the rest of the seasoned veteran players have done at some point.
  4. I haven't gotten the 10 day trophy yet. I keep forgetting to login around the 6th day -.- but I have gotten the 5 day trophy. No problems there. I'll let you know if I have any problems with it. I should get around to that trophy soon.EDIT: Maybe breaking your chain and going for it from 0 to 10 might work? I'd assume the trophy wouldn't pop anyway if it was fixed and you're at like 30 or something because of the way the trophies show "COMPLETED" on the ingame list. Just makes me think that it's an "x == 10" condition rather than "x >= 10" (if you know code, anyway) As for the problem, thanks for contacting support. Nice idea
  5. I think I got the 2nd day's coins once and then from then on, every day I've been getting Day 1's reward .... really weird Also, I know that I'm not breaking my chain of days because the counter is going up for the 10 day trophy. I've also broken the chain to see if it was something wrong with that but it didn't seem to change anything. If anyone has come across this problem, it'd be great to get everyone's experiences and possible remedies in one place. Not just for me but for anyone with the problem. Thanks, everyone
  6. Mine was Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded HD .... I watched a thing and got trophies xDD
  7. Ok, thanks for that. Kinda forgot about the tanks. Only have the Plasmabomb Launcher left now, so I might just go HAM on a couple of them. EDIT: Now I remember why I didn't use the tanks .... It takes too much to get the Major Weapons on that planet. You need the swingshot and then need to take the route to get them and all the while you have those Demo-drones or whatever they're called being sent to your base. I was using the last level to level up the last few weapons I was working on. I think I'll stick with that. And you also get a major weapon kinda early with it as well .... Kinda answered my own question here lol
  8. Is there a trick that any of you have employed to level your weapons faster? I have the major weapons to finish off amongst a couple others and just find this trophy to be a pain. Is it meant to be a pain or have any of you found any good spots to level? Thanks in advance, guys =) First thread here, hope I can help out in this community in the future